"It can be started" Li Zhiyin directly sounded in the bottom of Omar’s heart, and Omar immediately took out two old Scasimmi elders next to Gideon, and also began to assist Gideon. A seemingly ordinary dagger floated slowly in Omar’s hand, and nothing moved too much, and then it broke out before the dagger power and turned into a small sun in the battle cloud.

In a flash, the blue light from the dagger has actually dyed the cloud of war with a layer of color from the outside. This color is given by the rules. With this layer of rules, all people in the cloud of war will exert their power to kill the power of hell, which will greatly increase. Don’t look at a small dagger, but the actual power that can be exerted is not a little blue light, soft but not blazing, which makes people hope and feel sacred, but its power root is condensed by several demons bound in the dagger.
"The legacy of the sage of Winster President Lanyisen is in the face, and we can just take it out when we pass by", which prompted the dagger power. At this time, Omas has determined the ancient place through the corresponding power induction. At this time, the core of the Supreme Council of Cui Fanke is the heart of today’s world and the only city with more than one million people. Even if it is corroded by jungle hell and demonized, the crazy people can still see the past of this city in the clouds.
A big city with millions of people may be nothing in the main world. After all, there are many big cities with millions of people in the main world. There are relatively well-developed counties with millions of people living in it, but there are only one or two cities in the sanctuary world with millions of people in ancient times.
There are not many high-rise buildings here except the Supreme Council building, so there are 1 million people here. The scale of the city is extremely huge. In this city, the Supreme Council building is located in the city, and it is also the highest place in the city. There are two councils outside the Supreme Council layer, and then it is the turn of other wizards and nobles to live in the residential area, and then the market area is the vast area where civilians live.
Under normal circumstances, the city itself is so big, so the cities and towns around it tend to spread far away, otherwise it may be able to feed a million people, but this million people depend on millions of people in the surrounding cities to feed, and there are still avenues and rivers next to the city in the jungle hell. This city has established a good foundation. At present, the original prosperous city is overgrown with weeds, and the unique shrubs and mosses in the hell are almost covered with broken tiles and ruins everywhere, and there are still some unlit flames in many places.
Blue Ethan Ancient is no longer important now. Li Zhizhi’s vision traces back to the past. When there is no other equivalent realm, there are obstacles. You can know that all the original blue Ethan sages were Zhang’s elders. The so-called ancient is nothing more than that day when they exerted their strength in the holy mountain of Taimo. Seven people achieved the highest day, the Big Dipper Array seduced the Big Dipper Force, and seven people joined forces. Although it was the law, compared with the Big Dipper Array on Sunday, it was not too far from the war, but it was a great thing in the eyes of people in this world.
Li Zhizhi’s vision, who lives high in the clouds, can be traced directly to Lan Ethan Gu, who was about to pick it up but didn’t prevent it. At this time, there were other people in the temple where Lan Ethan Gu was located, and their eyes were swept away. It turned out to be Akasha, the assassin girl who met in Keshan’s home in the past, but at this time, her appearance was completely different, and neither her size nor her shape was comparable to Akasha’s.
At this time, Zhi Li and other realms know that as soon as they trace Akasha and Natalya’s vision, they are directly dug out. Zhi Li raises his hand to the virtual one and sees the clouds. With the appearance of a blue big hand, it seems to be substantial, but it is shaped. This hand is directly grasped into the temple, and the ancient box of Bao Lan Ethan is located, and it is held out "I bear".
This catch happened just before Natalya took the ancient away, leaving a tall girl in front of the box. This girl is Natalya. Since that day, after parting in the desert, Natalya has suppressed Akasha’s departure for the East China overnight, but she didn’t stop at the port of Kurast West. Later, her unique secret technique escaped all the demonized demons and came here. I never thought that I would just get the book, but I could watch an element hand snatch it away.
Blue Ethan Sage Liu Gu is a book with a black hardcover cover. The cover is made of devil’s skin, and there is a line of laws flowing in it. However, from the appearance alone, you can’t see the material. It looks like ordinary hard paper, but it is painted with a cloud. I don’t know what it is painted. If you look closely, you will know that this simple cloud picture is written with smaller characters, and it is a powerful weapon.
And it was never written by that Zhang Zhenren, but it was inherited from the beginning. What did the Zhang family get from it? The plough Beidou array was also learned from it. At this moment, it is not so perfect. There are three pages, one is the plough, the other is the core of the plough Beidou array, and the last one is the real power. At this time, those three pages are no longer among them.
Zhi Li took a casual look at the book and threw it directly to Omas. This is very big in the eyes of ordinary wizards, but it is ancient to him. It is full of pages and pages, and the direct mana infusion can trigger the corresponding effect of the symbol.
Holding this power to kill the devil’s soul will also be collected by the book, and then it will be completely shattered. A power similar to merit should be given to the owner. This page of rapid growth is the essence of the book, but now this page is no longer in the book, but it has accumulated a very huge force.
At this time, although the power of time flow is still in the past, Lan Yisen has gained great benefits from the ancient times. Many years later, he learned from his thoughts that this is a saint’s legacy. Although he is coincidental, he is afraid of destroying the saint, but in the end, he will take it back with a drink and a peck.
Because it is extremely important for the Zhang family to take away the key page, it is impossible to get it back. It is compensated to kill the devil and gain great merit. Even an ordinary person can absorb this power enough to create a sixth-order saying that the strong can hold this, but it can be used as a handle to make it a saying field. This power is not taken away by Zhi Li, which is the legacy power of the former saints and his road power. No matter how much Zhi Li does, the player can get the attribute point limit after getting this in the game, which is part of this power.
This power is very important to Zhi Li, but it is very important to Omar and others. In an instant, Omar felt the surging power in the book and then opened the context of this book. He also knew part of it. At this time, this key power has long been extracted, but the cohesive power is the most precious for them. The key is to hold it, which can be used as a handle to cooperate with Gideon to continuously export the power in Gideon and push it to the extreme and vice versa.
Will be handed over to Omar Zhi Li soon realized this, but for this kind of so-called treasure at the moment what knowledge is it? "Thank you, President, for getting back the representative of Omas, the Sage of Skasimmi, and thanking President Rende." At this time, Omas was overjoyed. Now there is a Gideon dagger in the Brotherhood of Hradim, but it is also comparable to saying that the field can have its own place. As soon as the three of them took over, they went to the field of sirs and made a top ceremony towards Zhi Li.
"Get up" Zhi Li nodded slightly in recognition of the situation of these people. He can see through it at a glance. Although Omas gave people a sense of meanness in the past, in quality, a person can’t watch Omas die from one thing. The actual person is not bad, but it is comparable and the ability is not bad
No, Omar, three people are grateful to put away their tears and put away their black skin for a moment. Zhi Li’s hand once again goes straight towards the empty one, grasping this sign. That Natalya Natalya can turn out to be a milli-resistance ability, and she can watch a blue giant hand come from the empty middle, making a fierce clutch. "Damn it, how can I die so easily?" Natalya’s heart is full of unwillingness. This hateful big hand took what he had been searching for for for for a long time with one hand and caught it again at this time, but it killed her.
However, even if she is unwilling and can be as absolute power, she doesn’t even have the ability to resist. It’s a moment when this hand is clenched, but it seems to be in the void. If she didn’t perceive this hand as a real power and saw that the sage of Lan Ethan was taken away by this hand, she doubted whether this hand was a phantom. She not only didn’t lose anything, but a black skin appeared in her hand, which was exactly what she dreamed of.
"What is this?" Nataya opened the book and wrote all kinds of runes, and explained that this rune constitutes another kind of mystery. At this time, Lan Ethan Gu is no longer in the hands of Omas, but it is constructed by Zhi Li again. The explanation is that he left it, but no other mysterious forces can be used as a tool. But Zhi Li left it for her, which is an initiation of the Krister family to inherit the armillary sphere and the mystery of runes. If she can learn the runes too clearly, what will she get?
However, all this is not without cost. When Natalya took over the great joy, she felt a sudden fall in her heart. She lost an extremely important thing in her life, but she was holding it there. She was so happy and sad that she was at a loss. She lived together for decades. Akasha disappeared for a while. Natalya felt that she lost more than she got.
"The little sun gives you a" Zhi Li suddenly said to the little sun sitting next to him, "The little sun pretends to be a high-spirited person in his memory. At this time, when he listens to Zhi Li’s words, he will be exposed immediately, but at this time, the occasion is not fooling around in the blood memory, but … The little sun can’t help but be in a dilemma. An index finger unconsciously put it in his mouth and looked at Zhi Li with a bitter face and then said yes.
"Ha-ha" Seeing Xiao Jinwu’s expression like this, Zhi Li also smiled and pinned her obsession. It’s not just a thinking machine. Obsession is a sustenance, but it’s not completely divided. It’s just to distinguish obsession from thinking, which no longer affects the operation of thinking. "Xiao Jinwu will put her in your handle and let her directly reincarnate in the Sun Palace." Zhi Li took out a spirit, which is Akasha Ling.
The sun cried and seemed to have figured out what the original high prestige was like, and she returned to a lovely little girl. Her status and ability must care about the eyes of others. It won’t hurt her if others think that she is still a sun god. She held out her lovely little hand and took Akasha Ling and carefully put it in the handle. Soon, an elf named Akasha will be born in the Sun Palace.
This is Akasha’s best destination. Akasha gave him a lot of benefits in the past. This is the reward for other feelings. At this time, his realm is beyond desire, and Nataya, even though she cheated, gave her a change of cause and effect in Zhi Li, and Lan Ethan Gu also exchanged compensation.
Chapter ninety-six Blue Ethan ancient
Chapter ninety-six Blue Ethan ancient
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter ninety-seven Temptation.
Chapter ninety-seven Temptation confrontation
"It’s about to start" Thick clouds enveloped the core area of Kurast, Cui Fanke. This is where the former headquarters of the Supreme Council was located. The blood-red battle cloud is the field of stevo’s president Jie, while in a parallel outer layer, another huge field is also separated by two paper-like barriers, one red and one black.
In the world of refuge, it is hell. For the strong, people usually know that even the devil outside the field will not behead directly from one piece of paper to another because this kind of power has never appeared in this area. This kind of tactics is far from simple as imagined.
"Rookie, now you are in charge," Zhi Li said to Rookie, and then slowly got up. He didn’t intend to stay in this cloud, because it would give full play to his real strength. It is a good place for him to play with the outer interface. "President stevo handed over the battle to Rookie."
At the same time, Zhi Li’s words reached everyone’s ears. At this time, one person present opposed Herason, needless to say, others had no reason. Because this was said by him, and God’s experience in leading the forest king’s hell war for thousands of years was by no means what they imagined. At this time, everything was naturally handed over to the almighty.
"Winster, you?" Stevo wondered, but at this moment, the raven had begun to exercise command through the throne of war, and then all those who attached themselves to the throne of war showed their bright eyes in an instant, which turned out to be from the outer layer of the shelter world, and directly took a glance at the mephistopheles field. At this time, nearly 20 Defense of the Ancients in the mephistopheles field, and a demon king Duriel was at the side to help with the mandatory ball and the blessing of hell power. At this time, their strength was also strong before, and millions of hell legions were waiting for it.
When they looked through the void, they saw that it was dark in the school, and less than a thousand people were doing exercises in the playground. It was conceivable what it was like to have a hundred thousand people. At this time, mephistopheles was actually winning a million legions in the field. Its core was the Hell Legion and the Supreme Council. Most of the others in Berserker were demonized civilians.
Millions of people have gathered together, and the whole earth is densely packed. This number alone is extremely scary. Many people here have never seen so many lives together. Many people have gasped in the past. "Even if we kill so many people there, we have to be soft." They unconsciously think of the fact that they have strong strategic witchcraft. It is not a problem to release so many strong people together, and the more they gather, the better they will be.
Looking at this secret hell legion, more people are more worried than heavy. Most of these hell legions are Kulaster civilians in the past, but now … If they are still outside the field, it’s okay to say that after destroying the mandatory ball, they are possessed. It’s relatively simple and there is still room for salvation. That is, there is one demonized civilian who can’t be saved but can be destroyed and enter this field. They have a heavy heart and hate mephistopheles more.
"Let go of your strength, I will command everything, and follow me to guide your efforts." Many years later, the raven came to this rolling chariot again. This is the throne of the refuge world war, but he is no stranger to this strength. In the past, he used to drive all the chariots in the chariot of the Chiyou soldier, sweeping like a mat. At this time, the throne of the refuge world is much worse than the bloody pagoda of the Chiyou soldier, but it did not prevent him from making it.
Before the vision of the raven was opened, many strong men still had doubts about what he should command, but when the vision was opened, everyone questioned again. Herason was the first to carry out the command of the raven, and he was ready to accept his guidance and command at any time through the attachment of the throne of war. He was killed once like a raven, and he had no doubt about the root of the raven’s words. One share of the power is in his hand, and one share is in others’ hands.
"Herasen Sage" The throne of war is running at this time. Everyone can communicate through the throne of war and share their own perceptions and other things. When Herasen gave power to the raven, there was a lot of noise in the crowd. Herasen Sage gave power to others, which naturally meant something. Through the throne of war, the whole battle cloud even stevo’s power was remitted to him.
Zhi Li nodded with satisfaction, and then his body shook without causing any turbulence in the cloud of war. For a moment, he shared his vision with the raven. He had appeared in the outer layer and looked down at the crow and killed the word export from the outer layer to mephistopheles. It seemed that a thunder rang through the whole cloud. Through the shelter, the world barrier, the raven had locked the scope of attack and began to prepare for an impact. Two behemoths were living at both ends of the barrier and finally began to collide.
At the other end of the barrier, mephistopheles swept through the whole world layer through a powerful spirit. At this time, he was finally sure that the eastern continent might not be corroded. It seems that the prospects are not good. "It is surprising that the refuge world can condense such a force." Compared with the world of the Horatim Brotherhood at this time hundreds of years ago, it surprised him greatly. This force is far beyond his imagination.
But how can it be so easy and simple to beat him? Mephistopheles’s face with a smile spirit to continue to sweep the field this new way of operation, this way Herason may not understand for a while, but it is difficult. It takes him some time, but the crow will not give him so much time to refer to a killing word. The cloud of war has begun to surge wildly.
Mephistopheles’s field shook violently for an instant. At the same time, the land crow focused on five points. The strength of the battle cloud penetrated and reached. In the battle cloud, all the strong men emerged with a series of combat instructions and gave instructions to guide them to stare at the five points. The battle cloud penetrated from the outside to the outside. In an instant, the five points were broken by the war throne field, and the handles of the strong men began to exert their strength almost at the same time.
At this time, they almost didn’t move any powerful spells, all of which were directly launched by the handle. Although they were not strong in strategic spells, they were highly condensed. They all stared at five targets, almost three and four, staring at one Defense of the Ancients and hitting other five-order and six-order wizards. mephistopheles’s eyelids jumped to see five small areas in the field collapsing instantly.
He didn’t even respond to the collapse of the field. At the same time, the strong handles in more than a dozen fields have suddenly appeared in the collapsed area. "Ah," the screams were just a moment. It turned out that four Defense of the Ancients were killed and the power of the ball was forced to drop by 10%. "Is this the way that God joined the Brotherhood of Horatim?" Four hells are still skeptical in the instant being killed in the original battle cloud. At this time, there is still any doubt that the strong men will hand over all their power to the land crow to operate according to his command.
Mephistopheles has a lot to do with God. Although God can’t treat him like this, several demons probably died in his hands in the sanctuary world. Defense of the Ancients is a very difficult character with countless hands. At this time, he saw this old rival at a glance.
Mephistopheles decided to solve the mystery of the other side’s field. At the same time, his body suddenly expanded, and his surrounding field contracted sharply, sweeping the rest of Defense of the Ancients into his huge body. This method is almost impossible for ordinary people to say that the field is almost impossible, but it is no problem for him. His fiend form is a method to bring Defense of the Ancients into the body and use his body to exert his strength in the field. This is his response to God.
"It seems that the plan should be moved forward." The avatar method broke the crow beheading method completely. No matter how severe the crow beheading method is, it is impossible to blow his fiend method. He has a mandatory ball to constantly supplement and smash it. He is afraid that mephistopheles will never dare to take it lightly. He thought of moving the card at the first time, but there is no way for the Horatim Brotherhood to gather strength at this time, and the commander is still the difficult God.
The domain vibrates again. This time, there is no Defense of the Ancients to attack. The raven was hit by all the forces and directly launched the domain impact. The front of the mephistopheles domain has not been restored and repaired, and local collapse has appeared again in other places. Red hongyun swept directly along the collapse mouth, and several demons roared in the clouds and attacked the army of hell in the domain.
"Strategic Witchcraft Preparation" Without Defense of the Ancients’s beheading, the target of Rookie shifted. Before mephistopheles woke up, he wanted to pursue the victory and achieve greater results. "It’s just like a game." Herason and all of you strong people are aware of the whole situation, and their ability theory is that it is impossible for them to achieve such results, but their own battles will be a protracted war. Who would have thought that they would kill four Defense of the Ancients at the beginning?
Immediately afterwards, the Raven began to mobilize the entire war throne and the Legion began to launch a crazy attack on the mephistopheles field, and the impact department focused on infiltrating outward to form a local advantage. The 100,000 Legion of the War Throne began to wreak havoc in mephistopheles in an instant through the clouds of war.
Clouds of flames began to gather in the sky, and hundreds of millions of stars began to roar to the falling earth, churning like the sea, and the wind roared with a few sharp knives. The temperature in the air suddenly dropped to freezing point, which was rarely seen several times in thousands of years. Strategic witchcraft was released in the field of mephistopheles without money, which made a differential blow to the field in biology and body
The four forces of earth, water, fire and wind have never been so closely released. These forces have interacted with each other and started to increase violently. The power has been magnified by ten times. The four forces of earth, water, fire and wind are violently shaking in mephistopheles’s field, making him feel like the end of the world. Everyone can imagine that the doomsday scenes are constantly reappearing in the process, causing pre-destruction.

Before Gu Jin sunseeker, he quickly swaddled his arms and saw two red marks on Xiao Anna’s white arms, and suddenly his eyes burst into thick anger.

"Two young ladies, Miss Table, these are sent to you by the master. If there is anything else you need, please feel free to …"
Speaking, Xie has commanded people to move all three big cars and things, so it is not big that the bamboo garden is packed to the brim.
Xie Qi looked at his face, and the ridicule deepened. The fundus was full of disdain, and the mocking chuckle was not retreated.
"Move back!"
Gu Jinxi’s eyes burst into thick anger, which was already furious and hindered Su Yihe’s identity as Xie Jia. On that day, when Xie Jia and his wife came to the imperial house to relieve Su Yi, they always endured looking at Gu An’s arm with two red marks and turned to stare at Xie Qi. "If this is Xie Jia’s sincerity, please tell Master Xie that we have a high family!"
"Cousin, I’m sorry this …" Xie Zhen smell speech suddenly heart sank hurriedly explained "your cousin, she didn’t mean it, she is …"
"What is it?" Gu Jinxi corners of the mouth oblique GouQingLing beautiful face with LengLi and decisively "is young? Are you not sensible? Or do you think my mother took advantage of your Xie family when she went back? "
Xie Zhen didn’t want Gu Jinxi to be so transparent and sharp at a young age, and suddenly some words were poor.
Su Yi looked at her and suddenly felt a little anxious, holding her still crying. Ann gently tugged at Gu Jin’s sunseeker sleeve. "Sunseeker, forget it." Although she really didn’t like Xie Gu’s big room and children, after all, Xie Gu’s two old people were good to her. If they hadn’t arrived at the imperial palace that day, she didn’t know what to do and how to end things.
Gu Jin sunseeker is a cold hum from the nose line of sight swept Xie Yu Xie Qi finally fell Xie Zhen body looking at is Xie Gu big room only white son is a pity.
"We are from Gu Guogong’s mansion, but we are not with the once glorious double family." Gu Jinxi held his head high and swept their eyes coldly. "Xie Gu, we have the highs! Mr. Lao Xie, the housekeeper, told Mr. Xie that the Imperial Palace thanked him for his help. Since then, we are even. "
Xie suddenly changed his face. What Bai Gu Jinxi said in his heart to Xie Yi for saving his life. The Xie family couple’s royal clearance on the same day offset each other. From then on, they are even, but Su Yi is the master’s daughter and the second young master has been looking for her sister for many years. How can this be "Miss Table …"
"Mother Su is seeing the guests off!" Gu Jinxi raised his eyebrows and sounded cold.
"Hum, it’s natural for you to be well-advised." Xie Qi is constantly struggling and seems to see that the white family is really in charge. It turns out that Gu Jin Sunseeker thinks that his family will look at other people’s faces on weekdays, especially his grandfather. He always throws his face at them and suddenly loses his spirit. "You don’t want me to thank Gu Jin Sunseeker for something."
"What does Princess Wang want? Wang Zi will send her something called Xie Gu Hum!"
Suddenly, there was a dull voice outside the door, which seemed to have a faint magnetic husky voice. Xie Qi froze and turned away, and suddenly he was shocked.
The long hair of a man in a brocade robe flutters like a waterfall, and his face is like white jade, facing the sun, especially with a casual and lazy look; Elegant and elegant; That kind of beauty is even more shocking than ever being the first beauty in the world.
Xie Qi felt as if she had seen a god, and her eyes froze. At that moment, she felt that her heart was going to stop. She let the Buddha go. This is destiny takes a hand. This is the god given to her.
Feel Xie Qi’s hot eyes Qin Rui’s eyes darkened. "It is said that Xie Fu’s tutor in the three dynasties is very strict and almost harsh, and Xie Gu’s daughter should be as gentle and virtuous as Su’s, but she doesn’t want to …"
"Why are you here?"
Feel Qin Rui’s fiery eyes. Gu Jinxi lowered his eyelids and his eyebrows flashed with displeasure.
"Gu Jin sunseeker, what are you? The somebody else’s report came to see you with kindness. You actually …"
Xie Qi smell speech immediately dissatisfied with the automatic ignored Qin Rui questioned her tutor words toward Gu Jin sunseeker and folded reprimand angrily turned his head but turned into a gentle little shyness, by the way. "My daughter Xie Qi has seen the report report. Look at this family-oriented family. It’s too bullying for my daughter to come and see them send something to them with kindness; You see them, they are so fierce that they actually touch others … Their wrists hurt. "
"It hurts? Do you know what pain is? "
Speaking of this, Gu Jinxi felt angry and slammed Xie Qi with a backhand. The whole waterside pavilion Tinglan was suddenly stunned, not only by Xie’s family, but also by Lian Gang and Qin Rui. I didn’t expect Gu Jinxi to be so crisp and neat. "I’ll tell you what really hurts!"
Xie Qi felt the burning pain in her cheeks, and she was shocked at once.
"Gu Jinxi, don’t go too far!"
Xie Yu’s eyes were full of anger, especially when he saw Ye Zhenniang still holding Xie Qi tightly and staring at her. "Is this your attitude towards your elders?"
"Elder? Hum "Gu Jinxi’s tone has become a little disdainful." As the saying goes, if people are ugly, they should read the word Xie Dagong more. Do you want me to explain to you what an elder is? "
Xie Yu suddenly looked ugly to the extreme. "Gu Jinxi, you are such a poisonous woman who dares to kill Qi Er!"
"I what?" Gu Jinxi gave Xie Qi a hard stare at the corner of his mouth. "I dare to kill the baby who just had a full moon in public. This is just to teach her a lesson."
"If I thank my family, it’s not your turn to teach you a lesson!" Xie Yu face suddenly turned white.
"Miss didn’t also the interest to help others teach children" Gu Jin sunseeker corners of the mouth slightly raise the bottom of the eyes is getting heavier and colder.
"Eldest brother, you shut up!" Xie Zhen suddenly some annoyed "little cousin you …"
"Report, look at this Gu Jin sunseeker. She is so vicious." Xie Qi lifted up her face, her face was wet with tears, and her sparkling eyes seemed to be full of unwillingness and expectation.
Xie Yu suddenly looked dark and ugly to the extreme. "It’s no wonder that the seven emperors can’t see you …"
I heard another crunchy sound in the air, followed by a "dong" and a muffled hum. The heavy objects in the lake outside the Tinglan railing fell into the water and muffled, followed by a large white bloom.

Jun Moying’s eyes darkened and she said, "Well, what did she say?"

"After all, that’s all?" Feng quietly pulled the topic, "You can’t let me recall every sentence, can you?" The palm of your hand was held by him again, and he went outside and was blown by the breeze. "You said that if Yunluo followed me every time she entered the palace, wouldn’t it be a big sin?"
Say that finish nose was ordered a "know suffering also see her? If she comes back again, just refuse to see her! "
Phoenix light eyebrow eye light smile glazed eyes flashed sly "that’s not good, but his brother is a famous military general. If his sister wants to see me, I’ll refuse it once or twice. If I don’t see it every time, won’t it make me particularly petty?" People don’t know, but I still remember those things in the past and I’m not jealous and I won’t see her! "
Not jealous?
Jun Moying could naturally see that the career in her heart was humming and Junyi’s eyebrows slightly picked "What?"
Feng Shao smiled. "Why don’t you just order her not to enter the palace so that she can connect with me and have no chance to get close to me?"
"Um … huh?" Phoenix shallow surprised to see him really agreed?
"Didn’t you give me a promise and give you that look again?"
Phoenix shallow eyebrows twisted twist strange tunnel "I this is not surprised? I didn’t expect you to promise so simply. You made her refuse to enter the palace and I turned her out. The effect is really similar. People dare not say anything about you. Then the natural charges are all on my head. "She said it casually at first, but she really got some temper when she said it." Don’t blame you for causing too many romantic debts in the past. "
"This also blame me?" It seems that the man didn’t expect things to turn out like this in her mouth. I want to defend her, but she is charming, soft and charming. Finally, she raises her forehead. Nai tunnel: "It’s all my fault to be good and shallow. Don’t be angry. If anyone dares to talk nonsense and say that you are not me, will you cut him off like this?"
It is good for him to come to her, but his temper has become more and more gentle over the years, which is simply called no temper.
"Tyrant!" Phoenix gave him a shallow push on the lip angle, but it was a hazy smile.
"Why don’t we pick him up together in the cold class later?"
The man frowned and disliked the tunnel. "He doesn’t know the way back?"
Feng gave him a simple white look. "You will know that you are good to your two daughters and will not recognize you later. You will cry!" Say that finish, no matter whether he answered or not, he walked out. "Warm and far away, I don’t know where to play. You go and get them back, and we’ll pick up Han Er together."
Jun Moying was not satisfied, but she didn’t refuse her request.
It’s not necessary to have it once in a blue moon.
Watching him leave, Feng Xiao-faced smile gradually gathered and gathered away. After his figure disappeared, he found Qingyu.
Qing Yu respectfully asked, "Does the empress have orders?"
There are some glimmers in phoenix’s shallow eyes, and finally slowly settle down to settle the tunnel. "You go and help me with one thing. Chapter 17 I have never loved you."
Yun Qian-su didn’t return to the general’s office when she saw a man blocking her figure.
After a slight hesitation, he bent his lips clearly, and the bitterness in his eyes was very strong.
This man who said he didn’t want to see her just before going out now appears in front of her voluntarily because she went to find Feng Shao?
"Big Brother, what can I do for you?" She looked at him and pretended not to know that he was looking for her.
Yunluo looked at her coldly and then dragged her into the alley without saying a word. It seems that even saying a word to her is a wave.
After the decision, he made a determined effort to wind her thin lips tightly and called her a straight line. After half a day, the depression seemed even worse. It was like just dyeing a circle in the thick snow in the twelfth lunar month, and it was full of ice. Yunqiansu doubted that he was stimulated by the palace.
"Did you enter the palace without my permission?"
The voice of precipitation is as sharp as a sharp sword, so sharp that it cuts iron like mud and stung Yun Qiansu’s heart straight.

Single dormitory for students.

A washbasin-sized Dan Ding was mounted on a crimson flame, and the dark and viscous oil-like liquid medicine rolled inside, making a beeping sound, and the rich medicinal incense filled the whole house.
Smelling the Yaoxiang, looking at the Se Ze of the liquid medicine in the tripod, Chen Shaobai nodded, and was very satisfied with his own technique of cāo control.
Counting the time in his heart, he picked up a small porcelain bottle from the table and dropped the last drop of cypress juice into Dan Ding.
This just a drop of juice, unexpectedly let the whole tripod black as ink liquid back to transparent, become fresh and bright, aroma is blocked in the liquid level.
"It was a success?"
See the transparent liquid in the furnace tripod, Chen Shaobai know that he has completed most of the steps, only need to take the last step without difficulty, you can completely complete the preliminary sacrifice for chaos clock.
"I originally prepared two copies of materials, which is good, and the remaining one is otherwise useful." Looking at the rest of the materials on the table, Chen Shaobai’s eyes narrowed slightly.
"The palpitations I felt before should not be brought by Guan Sheng and Cao Burning. They don’t have this weight."
Thinking, Chen Shaobai also don’t want to think much, fingertips on the wrist with a stroke, a drop of hot blood fell in the Dan Ding, directly to the whole furnace transparent liquid dye latosolic red se ze.
The crimson liquid medicine tumbled, giving off a strong sweet medicinal gas.
Chen Shaobai busy remove Jason Chung from the chest, into the red liquid, on-site dish sat down, and soon entered a state of meditation, vaguely communicate with consciousness furnace tripod, obscure syllables echoed in my mind.
Every time he recites a syllable character, the se of the liquid medicine in the tripod will be lighter.
Half an hour later, the blood Se in the secret pharmaceutical liquid was completely absorbed by Y and N Yang chaos clock. With the completion of the preliminary sacrifice, the liquid completely turned into a clear water substance.
At the same time, Chen Shaobai suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his mind, and his head was spinning. There was a cool sound on the left and right sides of his lower back. Under the nourishment of Gankun Jasper Dan, his physical condition quickly returned to normal.
Looking at chaos clock lying quietly in the furnace pot, Chen Shaobai suddenly gave birth to a feeling of flesh and blood, and he could even feel the temperature and touch of droplets in the pot through Jason Chung.
"get up!"
Mind move, chaos clock was really accompanied by his thoughts suspended, floating around, running like electricity, whistling wind, but also quite like a fairy magic weapon. If people who don’t understand see it, I’m afraid I’ll call him "Xianshi".
But Chen Shaobai knows that the present situation is only the effect of preliminary sacrifice, and only the life-saving function of semi-automatic trigger defense mechanism, and the real power of Y and N Yang chaos clock is not even one over ten thousand. However, it was only after he broke through the quenching gas boundary that he needed to consider the complete sacrifice.
A completion of the sacrifice made Chen Shaobai have a lot more materials in his hands, staring at these materials on the table. Chen Shaobai only spent ten breath thinking about the process, and immediately began to make C ā o.
What he is refining now is a medicine called Qingshen Powder, whose function is to consolidate the foundation and strengthen the existing realm. It is the best choice for those who have just made a breakthrough-of course, it refers to the mortal level.
This is a required course of Dan medicine in Fengzhou University. Chen Shaobai studied very seriously and was very attentive, but he was more knowledgeable than many registered disciples of Xiandao Sect when he came into contact with quenching gas.
In his mind, only the drugs that are refined by the strong people in the four-fold [refining array] environment, which have numerous spiritual forces and have the ability to turn decay into magic, are qualified to be called Dan medicine. The rest are just pills that mix the medicine evenly. Although there are some wonderful uses, they are not so mysterious.
The refining time of Qingshen San is locked in an hour. No matter whether it is a beginner or a mentor who knows J and jīng this way, whether it is success or failure, they can’t make too many changes. Moreover, they all need to wait until the last minute to confirm whether they are successful in an alchemy, and so is Chen Shaobai.
When the time came, Chen Shaobai slowly untied the cauldron, and a strong sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance came to my face. A total of 21 pills for clearing the mind of apricot yellow Se appeared in front of me.
The pills are round and smooth, full of particles, pure in Se, without any stray light, which shows that both fire control and Dan collection methods are close to perfect level.
But Chen Shaobai didn’t care. He didn’t think there was much to be proud of. He just copied the records in the book perfectly. From the material composition, weight, steps to the number of elixirs, it is generally the same as that in textbooks, without any difference. This is the light with strong memory and analytical ability.
He doesn’t know, even many j and jīng research this way for decades of Dan Dao master, also can’t do this.
One bottle of every seven pills, a total of three bottles, clean the tripod, and then throw the rest of the materials on the table into it, and put it on a small fire for a slight stew.
"Hao cao, illegal thing in the world, is not good for people, so to die. Cao Ran, since you have provoked me for three transgressions and five times, you can’t blame me for taking the initiative to attack and send you to death. "
Think of the proverbs of side orange se sword, Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth crack up a big radian, immediately pushed the door and out.
Outside, the moonlight is in full bloom.
Although Chen Shaobai was not a road idiot before, it was not far behind. Every time I went out, I either took a map with me or asked for directions. Now, he abruptly memorized the map access of the whole windy state institution of higher learning, and walked through the courtyard, light up and down like a feather.
His behavior and movements are much like those of a burglar, but he is more familiar and fluent than any burglar. Not only did he successfully avoid the students who went out in the daytime, but he didn’t even make any noise.
Ear sharp, he has a demanding voice, and his powerful mind is enough to perfect the longitudinal body of C ā o.
A quarter of an hour later, Chen Shaobai quietly sneaked into the eaves of Cao Burning, and two swordsmen-level guarding hospitals didn’t find any clue at all.
Women’s moans coming from their throats like night cats came from time to time from the room. The two nurses in the hook were impetuous, and they talked about whether to go to Wanji Building to find a prostitute kabuki to vent their fire. But when they heard these decadent voices, Chen Shaobai was as calm as water, his heartstrings were not disturbed, and his breathing was long and steady.
On the one hand, it is the baptism of love action movies in past lives, on the other hand, it is the increasingly powerful J Ι ng God power that plays a role.
The perfect play in battle, the accurate deployment of J and NG when an alchemist, and the control of his own heart when tempted … These are just the subsidiary products brought by the powerful J and NG divine power, and the real benefits have not even been revealed.

As soon as Nu Wa reached out, she took several fresh buds from the clean glazed tea tree, and then poured some water from the clean glazed tea into the teapot.

An auspicious flame rose from the bottom of the pot, and the rich white gas rose in the air, and then the rich tea fragrance floated away and filled all around.
"Please use it."
Fill three cups, one for each person, and then don’t continue to make tea again. This is different from the future. This is the tea produced by innate spiritual roots. Just like those innate spiritual fruits, it can only be used once and cannot be reused.
"What a good thing!"
You’re welcome, too. Yuan Heng took a sip first, and an unprecedented rich fragrance rushed straight into the sky, with endless stamina. After a long silence, he was immersed in the artistic conception of a clean glass.
For a while, Yuan Heng only felt the unprecedented ethereal spirit of GV. Since these days, all kinds of doubts about the Yinyang Avenue, which has been unable to understand the law, have been solved one by one, which turned out to be a breakthrough in this big bottleneck.
Yin and Yang Avenue has reached this level, and Yuan Heng can already start to mutually confirm and integrate it with his own avenue.
At that time, it will be of great benefit to Yuanheng, which is a great accumulation and will be of great help to the impact of mixed yuan.
"Daoyou, it’s really better for you to wait for this congenital tea tree to be more than thousands of spiritual roots. It’s really …"
After a long time, Yuan Heng finished his tea before sighing out loud.
This is a great chance. It seems that he really underestimated the value of this innate spiritual root. The fruit of this innate spiritual root has its own functions.
One of the most common is that the polar ice crystal fruit trees obtained by Yuan Heng can increase the Shou Yuan, contain some rules of water origin and Yin origin, and calm the mind.
Then there is the fruit tree with clear charm, which is a very rare one-off congenital spiritual root. It only bears one fruit at a time, and the effect of the spiritual fruit is extremely extraordinary, comparable to that of the ancestral tree. The remaining fruit stones can only germinate again after the next robbery.
But the most precious thing is this innate spiritual root with various special effects.
And this tea tree of Fuxi Nuwa is obviously a very precious one, because …
It can be reused!
You know, if you completely absorb the Tao contained in this polar ice crystal fruit, it will be useless after that. It can only be used to solve the problem, and at most it is used to calm the mind.
But this tea is different, and this special effect of creating an enlightened environment will never be out of date.
If this spiritual root can be promoted to the ancestral tree in the future, it can even work for the supreme ancestor!
"Ha ha, if Brother Dao likes it, just give it to Brother Dao."
Fuxi said smilingly, obviously he was quite satisfied with his spiritual root.
Not the kui is a brother and sister, fu xi said, nuwa will move to recruit hundreds of pieces of tea from the tree, and sealed it with special prohibition, which can keep the efficacy of tea for a long time.
"This ….., two Taoist friends, in that case, I will accept it!"
Yuan Heng hesitated, so he accepted it. No way, this thing is really quite to his taste, although this gift is really heavy.
Don’t look at only a hundred pieces, just think that Nu Wa is stingy. You know, this is almost equivalent to one third of the tea produced by the whole tea tree!
According to Yuan Heng’s experience, the growth cycle of this top-grade innate spirit root is basically not less than 9,000 yuan clubs. If we consider the value of this spirit root again, it may grow a lot more. Even Yuan Heng will not doubt that the growth cycle of this top-grade innate spirit root is more than 30,000 yuan clubs.
So, these teas are absolutely precious!
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Chapter seventy-nine This … looks familiar
"Sunday gossip!"
Fuxi’s hands are full of gossip and wisdom, which can be described as a palm and a world.
Eight forces are intertwined in this tiny world, turning into a world, and then blending together regardless of each other.
With the evolution of the world, it was finally divided into eight kinds of forces, and each force even linked countless complicated branches, linked an invisible net, and linked it into an inexplicable source avenue.
This world quickly deduces the mystery of the world with Fuxi’s idea, which is the way of the world that Fuxi understands!
With Fuxi’s words, the world of gossip suddenly jumped out and entered the end of the world, and then followed a mysterious and mysterious trajectory to re-evolve into a world.
Life and death, deduce the mystery!
"Fuxi, you are a good gossip avatar, but you are obviously more than that, right?"
Yuan Heng looked at the evolution of Fuxi and shook his head. Although this avatar is already very good, Yuan Heng still saw the unfinished meaning.
To be fair, Fuxi has evolved this gossip trend to an extreme, and even sublimated out of the way of the world. If Fuxi just wants to go the way of the world, that’s enough, as long as he keeps following this way, that’s enough.

"He always likes to make me sleep every night. People just fell asleep, and the horse was kicked out of bed by him. It hurts to death." Ling looked at Mo Mo discontentedly and looked at Ling’s eyes when he didn’t know anything.

"Do you want to sleep here?" Feather teasing question
Ink stared his one eye and said nothing.
"Sleep with you? I’d rather be kicked out of the building than "Ling pouting against Feather Nai smiled.
The word "hungry" is awake. They came to ask them to have breakfast.
"Should we go? If we don’t go, we won’t have time to have breakfast." Light explained the word shadow.
"Let’s go." The emperor patted the moon and feather beside him.
After a bad look at him, Yue left, and others smiled and followed him.
Thank you for reading red envelopes.
"Good morning ~ Ann ~ Ah ~" Ling yawned and greeted him, and there was ink behind him.
Everyone was surprised to see Mo Yue. Although he knew that he lived in a dormitory, he didn’t expect to be in the same room as Ling.
"Good morning, Ling." Zine greeted Rushi as everyone was surprised and normal.
"What …?" Feather was surprised to spit out a three-word question, "What is Lingling with brother Zinzine?" Bud bud helps feather finish this sentence.
"What’s so tired? Last night ….. "Ru deliberately misunderstood that this success surprised many people and deepened a feather, which was even more exaggerated. I couldn’t wait to push the ink before, but I thought it was my brother’s face.
Shi Ru’s words have two meanings, one is to get the other is true, and Ling is dishonest when she sleeps. Ink can’t stand kicking her up and going to sleep and repeating the same thing all the time.
Of course, this happened to Zine, but she didn’t have the patience to get up all the time and untie herself directly after she fell asleep.
"Yeah, it’s all G … ink! Tired of it! " Ling almost made a mistake, but what she said made everyone take their misunderstanding seriously.
"What do you sleep together?" Feather saw that no one answered his previous question and asked it again.
"Are they brother and sister?" Zine theory
Didn’t Huan Ling say … What … before she was scared?
"Brother and sister?" Now from feather dissatisfaction to the month.
"Yeah, can’t you?"
"But before you say that the ink is you …" He asked with a blank face.
"Oh, Mo, he’s my dry brother and my dry brother. Their real sister is Ling." Zin took his time to explain that Ling was their childhood sweetheart. It would be more troublesome to misunderstand. It’s more convenient to make it clear.
Ling is clear, but the misunderstanding of azine is gone.
They ….. are not siblings … In the heart, it’s very unpleasant to recall what Zine said just now.
"So you said it was …?" Haowen
"He always likes to make me sleep every night. People just fell asleep, and the horse was kicked out of bed by him. It hurts to death." Ling looked at Mo Mo discontentedly and looked at Ling’s eyes when he didn’t know anything.
"Do you want to sleep here?" Feather teasing question
Ink stared his one eye and said nothing.
"Sleep with you? I’d rather be kicked out of the building than "Ling pouting against Feather Nai smiled.
The word "hungry" is awake. They came to ask them to have breakfast.
"Should we go? If we don’t go, we won’t have time to have breakfast." Light explained the word shadow.
"Let’s go." The emperor patted the moon and feather beside him.
After a bad look at him, Yue left, and others smiled and followed him.

Life is like this. It’s time to recognize the reality.

I live in a world full of people, including my relatives, my teachers and my friends, but. In fact, I have always been alone, just like that point in the mind-training method at a glance, I will have such connections with all the people and things I meet. But it is always that isolated point …
Others may give me everything, but it can’t change my loneliness. Others can take everything away. Also can’t take away my loneliness …
It’s time to recognize this reality and live alone in this busy world.
As long as there is a goal!
In that short time, Xiao Wen put down a lot, leaving only one in his heart.
On the invisible level, his soul and soul root are undergoing some changes, maybe good or bad, but once it is completed. He will never be the same person.
Nan Yunqing seemed to feel this change in him. He turned around for the first time, looked at him and whispered, "The road to practice is so long that you can’t imagine it. Now you are just beginning. "
At the moment, Xiao Wen’s feeling was unprecedentedly acute, and he immediately grasped that Nan Yunqing was actually a little sad in this exclamation. Perhaps, she has walked too long and seen too many people and had to make some changes? Maybe. So the person who changed includes herself?
At this time, Xiao Wen suddenly thought of an old problem: he knew nothing about Nan Yunqing’s past.
If two people keep such a state of separation, can he know her?
That evening, Nan Yunqing went back to Xifeng first, while Xiao Wen sat at the top of the mountain until dawn.
When he appeared in front of people again the next day, he was just like a different person. Others could no longer find the painful expression on his face yesterday, as if there was no such thing as Zuo Ningqing’s unprovoked disappearance.
In the Zhen Yan Zhai, Xiao Wen and his brothers and sisters got together, but it was he who provoked the head and took the lead in saying, "Master told me before that all her fellow disciples are difficult to be big, and the position of first place must never be passed on to them. Everyone saw it yesterday. The second division uncle and the seventh division uncle have obviously been staring at this position. Even for the sake of the master, I don’t think they can be robbed of the first place. "
"Master originally planned to let Nianrou succeed. Let’s report to the patriarch as soon as possible and let him come forward to support Nianrou’s succession, right?" Yu Zhi is a nice guy, and he has no desire for this first seat. He said directly.
Yu Zhi, after all, is a master elder brother. He heads together, and others naturally respond. After all, it is no secret that Zuo Ningqing likes Chu Nian Rou.
At this time, however, Chu Nianrou frowned, and the secret that she had hidden for many years would eventually be made public …
"My fire is a fundamental injury, and I may never be promoted …"
"What? ! !”
"What’s the matter? !”
"When did it hurt?"
The mantra Zhai was in a mess, and even Liang Ru, who is already the master of the Sect, was shocked.
Chu Nian Rou honestly said what happened in those days. Suddenly, Ding Juyuan and Yuan Ying of Jialing Road were completely hated by her stuff …
But hate to hate, Chu Nianrou’s strength is indeed limited, and she will continue to be the first one. How can she be resilient in the future? Xiao Wen and others can help her, but this is obviously not as good as simply letting others succeed to the throne.
Then, by ChuNian soft openings, make people’s attention turned to xiao asked.
"When the master received the introduction of the little teacher younger brother, he took a fancy to his spleen xìng and strength, and felt that he was also an excellent candidate to inherit the first place. Now my younger brother is very popular in front of the master uncle. If we work together, we can completely let him succeed, which is definitely better than those uncles and uncles. " Had said to do your own thing, ChuNian soft river’s lake gas and upper body, very frank tunnel.
"However, the younger brother is now a high-ranking true fairy, and Master Bo promised that the rest of the veins would not agree. Therefore, in order to stabilize the situation, Master Bo will definitely not agree." Liang Ru frown way.
"Isn’t the younger brother going to be promoted soon?" ChuNian soft urgent way.
That’s true!
"Little brother, how long do you have to be promoted?" Liang Ru immediately asked.
"About three months." Xiao asked some uncertain tunnel.
"A little long …" Liang Ru frown.
As the saying goes, a country can’t be without a monarch. Although it’s quiet and peaceful, there are actually many things in it every day. There are thousands of people up and down, and there are three monks, namely, utensils, symbols and animals. All kinds of expenses have to be decided by someone. If something big happens, someone must come forward to discuss with the rest of the pulse …
Therefore, if there is no first peak in three months, it will definitely be chaotic!
"It’s settled, and the younger brother will succeed to the throne. This is exactly what the master meant. We just need to find a way to drag these three months." Liang Ru high-handed tunnel. (To be continued)

Chapter two hundred and ninety-five Jump (9000 words yo)
Have to say, the four teacher elder sister Liang Ru asked by Xiao is still quite strong, and simply put things down. [] However, Xiao Wen still has his own ideas. He certainly wants to realize his master’s wish, but he doesn’t want to succeed him as the first place in Mingfeng.
The ability is second, he can exercise slowly, and the most important thing is that when there are too many things in the first place, he doesn’t want to spend so much time managing the clan affairs.
It is also a plan of Zuo Ningqing to let Chu Nianrou succeed to the throne, and then he will assist Chu Nianrou, which is the best solution in Xiao Wen’s mind.
Liang Ru finish, however, the audience was doesn’t even have an objection, shaw asked himself to say don’t seem a bit out of place, had to endure down first.
Then they began to seriously discuss how to drag these three months in the past, and in the middle of the discussion, Liang Ru suddenly reacted again and directly drove Xiao Wen away …
The reason is very simple. Xiao Wen is actually not 100% sure to break through in three months, and it is impossible to delay the succession of the first place for too long, so he has to seize all the time to practice.
Xiao Wen went back to practice, and the discussion in the mantra Zhai continued. During the whole process, everyone could feel a faint sadness flowing in the air. Their master Zuo Ningqing disappeared too strangely, and it is unlikely to have any good results after all …
After counting ri, Xiao Wen was meditating in the room when he suddenly felt a flash of brilliance in the room and immediately opened his eyes.
At the sight of a voice operator floating in the air, Xiao asked a happy heart. Subconsciously I thought it was Zuo Ningqing calling him again. When he reached for it directly, he realized that his master had left forever, and the voice operator was probably someone else’s.
Sure enough, after it was inspired, it was Liang Ru’s voice from inside: "Little brother, come and talk about it quickly."
Xiao asked "shout" and jumped out of bed. Then he went out of the house directly, rode his fire boots and flew towards Zhen Yan Zhai.
From a distance, he saw the door of Zhen Yan Zhai open, and there were many people inside. It’s so noisy.
"I have seen the master!" Xiao asked when he saw Zong Wangren after landing, and he quickly saluted.
In addition to Zong Wangren, there are several senior officials in Zongmen in the room. Xiao Wen saluted all of them one by one, and then saluted the elders who knew the peak, including his second division Bo Yang and his seventh division Shu Qiu Donglin, who had long coveted the first position of the peak.
When Xiao asked, he understood what was going on. He didn’t say much after greeting everyone, and stood behind his brothers and sisters.
"Xiao nephew, you are deaf to things outside the window. I don’t know that we don’t have a master these days, and we are already in a mess. I haven’t heard from my left school sister, but I can’t be alone. At least I have to find a temporary director. I wonder if you have any thoughts, martial nephew? " Xiao asked the second teacher, Bo Yang, to cut to the chase.
Xiao Wen frowned. He has been practicing with great concentration these days, but he has no idea about Liang Ru’s plan …
"Two guy, little teacher younger brother is the key period of breakthrough, it still don’t let him even bother. Call him this time, that is, let him listen to our decision. " Liang Ru rob the way.
"All right, I wonder if you have any plans for your niece?" Yang Qingshan asked.
"According to the patriarchal clan rules, when the first pulse rises or has to abdicate because of something, it should be succeeded by those who have good conduct and good deeds among their own disciples …"
Before Liang Ru’s words were finished, Qiu Donglin was already rushing to say, "Teacher and niece are so poor. The kind of situation you are talking about should be when the first successor is publicly appointed. This time, Elder Martial Sister Zuo walked strangely, but she didn’t even expect it. Before that, we didn’t see her designate an heir in any public place. Now that Yang Shibo is in his prime, he is older than Elder Martial Sister Zuo in terms of seniority, and the rest of our other disciples are in their prime of life. Under the circumstance that Elder Martial Sister Zuo has not appointed an heir, we should be more suitable for the first post than you. "

"Senior, if the younger generation wants to join the club, I don’t know what conditions are needed?"

Tong Xiao drew back, as if frightened by Xiao Wen, and asked, "Do you really want to join the club?"
"Now the lowest threshold for membership is Xianhao realm …" Tongxiao embarrassed.
"Why, wasn’t there a big fairy in the meeting before?"
"Now just say now the lowest threshold is XianHao realm, dubious advantage. But ah, I guess you won’t get what you want even if you join the club. "
Seeing that Tong Xiao had a thorough look, Xiao Wen couldn’t help thinking for a moment and sighed, "Indeed."
"Do you have anything else to ask?"
"Elder, what’s the matter with your evasion? It’s obviously not teleportation. How do you feel faster than teleportation?"
Tong Xiao smiled and then said, "It’s not as fast as teleportation at a long distance, but it can really show the speed faster than teleportation at a close distance with explosive force."
"Is this the magical power of the fairy king realm?"
"Yes. You want to learn? "
"Hey hey …"
"Honest practice, there is no shortcut to this. Only when the realm is reached and the quality of Daoji is high enough can it be displayed."
"Why do I think this kind of evasion is strange? Difficult is I can’t say what is strange … "Xiao asked frowning.
"What do you think strange place is actually the speed when we make moves? I think it’s much slower to start work than to escape, isn’t it? " Tong Xiao laughed.
"Yes, yes!" Xiao asked high-five.
"Or how do you say this is dun? Don’t look at the trail of ghosting when you March. Actually, you don’t walk with your legs. It’s a magical power. When fighting, a punch is a punch, and a foot is a foot, but that is not an avatar, so this will be much slower. When the rabbit’s predecessor first appeared, although it was clear that it was still several miles away from here, his escape was a magical power, which could achieve several miles in an instant, while Xie Wushuang pointed a sword at your neck. It was obvious that you would die if you pressed it down three inches, but it happened that it was too late to press it, which was the difference between magical power and ordinary skill. "
"So that’s it! There is still one thing unknown to the younger generation. "
"Oh, say it."
"Why are your skills so good, especially those of the rabbit predecessors, and you will kick the solution away with one foot."

Chapter three hundred and eighty-one Intermediate order
In fact, Xiao asked only half of what he said, which was not a hit on the point. What he really wants to ask is, why are the rabbit predecessors, Tong Xiao and the unparalleled skill so good, just because the current reconciliation is hostile, and Tong Xiao lost to the understanding of the unparalleled, so when his words came out, only "Why is the skill of the rabbit predecessors so good …"
Tong Xiao smiled, shook his head and sighed, "Look at your posture, you really have always been alone, and you know too little. However, it is understandable that you have only been in the demon world for a short time. "
"Is this still a common phenomenon?" Xiao asked perception is quite keen, immediately.
Tong Xiao nodded and said, "Not bad. Let me ask you, when you fight with monsters, what do you think is the biggest threat to you? "
"minions, and demon Dan." Xiao asked the honest answer.
"Here it is. Let’s human monks also just, unless they are practicing the alchemy, the other six paths are basically weak in physical strength, but the monster beast is different. The physical body is their natural weapon, even if they can use some super magical powers by condensing the demon Dan in the demon world, the physical body is still the top priority on their spiritual path. Throughout my life, I have never seen any fairy beast or monster beast completely give up the practice of the physical body, which is completely violent. "
"In the demon world, the monster beast with sharp teeth and claws and endless strength is a dime a dozen. How can they give up that unique advantage? If you study hard in the physical aspect, the space for improvement is almost infinite! This is actually a big foundation of the demon world. This situation is even more obvious when it comes to the realm of Xianwang, because when it comes to the realm of Xianwang, the physical strength of many monster beasts can already surpass the innate limitations and be infinitely elevated under the impetus of Daoji. "
"Rabbit predecessors is a typical example. After he came to this world, he has been focusing on the cultivation of the flesh. After a long period of time, his skill has long been his main attack method. You don’t want to see him kick a fly to understand Tianyun. In fact, he hasn’t done his best. If he really kills, it is also possible that he will kick Tianyun half to death. Similarly, almost all the monsters in the fairy king realm in this world are so, and their skills are unimaginable whether they appear in ontology or in human form. "
"And a feet chuai JieTianYun half dead is not all the strength of the predecessors, you don’t forget, I am still his companion, only when the two of us become one, he can play the strength is the biggest. At that time, even the monster beast of Hejie could fight. As a companion of the rabbit’s predecessors, I can provide more help than just Tao Li. Don’t you have a companion yourself? You should know very well that you can only exert greater strength when you two work hard together. Therefore, my skill is good, and the skill of Jie Tianyun is not bad. In fact, all of them have to practice in order to cooperate with their own companions. "
Tong Xiao said a lot in one breath, nodding at Xiao, and finally understood what was going on.
"Feelings, I have to practice my skills later." Xiao asked with a sigh.
"That’s not necessarily true." Tong Xiao said.
"Because now is your main battle, your companion only provides you with help. It is different from the situation of my predecessors and rabbits, as well as the situation of most monster beasts and demon slaves in the demon world. "
"Uh …"
Xiao asked with a sigh, and then his mind turned to electricity, and he didn’t know how many things he thought for an instant.
He has a tower with seven treasures to dazzle the fire, and he can probably refine other fairy wares in the future, and he can also write "Purple Ghost, Golden Body, Real Magic Tactics", and there are twelve tactics waiting for him to repair. No matter which one, isn’t it stronger than going directly to fight the monster beast in this world?
In any case, he won’t end up fighting 90 thousand battles, relying on his mouth, wings and claws to fight with people. Why bother to learn from others?
Also, there are more subtle things involved, which are related to his face and his dignity …
Now ninety thousand is about to step on his head, and it will fight again in the future, so it is not allowed to rebel …
"This is your own grasp.
Do you have anything else to ask? "
"How do I want to find you and what should I do?"
"This is really tricky. In fact, we don’t need to meet for a while. This time, just because I know that Jietianyun wants to calculate, I have come to stop it, and there is no other idea. If nothing happens, I’ll leave. "
Seeing that Tong Xiao really didn’t mean to pull him into the membership at all, and he didn’t want to befriend him, Xiao asked what it would be like to be a real fairy now, so he had to say, "Thank you for your predecessors, but the younger generation has nothing to do. "well. See you later. "
"See you later!"
As soon as the words were finished, Tong Xiaowei was absorbed, and the whole person turned into a white shadow and rushed to the sky, and suddenly disappeared halfway.
Before its teleport, it was undoubtedly the kind of short-distance mobile means of Xianwang realm, which made Xiao Wen dazzled and envied him.
How many years will it take before he can use this technique?

Although purple rhyme doesn’t look right at Yan Ruo Ning, she doesn’t want to joke about Yan Ruo Ning’s life. She immediately took out a fifth-order detoxification pill and stuffed it into Yan Ruo Ning’s mouth.

In an instant, if the inflammation coagulates, the venom immediately stops corroding, but the corroded wound is shocking in black and odor ratio.
Just better than some inflammation, if I feel that I have the strength to speak, I immediately struggled toward the purple rhyme and said, "Purple girl, please … help them …"
Purple rhyme didn’t expect inflammation if coagulation unexpectedly a bite is to save her is very appreciate nodded "well".
Then Zi Qingyun quickly distributed her detoxification pills, but after all, the limited detoxification pills she brought could save hundreds of lives.
Lin Yu held the inflammation and it coagulated. When the inflammation and it coagulated, she saw that she was strong and suffered heavy casualties. She finally could not help but shed tears.
From fighting inferno, this team has been following itself to eliminate tens of thousands of magic people for the family.
I didn’t expect that most of the team died here today.
And those who live have their faces destroyed and become ugly.
Spraying venom can’t corrode their armor, but armor can’t protect their faces
Inflammation is usually fought in armor, but her set of lux Yan Yan armor was broken by bone-eroding magic oil weapons in the previous battle. Just this battle, the body was eroded by venom without armor.
Those magic people must have arranged for the armor warriors of the inflammation family to send this batch of magic people with poison to poison the red armor guards of Yan Long through this batch of magic people’s explosive venom.
Soon the support team of Yan family arrived to help deal with the wounded and the bodies of Yan Long Chi Jia Wei.
Subsequently, the bodies of these soldiers in the Red Armor of the Dragon were buried together and a huge stone tablet was set up, and their armor was taken back.
They are dead, but the soldiers who inherited their armor have to continue fighting.
"Yan girl must tell you one thing" and Yan Ruoning returned to the nearby city with Ziqingyun and said "If you don’t treat your back wound, you will have to wait until Lin Yu reaches Yuan Shenjing or higher strength to recover it for you"
"What do you mean?"
Zi Qingyun calmly explained, "Well, your wound has just been poisoned and treated immediately, but it won’t take long for it to recover. But if you drag it away, you will need sixth-order medicine to make you recover. This medicinal material is extremely precious and can be produced quickly by Lin Yu Yaolingshou."
To be honest, if she is really inflamed, she is not in the mood to deal with her wounds, but after all, she is a woman who is still very interested in her appearance and skin.
If there is a big black scar on the back, it will be so ugly that you can’t even look at yourself.
So if the inflammation coagulates, it says, "That’s troublesome for Purple Girl."
Purple rhyme cocked his head and showed a full face of nai color. "You didn’t bother me, even if I can cure you now, I don’t have any medicine. You must bother him."
Purple rhyme pointed to Lin Yu and then attached his mouth to Yan Ruoning’s ear and said a few words. Yan Ruoning immediately blushed. "Is this really necessary?"
"Yes" Zi Qingyun said seriously that "it must be like this"
Lin Yu looked at the two women puzzled. What did they say?
Lin Yu soon knew what they said, because the purple rhyme also told him what to do, and he agreed if he was inflamed.
"No? Do you have to do this? " Lin Yu is also a full face of astonishment and said.
Zi Qingyun gave Lin Yu a contemptuous look at the bass and said, "Hum, I have never seen you shy when I was tossing around. Now I want you to do something to take advantage of it, and you are still so coy, you hypocritical guy!"
With these words, Zi Qingyun’s face turned red at once, and Lin Yu was flushed.
"That’s not to worry about you being jealous …" Lin Yu whispered a little, and then he saw the purple rhyme’s vicious eyes and immediately swallowed the rest of the words into his stomach.
Forget it. Touch it when it’s important to save lives. You won’t get pregnant if you touch it a few times anyway.
That being said, when Lin Yu saw Yan Ruo lying naked on the bed, he was still a little jumpy.
Although phlogistic if coagulation was lying on her stomach, she also covered her chest with a sheet, but in order to expose her back and let Lin Yu treat her, the sheet was not tightly covered, exposing her half "round".
A head of lux long hair naturally hangs over the round side, which greatly stimulates Lin Yu’s eyes.
Lin Yu struggled to swallow saliva for a long time without moving.
At this time, if the inflammation is condensed, "Hey, if you don’t come over to your house, that purple-haired woman will be angry again."
"I’m not looking at it!" Lin Yu didn’t react when she heard purple rhyme there Gherardini said behind her.
Lin Yu repeatedly fierce their dare little bitch staring at yourself!
Lin Yu is very discontentedly hum two brisk walk to see if inflammation condensate back injury.
"How terrible!" Lin Yu breath a mouthful of air conditioning.
If inflammation sets, there is a large piece of black carrion on the back, which occupies a third of the back. The carrion gives off a stench and black pus flows out, which is disgusting.
Lin Yu took a deep breath and said slowly, "Yan girl, you have to endure some."
Yan Ruoning said grumpily, "When have I ever frowned?"
It is true that inflammation is much more tenacious than most men’s beards. She never cried out for pain in such a heavy wound.
Lin Yu slowly raised his left hand and gently stroked the inflamed carrion.
When Lin Yu’s left hand touched the rotten meat on his back, Lin Yu quickly mobilized the shura magic flame in hell to slightly burn this pile of rotten meat.
"bursts-"inflammation if coagulation just teeth took a deep breath and didn’t shout out pain to forehead is already cold sweat dripping wet.

"Of course, many ideas and models here can be shipped over." Joe Thomas also smiled. He was afraid that his boss would dictate and know how to draw inferences is the king of business.

The two men discussed a lot of details about setting up an Internet cafe. Tang Wenlong really felt a surge in his heart to set up this kind of new ecological Internet cafe in his hometown, which is much better than the unified Internet cafe and very attractive to urban young people.
Take a two-day break. On Wednesday, the 76ers played away against the Cavaliers.
The Cavaliers have made great progress this season. After selecting the new champion, the team seems to see new hope. Duke’s Carey Owen has indeed lived up to expectations. Up to now, he has averaged 17 points and 55 assists per game, especially in shooting percentage. He was born as high as 47%, including 39% in three-point shooting percentage!
After entering March, Owen averaged 199 points and 67 assists per game. On March 1, he sent a career-high 12 assists against the Thunder and beat the Thunder.
He basically locked in the rookie of the season trophy, which cheered Cleveland.
The so-called newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. When the 76ers visited Cleveland, Owen shouted the slogan of defeating the 76ers in the face of the media.
"The tone is not small." I heard the news. Tang Wenlong smiled coldly and looked at the 76 ers who were short of soldiers. Everyone dared to come and touch the ground.
By the end of the day, 70% of the spectators were seated in the arena of Cleveland Express Loan Center, so the seating rate was already very good. Generally, the NBA ranked in the playoffs, or the team with a particularly large market could have such a seating rate. Today, the Cavaliers came to the home court with so many people, a large part of which was due to the visit of 76 people.
Warm-up training for both sides before the game
Tang Wenlong turned the ball and stepped on the spot to shoot the three-pointer. No one interfered with his relaxed shooting percentage, which was outrageous and "swish" and "swish".
Cavaliers coach Byron Scott’s eyelids jumped straight at the court, and the lazy and sharp-edged No.1 was puzzled and should defend himself
Bob, the assistant coach, came to give the players a warm-up training on the board. The 76ers lined up to play the board and relay, running and moving all over their bones.
After a while, the lights went black, and Cleveland’s appearance ceremony.
After the broadcast camera was set up and the personnel department was in place, the simple appearance ceremony was over, and the referee dragged the basketball for the game to the floor, and the players from both sides followed.
Tang Wenlong took off his training coat, stuffed it into his pants, checked an armguard and shoelaces, walked unsteadily on the court, pointed to his teammates on the bench, and then high-fived Lewis, Gasol and other starting teammates, which means encouraging each other.
The Cavaliers’ starting position is composed of Owen, Manny Harris, Anthony Parker, Antoine jamison and Tristan Thompson.
Tang Wenlong eyebrows jumped and hugged Owen after shaking hands.
"I will go to not so simple to win! "Owen is not afraid of Tang Wenlong’s young eyes, which are full of confidence.
"I’m looking forward to it." Tang Wenlong smiled.
Knowing that the dialogue between the two was still a scene in appreciate each other, the fans looked at Owen and Tang Wenlong, thinking how wonderful it would be if Tang Wenlong came to the Cavaliers and became a strong contender for the 100% championship.
The two sides set a position. Tristan Thompson and Mark Gasol arrived in the middle circle. The referee was sandwiched between two big men and looked very slim and thin in an instant.
The whistle throws the ball. Gasol’s height and wingspan advantage show that Thompson jumped to the top. Gasol has given the ball away and flew lightly to Spetts.
Speights gave the Lewis 76 ers the first attack ball after stopping the ball a little bit.
Louis didn’t have his own offensive meaning in the first goal. The low position was directly handed over to Tang Wenlong to defend Tang Wenlong. Anthony Parker was a veteran. He was born in 75. Now he is 37 years old. The Cavaliers really don’t have a flanker to let him defend Tang Wenlong. Manny Harris, another starter, is just a rookie who has just entered the league for more than a year, which is even more unreliable.
As soon as Byron Scott saw Tang Wenlong hit the Cavaliers’ flank, he felt that his weakness was being killed by his opponent’s affection
"bang! “
After Tang Wenlong hit twice, he went deep into the paint area, turned left to catch the ball, and then stepped back greatly, which made Anthony Parker unable to jump.
"This let me how to prevent? “
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Unable to prevent
Tang Wenlong threw the ball with great pressure and a sense of rhythm, just like playing with the trainer.
Scott covered his face and he knew this would happen. Fortunately, Owen lived up to his expectations and turned to attack. The horse also played singles. Louis hit a 2-2 jumper in the middle distance.
This game has a low degree of attention, that is, 76 people were bought. The China media broadcasted the game all season. At the same time, there was a Spurs-Heat game in the United States, and the attention was much higher than this game.
It was Cleveland, but the audience was in high spirits. When everyone saw that the star scored the goal, they all stood up and applauded and whistled one after another.
The 76 ers attacked Louis and asked for a pick and roll.
After the block, Owen still clung to him. He returned the ball to Gasol, who held the basketball high and had a wide field of vision.
Jimmy Butler and Tang Wenlong crossed the position and cut Tang Wenlong, which instantly attracted the attention of Manny Harris and Anthony Parker. Butler pulled to the end and defended alone.
Gasol gives Butler a mid-range tiptoe jumper.
"Shua" basketball heart into the net Butler secretly clenched his fist to cheer himself up "Jimmy, you can hit this damn basketball! “
"Good shot! "Tang Wenlong smiled, and Gasol’s ability to cope was not worse than his brother’s. After he came to the 76ers, the offensive tactics of the 76ers were much richer.