"What should I do?" At the same time, the three people questioned themselves and saw from the strange expression on each other’s faces that they were also in a heart struggle.

"Why don’t we discuss Lin Yu’s body and things after the three of us jointly kill him temporarily?" Full moon castle Chihiro is a businessman who first came up with a way to share benefits. "Maybe there is more than one small artifact!"
"Well, that’s the decision!" Liu Yijian agreed, and at the same time, he added the standard of three people hitting the gap. "Can the three of us hit the gap and pass the size of one person?"
"Good deal!" These three people don’t sign any agreements to bind each other.
With such a strong body, if one party breaches the contract, the other two will definitely join hands to deal with it without hesitation, and they are also afraid of who will go back on his word.
Of course, they all have another idea in their hearts, but they just don’t say anything to anyone
"Lin Yu, we have hit the gap. You can escape now!" Ryukyu and sword toward Lin Yu said sullenly.
Detect the gap of the three people is exactly the same size. Lin Yu is full of sneer. "I can’t believe that three people will join hands with me. Lin Yushi is too good. Anyway, no one else here knows that the three of you will join hands to kill me and carve up my artifact. Isn’t this easier? If I guess wrong, all three of you must be thinking that I can escape from you, so that whoever catches me can escape for the first time, right? Haha! "
The three men, who were told by Lin Yu, became angry from embarrassment and said, "Lin Yu will die if he escapes or not!"
"Okay, I’m leaving. Haha!" Lin Yu jumped, and his figure suddenly flew towards the gap of three people at the same time!
These three people are the strongest people in the mainland, but they can’t tell which one is Lin Yu, because the three figures are exactly the same!
"death!" Three people also don’t care which one is true, at the same time, the gap will be filled.
"poop-poop" three rings three Lin Yu burst into blood fog at the same time!
If three Lin Yu are gone, everyone will feel cheated, but all three Lin Yushen have fallen out of the treasure, which makes the three of them stunned.
A Lin Yushen fell out of a black-and-white plate. There are two kinds of vitality flowing in this black-and-white plate. At a glance, Chihiro can see that this is to make his family’s three pale and strong people suffer!
Another Lin Yushen broke out with a blood-red sword, which Zhong Tian recognized as the magic sword that collided with his own sword.
The third Lin Yushen’s explosion is naturally Lin Yu’s iconic weapon, the silver-striped magic gun.
At the same time, each of the three men got a Lin Yu treasure, and there was a temporary short circuit in his brain, so Lin Yu died?
"Hoo!" Just when the three people were distracted and loosened, another Lin Yu drilled from the ground and flew through the gap!
"Where to escape!" Three people at the same time a force bang Lin Yu body exploded again.
As Lin Yu’s body exploded, several SPAR spilled all over the floor to see three old guys see things in a blur.
"So many spar!" They roughly counted that there were about four hundred billion SPAR!
The three men looked at each other again for half a day without talking.
This time, they chastened their spirit and scanned it for a week and found that there was no Lin Yuyuan’s soul fluctuating, so they safely blocked it.
Looking at the ground SPAR or Chihiro took the lead in saying, "He treasures the three of us and each of us gets one of these SPAR, and we also divide them up in three equal parts."
For these people who have lived for tens of thousands of years, no eternal enemy has eternal interests.
Before so many spar, they are naturally willing to temporarily put grievances together to divide the interests.
Three people will quickly Lin Yu broke ground SPAR carve up and then left here contentedly.
Underground old lizard long relieved "master wow scared me to death! Fortunately, old lizard, I have this ability to hide all the breath, otherwise we will all be finished. "
Lin Yu patted the old lizard on the shoulder in recognition. "Good, good, you have made great contributions this time. I will definitely find a female lizard for you when you return to Cangyu mainland."
The old lizard cried the supercilious look and turned himself to hide beside the depressed.
"Lin Yu, you gave them all your treasures and spar. What will you do?" Liu Yunfei said with a worried face, "Don’t you need spar very much?"
Lin Yu hey hey say with smile "those guys haven’t seen a real artifact have nothing to worry about? They’ll know what’s going on when the spar passes, haha! "
Liu Yunfei knew that the three giants in the mainland of heaven had been fooled by Lin Yu.
This man is really unfathomable. No wonder Cangyu mainland can get along so well.
"Go, they will soon find that they have been cheated. If they don’t go, they can’t go." Lin Yu’s figure flashed and he slipped away from the ground with the help of Ouyang Xiu.
Ryukyu sword originally got Lin Yu comparable artifact silver magic gun is going to bring back Ryukyu heart sword clan to study hard for mass production of this weapon, but his face is not crazy.
Just now, he carved up the spar and turned it into an ordinary little stone in just a few seconds. Chapter 516 Look back.
See yourself get SPAR department turned into a small stone son ryukyu sword immediately dark call bad hurriedly take out his silver magic gun and study it carefully.
I don’t know if I’m shocked at first glance. Where is this silver-striped magic gun? It’s just an iron bar with a spear head!
Although the appearance is exactly the same as that of the silver-striped magic gun, the material of this gun is very general. Where does it feel like silver when it was first started?
"What’s the matter?" Ryukyu and sword it’s hard to believe that he should be cheated by Lin Yu. With luck, he hurried back to see if he could find Lin Yu and catch him.
When Ryukyu and Sword returned to the place where Lin Yu was trapped, Zhong Tian’s old man and Moon Castle Chihiro arrived at the same time.
Three people looked at each other, even if there is no communication also white what is going on.
The three most powerful people in the mainland of the sky were cheated by a small one!

"Hung-chun, this fellow hasn’t been seen since that day’s World War II, and he may be hiding in a corner to plot against something." Like a god, he touched his ivory. "Anyway, my demon race has been messed up. I want to say … it is better to send out experts from all walks of life in the Heavenly Palace to suppress one party’s own beliefs and suppress those heresies. It is cheaper for those Shan Ye monsters to become loyal people in the demon court."

"It’s also an idea. If a fire breaks out today, it’s always possible to get away with it. It’s better to send experts from all walks of life to station this matter. Everyone is naturally trying their best not to give the wild road expert a chance." Tiger God nodded in agreement. "So it’s wonderful that I can call the various parts of the day to return home."
"It’s also such a reason." Fox God nodded. "That makes it possible to become a god by going to the masters of various ministries to choose their own sites."
Grandfathers, look at me. I see that you are all looking at Terran Kyushu with a long face.
No trouble from Buddhism, no covet from the demon clan, but the demon protoss doesn’t have to stop.
The demon protoss is cursed with low fertility, and the whole race is extremely scarce. If you want to become a god, you must find another way. The population of the Terran naturally becomes the coveted object of the demon protoss.
It’s chaotic enough that all kinds of monsters come out to make trouble in the demon protoss world. It’s chaotic enough to increase the decimal number. All kinds of monsters and monsters, as well as the demon protoss department, are even more confusing and fanning the flames everywhere. It’s simply chaotic to abduct the Terran.
The most serious thing is that the brothers suppressed heresy, but when they entered the sea, they disappeared. It is strange that the rest of the parties secretly colluded with the people.
"What should I do?" Taiping ancestor woebegone way
"It is true that there is a way to deal with it if it is dry."
It’s just right for this matter that the emperor runs the country well.
"Otherwise, let’s crack down on heresy again." Grandfather Tai Dou rolled his eyes.
"Terran is full of heresies, so we can’t stand it if we suppress the roots alone. The fire here has just been put out, and it has already risen there." Taiyi’s ancestor turned his turtle shell in his hand and looked calm. "The destiny forcibly subverted the secret, and these rebels were killed and eliminated, or the rebellion could be deterred."
Speaking of this, Taiyi taught the ancestors that "all the quasi-fairy masters formed a law enforcement team to wander around the Terran Kyushu Town and kill some private Taoist priests".
"Terran chaos!" The East China Sea Dragon Palace Aole looked at the various Long Jun muttered a.
The hall was silent.
"You go to Tao" Aole said.
At Aole, everyone was surprised at one leng, and seemed to doubt that they had heard wrong. Some of them didn’t believe their ears.
"You are my loyalty to the East China Sea, and I have frequent changes in the East China Sea. You have repeatedly helped me to meet the enemy and left the palace without abandoning it." Aole unhurriedly said, "SIRS Aiqing never failed me in the East China Sea Palace, and did the friendship generation ruin your long life? Go! Go! Now the Terran chaos is just right. "
"Thank you, I’ll wait for you." All the quasi-immortals are grateful.
"We will never betray the East China Sea even if we become the first gods."
"Go! Go! " Aole gave a closed his eyes.
Chapter 2241 Cocoon binds itself to brocade scales
The Dragon Palace Hall was suddenly deserted, and it became even more deserted except for some maids who were not well-repaired. In the past, the underwater Dragon Palace, which I was most familiar with, seemed to be a deserted dungeon.
Jade Duxiu corners of the mouth slightly cocked up a pair of eyes and looked at the distance. There was a gold medal in the hand of Zhengshan Gong. After the axe was sent to the jade box, Jade Duxiu looked around and found a male who had to throw the jade box into the stone.
Recently, after practicing the secret art of Jin Li, the avatar’s Daoxing Day also improved the magic created by Jin Li, which was specially created for the public.
The public belongs to the magic protoss, who is close to the earth and in charge of the earth source. After practicing the brocade scale hermetic, it is naturally a thousand miles a day.
Looking at the instant broken rock axe in front of me, I am more powerful and confident. "God help me to send me a different skill mountain. Wait, I will give you this Kunlun Mountain sooner or later."
"Hey, what is this? How can there be treasures? " Looking at the treasure in the rubble, the spirit came immediately. A pair of eyes looked at the jade box and remembered the former treasure. I quickly picked up the jade box and took a look at it. Suddenly, my eyes flashed "O! Mountain axe! "
"Stupid male, are you still here? Kunlun Mountain is vast. If you can dig it," someone passed by in the distance and smiled.
Hearing this, Gong Wen put away the jade box. "Wait, I will chisel Kunlun Mountain one day."
I got the fiend’s body-looking tactic, the mountain axe, and immediately I was even more powerful. It was the magic protoss who practiced this fiend’s body-looking tactic, and then there was an induction method to automatically run the earth. After the turbidity, the gas was drawn out and integrated into the public body.
Day after day, year after year, digging mountains and stones has become a public occupation. If you have a law, you will be even more powerful than a monk moving mountains and stones

According to He Jiatao’s situation, he should know more about Tian’s family situation than he does. Even if this Jing Tian is unsociable, He Jiatao has no chance to know her, but he will always hear about it.

"That may be a misunderstanding. Officer Zhang, my body hurts badly and I have to go to the hospital at once." He Jiatao said and fled.
Since there is no claim, the police officer is also happy to go with the flow and change his face. He smiled and said to Zhuo Qiang, "I am sorry for Mr. Zhuo’s identity. I can’t help but look at the sea."
Zhuo Qiang didn’t expect to solve the trouble by answering a word. He couldn’t help sighing again that the national conditions of Daxia were really strange than casually perfunctory words and watched several policemen go out and leave the police car.
When people in the company saw that the tension was so tense just now, they all became curious about Zhuo Qiang’s answer just now, and secretly guessed who Tian Ji was in his mouth. Is it really Nanxi Municipal Committee?
At this time of Zheng Xiulian, it has been confirmed that the little girl named Jing Tian must be Tian Ji’s daughter. Yes, after figuring out the truth, she has relaxed a lot.
Maybe you can match Zhuo Qiang and have a girl like Jing Tian.
Unexpectedly off He Gutao and several policemen Zhuo Qiang got into the car and asked Liu Xiaolei to take him to a place.
He turned around for a long time but forgot an important place is the residence of Jing Tian cousin Huang Xueyao.
A girl who is not too sexual in Jing Tian will definitely not do anything out of line. At this time, she will definitely find a quiet place to hide or cry or smash a few things to vent. The suite rented by Huang Xueyao is probably the most suitable place.
Although Huang Xueyao is not only where Jing Tian often lives, there must be a key.
After the incident, Zhuo Qiang didn’t think of this because of the chaos. Just now, it suddenly occurred to me that Jing Tian must be hiding there
I came to Zhuoqiang, Tian Xueyao’s residence and wanted to think. Instead of knocking at the door, I took out my mobile phone and dialed Jing Tian dialect.
Sure enough, the cell phone rang continuously from the room. Jing Tian is really here.
"Xiao Jing, I know you are inside the shutter" Zhuo Qiang knocked on the door.
There is no movement in it. It seems that Jing Tian still hasn’t cooled down.
"It’s not what you think. You have to trust us. Listen to me and make it clear to you."
"The door …"
Zhuo Qiang shouted, I don’t know how many times Jing Tian just didn’t respond.
There’s no way. Zhuo Qiang has come up with the last kill
"If you don’t open the door, I’m going to break in, and you know that Liu Xiaolei’s ability is stronger than this, and the door can’t hold his fist."
Jing Tian finally hit the door when she heard this from Zhuo Qiang, but her mood changed from sadness to anger.
"You can also tear down this room. Anyway, you are big." Jing Tian directly returned to the house after hitting the door and didn’t even look at Zhuo Qiang.
"How many times do you want me to say before you believe it? Today, it was really to help my classmate get rid of her suitors, so we did it on purpose. Didn’t you see there was another man in the office at that time? "
Without this experience, Zhuo Qiangneng explained the situation over and over again. After grinding for a long time, Jing Tian’s face turned cloudy and sunny, and he was thirsty. He hit the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of coke to make it moist and tired for a long time.
"Ah, poof!" Zhuo Qiang gushed out his mouth in one bite.
"What is this? What is this?"
See Zhuo Qiang balsam pear face Jing Tian finally unbearable "bursts" a smile.
It’s Huang Xueyao’s make-up. It needs to be kept at a suitable low temperature to make it work well. You can imagine how strange the smell will be.
Seeing Tian Jingxiao, Zhuo Qiang took Jing Tian’s hand without considering the peculiar smell in his mouth. "You really believed me for a long time, didn’t you?"
"Who said I believed you?" Jing Tian had a straight face again, but Zhuo Qiang could still see that there was a smile in her mouth.
"Don’t believe it or not" Zhuo Qiang tried to pull Jing Tian into his arms.
Zhuoqiang Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu have been well-advised to stay away from the door when they take the door. Zhuoqiang intends to take this opportunity to kiss Fangze and take them to the next level.
Jing Tian’s face is flushed with shame. This is a great event in her life. How can she let Zhuo Qiang succeed so easily? She broke away from Zhuo Qiang’s talons and ran to the front and said, "If you promise me one thing, I will …" But I can’t say it.
"What is it?" Zhuo Qiang thinks he can’t do things. It’s not much time. Even if she wants stars, Zhuo Qiang thinks she can try.
Although it can’t pick stars, Long Yun still has that ability to fly to another planet.

I don’t know what Yang Ye’s mind is like a subconscious mind, that is, I don’t work today, I can rest today, long live today!

I don’t know who put such thoughts and ideas into Yang Ye’s mind, but Yang Ye firmly believes that the thoughts in his mind are true and must be true.
For many years, he has been looking forward to such a beautiful morning. If he doesn’t get up early, he can sleep in, then wake up at nine or ten o’clock, brush his teeth and wash his face, wear the most comfortable sweatpants and vest, and spend a few yuan on a bowl of hot noodles with marinated soup and two delicious tea eggs at the stall opposite home …
This is the happiest life Yang Ye has ever imagined.
The sunshine outside the window is getting stronger and stronger, and I feel a little dazzling and too bright even with my eyes closed.
Yang Ye was very reluctant to hum, half asleep and half awake, and hesitated whether to get up and pull the curtains. He complained that he forgot to pull the curtains last night!
In his sleep, Yang night seemed to see a white figure floating in front of his eyes, but he was afraid to get close to it. It seemed that he was watching him from afar in the desolation of his dream.
Yang night can’t see the white figure clearly, but vaguely seems to see a pair of eyes full of sadness, which has been faintly projecting this desire to say goodbye to him.
That faint sadness is familiar.
This makes Yang’s night sleep a little shaky, saying that it is not a dream or a nightmare, but it makes him feel very uncomfortable. It seems that there are some things or familiar people or familiar scenes that are close at hand but far away.
"Mao solicitation" a loud noise completely scattered Yang night dream! He was surprised and opened his eyes.
That sound seems to be what pots and pans accidentally hit the ground. After a brief surprise, Yang also woke up completely
Outside the window, the sun is already very bright. Illuminate and brighten the cabin of more than ten square meters. Two chairs are randomly placed in a small piece of house. There is a shabby wardrobe behind the corner door. There is a washbasin subway frame. The only "lavish" decoration facing the small wooden bed of Yang Ye is a mahogany carved square table. This is the most valuable furniture in this cabin where Yang Ye lives. It is said that it is very old and elegant.
A glass-like object on the carved mahogany table reflects dazzling sunlight, which is a photo or portrait of Mrs. Yang. After all, Mrs. Yang has been dead for several years.
I looked at Yang Ye, stretched myself greatly, got up and suddenly found myself sleeping naked!
Strange, I didn’t seem to have the habit of sleeping naked before. Why did I sleep in such a naked bed?
Yang Yeqi wondered what happened last night while casually putting on a pair of coarse overalls and a fairly clean vest.
This memory doesn’t matter. Yang Ye was dumbfounded at that time!
He can’t remember what happened last night, and his head is white! Not only last night, but also all day yesterday, where have you been, what have you done and who have you met? Yang Ye can’t remember at all!
No, no! I don’t remember anything until yesterday and the day before yesterday! On how Yang Ye racked his brains to remember, but he still couldn’t remember yesterday, the day before yesterday was even farther away. All the things that happened a few days ago were still vague, some virtual images, and some of them were fleeting in his mind, and he couldn’t even think clearly.
Dressed in pajamas, Yang Ye walked to the front of the wardrobe and stared at himself in a daze in front of the cupboard door mirror.
Dark eyes sigh stubble face gaunt but very strong chest and arm long-term heavy physical labor exercise to strong muscles have put the big vest bulging.
Looking down at the dark red birthmark on your left wrist, I always feel a little strange in my heart, as if this birthmark reminds me of something or what is the birthmark going to tell me?
The brain is getting confused.
Yang Ye made a face at the mirror and made several bodybuilding poses. He smiled in his heart, and Mata was relieved that he couldn’t remember what happened the other day.
Because this kind of thing happens to the police, it’s normal that you can’t remember something before you get drunk because of drinking too much or hangover, although you can’t remember it for several days in a row.
Clap your head and guess that you must be drunk to make your brain so unconscious, and now your temples are still throbbing with pain.
"Mom forgot who I was drinking with. Should I give up drinking?" Yang night soliloquize scold the in the mind secretly determined "well! If you are good, stop for a day and see the effect! "
Talking, Yang night in the room, two barely linked wires, dragged a towel to shoulder and went out of the hut to wash, wash face and brush teeth in public.
The corridors and public washrooms are deserted, and there is no figure. Yang also walked into public washrooms with a yawn and didn’t pay attention to it.
Cold tap water splashing on his cheeks and neck made Yang night awake. He walked back to the house humming a song while wringing a towel. He was a little surprised that he didn’t meet a neighbor and even there was no sound in the next room.
Is everyone working? What time is it now? If they all go to work, then today is not a rest day. Then how can I get home? I should also work, right?
The idea let Yang night scared out in a cold sweat!
It’s broken! You must have drunk too much! I don’t remember that today’s shift is over! Looks like I’m going to lose my job!
Nervous in my heart, Yang night hurried back to his hut and carefully wiped the portrait of Mrs. Yang Lao. Although I was in a hurry, this matter was done very carefully.
I brushed the portrait and hung up the towel. Yang frantically dug out a set of gray coarse clothes at the bottom of the bed at night. He ran out of the house at random and became proficient. His own broken bicycle was parked in the accommodation building. He pushed forward and ran two steps, turned over his ass vertically and lightly. He screamed "Ow" and stumbled and turned over from the car again!
Very not easy to steady Yang night touching his ass while turning to stare at his bike and then upturned his neck and cursed a "damn it! Who ah! So wicked! You fucking steal the saddle of the broken car! Poor and crazy! "
According to the normal sexual orientation of natural men, there is no way to ride a bicycle without a saddle and an iron support.
When Yang didn’t look at the night, he didn’t even have a watch. I don’t know how late he was. He can run today!
I’ve just experienced a dream, and I don’t know how many flowers fall. Yang night is like a teenager flying.
Locked my bike in the dormitory building, and Yang ran to his own temporary factory at night.
Cars came and went all the way, but no one looked at the guy who was running like crazy.
Doesn’t even have a bunch of surprised eyes, which makes Yang night feel strange.
Have modern people become so indifferent?
Forget it, forget it, there is no time!
Yang Ye thought about getting anxious again, running along the sidewalk beside the highway and complaining about how he was drunk again. Late again? Don’t want this job? It will be a long journey to find another job if your only income is lost so easily at present! I have enough money in my pocket to live for a few days! Damn it!
Scold while running, the more you scold, the more angry you are with yourself! Unconsciously, I scolded the sound, and Yang Ye was extremely depressed. At that time, I couldn’t help myself looking up and blurting out and shouting!

The door turned out to be bright as if it were outside again, and everything was bright and dazzling, but the light source could not be found.

Yang Ye went to the side of Lan Yaojian, who was looking around, and asked softly, "Why do you look so ugly?"
Lan Yao glanced at Yang Ye with hatred and said, "Let you hide from anything!"
"What’s the matter?" Yang Ye smiled awkwardly. "I just want to kill those The Hunger. I don’t know that you will finally use that trick!"
Blue demon cut silence for a mercilessly stared at Yang night eyes a trace of resentment and worry fleeting "those The Hunger mutation in the evil operator spirit self-destruction after the explosion of the body will play many times stronger than the body of evil, your body will have evil can be assimilated by evil one thousand …"
Words don’t say that finish blue demon chop and gouge out Yang night tossed and made her way forward.
Yang night leng in the mind have a little strange hehe this orchid demon chop just move finally like a woman.
There is a huge hall in the light. At the end of the hall, there is a staircase with several steps. The staircase is a small platform. The back wall of the platform is painted with a huge strange figure. There are two people in front of the staircase at the end of the hall.
From a distance, Yang stared at the night for a long time, but he didn’t know that the two men were the former Zhang Tianshou’s right-hand man, Qin Dao and Hai Er. Of course, now the accident has become an evil energy Weiner’s eyes are red and the expression is evil energy Weiner’s left and right.
The blue demon took one look at it and said in a low voice, "Two people behind the red dagger evil can Weiner have been in double hatred. Be careful."
"Ha ha, I used to go to the theatre." Yang Ye smiled and nodded at Lan Yao, got up and walked step by step in the direction of evil energy Weiner.
"Red Bi!" Blue demon cut behind growled "don’t be careless! It should be impossible for evil energy to win over evil force to make double resentment! "
Yang night looked back at the blue demon to cut one eye and laughed. "Maybe evil can Weiner get worse?" You have to allow others to make progress and be tall. "He said with a smile and his eyes became serious." Lan, whatever he is, we are here to kill him! "
Blue demon beheaded a look at turned and walked away step by step. Yang night didn’t speak again. It was staring at the evil energy Weiner across the distance.
Yang night spread out his hands, his expression and his eyes showed fierce light, and he walked step by step towards evil energy Weiner, and his anger increased with each step; Every step or so, the fist is tighter; At every step, there is an inexplicable force rushing to the body.
It’s not so easy for the whole hall to escape without its entrance and exit. Although Lan Yao wakes up again and again, Yang Ye also thinks that this hall can’t be so simple, but the evil energy Weiner is cautious and won’t kill it? No, you have to kill it! Whether he has anything strange or ambush, this is the moment to the death!
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Seeing Yang Ye approaching evil energy Weiner became more and more uneasy. He didn’t know if he could succeed, because if he failed, waiting for himself would be death. Unfortunately, if he couldn’t escape, there would be more pain and suffering than death. Anyway, he sacrificed his piano guide and horror to attract Yang Ye’s attention, and it was enough for him to have one thousandth of a second! Even if you really fail, if you can delay the end of this point and save your life, a miracle will occur!
Yang Ye walked step by step, and the hall echoed. Because more and more angry forces spread, Yang Ye’s left arm was hidden and the red halo was even more dazzling.
“!” Evil energy Weiner suddenly roared with a wave of his hand, and left and right piano guides and horror around him howled at Yang night at the same time.
Yang night didn’t panic, didn’t stop to meet the piano guide and horror, and walked on, even the frequency of footsteps didn’t change.
Yang Ye was a little surprised, but the two guys came at him unexpectedly. The expression and eyes of the two guys were so vicious that the sound they howled was exactly the same in size and length! At least the naked eye can’t tell the difference between two people.
This is called double resentment? Yang walked at night and thought, then his right hand turned slightly back to his left arm behind him, and the hidden blade was slowly gathered in the middle of the school.
Jean guide and horror have jumped in front of Yang Night, and suddenly they staggered in one place and overlapped together, stretching out four arms and four legs from it to Yang Night. At the same time, evil energy Weiner behind them has also secretly started hiding and attacked the ground.
Yang night looked up slightly and looked at her eyes with a sneer, but behind him, Lan Yao chopped and suddenly found that evil energy Weiner was no longer in its original position! In the mind a surprised quickly shout out "red Bi! Danger! "
But Yang night at this time has been looking up against the hit to overlap with the piano guide and horror, waving a hidden blade! Double resentment allows two people to exert their evil energy and their thoughts, movements and changes are completely consistent. When fighting, the power of double resentment is far more powerful than that of ordinary two people. Together, they can often attack each other synchronously and with one blow, which can kill each other.
It’s a pity that Qin Dao and Hai Er’s eyes are like a child’s play. He looks up with a faint smile and waves a hidden blade straight. The overlapping Qin Dao and Hai Er are cut into two pieces by a red light from the waist before completing an attack. When they overlap, they seem to fall to the ground and have become four pieces. Blood is instantly sprayed all over the floor.
At the same time, when Yang Ye swung out the hidden blade, he heard the blue demon chop and cry behind him. In his heart, he tightened his grip and waved out his strength to prepare for jumping up and escaping from the danger he didn’t know, but it was one thousandth of a second when Yang Ye felt that the acupuncture behind him generally hurt. Then he quickly turned around and saw the evil energy Weiner and waved out the hidden blade.
The evil energy Weiner has broken an arm. He knows very well in his heart that Qin Dao and Hai Er can never be Yang Ye’s opponents, so Qin Dao and Hai Er attack each other. At the same time, he desperately flies behind Yang Ye, leaving only one hand to pat Yang Ye’s back and stick the blood symbol on the palm of his hand!
But he just stopped, but he didn’t come to escape again. He didn’t even turn around. He was already thrown up and turned around. In the night chop, the hidden blade was red and refined, and the evil energy Weiner crossed his body, breaking his head in half from his left shoulder to his right rib.
Yang night was stung by the evil energy Weiner, and everything quickly disappeared. There was nothing unusual. He bowed his head in suspension and glared at the evil energy Weiner. He said, "You are really dying!"
Evil energy Weiner lies on the ground and is attached to only a part of his body. One arm is clinging to the ground. Black and red blood foam flows out of the corners of his mouth. He squints at Yang night and sneers, "Ha, ha, red Bi, welcome you to join the evil clan. You are willing to let us work for the evil clan. Ha, ha …"
"What?" Yang Yejing was shocked, but his backhand consciously touched the part where Weiner had just shot, but he didn’t feel anything. Did he give me some evil charm?
Blue demon chop is more surprised than Yang night. It has jumped from the hall gate to stare at the ground evil energy Weiner, but it seems a little excited. "Evil energy Weiner! What did you do to the red dagger? "
"Ha ha LAN Yao cut the scene many years ago and it will be performed again." Evil energy Weiner smiled insidiously. "Red Bi … Red Bi will be the second night for imperial autumn. Ha ha ha ha ha …"
This made Lan Yao stay there for a while, looking at the evil energy Weiner’s face suddenly turned pale, then staggered back a few steps and said with a trembling voice, "You … you gave the red dagger … Jialan blood symbol?"
"Ha ha ha that’s right! It is the blood symbol of Jialan! " Evil energy Weiner laughed wildly, cracked his body and dug out tender white granulation, trying to quietly regenerate his mouth, but kept shouting "blue demon chop!" At that time, Yu Qiu was also a victim of Jia Lan’s blood charm, but she didn’t want to be our evil slave before committing suicide in front of you. Haha! You couldn’t save Ye Yuqiu at the beginning. I’ll see how you can save the red dagger today! "
Yang Ye has fallen to Lan Yao’s beheading at this time, and his expression is very nervous because he has never seen Lan Yao’s beheading being surprised like this. He is already uneasy in his heart. What evil symbol has just been given to him that can make Lan Yao chop so panic? The horror of that evil symbol is even more worrying for Yang Ye. Is it that being chopped off? Can Weiner say that sentence to welcome me to join the evil clan? What do you mean? Don’t …
"LAN! What’s the matter? What the hell did this guy do to me? " Yang night grabbed the blue demon chop arm earnestly asked.
Blue demon chop slowly turned to look at Yang night, and his eyes were heartbroken, so he looked at Yang night and turned pale all of a sudden! Blue demon cut stare big eyes as if thinking of something and turned his head to evil energy Weiner and asked hesitantly, "You! How could you … have the scarlet letter? Is it? Is it? ….. Jia Lanxiu is still alive? "
"Ha ha ha ha ha that’s right! Of course Galenzio is alive! She is our evil clan. How could she die so easily? " Evil energy Weiner is talking with an evil smile on his face. The wound has turned out a small piece of new flesh and blood. "Lan Yao has no chance to cut you. Hahahaha, you will die here today. The red dagger will be our evil family’s killing tool. Hahahaha …"
Jia lanxiu? Yang Ye listened one leng. He was impressed by this name. Lan Yaochop once told him that Jia Lanxiu was an evil clan official who almost rose to the main position of the domain. It was also her ability to cultivate evil clan that created an unusually strong Jia Lanxiu, which could make the evil clan strong for a period of time. But Yang Ye clearly remembered that Lan Yaochop said that Jia Lanxiu had been killed by his ghost clan ancestors’ hidden blade and red refining in a battle a long time ago … Is that Jia Lanxiu not dead? And this?
Actually, Yang Ye was even more surprised. The Lan Yao chop said that the story of the bone clan’s cultivation of official positions and imperial autumn at night was very obvious. The night imperial autumn was also a suicide before the Lan Yao chop after winning the same blood symbol as himself.
The reason is that I don’t want to be controlled by evil people. Isn’t it dangerous to be myself now? Will I become an evil race?
I can’t imagine!
Yang night head flashing pull blue demon chop arm hand also hold more tightly.
Lan Yao beheaded but broke free from Yang Ye’s hand and walked a few steps to the evil energy Weiner, staring at him intensely and asking, "Where is Jia Lan Xiu? How to solve the red dagger blood symbol? "
Evil can Weiner continue to secretly reborn and burst out laughing. "Lan Yao will cut you and you will see our adult Jia Lan and see how you die! Yu chibi? Hehe, there is no way to understand that he is destined to be our evil people! Let the ghosts disappear completely and let your red domain owners go to hell! "
The blue demon chopped his face instantly, and the cold light in his eyes could cut people’s throats. Staring at his feet coldly, the evil energy Weiner said mercilessly, "I now know what evil goblins will be in Jialan Island, and I also know what double resentment will appear just now. I guessed that the evil energy Weiner had let you run away and killed Qiu today, and you deserve to die!"
The evil energy Weiner’s face laughed wildly and disappeared instantly. His eyes widened in horror. He just opened his mouth to speak. A cloud needle had been inserted into his eyes. Then the evil energy Weiner’s head suddenly burst and blood spattered all over the place. The broken wound was reborn and the flesh and blood shrank instantly.

"Yun, you know something about the theory of sexual intercourse, and I have gained valuable experience through long-term bed warfare practice. Don’t compare with me!" Wang Jinniu casually spit out a smoke turn and was not satisfied with the tunnel

Duan Qingyun gently played the soot squint to throw a hint of disdain scold a way "he niang you actual combat in the end is not almost killed! Yeah! If it weren’t for Duan Ye’s wonderful rejuvenation, you would have died quietly … "
The two brothers talked about this man’s ever-changing and eternal topic for a while, and it was dark for a while.
Duan Qingyun said, "Listen carefully, Niu. It’s fortunate that you survived this time. I’ve never encountered a disease like yours, but I didn’t expect it to succeed. Listen carefully for a year and you can’t sleep with women!"
As soon as Wang Jinniu heard a trace of disappointment and sadness in his eyes, he said to himself, "It’s more cruel to let my old Niu Yi not touch women than to commit suicide by jumping off a building!"
Duan Qingyun smiled. Judging from Wang Jinniu’s short answer, Wang Jinniu’s sexual psychology is still normal, and his sexual desire for women is still very strong. This fully shows that the old section has created himself to give Wang Jinniu the "Tiger Whip Card * *" according to the Secret Art of Whipping! It’s a pity that he can’t tell Wang Jinniu about his operation process, nor can he reveal anything about the operation method to Wang Jinniu. You know, Wang Jinniu is no longer himself, and even his kidney is not his "original match". He has already replaced it with a tiger kidney! Once the news gets out, the consequences will be unimaginable, and it is very likely that his old section will die! He can ask Wang Jinniu one question after another and analyze and judge "Tiger Whip" by Wang Jinniu’s answer! From this point of view, Duan Qingyun’s thinking is meticulous!
And what about the tiger? Is the tiger’s body "winning the tiger brand new * *" also in charge? Duan Qingyun knew that Wang Jinniu was safe, and then he thought about the tiger in Lingshou Mountain. What is the situation of the tiger now? Judging from the reaction after the operation, the tiger sprinkled a bubble of tiger urine in front of him and his fifth wife. It can be seen that the urination function of the tiger after changing the whip is completely normal to his function. Duan Qingyun can’t imagine that the tiger secretly prayed for heaven to bless me, and Brother Tiger recovered from the tiger, although Brother Tiger’s body has been replaced by a dog whip and his kidney has been replaced by a dog kidney!
Duan Qingyun is looking forward to meeting the tiger again one day! He felt that his tiger brother had an inexplicable feeling through his whip …
Even if you leave a message of * _ _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
Chapter 131 The mountains again!
Wang Jinniu’s mother, Aunt Impatiens, tried her best to make a dozen good dishes. Duan Qingyun ate and drank. Master Wanda Camel called from the town for the first time. Three pounds of 20-year-old wine Duan Qingyun was sitting at the window and Duan Qingyun took it from Aunt Impatiens and handed it to me. The chicken leg of Feinenshan was splashed with chewing oil, and Wanda Camel filled the old wine and drank it up.
Watching the old man eat and drink rudely, Wang Jinniu had to end up with a medicine bowl and drool.
Unconsciously, it’s getting late. I looked at my watch. It’s already past eleven o’clock at night. Master Wanda Camel seems to be too excited and drunk. In addition to staying at Duan Qingyun’s house for one night, I have to share happiness with Duan Qingyun, even my wives are no exception! Frightened, Lao Duan quickly shirked that there was a patient in the south of the town who had to go to see such a bad wife as Aunt Impatiens. I was not interested even if I took off my pants! And I don’t have a problem if you want to enjoy my nine wives, but that depends on whether the girls are willing or not.
When Lao Duan left, he patted Wang Jinniu on his sickbed and smiled. "My nine wives are still waiting at home. I have to deal with you. Just lie down for three months honestly. It’s best not to think about it and let you behave yourself!"
Wang Jinniu’s eyes turned to reveal a little green light in the wolf’s eyes, and he pulled Duan Qingyun’s hand in a serious tunnel. "Old Duan, I have several boxes of famous aphrodisiac countries imported from abroad, but I can’t buy this in my city every night. You can take it to feel it. Anyway, I don’t have to guarantee that your high sexual life quality will reach the fairy realm now. Your nine wives will be more attached to you."
Duan Qingyun is very contemptuously watching Wang Jinniu’s exquisite box painted with nude beauty belly, which belongs to the most mysterious area of women. Four English letters "fuck" and "fuck" are conspicuously written, and a pool of shiny liquid is flowing on the surface … Duan Qingyun hey hey smiled with the wave, "You threw that thing away before it’s too late, and it’s not like this."
Paused Duan Qingyun added, "My old section has the means to deal with women, so this is not your heart."
When it comes to dealing with women, Duan Qingyun refuses to admit defeat, but he always wins Wang Jinniu.
Wang Jinnian said, "I’ll tell you the truth, old man. It’s a fucking pity to stay in this mountain like you. When I’m ready, you come with me to the city and I promise to make your craftsmanship shine!"
Duan Qingyun also primly said, "To tell the truth, I also want to go to the city to see the world now. If I just stay in Lingxian Town, it’s so fucking worthless."
Wang Jinniu hey hey a sneer at a way "if you go to the city that your wives? Is it necessary to bring them together? "
Old Duan smiled a face of hue. "I really want to travel around the world with my wife."
Sitting by the window, Wanda Camel seems to have heard the conversation between the two, blinking with a pair of Zuiyan plump and swallowing a mouthful of wine. Haha laughed. "You two dolls have never seen the world. When I was your age, I went to the city to visit the kiln. At that time, there was nothing about this medicine. Just take off your pants. Hahahaha. We should be straightforward when we do things as men, just have a good time. Hahahaha …"
Listening to Master Wang’s words, Duan Qingyun and Wang Jinniu laughed and went into the room to clean up the dishes and bowls. Aunt impatiens listened to Wang Laohan’s words, and her face was a little awkward. She pointed to her wife’s nose and scolded, "You are a dead old man, and you are not big or small in front of serious children, and you are not afraid of fall in price!"
Wanda Tuo was excited. "Wife, what are you talking nonsense about? When we got married, he didn’t take any medicine except birth control pills. Do I look like a worthless man? You should have the most speech on this question?"
Aunt Impatiens waved a broom in the corner and threw it at the old man’s body. Wanda camel came back after drinking and continued to laugh. "Wife, believe it or not, I’ll give you a palace tonight. We’ll see …"
Duan Qingyun had to embarrass the old couple when he listened to the music for thirty-six plans.
When he escaped from Wang Jinniu’s house, Duan Qingyun was full of fun, and a cool breeze blew into his face, and he secretly pondered that a family ability was heritable. Take that guy Wang Jinniu as an example. When he was a child, he had the thickest penis with his playmates. Among his peers in the town, he had no rivals. Even some big brothers who were several years older than him couldn’t underestimate him. Wang Jinniu went to town last year as a "prostitute", which must be very popular among the rich women in the city, but this little thought of making money and making money again did not cherish himself. My "baby" was overloaded without restraint, which eventually led to a lamp running out of oil, but it can’t be said that this guy’s sexual ability is weak, so it can be inferred that Master Wanda Camel must have been very strong in that year! Now, although the old man’s sex life is still very frequent, Duan Qingyun clearly remembers that half a month ago, Master Wang sneaked into the old man’s house and took two packs of special aphrodisiacs …
Duan Qingyun, while daydreaming, staggered on the bluestone path to drive him home, thinking about the nine wives who gathered at the door and waited for him to come back. He looked thirsty and remembered the gentle, considerate and stubborn fifth wife Leng Xiuyun. Hehe, among the nine wives, there is an fifth wife worthy of pity. It is impossible for him to marry and be a wife for fun! Hey, hey, my old insight is still pretty good! I was thinking of hearing a burst of hurried footsteps behind me. Looking back, Duan Qingyun was suddenly startled. Two tall figures hurried from behind, none other than Diao Jiewei’s ambitious father!
Duan Qingyun seems to have suddenly turned into a cold sweat, which seeps out from every sweat hole in his body. At the same time, his dizzy head is no longer dizzy, and he quickly puts on a respectful smile to "Oh, Mayor Diao and Brother Diao, where are you going so late?"
Diao Jiewei looked at Duan Qingyun’s heart and got angry. He put on a tall look, his eyes were full of contempt, and he hurried without stopping.
Diao Zhuangzhi seemed nervous as he walked, stuttering, "I, we went to town to do something. Duan Qingyun, where have you been?"
The old man sent a naughty smile. "What can I do besides eating and sleeping with my sister? Of course, I am going to see a doctor!"
Diao Zhi-zhi felt funny when he was nervous. This little girl was flirting with the signboard of "Family of Traditional Chinese Medicine" everywhere. Just saying this sentence is to be honest, but Diao Zhi-zhi’s footsteps will eventually lead his father forward and backward.
Duan Qingyun said to the back of the two of them, "Oh, I said that Mayor Diao is so late, and it’s not easy to walk in the dark. Don’t take a hand tube and be careful to fall down!"
When he said this, Diao’s father and son had already passed by him and walked out of more than ten meters away. The old section was very excited about the fact that Diao’s family lost his tiger whip, dog whip and dog kidney overnight. He shouted at Diao’s father who had already gone far, "Hey, Mayor Diao, why don’t you come to my house and get a microphone in front of my house?" There was a limit of ridicule in the words.
Where is Diao’s father willing to talk to him again? Within a few seconds, he has gone far.
Duan Qingyun saw at a glance that he was carrying a long cloth bag with a sharp eye. The cloth bag seemed to be unstable. What was inside seemed to be something with spikes. He saw a sharp wooden thorn piercing the cloth bag with the rapid walking of the ambition.
Old Duan saw that his ambitious back was carrying the kind of "wood thistle" that he took out from the tiger.
A cold sweat seeped through Duan Qingyun’s clothes again, and the autumn night wind seemed to be particularly cold. Duan Qingyun’s brain didn’t react slowly. He knew that Diao’s father was carrying a "wooden thistle" in such a dark night, and he was sure to go to the back of Lingshou Mountain. They lost the tiger whip, but Director Lin couldn’t prepare the "five grains of tiger whip aphrodisiac" in the city, and he was bound to go into the mountains again and get a tiger whip back. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Diao’s Committee to place high hopes on him.
Duan Qingyun secretly rejoiced that if he hadn’t stolen the tiger whip from Lao Diao’s house and received it from Brother Tiger, then he couldn’t guess Diao’s father’s cruel motive at this time!
As soon as Duan Qingyun’s heart became heavy, it was like a huge rock weighing on him. He couldn’t watch the tigers in Lingshou Mountain suffer. A lofty sense of mission rose. He immediately decided to follow Diao Ge’s Committee into the mountains to protect the tigers!
For so many years, people in Lingxian Town have always stayed out of the way, and there has never been any conflict in their own lives. However, the Diaojiewei’s father and son will go into the mountains twice in three days to steal the tiger whip, which will inevitably lead to conflicts in nature. Once the beasts of Lingshou Mountain are dispatched to Lingxian Town, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Before you know it, Duan Qingyun reached into his pocket. At this time, the Secret Art of Receiving Whips was completely wet by his sweat. Since he found this strange place, Duan Qingyun always kept this belt with him, even when he slept. He believed that it was not the ancestral medicine that made him settle down, but the intention to find it strange!
I don’t want to think about it. Duan Qingyun quickly cleared his head and put the "monster" back in his pocket. He leaned over and tightened his shoelaces like a left arrow and quickly went in the direction of Diao Jiewei’s father and son. When he arrived at the gate of Duan’s old house, he heard a string of girls’ hearty laughter. At the same time, he heard the "first wife" Hu Xinger’s ambitious dialogue.
Hu Xinger "Uncle, cousin, where are you going so late?"
DiaoGeWei "apricot big personnel don’t ask you don’t go back? What does it take to do here? "
Diao Zhuangzhi "Cousin, go home quickly. Let’s do something!"
"I think you seem to be doing in the mountains so late?" Hu Xinger has seen that Diao’s father is the mountain path if he goes further.
"Cousin, why don’t you take me with you?" Hu Xinger shouted toward Diao Gai committee.

See Ye Han a face of embarrassing appearance cold and cheerless seems to have thought of what busy embarrassed laughs

Ye Han didn’t hesitate to find the right steps, so he stepped on it and ran away. There shouldn’t be a topic. He nodded his head and agreed to the idea of being cold and cheerless.
"Well, let’s go!"
Looked around Ye Han eventually turned his eyes to his arms, nodded at her and turned toward the door to see it. It seems that this sentence is for Xiaoli.
Gal Xiaoli cheeks red again, I don’t know this is ordinary words from Ye Han mouth say it out, it’s gone bad.
Ye Han didn’t think so much. Holding Xiaoli, he soon stepped out of the door and didn’t go cold and cheerless, and others followed him to cast the wind flying tactic, and the wind at the bottom of his feet flickered away.
By the time he regained his footing, he had already come to the front of the magnificent palace.
"Come out when you are ready. We should go!"
Ye Han, a soft and charming body in his arms, shouted at the palace, then turned his back to the palace gate and looked up quietly at the distant sky.
Looking at this familiar scene, Ye Han’s heart is full of regrets that Yunzong himself has finally come to this place again.
But now Yan Yunzong has changed his name and surname. It is not called Yan Yunzong but Xingyuanmen.
"Cold brother, what are you thinking?"
Just then a familiar sound came to Ye Han, and he withdrew his eyes and turned to look towards the sound direction.
"Ha ha Rou Er didn’t you think of anything? I really miss Yan Yunzong here, where we lived together! "
Turned a look turned out to be soft leaves cold nai shook his head wry smile way
Ye Rou’s smell speech was right for a while. Yes, it’s like Yan Yunzong here, but what can it be like? Now, after all, it’s not a cloud Sect anymore. The scenery can be restored, but it can’t restore the original feelings
"Cold son, didn’t we say we want to put all this? Why do you think about this again? "
After a while, soft leaves just smiled to say with smile
Ye Han nodded his head, and it was true that he said that he would put all this, but now he still can’t think of it when he comes into contact with this place.
What’s more, he once vowed to take revenge on his master. How can he forget all this with this oath?
However, in this case, she didn’t dare to speak her mind, and she also knew that she didn’t have her own unforgettable experience. Take Ye Rou as an example. After living here for more than ten years, can she really forget it?
Just as Ye Hanqian wanted to forget everything that had happened, it is unlikely to say that forgetting reality is deceiving yourself.
Isn’t there a saying like this? Forcing yourself to forget is forcing yourself to remember.
"Cold son, should we go?"
At this moment, there is another sound at the entrance of the palace, and you can recognize it as a cold ling sound from a distance.
"Let’s wait, let’s wait until the Qing children come!"
Ye Han didn’t look back is turned to look at his direction and then said
Leng Lingwen also didn’t say anything with Yan Xin to Ye Han behind him and quietly accompanied Ye Han to enjoy the scenery.
After a while, there were several beautiful images in the courtyard, which brought a fragrant wind at the same time.
Ye Han smell the aroma or didn’t look back is looked at one side Xiaoli then a will be around.
Be Ye Han so a hug Xiaoli face shame reappeared after jiao Yin gave him a supercilious look and didn’t struggle like a clever kannika nimtragol.
"Let’s go!"
Ye Han smiled Xiaoli face pinched a pair of straight provoked the latter charming songs a then blunt behind the female words a then show body suddenly jump toward the day …
【 644 】【 Ye Jiahe 】
Ye Han Lengling and others followed after leaving. This inflammatory cloud case seems to be quiet again at the moment [:

"Hehe, no one forced you to help. If you want to come, you don’t want to get out. If you don’t contribute, you want to get the best of Jiuxinlian. If I don’t see it, I will kill him first. You don’t have to doubt it!" Ji Shuang’s face was slightly heavy, and the sound penetrated the whole canyon.

"Hey!" This time, the monk had something to say, and at this time, the swallow mountain beast seemed to understand Ji Shuang’s words and suddenly became angry. A scarlet eye looked at Ji Shuang, but it contained a trace of fear.
"Evil beast, I know that you can understand what we are talking about, so just leave, or don’t keep this nine-hearted lotus and put your life in it!" JiShuang fearless look at swallow mountain beast big said
"Hey!" Swallow mountain beast smell speech is clearly understood JiShuang words suddenly roars towards JiShuang immediately.
"Again, if you want Brother Jiu Xinlian, you must do it. Otherwise, if you want to get your hands on Jiu Xinlian, you will step over my body!" See swallow mountain beast running towards her, her face flashed with a dignified and heavy, and her body was swept out immediately after saying 1.
"lang Taosha!"
Ji Shuang’s face greeted the beast’s hands, and the majestic fairy force swept through and turned into a shape. After lang Tao surrounded him, he suddenly emitted a little golden gravel light.
Bang bang!
The swallow-mountain beast swallowed the shape of Langtao in this way, and then Langtao formed a great force, and the swallow-mountain beast’s mouth exploded with a lang, but the swallow-mountain beast did not move.
Ji Shuang’s facial expression changed, and his figure flashed quickly. This was the first time he contacted him. Only then did he find that this mountain-swallowing beast was stronger than expected. After many figures flashed aside, she offered a drum-shaped object in her hands and drummed.
"Together, we may help Ji Shuang to kill this mountain-swallowing beast, and we still have a chance to get nine hearts lotus. It’s not worth it to scrape some fur from this mountain-swallowing beast!"
"Yeah, let’s go together, or don’t talk about nine hearts lotus. If you don’t help then, you want to get benefits, for fear that the first one will be killed by Ji Shuang!"
"What can you gain from seeking nothing in wealth and danger? If you believe too much in the pie, your brain will break! "
"When the mountain-devouring beast dies, everyone will definitely fight for the nine-hearted lotus. Then maybe we can fish in troubled waters!"
Many monks saw Ji Shuang’s hand, and soon someone was moved. If they didn’t make a hand, they wouldn’t get anything, and if they didn’t make a hand, if they wanted to find out the benefits, they would lose their lives. It seems that they have a better chance than helping to kill the mountain-swallowing beast.
So in a short time, people or others incited or figured it out by themselves, and about half a minute later, more than 100 people rushed over.
And when I saw some hesitant monks before and after others, I couldn’t help it at this time. The temptation of Nine Heart Lotus was immediately rushed away one by one.
"We also!" Du Yun paused after watching a scene and said, "Don’t disperse. After this mountain-devouring beast is killed, they will definitely become chaotic. Then I will be responsible for robbing Jiuxinlian and you will hold together until I come back!"
"Just be careful in that line, and you can rest assured that you will rob Jiuxinlian!" Li Mao nodded first, and then others nodded one after another.
"Then it’s not too hard to kill everyone. So many people hunt a Warcraft. Don’t say that it is not equivalent to our human beings’ fourth-order cultivation. Even it can’t resist so many people hunting for the first place. Remember!" Du Yun sound charged again to see the people nod this just rest assured.
"Raytheon possessed!"
Now that I have decided to come to Du Yun, I will no longer hesitate to move my mind. Raytheon’s possessed lighter will be put to use, and then his body will be covered with a layer of armor interwoven with dark blue thunder. As soon as the armor is formed, Du Yun’s eyes will be straight and he will go straight to swallow the mountain beast’s jaw.
Swallow the mountain beast was besieged by more than two hundred monks, even if it is powerful, it can’t help but feel the pressure at the moment. Suddenly, it roars and sounds all over the gorge for nine days. Chapter two hundred and thirty Slay the swallow the mountain beast.
The mountain-swallowing beast was besieged by more than 200 monks. Even if it is powerful, it can’t help but feel the pressure at the moment. Suddenly, it roars and sounds all over the canyon for nine days.
Ji Shuang also breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Du Yun and others rushing to the heart one after another. He said that whoever he was most afraid of in the field would not make moves was Du Yun. If this enemy turned against him now, it would definitely have a serious impact on his plan to win nine hearts.
Good Du Yun, as he imagined, is not the kind of fool who won’t pretend to be deep at this time and know that he must be safe before he can cure the truth
After Du Yun’s hand, when Raytheon possessed the lighter, Ji Shuang also instantly felt that Du Yun’s strength was not momentum or strength, which made him somewhat worried.
It’s not his expectation that Du Yun will be killed like a dark horse when he comes here, but he’s not depressed. If he wants to compete with him for nine hearts, we’ll have to see who is better!
"Ring tone!"
After figuring this out, Ji Shuang no longer hesitated. The drum-shaped utensils in his hand were shaken up by him, and after a light drink, the drum-shaped utensils gave a strange sound wave and went straight to the swallow mountain beast.
"ouch!" The physical defense ability of the swallow mountain beast is amazing. Even if more than 200 monks attack him together, they do not show a trace of weakness, but they are comfortable. However, when Ji Shuang’s sound waves attack it, it immediately feels the buzzing of the head and becomes extremely irritable.
Bang bang!
At this time, Du Yun also bombarded its jaw with a punch. Du Yun’s punch took the mountain power and added a Chinese enemy’s momentum as fierce as a mountain tiger, which was extremely terrifying. Peng Peng, two animals that have been motionless, turned out to be a mountain-swallowing beast and retreated several steps.
When they saw that even the attack in their hands was stagnant, it was amazing that Du Yun’s hand was so powerful. Pei heard others say how powerful it was to kill God Du Yun, but what he saw with his own eyes was the real feeling of Du Yun’s power.

Gradually the wooden village became a stone structure.

Almost in a moment, a small town mixed with earth and stone appeared in the double valley.
Ji Fan clicks the option of land again. This time, there are 7 plots.
Farmland, market, quarry, iron ore field, logging field
JiFan looked at Lu Xun.
"Two farms, two markets, and one for the rest. In addition, there is a need for siege equipment at present! It is suggested to build workshops to build siege equipment and quickly recruit young and strong people for training, and to fill in an ordinary foot soldier. "
JiFan hands continuous inching not care about the rapid loss of funds looked at the warehouse fund balance.
More than 90 thousand
Who will one summon?
Take Lu Xun to the warehouse road and see Wargo organize to build a house and say to Wargo, "Kill the original village management department! Persuade the mountain thief to train quickly and get rid of arrogance! "
Chapter 20: Only those who want to play can contribute ideas!
Ps code word speed plummets! Rub your face! The mentality should be adjusted ~! Try to restore 9 days, everyone give some tickets!
"Whether to sacrifice 2 money for immediate summoning!"
"The price increase? Your sister is fine! Yes! "
"In the immediate extraction, in the immediate extraction"
"Extraction succeeded"
"The target play is loyal to the rule, 23 force, 7 intelligence and politics, 73!"
"Call estimated 3 minutes"
"Get a limit of 1 when you try to flatten Jijiazhuang"
"Fat! Who is the play loyalty! " JiFan doubt cocked his neck to ask
"Don’t call me fat! I call it robust! You know what? Loyal to the play? Isn’t that an actor? Play loyalty and talent! " Fat Wang Qiang is not satisfied with the name fat.
JiFan nodded and muttered in his heart, "this talent intelligence is lower than Lu Xun! However, the history of Cao Cao said that the overall situation is good only with the will to play! The plan is also full of tricks. "
Yingchuan was recommended by Xun Yu as Cao Cao’s counselor. Cao Cao valued his talent very much. Unfortunately, he died young without leaving a detailed record. After his death, Cao Cao asked Xun Yu who could replace him, so Xun Yu recommended Guo Jia.
First of all, it was only when the ambition of Yingchuan opera was raised that the planner was also a great grandfather who died early. Xun Yu said, "Who can succeed you or Yinggu Duoqi after your ambition died?" Jianjia
Ji Fan thinks he’s still calling for a Bo Yibo. It would be great to get a genius and a drug addict!
"Whether to sacrifice 2 money for immediate summoning!"
"Nonsense! Yes! "
"In the immediate extraction, in the immediate extraction"
"Extraction succeeded"
"Target Xun Yu governs 52 forces, 14 intelligence, 96 politics, 99!"
"Call estimated 3 minutes"
"Get a limit of 1 when you try to flatten Jijiazhuang"
(Complete the promise! )
JiFan swallow saliva Wang Qiang hurriedly asked "who? Brother Yun? Or Zhang Fei and Yu? Zhuge Liang! ? Ghost talent? Speak, brother! "
Ji Fan Zhan Yan smiled and said, "Guess!"
Wang Qiang fainted! Pull JiFan trousers howl "elder brother tell me bai! Otherwise, I can’t sleep at night! Tell me! "
Ji Fan smiled and showed her white teeth and said, "Wang Zuocai!"
A tingle in Wang Qiang got up and shouted, "Xun Yu?"
JiFan smile!
Xun Yu (163-212), an outstanding strategist of Cao Caozhang, the chief adviser of Yingyin people in Yingchuan, Wen Ruo, was praised by Cao Cao as "my room" and was honored as "Xun Lingjun" because he kept the center and valued it for more than ten years.
———————————— dividing line
"Hegemony and Xun Yu’s loyalty has entered the die-hard!"
"Hegemony, unity, loyalty, loyalty, loyalty!"
There is no doubt that both loyalty values are loyalty levels.
A civil and military gathered in the hall, and now the hall is wide, with many talents, Xun Yu and Lu Xun. They talked with Ji Fan and woke up with a silly smile.
"By the way, ladies and gentlemen, I can conferring the official position now! People will listen to the order! "
"Lu Xun Fenwei a captain Zhu Huan Changshui a captain, Wargo broken thief a captain, Ding Fengwu a captain! Zuo Servant shoots, Xun Yu talks about Lang! That’s it for now! Wait until the state secretariat to seal it! At present, you are wronged first! "
"I’ll wait for the master to do his best and die."
Wang Qiang muttered "so how disgusting! Why don’t you seal me? "
Ji Fanyi smiled and said "Seal Wang Qiang" after hearing it.
When Wang Qiang’s spirits came, he immediately shouted "Here!"
"I am a pro-guard!"
Wang Qiang pulled his mouth and said, "It seems not bad, just let it be!"
"Yu Ji will be rewarded after she has completed her studies!"
Ji Fan looked at the form and said, "Now wipe out the nearby cottage!"
Lu Xun said in the previous step that "it will take another 7 days for the training of the two armies."
Ji Fan nodded and said, "Then after seven days, we will discuss a Jijiazhuang matter now."
Lu Xun saw Xi Zhicai and Xun Yu at a loss and told them about it. At that time, the situation was not embellished, but it did make two loyal ministers jump on the spot.
"Such a village is really hateful."
"Let them die!"
Wang Qiang wiped his sweat. "Few normal people in history seem to bully them."
Xi Zhi just looked at the map and said, "My master’s current position is Jizhou!"! According to Bo Yan, all the cities in the world are under the control of some aristocratic families. Now the master will tell me the strength of a plain first. "
Ji Fan took a sip of water and said, "There is a force in controlling the plains. The Wu family is the one that took Ji Lingling away. I specially explored the soldiers 3w, of which 1w was given by God and the rest were young and strong training!"
There is a unique light in the eyes of the dramatists, and many thoughts say, "We need a chance to occupy the plain first and then stay in Jizhou."
Xun Yu’s thoughts have been chanting for a long time, "At the beginning, Tso Gong got his name through the yellow turban insurrectionary!"

Chapter 447 Hector even love ze and YunMan mind!

Hector even love ze a face of don’t understand looking at YunMan see her panic sample a slight start this just aware that something is wrong with you.
For Hector even love ze frightened twist a head to look at yourself tied to the cross and chest exposed skin also kept stabbing pain.
At this moment, it is difficult to calmly look at Yunman and ask again, "Mother, this … you …"
Know that Hector even love ze is misunderstood his YunMan hurriedly shook his head.
At the same time, I walked cautiously to the side of the cross and tried to untie the chain and asked, "Zeer, what’s the matter with you?"
Didn’t I ask you to put Hector’s love song here? How do you instead … "
Yunman untied the chains and then some reproached him for his kindness.
Smell Hector even feeling ze heart tight even breathing as if all breath slowly hanging eyes looked at his chest suddenly frightened.
"Who did this to me?"
Hector even twisted his body in anger and the wound on his chest oozed blood again.
See this YunMan immediately distressed shouted "you are quick to don’t move these wounds very not easy to stop the bleeding again even more serious! Don’t worry, your mother will help you find out that it is a person! "
Yunman has held Hector even in his hand since he was a child, and she has two children in her life.
One is Hector even love ze, and the other is Hector even jinse.
Relatively speaking, she loves Hector even more, while Hector even loves Jinse all the more.
She actually knows that Hector Liantuo has contacts with that woman for so many years!
And that woman seems to love Jinse very much. She once wanted to tie the knot between Qi Chu and Hector even tribe.
It’s a pity that they all misjudged the power of Dust King!
Today, the dust king came again and always felt that things were not so simple!
And it happened that Zeer met such a strange thing at this emergency!
Maybe it’s Hector’s love song cheating in secret?
Want to be with the dust king when he comes? !
Yunman seems to be imagining all kinds of possibilities, and she is also trying to remember what happened before!
But I don’t remember anything!
"Where is the love song of Mother Lian?"
Hector even love ze abandon looking at messy tent looked a circle also didn’t see Hector even love songs.
Looking back at his own mess at this time, he felt a burst of anger in his heart that was difficult to calm down.
Smell was about to go to Hector even love ze on the other side to untie his chains YunMan immediately footsteps.
Looking up at him with a suspicious expression, I couldn’t help asking, "I still want to ask you!" You were the only one here when I came!
And it’s still such a mess Zeer, think about it carefully. Are you framed by Hector even’s love songs? You were fine last night! "
Yunman’s words made Hector even fell silent again.
And this Hector even love ze and YunMan who are not talking!
On the contrary, when Yunman holds Hector even love ze out of the tent, some things are self-evident when the mother and son look at each other for an instant.
It was when Hector even love was scarred and appeared in Hector even Rio Tinto’s big tent that the dust king came to worry about things. After Hector even Rio Tinto was stunned for a moment, he looked at Hector even love in a hurry.
Then the tone was very surprised and asked, "What is this? Who hurt the situation like this?"
HeLianTuo hands on HeLianQingZe shoulder watching him wearing a coat, but still can’t cover his whole body covered with scars, dark cheeks flashed LengLi, even those unique aquiline noses kept moving.
Wenyunman unexpectedly turned his eyes to see the feelings of Hector even.
And even love ze also conveniently opened his mouth, "Father is … a love song!"
Words fall YunMan and Hector even feeling ze at the same time feel Hector even Rio Tinto move a stiff even breathing disorder for a moment.
Maybe I’m still not sure that HeLianTuo squinted at HeLianQingZe carefully and asked, "You said it was a love song?"
"yes! Father, that’s him! Laierchen just went to his room last night to see him, but then I was knocked unconscious for some reason. When I woke up, I saw my mother wiping the wound!
Father, you must be the master of this matter! Wang Shi, our tribe, wouldn’t it be a joke if the second brother hurt his compatriots so much?
Besides, I think I’ve never done anything wrong to my second brother, but it’s crazy for him to hurt me like this! "
Hector even love ze a few words will push all the problems in Hector even love song body.
Even one side YunMan seems to be unable to help but start to cry!
The attitude of mother and son echo each other made Hector Liantuo almost believe it.
Especially looking at the mottled scars and blood on Hector’s chest, I don’t secretly sigh and say, "Where are the love songs now? Let him come to the king! "
"Father, how can he be waiting to be punished in the tribe after doing such a thing as destroying his hands and feet! Presumably, he would have gone to take refuge in King Qi Chu Chen!
Maybe … Maybe this is their trick! Not only hurt my son, but also let the dust king visit, so that even if he did something terrible, my father would not blame him! "
Words fall Hector even love ze is still not breathing. Suddenly Hector even Rio Tinto broke a folded roar "it’s insane! Even if he and Qi Chu are no better, he will be my Hector even tribe who did something wrong. Who will give him the courage to take refuge in Qi Chu?
Somebody, please go to King II, and you won’t believe that Qi and Chu can really protect his generation! "
Not in Hector even Rio Tinto at this moment is completely believe that Hector even love songs have done harm to brothers.
What’s more, he didn’t think carefully about the reason and purpose of Hector even’s love song hurting Hector even’s love!
So in Hector even Rio Tinto anger commanded people and then turned back to his tiger chair when Hector even love ze and YunMan secretly looked at both eyes across a wipe fighters plan to succeed smile.
Hector’s love song depends on your explanation this time!
period of the day from 7 am to 9 am
An hour passed quickly and Fang was in the tribe at sunrise when I heard a horse neighing from a distance.
It is obvious that there is a little trouble in the vast and distant grassland.
When the first cavalry of Huangyin Dust gradually reached the tribe a few miles away, HeLiantuo also heard it coming out!
Get ready early. Even Rio Tinto is still lucky in his heart, but he is still nervous for a moment when he sees the old cavalry coming in a hurry.
Even the palm of your hand that is behind you keeps tightening and letting go!
And the city is still being built on the other side of the tribe, but it has been blocked by high straw piles!
Although the time is short, it is not easy to do this disguise!
When Huang Lao was the first to rush into the tribal territory on a fine horse, He Liantuo hurriedly looked like a vassal state minister welcoming the emperor’s arrival, holding his fists in front of the fine horse and saying, "I, He Liantuo, welcome the dust king!"
If you don’t know the thoughts in Hector Liantuo’s heart, it seems to outsiders that Hector Liantuo’s practice is really faultless.