Chixiao released Ding Ke with metal and then let those metals wrap around Ding Ke to prevent her from running around.

"Go Ding Ke if we had an accident …"
Chixiao wanted to think, but he didn’t say anything in the end.
Time is running out.
Ding Ke flew away from this place with a cry of firebird and a confused whisper.
On the other side, the branches of Xu Le’s soul-eating tree collapsed
He fell by half.
Ok, there are some soul-eating tree branches that will be left to attack, so as not to let Xu Le be killed by one blow.
But now it’s outrageous that Xu Lejin didn’t lock the position of Red Feather.
He’s just too fast …
Xu Le’s eye perception can’t be chased.
"Is the dark shuttle force familiar?"
What surprised Xu Le even more was that Chiyu, who had been in a state of madness before, actually stopped talking at this time.
And a bite said that his current moves are the dark shuttle before Xu Le.
Red feather shuttles through every corner of the soul-eating tree world
Shuttle distance and speed are stronger than before in Xu Le.
There is no way to compare with the explosive level of Xu Leling. At this time, the red feather is too strong
He has exceeded the limit of level 7.
Now no one can know whether he is a grade or not, unless he is a grade.
"The fourth god of the Red Crescent?"
"Red crescent? Ah "
In the shuttle, Red Feather has come to the front of Xu Le to solidify his body and prepare to attack that moment. Xu Le finally saw him clearly.
Covered with eyeballs …
But these eyeballs have gradually formed a film.
"This guy is? He has been able to control some eyeballs. "
When Xu Le was shocked, a part of his eyes had been turned to him.
It doesn’t feel so good to lock more than three dead eyes.
"Dark shuttle!"
Xu Le just shuttled through the instantaneous red feather, which was not far behind.
"You are so slow, Xu Le!"
Red feather especially emphasized the word Xu Le, which means that he already knows the identity of Xu Le …
They didn’t communicate before. What is this knowledge?
The eye of death passes through layers of soul-eating trees and branches of soul-eating trees to protect Xu Le to the death, but the destructive power of the eye of death is too strong
Even Emperor Chixiao Yan is nothing more than this.
Continuous breakdown of many soul-eating tree branches and red feathers finally came to Xu Le.
The sharp palm directly pierced Xu Le’s abdomen and pinched his dirty.
Gently pull Xu Le’s half belly was torn off.
But this situation is nothing for Xu Le.
Life-saving blue light desperately repairs the injury, and the body is in severe pain, but there is no trace of Xu Le’s face.
It’s like having no feelings at all.
Real Xu Le also worry because so far he didn’t think of a way to beat red feather.
My own home, the soul-eating tree world, is my own home.
Xu Le couldn’t think of a way to defeat Chiyu?
Equal absurdity
"Faded fire!"
Fading flame instantly arrival, every branch of soul-eating tree ignited a faded flame.
But when I came to Xu Le, I saw a scene that completely shocked him
See has been dark shuttle red feather actually stopped his footsteps and figure slowly flew to the front of a faded fire.
Gently pinch a faded flame on the armrest.
"Faded flame can illuminate all rules and make everything return to its original state … what an enviable power."
Xu Le eyes flashing, he really didn’t expect the faded flame to affect each other.
This kind of situation can be … The ancient sound is acquiescent.
Fading flame can hurt people’s biological rules, but it is the law that hurts the ancient sound mother tree.
It’s like Red Feather can be mastered as dark as Xu Le!

Just five hours ago, Woolf Wen launched the largest round of surprise attack on the binary star!

Even though the binary star had already prepared for the invasion, this time Woolf’s offensive was by no means the same as before, so it can be said that it caught them off guard.
At this time, the number of nearly a thousand binary fleets and a large number of semi-permanent fortifications are pouring a lot of artillery fire in the direction of the wormhole
On the side of the wormhole, more than a dozen golden flying objects, which are as huge as golden shields, are scattered and scattered to decorate hundreds of kilometers of star fields.
Behind the golden shield, a large number of cyan mecha are drilling out of the wormhole with the help of the shield cover, and then immediately rushed to the binary defensive position in a fairly sparse formation scattered in all directions!
This kind of golden shield is quite powerful in defense, and it has the dual defense functions of physical and energy weapons.
It seems to have a strong deflection force field on its surface, and the high-speed magnetic projectile attack will be easily reflected and deflected, and its melting point is extremely high, which can effectively isolate the force field attack.
It is with the help of this "siege equipment" that Woolf Wen has exported a large number of elite mecha units here, relying on the flexible skirmish attack of high-speed mecha to quickly enter the melee!
However, after all, this is the home of the binary star, which has a great advantage in both firepower and strength.
After fighting for several hours, the fierce fortress fire attacked the golden shield, and there were potholes everywhere, and several of them were even melted through several big holes, and the defense was greatly reduced.
And into the cyan mecha group also won amazing results, and then gradually eroded by binary superior forces encirclement and suppression!
The direction of this war is getting better …
It seems that Woolf’s commandos have slowed down the offensive and finally left some troops behind. The remaining mecha quickly retreated and did not forget to take away the broken gold shield when they left.
Straight to the last gold shield surrounded by a large number of cyan mecha backwards into the wormhole behind him. This war of words finally came to an end …
Millions of kilometers behind the battlefield, the binary star belongs to the Woolf front headquarters-the star of fear of war!
This is a rogue planets that has been militarized and is the size of the moon. The eye is full of mechanical and metal transformation marks.
Three huge planetary thrusters, covering an area of 100 kilometers, sprayed huge plasma tail flames to push the war star slowly towards the wormhole defense line.
In this way, the propeller has dozens of evenly divided planet surfaces, which can be used to fight the stars at any time.
In addition to nearly 100 escort ships guarding the left and right battle stars, hundreds of various warships are quietly moored, and engineering robots are undergoing maintenance and supply, and the industry is as dense as ant nests.
There are many battlestar turrets, not only various weapons production lines, but even large shipyards have several hangars and material storage warehouses for mecha and fighters.
There are also several large-scale war equipment with unknown functions and huge area.
If the Earth’s aircraft carrier is a fighter weapon platform, then the double star is a super aircraft carrier that can fight with warships!
This is the top strategic strength of the double star, which can be said to be a heavy weapon!
The core of rogue planets’s battle to build a mobile large-scale fleet is the development of binary stars, which gradually formed a cosmic war body in the late interstellar era
The planet is too big and the huge gravity is not conducive to the take-off and landing of the fleet, and the power will be quite urgent. The volume is too small and Fana has enough troops, so the size of the moon is the best to transform the stars!
This "fear" is that the binary star consumes a lot of resources to build one with only three war stars.
The other two war stars are "Double" and "Death" respectively, one permanently guards the central star and the other is mysterious …
Chapter five hundred and twenty-nine Wen threat level
The senior commanders of the dreaded war star and binary star are calling a post-war meeting.
"In this campaign, we lost a total of 124 warships, including 3 large destroyers, 423 mecha units, more than 50,000 man-machine losses, and some fortifications were damaged and repaired in about 5 days …"
Listen, a series of losses, everyone looks solemn
"What about the results?" Someone asked
"Destroy the enemy more than 56 new mecha …"
Everyone looks more dignified.

But one thing is that if you want to refine the seal of heaven and control the small universe, you must at least be a strong star, "said Xiao Liu."

Smell speech Xu back directly turned over a supercilious look.
If this condition is a strong star, that’s fine.
It is also possible that Ceres will add up to more than 30 strong stars from both sides, one by one.
It’s a good planet. That’s a lot.
It is still known that there are at least 150 quasi-planets on both sides of Ceres.
"Are there any other features?" Xu asked back.
"Other characteristics?"
Small six hesitated for a moment, "the owner’s combat power will generally be relatively strong, which will affect and mobilize the source of heaven and earth more strongly."
Should have the ability to kill the enemy. "
Xu back "are you talking about me? But I didn’t! "
Small six "…"
"This ….. you slowly observe with heaven small universe control seal the strong will slowly revealed different places!
By the way, the controller of the seal of the small universe in heaven can endow his department with one or two special extraordinary abilities through his post.
But this is also the degree to which he has mastered the seal of refining heaven, "said Xiao Liu.
This feature makes Xu retreat thoughtful.
"By the way, is it possible for foreigners to refine the seal of the celestial universe?" Xu back hurriedly asked
If we exclude foreigners, the number of blue star terrans will be less than 100, and the range is still very small
Small children in my mind look like Nai. "This is also the most Nai place! The small universe in heaven is the most inclusive of all the small universes.
Although it is more difficult for foreign refining to control the seal of the small universe in heaven, it is still possible. "
"Including Daxi Eldar or Muya?"
"I don’t know about Daxi, but Eldar and Maya can definitely."
Xu tuiyu said it was possible if he didn’t know it.
That is to say, both Eldar and Maya are likely to refine and control the small universe in heaven, which is really difficult.
Especially from other countries.
"Huang helped me collect and analyze all the data of strong stars in Ceres quasi-planet at this stage."
Xu back to command at the same time Cai Shaochu also shouted Xu back to a meeting over there.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Active hunting
Cai Shaochu called a meeting in Muyuan Palace, right in the center of the main hall of Muyuan Palace. A towering old tree with a blue meaning was particularly eye-catching.
Xu tui’s spirit explored the past and found that the breath of this ancient tree Cai Shaochu was linked together.
The participant base is one of the most representative organizations of Blue Star’s joint districts.
The first organization of Blue Star Zone 7 is all here.
Harun Ivey, who was seriously injured, also came.

See GongSunQi has action thousand hands column and thousand hands leaf and Hōzuki Gengetsu also printed at the same time.

"Birthday in the Wood Shield Flower Tree World"
"Water eludes water in Yu Xiang"
"Magic Mirage"
Kakashi also moved the "soil to escape the soil and flow to the city wall"
"Exotic Magic Statue"
A black spike appeared in the heretical golem, and it pierced Nagato’s back. Nagato growled in deep pain. A heretical golem’s black spike plunged into Nagato’s long door, and the body nutrients were taken away by the heretical golem, and the body was sucked into the palm by the heretical golem.
"Door dun armour JingMen! ! !”
Authentic door dun armour and heat wave hit instantly. Looking at Ah Kai’s red face, looking at the steaming body, Ah Kai’s blood is boiling like a beast about to run away.
Boom ~ ~’
With a loud noise, Deidara’s avatar exploded. Although it was not as horrible as the body explosion, it was not too much. With the explosion of Deidara’s avatar, the war also began. "
1/27 16:2:29|49595376
Chapter 372 Guarding animals
""this is the real door to escape armor. "
Gong Sunqi’s heart was not as loud as Ah Kai’s when he shook his door, and Ah Kai could beat the other side with a single door, let alone make it match the door.
Ah Kai has just opened another door from Jingmen, and the seventh door is shocking, and the momentum of the heat wave is even more rapid. A wild animal is about to break the cage and bind the surrounding animals. When Ah Kai opened the seventh door, some low-level animals were scared to death by Ah Kai’s momentum.
Lift the restriction. Kai is relieved of his weight. The battlefield runs as fast as a red flash. Every time Kai punches, he can do great harm to animals. He has taken over more than ten four-star animals by himself.
"konoha is a whirlwind"
At the center of its axis, the body rotates rapidly, and the cold Gangfeng spreads out. Anyone who comes into contact with Gangfeng’s animals is either upset or broken by the middle. That horrible spirit is responsible for supporting Gang Shou, and he sighs that his body is not as strong as Gang Shou’s. He wants to be much weaker than Kai Men’s armor.
More than ten four-star animals were easily solved by one move. They just died, and another batch of animals poured in, without giving Akai a chance to breathe. They rushed to Akai one after another.
"Kay, watch your back."
A speed-type five-star animal bypasses Akai with its small body, exposing sharp fangs behind him. The sharp fangs have black liquid, which you can know at a glance is highly toxic. Once Akai’s fangs have a hole, even six things can be saved.
Kai-kai, who opened the door to escape armor, reflected that it was called a rapid leap with the help of the body and feet of an animal in front of him, which just escaped the fangs of the animal.
"Konoha kicks for half a month"
Akai, who was covered in red gas, crossed to form a red half-moon shape. Akai kicked the back of the six-star animal with his right foot, which kicked off the back of the five-star animal directly from high school in one go.
Ah Kai’s fighting is so crazy that Gang Shou’s palms are sweating. There are also beasts in such crazy fighting methods. "It’s not the kui is a konoha beast, but he is in a situation."
Akai’s situation is still not good. Around him, animals form waves of animals, one after another, and they haven’t landed yet. Akai’s fists are tightly aimed at those animals that form waves. There are fierce sparks in the atmosphere of boxing, and it’s so strong that he can get rid of Akai’s fists. It’s as fast as the speed of flashing fists. At first glance, it looks like a lux peacock screen.
"Toward Peacock"
Aside, Gong Sunqi felt the real kaleidoscope towards the peacock, staring at Akai’s sense of movement and being influenced by Akai’s breath, punching speed and punching strength.
"This is the real peacock. Compared with me, my root is a newborn peacock baby."
Gong Sunqi relies on the ability to carry several animals to attack, just to witness the real strength of Kai Huang, the master of the door-hiding armor. That’s why Gong Sunqi will exchange it for Akai. The purpose is to learn Akai’s body-hiding armor and door-hiding armor wearing skills.
"Hey, GongSunQi, now is not the time to be absent-minded. Pay attention to the front."
Kakashi came to GongSunQi with the help of Susuke, and shuriken helped GongSunQi block the attack of the six-star animals.
GongSunQi smiled at Kakashi and didn’t say much. Ah Kai’s mind still echoed with every move and every style, trying to learn as much as possible.
"The big ye is not a vegetarian! ! !”
Deidara, who was chased by hundreds of flying animals, was so angry that he threw an extra-large bomb. This explosion really shook the earth and was as powerful as the explosion of two places at once.
"Wait ten minutes, not five minutes. I’ll be right back."
Deidara’s clay pocket has run out of clay, so he can’t continue to play with the explosion. Can you call a pause? Can the animals listen to him? The answer is impossible. The group of animals flying in front of Deidara chased after them to form another strange landscape.
The battlefield has been continuously expanded, and the periphery of the whole forest has become a place of war. It has been devastated by war. After several hours of fighting, those three-star animals have been solved, and some of them have been dismembered and hung here, and the other end does not know where they have gone.
There are four-star animals, five-star animals and six-star animals left in the whole battlefield. The animals rely on the beast sea tactics to keep pressing on Gong Sunqi, even if they are tired and want to catch their breath, they just want to kill them.
Returning to the fog, Kai Huang’s body has been dyed red with blood, and I don’t know if it is him or an animal. There are several wounds that shed blood, so it can be clearly distinguished that it is Kai Huang’s side Gang Shou who keeps treating him.
One side has a broken arm, and Jiraiya leans on one side with a wry smile. "I didn’t expect such a familiar scene to be different."
"Deidara is fast"
GongSunQi shouted hand I don’t know when a lot of smoke bombs.
Together with the explosion in Deidara, the surrounding area was surrounded by smoke and explosion dust for a while, and the animals in the southeast, northwest and northwest did not dare to pursue them deeply. Both sides were tired from the day down to midnight.
Rao is strong, and the animals also need to rest, but one or six-star animals don’t think so much about smoke and dust. What the animals want is to pursue them with the help of this fog and explosion dust.
"There is a six-star animal approaching at three o’clock."
Smoke and dust GongSunQi they really can’t see it, but someone can. Hyūga Neji’s eyes are not white. He reports the battlefield situation when he makes full use of his eyes.
Gong Sunqi showed an evil smile. "Since I’m here, I won’t go."
Bijyudama was ready for the animal to step into the attack range, and suddenly a lot of vines came out to bind the six-star animal, and then a dark Bijyudama appeared in front of it. "
Chapter 373 Return to companion
"The fighting is still going on here, where is there to go to the rich and beautiful forest? It’s already messy and everywhere, and the sky and the earth are full of potholes. At first glance, I don’t know if it’s still on the surface of the moon.
There are casualties on both sides in proportion, and the casualties on the other side are even heavier than those on the other side. The death of Jiraiya on Gongsun Qi’s side ignited their anger. In the face of 26 stars of animals, Jiraiya was sacrificed, and the other side was abruptly destroyed. Now there are 22 animals.
Retreat for the time being, GongSunQi and others huddled in the dense fog, which has the boundary of flowers and trees and the wall of earth flow as a shield, and became a place easy to defend but difficult to attack. At that time, the animals also broke through the dense fog.

"What did you say?" Lao Feng went on the rampage and even kicked Xu Nianwu in his prime and hugged him tightly to prevent him from dying. "No, you can make this project my name in three months … not me. Feng Liangzhou has your last name!"

Laofeng remembered that he had lost a bet not far from Zhuang, and he had to write the word Feng upside down as Ma Er.
Chapter 59 "Brutal face" achievements!
"ZhuangLiangZhou? That’s a good name, too. "Not far from Zhuang, he peeled an orange with a smile and shook his head." But forget it. I’m not interested in you and my last name … If you lose, don’t work hard for me for three years. "
"Don’t say I’ve been working hard for three years and I can sell it to you!" Lao Feng is not afraid. He is an old man who is half buried. If he is so angry every day, he may not live for three years.
And three months?
If only these grandchildren would stop wrangling for ten years!
"Well, then I won’t bully you," Zhuang said. "I’ll lose if the canal doesn’t start for three months and one month."
"What if you lose?"
"What do you say?"
"If you lose, you have to apologize in the newspaper. The title is Grandpa Feng. I was wrong!"
"It’s a deal" Zhuang not far way
"Master Zhuang …" Xu Nianwu’s eyes popped out next to him. The two men bet really hard.
Besides, the landlord is too big. How can a month be enough?
He also knows that those people in Liumangzhou have urine Lao Feng Deli, and he didn’t follow Laofeng to run this project. The people in Liumangzhou are so angry that they are crazy.
Zhuang is not far away, but he is not worried at all. Lao Feng’s family had a leisurely breakfast with Aunt Li, and then he went out smiling.
Zhuang not far before going out, he turned back and took a photo of Lao Feng with his identity card for the duke.
The circle is still green to the extreme. Of course, the "futile rebellious line" outside is also red, purple, thick and bright.
Capable people are often not so flexible. This is not a street. Just pick up a servant. This is a city owner.
Unless you want to kill a person, you must finish this rebellious line before you can take this person into the manor servant.
At this time, not far from Zhuang received a message saying, "Benevolent manor owner has been cruel for a long time, and you are ready to show your minions again. You have already achieved the achievement of’ brutal suppression’ and obtained the skill of’ manor owner’s brutal face beating’"
"Brutality opens a new achievement,’ Brutality in the face’, and even more brutal means to slap the face ten times to despise your servant’s current completion times /1"
"After the achievement of’ Brutal Face Punching’ is completed, reward brutality and upgrade the skill of’ Manor Master Brutal Face Punching’-‘Manor Master Brutal Face Riding’"
"Manor owners brutally ride their faces in the face of more and more powerful enemies. When hitting the face can’t solve the problem, of course, they will ride their faces directly! Riding a face can cause ten times physical and mental damage and may directly defeat the enemy’s will. "
Not far from Zhuang, I think …
This skill is really evil. I don’t know who sent it, but … I like it!
And poor Lao Feng is estimated to be a stepping stone to this new move and new achievement.
He smiled meaningfully at Laofeng and saw that he was so angry that he stared behind him.
Wait until Zhuang doesn’t go away. Laofeng just sat down angrily.
"Well, don’t be angry," said Aunt Li. "I think this kid is much better than you. Be yourself and be yourself. Maybe people can really do it."
"Besides, people say that things don’t go to the Three Treasures Hall. This child has come to the door in person. It seems that he really has the sincerity to invite you to your home all day. Isn’t it noisy and moldy all day?"
"Well, do you think I don’t want him to succeed?" LaoFeng is wry smile "but you don’t know the difficulty ….."

Samsara people are more excited than

With Fang Dazhao, the wind is very fast, like a gust of wind, and the change is like a ghost dragon.
Fang Yu’s reincarnation almost faces all the younger brothers of Qionghua School.
Although they are strong, they are not strong beyond the sky …
The other side is outnumbered, and they are just in danger.
However, the most unique feature of players is that they are not afraid of death, so how can they beat these NPCs, especially elite vice-players? I’m afraid they will go down in history.
Especially as the first player hasn’t thought about the screen name yet, he was accidentally attacked by two elders of Qingyang Shigemitsu …
His strength was at the bottom of this batch of reincarnation and he died directly in the hands of Qionghua School!
Hear that 5-point reincarnation point deduction
Many reincarnations were immediately aroused, and they were lucky enough to join the Qionghua Sect, but they didn’t want to be paranoid, arrogant, overbearing and selfish now, let alone the right clan. Even in the magic clan, it is rare to see them as extremely exclusive types.
When people are dead, they still lick their faces to join them and help them kill their enemies?
"Kill all Qionghua School!"
The dragon general’s favorite is the limited cycle characteristic of reincarnation.
This made it unnecessary for him to suppress his heart.
Don’t try again this time!
Although the loss of failure is great, it is not as great as their thorough state of mind
"Kill them all and I will take you to win this camp battle!"
The dragon will keep his hand.
A long whistle …
Put your hands together.
From behind him, the sky was suddenly covered with golden lights, which gradually converged and combined to form a huge swastika, pressing away towards the whole Qionghua faction.
"In the real world, you are a ball in this reincarnation. You are kind enough to cooperate with you. If you do things with me, then do it!"
The reincarnation also aroused the blood gas in my heart.
Hands suddenly gained a lot of weight, and immediately more than 30 Joan Hua brothers died directly in the hands of these reincarnations.
Both sides keep their hands.
"It’s really a demon who dares to be presumptuous in my Qionghua!"
Too halal human drink a deep and remote blue firm but gentle rushed to the sky, and the mighty sword light grew towering and straight into the dome, and his hands suddenly fell as he drank.
Qing broke Yun Jian’s sword with the reflux and cut the golden light of the swastika.
very short time
The wind and cloud stirred the world and changed color!
The whole Qionghua school fluctuated violently with the two manpower …
Some buildings that were built for a long time are directly crushed under this mighty pressure!
And this kind of real collision
The dragon will look pale and fly high towards the sky.
Although the other party’s level is not as good as his, the gap between the two sides is not big. Brahma Prajnaparamita is not good at attacking, but it has made up for the gap between the two.
This formula turns out to be equally divided
However, the dragon general just turned pale, but Taitsing The Immortal wow spit out one mouthful blood …
Similarly, the injury is very important in the dragon general, but it is fatal in the elderly who are too weak.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. I want to help you. If you don’t want it, I’ll kill you first and then the magic world!"
Dragon will laugh and rush towards Taitsing The Immortal again.
Qionghua School was suddenly caught in the flames of war …
Nine reincarnations plunged the whole Qionghua Sect into chaos.
And it is precisely because of this chaos that no one noticed that Qionghua sent troops to defend the tightest Yuntai.
The first 20 left-behind brothers have all been killed.
Snow Chihiro and others quietly stepped into the boundary of Qionghua Sect, and then saw that Qionghua Sect was now deeply involved in the war.
"It’s … it’s not like a bluff. It’s gone too far!"
Shi Qingxuan looked at Joan Huapai’s face, most of which had already burst into flames, showing a distressed look.
When she worked for a long time, Joan Hua’s brother was even the first person to buy Joan Hua’s kungfu …

"I’ve had enough of you. I don’t calculate you. It’s just because I don’t like calculation …"

Looking at the distance, there is no human form, and Meng Chen’s eyes are indifferent.
At this time, the figure from the imperial sword in the sky slowly showed a complete outline.
It all happened so fast!
"Evil animals! You want to die! "
Bai Dujian’s face was cold. Although Bai Dujian was just a critical brother of the White House, a Meng Chen was so reckless in front of him that it made Bai Dujian’s heart suddenly and violently murderous!
At the same time, Bai Dujian’s heart is also a little surprised. Is this Meng Chen alive from the violent explosion just now?
"The Meng family really deserved to die!"
At this time, Bai Dujian simply put away his Excalibur and made a teleport towards Meng Chen’s side street.
The imperial city is very big, and the home is far away from the place where Meng Chen and Bai Zha fought. Although Bai Dujian is not far from the sky, it is also a long way to get there in an instant.
And the body Xuan Jing Bai Dujian teleport is not so easy to choose the royal sword.
Bai Dujian: It seems that Meng Chen, an air-conditioned person, saw him coming, and even he was scared and turned away. How dare he take the opportunity to kill him?
That’s what Bai Dujian thinks, and so does Bai Zai.
It happened that Meng Chen’s moment of dialogue and murder had already reached its peak.
He hates being set up! Especially three transgressions and five calculations!
But that doesn’t mean Meng Chen doesn’t know how to calculate others. Meng Chen rarely does that.
Rabbit says it’s best not to think when you can do it!
If Bai Zha chooses to fight him one-on-one, even if he dies in the end, Meng Chen may leave him a corpse, but in the end Meng Chen finds that Bai Zha is the kind of rat full of intrigue and intrigue.
Therefore, Meng Chen only calculated the white slaughter at that moment!
"Want to kill me? You have to pay a price! "
Meng Chen looked a little pale and exploded. He once again spent a lot of real yuan hiding in the mixed Yan. Although it was a moment, it also made him physically and mentally exhausted and overwhelmed.
At the moment, I look at the white sword Meng Chen who is teleporting, biting his teeth and looking around.
This moment Meng Chen found that Dahuang City Site was never alone again!
We have sinned against the White House and the identity of "The Hunger’s successor" has been taken seriously. I’m afraid that more than the whole imperial city, even the whole Warring States period, will have several fighters at the moment with the news of "Meng Chen" and "The Hunger’s successor" …
"oh! This is probably … what it feels like to be guilty! "
Meng Chen corners of the mouth peep out one silk wry smile instead of sighing, walking through blood with one foot and taking nine steps, turning around and sweeping away in one direction.
Even if there is a glimmer of hope, Meng Chen doesn’t want to give up
Feeling the murder getting closer and closer behind him, this moment Meng Chen’s mind is like a movie, and all kinds of past experiences, plus coming to this world for more than three months, have emerged in front of him …
"Mother … father …"
Thinking about thinking about Meng Chen, it’s not sad to feel a sour nose and tears in a man’s eyes.
In his previous life, he had never even seen what his parents looked like, and he had always been raised by the old director of the orphanage. He never had any concept of father’s love and mother’s love Meng Chen.
On that day, when I saw a small cryolite bed in the claustrophobic darkness through the screen in Li Haoyuan’s hand, a thin and gentle woman lay …
Meng Chen heart abrupt tightening up!
She has been sleeping for more than ten years, but she opened her eyes when she stepped into the Li family.
But she can’t say a word, a word, and tears only fall from the corner of her eyes, which seems to prove that she knows she is coming! Is this ….. is blood induction?
At that moment, the place in Meng Chen’s heart where no one had ever stirred up suddenly seemed to be alive.
"Never saw your face, never heard your voice, never wiped away the tears in your eyes … how can you be willing? !”
Meng Chen clenched his teeth and couldn’t help but leave two lines of clear tears in his eyes.
And the tears Meng Chen did not pay attention to when he dropped his chest.
At the moment, the rabbit’s eyes suddenly widened to a certain place in the mixed Yan Li’s huge word Daoyan remnant tablet.
"Hey? Blood traction? !”
The rabbit blinked his big green eyes and stared at a place where a faint purple soul fire was beating violently among a piece of jet …
Meanwhile, Baijia Shengdi
A dark underground world, the underground is like a long jump of dark and deep flames.
And the flame curled up in a huge prison with an almost unrecognizable human figure. The hair was withered and long, and the limbs were faintly engraved with countless mysterious runes.
Those runes, like living creatures, are attacking the eyebrows of the figure little by little through their limbs.
"Chen … Chen son …"
Chapter 23 Ancient wasteland
A white mountain flashed across the sky like a flash
"Evil animals, you will die today!"
When Bai Dujian’s figure reappeared, it was blown out of a huge pit by Tian Tooth.
In the end, Bai Dujian glanced at the humanoid, no breath, and the eyes were cold, but there was a trace of suppressed anger.
At the moment, Meng Chen is urging the blood line to take nine steps in one direction.
"You can escape!"
Bai Dujian slightly closed his eyes and read this moment all over Fiona Fang Baili.
Meng Chen figure soon appeared Bai Dujian spirit read range.
"This is …"
At this time, Meng Chen, who is far away, suddenly became surprised in his heart. When Meng Chen swept over like mercury, he felt that he was being watched by his eyes all the time, and the chill was even worse.
People’s mysterious fighters have already broken Dan Cheng Ying’s knowledge of the sea and expanded their minds, which can be spread all over Fiona Fang.
Such a means is no longer comparable to that of the fighters in the gas environment.
Therefore, the sense of crisis in Meng Chen’s heart is getting stronger and stronger.
"Is there any way for the rabbit to avoid his thoughts?"
At this time of disease from Meng Chen couldn’t help asking
Before that, he remembered that the rabbit had said that if it was not too close, it could cover all the smells.
"You are too young to judge people’s mysterious ability. If you want to return to the imperial city, you can’t escape his mixed thoughts, which can cover your breath, and your words and deeds can be seen by him."
Rabbit voice has also become a bit dignified, but now Meng Chen is facing the strong in the mysterious realm, even now it can also compete with the law
In the final analysis, the rabbit is just a spirit born from the word Taoist tablet.
Of course, if Meng Chen can find two words, Tao Yan, the remnant tablet, there is still a way to protect Meng Chen’s week, which can be a fantasy …
"oh! It seems that there is an adventure! "
Meng Chen gritted his teeth and suddenly burst into a bright fine mans speed soared again.
At the same time, the bloody scales gradually attached to Meng Chen.
Blood is evil!
"Hum! You are too slow! "
Just then a cold sound Meng Chen sounded behind him.
"Not good!"
A huge fist print with thousands of feet suddenly appeared, and the fluctuation of terror psionic power on Meng Chen’s head directly pressed hundreds of feet of ground in Fiona Fang to reveal a fist-shaped mark.

"Xu retired"

While sleeping, Xu tui slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes shone like stars.
That is a sign of strong and full spirit.
United is the most efficient communication between the two sides in the shortest time because of the unstable signal!
It was a fleet that invaded Lingweiyi.
According to Xu’s order before retreating, if Lingwei encounters external forces, it will make the guardian Lingwei, a silver tree and five trees quickly withdraw to the brainwave star.
The implementation of Yinwushu is thorough!
When the invading fleet was still far away, it evacuated Lingweiyi at the first time.
But a day ago, the invading fleet still found a brainwave star.
And sent scouts!
A brainwave star has already entered a defensive state. According to the strategic requirements of Xu Retreat, according to the fortress, he will defend himself.
However, the intruder scouts also made some observations when they scouted Lingji Star.
Step clear autumn found that the invading fleet scout turned out to be blue star human!
This discovery made Xu retreat stunned!
The intruder is a blue star human?
Is this the dawn, redemption, counterattack and revenge?
If it’s dawn redemption …
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-nine I really gave you a chance and steps.
Capturing Lingwei I is a blue star human?
This information made Xu retreat from the deadlock.
If the capture of Lingwei I is a blue star human, then it is highly suspected that it is the dawn redemption team.
And if it’s the dawn rescue team, then this speed is a little scary
But the strange thing is that it was June 12 when the intelligence guard was attacked step by step, and today it is June 14.
It’s been two days since the invaders captured Lingwei I, and it’s been twice since they scouted Lingji Star.
We should have found them, but we haven’t launched an attack yet!
This is a bit weird again.
This frequency of action is not the wind of dawn redemption
If it’s dawn redemption, it will attack the first time after discovering the brainwave star and reconnaissance.
Instead of waiting!
Or what is this intruder team waiting for?
Xu tui, an xiaoxue, qu Qingshan, Wen Shao and others have studied it for a long time but have not come to a definite conclusion.
In the end, I will make a decision
"Huang directly advances into Lingwei-I don’t need to hide the signal to amplify the signal of our fleet. It is best for Lingwei-I to notice us early" Xu ordered.
Huang won’t hesitate to execute the strategic and tactical orders. If he makes a retreat, he will execute them at the first time.
The law of the jungle in the universe is vividly reflected.
From this point of view, this invading Lingwei-Bluestar Terran fleet, whether it’s dawn redemption or its origin, has the greatest possibility of not attacking Lingji Star for the first time-it’s not too confident in its strength!
In this way, we will successively scout the Lingji Star.
Or is it a team that cherishes feathers extremely, just like making a retreat!
But the strength should not be too strong!
If you had absolute crushing strength, you would have attacked the brainwave star on a large scale.
No matter what the power of the brainwave star is, let’s talk about it honestly
Anyway, it would definitely be like this if Xu retired.
Decided to retreat directly into Lingweiyi!
At the same time, it is also a time to win for the star of the brainwave!
The left-behind power of Lingji Star is too weak.
There are two quasi-planets!
It was a long wait, but it passed quickly.
In less than an hour, Huang gave feedback that Lingwei had already reacted over there and should have found their fleet.
If there is any movement, you can rest assured that his strategic goal has been achieved.
The discovery of them means that they have dispersed the pressure on the brainwave star and also put pressure on the invading ship. I dare not attack the brainwave star casually until I understand their situation.
At the same time, Lingwei and a group of blue star terrans also called an emergency meeting.
The first is a star-rated strong man.
"How long will the reconnaissance team come back this time?" The first line of star-rated strong asked
"Lord Notos, Lord Wantong, they are on their way back. It is expected that this satellite will turn back in three and a half hours."
"Have you sent the reconnaissance results?"
"Sent them to say that a brainwave star has found two quasi-planets! For the time being, there is no sign of the star power in the intelligence search.
But there may be a large number of three-phase thermal explosive bombs.
Lord Wan Tong means to attack, but be careful and control casualties! Besides, Lord Wantong asked Lord Notos if you were going there directly, and they would meet to launch an attack on Lingji Star. "asked the adjutant

Skeleton monster stomped on the ground with heavy steps and several bones were crushed, but this monster was oblivious to Zhang Yang as the target.

Zhang Yang eyes a clot just now big nirvana palm, although not his strongest attack, but the power is not weak, but it didn’t cause any trouble to this skull monster, which bothered Zhang Yang.
Without too much hesitation, the skeleton monster has arrived.
Zhang Yang was inspired by the ferocity of the zombie’s heart, and it was also a roar, a foot fertility and a leap to meet the skeleton monster
A black shadow flashes, and it’s hard to imagine how fast the first two apex angles of the skeleton monster suddenly pick up.
In Zhang Yang, the gods know each other, and the young mans flash and crouch the sword, offering both hands holding the hilt and cutting it across a radian.
Hey, hey!
Two clear and louder skull monsters’ heads, which seem to be harder than sharp, are very sharp, but they were cut off with one chop.
But the skeleton monster ran with great pain and hit Zhang Yang with great power.
Zhang Yang’s body fell heavily.
Knock, knock, knock
Just fall to the ground skeleton monster hooves trample and blunt come over, thick hoof on the verge of stepping towards Zhang Yang.
The skeleton monster roared, its front hoof lifted high and stepped heavily towards Zhang Yang.
Violent trampling force the whole ground is a quiver of broken bones flying around.
And Zhang Yang figure is a flash.
Almost at the same time, a burly figure flashed, and the skeleton monster’s back was taller than Zhang Yu’s hand holding a blue wide sword.
Zhang Yang eyes red light flashing a roar loud wide sword a row toward the skeleton monster neck cut.
The sound is almost as clear as the resistance, and the skull monster’s head falls down and rolls towards the ground.
In the waves, the skeleton monster collapsed, and Zhang Yang dodged and was buried by disorderly bones
A shadow flash Zhang Yang has ejected from the disorderly bone.
Landing with heavy feet
FuCang sword sharp blue light to slay and then cooperate with Zhang Yang teleport to slay the skeleton monster in succession.
Zhang Yang heaved a sigh of relief. This Fucang Sword is not the kui. It’s a fairy. It hasn’t recognized the main power yet, but it has helped him defend against the enemy several times.
I’m really looking forward to Fukukura’s claim to the ocean.

You just told us that the robots will be reborn soon after we passed here, and when you come out after searching for a building, the horse will be surrounded by a bunch of reborn robots.

"There was such a situation." Aquinas nodded understandingly.
"Did you hear that? Run faster later. "I’m awake
"Got it"
Just after the battle, the new killer repeatedly threw out explosives to bomb others, guns, archery and archery, and the arrows flew in front of him. The explosive power of ammunition ignited the raging flame, and after several barrels of petrol cans were placed outside, the fire was even more out of control.
"rush! "I shouted at them," I’m in charge of the road with Aquinas. When it breaks, it moves faster! 」
We rushed into the building as quickly as possible, cut down tables and cabinets as soon as we saw robots. Fortunately, the building has two floors, and we can quickly find out the situation.
"Is there? 」
"Nothing here either."
"Back! To the middle building! 」
In the former way, we ran to the middle building while playing, and just finished solving the small role, a low voice appeared unlike human voice.
"Damn intruders dare to trespass here and I will destroy you! 」
"Wow || There is a BOSS here! "Sugar-coated poison panic shout.
"I hate the appearance of BOSS when I am so tired." Li En complained breathlessly at night.
Previously, I tried my best to run around, playing tricks and throwing bombs, which made everyone spend a lot of energy and look tired.
"It’s a matter of course," the killer grinned. "Every card should have a big devil, otherwise it won’t be fun."
"Come on! The more unfavorable the state, the easier it is to stimulate the potential! "I cheer said.
"Master Cat, you said that stimulating potential should refer to the reality, right? "Night Shadow Jie retorted," Games are games. It is impossible … "
"Shut up" I hit him on the head and grabbed his collar with one hand. "If you don’t believe me, try it! 」
"Er, teacher, master, are you going to …"
"That’s right, that’s what you want." Hold hands and I choose him to land. "Are you ready? It’s time to go! 」
"No, no! Your roots are pushing me into a fire pit! No way! "He struggled to scream.
"come on! "Ignored me and threw him directly at the BOSS|| || armored robot.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa." After a series of screams, he fell to the back of the robot.
Found his armored robot moving.
"Blood teacher to prepare! "I raised my hand with a long knife and shouted at the crowd," Spells, bombs, machine props, whatever they can attack, throw them in! 」
"Hey! Don’t be ridiculous. I’m still in here! "Night shadow jie roar loud.
"Then you can think of some way to live! "I attacked the robot with a knife.
"pounds! "There was a loud noise, and its gun body blocked my attack. The big umbrella swept away against the robot’s foot.
"yeah! Not down "umbrella, he swung again.
"Its feet are harder than you think."
When the robot arm swung, I climbed his shoulder and poked the blade at the shoulder joint, trying to peel it off.
I shook the armor several times, but I made a small hole in it. I was accidentally grabbed by it and threw it aside to knock the wall out of a big hole.
"Pain …" Just hold your feet and the machine gun came at me. In an emergency, I quickly put up a protective shield to stop the bomb.
After the first attack, the robot strode towards me.
"Cat! Hide! "It people shouted at me.
"Howl ||" A shower of arrows suddenly appeared and inserted the robot into a hedgehog.
Because of this arrow rain, the robot turned and rushed towards Aquila.
"Hey hey come on! Ready to set off fireworks! "The new killer and Aquinas are holding long bows and arrows with explosives at the top.
At the same time, the two men put two arrows into the robot chest, and the blasting power finally shattered its chest armor smoothly.
"See! 」
Night Shadow Jie grabbed a long knife and rushed to the robot to aim at the red chip on his chest, ready to hit the robot hand at the same moment to form a bayonet and hold it high.
"Idiot! "I quickly ran towards him.
Blink an instant bayonet through the night shadow Jay’s chest and his blade stops in front of the red chip.
"Didn’t I tell you to think before you act? "I denounced.
Cut the robot arm directly with a big knife and rescue him from the knife edge.