"Senior, if the younger generation wants to join the club, I don’t know what conditions are needed?"

Tong Xiao drew back, as if frightened by Xiao Wen, and asked, "Do you really want to join the club?"
"Now the lowest threshold for membership is Xianhao realm …" Tongxiao embarrassed.
"Why, wasn’t there a big fairy in the meeting before?"
"Now just say now the lowest threshold is XianHao realm, dubious advantage. But ah, I guess you won’t get what you want even if you join the club. "
Seeing that Tong Xiao had a thorough look, Xiao Wen couldn’t help thinking for a moment and sighed, "Indeed."
"Do you have anything else to ask?"
"Elder, what’s the matter with your evasion? It’s obviously not teleportation. How do you feel faster than teleportation?"
Tong Xiao smiled and then said, "It’s not as fast as teleportation at a long distance, but it can really show the speed faster than teleportation at a close distance with explosive force."
"Is this the magical power of the fairy king realm?"
"Yes. You want to learn? "
"Hey hey …"
"Honest practice, there is no shortcut to this. Only when the realm is reached and the quality of Daoji is high enough can it be displayed."
"Why do I think this kind of evasion is strange? Difficult is I can’t say what is strange … "Xiao asked frowning.
"What do you think strange place is actually the speed when we make moves? I think it’s much slower to start work than to escape, isn’t it? " Tong Xiao laughed.
"Yes, yes!" Xiao asked high-five.
"Or how do you say this is dun? Don’t look at the trail of ghosting when you March. Actually, you don’t walk with your legs. It’s a magical power. When fighting, a punch is a punch, and a foot is a foot, but that is not an avatar, so this will be much slower. When the rabbit’s predecessor first appeared, although it was clear that it was still several miles away from here, his escape was a magical power, which could achieve several miles in an instant, while Xie Wushuang pointed a sword at your neck. It was obvious that you would die if you pressed it down three inches, but it happened that it was too late to press it, which was the difference between magical power and ordinary skill. "
"So that’s it! There is still one thing unknown to the younger generation. "
"Oh, say it."
"Why are your skills so good, especially those of the rabbit predecessors, and you will kick the solution away with one foot."

Chapter three hundred and eighty-one Intermediate order
In fact, Xiao asked only half of what he said, which was not a hit on the point. What he really wants to ask is, why are the rabbit predecessors, Tong Xiao and the unparalleled skill so good, just because the current reconciliation is hostile, and Tong Xiao lost to the understanding of the unparalleled, so when his words came out, only "Why is the skill of the rabbit predecessors so good …"
Tong Xiao smiled, shook his head and sighed, "Look at your posture, you really have always been alone, and you know too little. However, it is understandable that you have only been in the demon world for a short time. "
"Is this still a common phenomenon?" Xiao asked perception is quite keen, immediately.
Tong Xiao nodded and said, "Not bad. Let me ask you, when you fight with monsters, what do you think is the biggest threat to you? "
"minions, and demon Dan." Xiao asked the honest answer.
"Here it is. Let’s human monks also just, unless they are practicing the alchemy, the other six paths are basically weak in physical strength, but the monster beast is different. The physical body is their natural weapon, even if they can use some super magical powers by condensing the demon Dan in the demon world, the physical body is still the top priority on their spiritual path. Throughout my life, I have never seen any fairy beast or monster beast completely give up the practice of the physical body, which is completely violent. "
"In the demon world, the monster beast with sharp teeth and claws and endless strength is a dime a dozen. How can they give up that unique advantage? If you study hard in the physical aspect, the space for improvement is almost infinite! This is actually a big foundation of the demon world. This situation is even more obvious when it comes to the realm of Xianwang, because when it comes to the realm of Xianwang, the physical strength of many monster beasts can already surpass the innate limitations and be infinitely elevated under the impetus of Daoji. "
"Rabbit predecessors is a typical example. After he came to this world, he has been focusing on the cultivation of the flesh. After a long period of time, his skill has long been his main attack method. You don’t want to see him kick a fly to understand Tianyun. In fact, he hasn’t done his best. If he really kills, it is also possible that he will kick Tianyun half to death. Similarly, almost all the monsters in the fairy king realm in this world are so, and their skills are unimaginable whether they appear in ontology or in human form. "
"And a feet chuai JieTianYun half dead is not all the strength of the predecessors, you don’t forget, I am still his companion, only when the two of us become one, he can play the strength is the biggest. At that time, even the monster beast of Hejie could fight. As a companion of the rabbit’s predecessors, I can provide more help than just Tao Li. Don’t you have a companion yourself? You should know very well that you can only exert greater strength when you two work hard together. Therefore, my skill is good, and the skill of Jie Tianyun is not bad. In fact, all of them have to practice in order to cooperate with their own companions. "
Tong Xiao said a lot in one breath, nodding at Xiao, and finally understood what was going on.
"Feelings, I have to practice my skills later." Xiao asked with a sigh.
"That’s not necessarily true." Tong Xiao said.
"Because now is your main battle, your companion only provides you with help. It is different from the situation of my predecessors and rabbits, as well as the situation of most monster beasts and demon slaves in the demon world. "
"Uh …"
Xiao asked with a sigh, and then his mind turned to electricity, and he didn’t know how many things he thought for an instant.
He has a tower with seven treasures to dazzle the fire, and he can probably refine other fairy wares in the future, and he can also write "Purple Ghost, Golden Body, Real Magic Tactics", and there are twelve tactics waiting for him to repair. No matter which one, isn’t it stronger than going directly to fight the monster beast in this world?
In any case, he won’t end up fighting 90 thousand battles, relying on his mouth, wings and claws to fight with people. Why bother to learn from others?
Also, there are more subtle things involved, which are related to his face and his dignity …
Now ninety thousand is about to step on his head, and it will fight again in the future, so it is not allowed to rebel …
"This is your own grasp.
Do you have anything else to ask? "
"How do I want to find you and what should I do?"
"This is really tricky. In fact, we don’t need to meet for a while. This time, just because I know that Jietianyun wants to calculate, I have come to stop it, and there is no other idea. If nothing happens, I’ll leave. "
Seeing that Tong Xiao really didn’t mean to pull him into the membership at all, and he didn’t want to befriend him, Xiao asked what it would be like to be a real fairy now, so he had to say, "Thank you for your predecessors, but the younger generation has nothing to do. "well. See you later. "
"See you later!"
As soon as the words were finished, Tong Xiaowei was absorbed, and the whole person turned into a white shadow and rushed to the sky, and suddenly disappeared halfway.
Before its teleport, it was undoubtedly the kind of short-distance mobile means of Xianwang realm, which made Xiao Wen dazzled and envied him.
How many years will it take before he can use this technique?

Although purple rhyme doesn’t look right at Yan Ruo Ning, she doesn’t want to joke about Yan Ruo Ning’s life. She immediately took out a fifth-order detoxification pill and stuffed it into Yan Ruo Ning’s mouth.

In an instant, if the inflammation coagulates, the venom immediately stops corroding, but the corroded wound is shocking in black and odor ratio.
Just better than some inflammation, if I feel that I have the strength to speak, I immediately struggled toward the purple rhyme and said, "Purple girl, please … help them …"
Purple rhyme didn’t expect inflammation if coagulation unexpectedly a bite is to save her is very appreciate nodded "well".
Then Zi Qingyun quickly distributed her detoxification pills, but after all, the limited detoxification pills she brought could save hundreds of lives.
Lin Yu held the inflammation and it coagulated. When the inflammation and it coagulated, she saw that she was strong and suffered heavy casualties. She finally could not help but shed tears.
From fighting inferno, this team has been following itself to eliminate tens of thousands of magic people for the family.
I didn’t expect that most of the team died here today.
And those who live have their faces destroyed and become ugly.
Spraying venom can’t corrode their armor, but armor can’t protect their faces
Inflammation is usually fought in armor, but her set of lux Yan Yan armor was broken by bone-eroding magic oil weapons in the previous battle. Just this battle, the body was eroded by venom without armor.
Those magic people must have arranged for the armor warriors of the inflammation family to send this batch of magic people with poison to poison the red armor guards of Yan Long through this batch of magic people’s explosive venom.
Soon the support team of Yan family arrived to help deal with the wounded and the bodies of Yan Long Chi Jia Wei.
Subsequently, the bodies of these soldiers in the Red Armor of the Dragon were buried together and a huge stone tablet was set up, and their armor was taken back.
They are dead, but the soldiers who inherited their armor have to continue fighting.
"Yan girl must tell you one thing" and Yan Ruoning returned to the nearby city with Ziqingyun and said "If you don’t treat your back wound, you will have to wait until Lin Yu reaches Yuan Shenjing or higher strength to recover it for you"
"What do you mean?"
Zi Qingyun calmly explained, "Well, your wound has just been poisoned and treated immediately, but it won’t take long for it to recover. But if you drag it away, you will need sixth-order medicine to make you recover. This medicinal material is extremely precious and can be produced quickly by Lin Yu Yaolingshou."
To be honest, if she is really inflamed, she is not in the mood to deal with her wounds, but after all, she is a woman who is still very interested in her appearance and skin.
If there is a big black scar on the back, it will be so ugly that you can’t even look at yourself.
So if the inflammation coagulates, it says, "That’s troublesome for Purple Girl."
Purple rhyme cocked his head and showed a full face of nai color. "You didn’t bother me, even if I can cure you now, I don’t have any medicine. You must bother him."
Purple rhyme pointed to Lin Yu and then attached his mouth to Yan Ruoning’s ear and said a few words. Yan Ruoning immediately blushed. "Is this really necessary?"
"Yes" Zi Qingyun said seriously that "it must be like this"
Lin Yu looked at the two women puzzled. What did they say?
Lin Yu soon knew what they said, because the purple rhyme also told him what to do, and he agreed if he was inflamed.
"No? Do you have to do this? " Lin Yu is also a full face of astonishment and said.
Zi Qingyun gave Lin Yu a contemptuous look at the bass and said, "Hum, I have never seen you shy when I was tossing around. Now I want you to do something to take advantage of it, and you are still so coy, you hypocritical guy!"
With these words, Zi Qingyun’s face turned red at once, and Lin Yu was flushed.
"That’s not to worry about you being jealous …" Lin Yu whispered a little, and then he saw the purple rhyme’s vicious eyes and immediately swallowed the rest of the words into his stomach.
Forget it. Touch it when it’s important to save lives. You won’t get pregnant if you touch it a few times anyway.
That being said, when Lin Yu saw Yan Ruo lying naked on the bed, he was still a little jumpy.
Although phlogistic if coagulation was lying on her stomach, she also covered her chest with a sheet, but in order to expose her back and let Lin Yu treat her, the sheet was not tightly covered, exposing her half "round".
A head of lux long hair naturally hangs over the round side, which greatly stimulates Lin Yu’s eyes.
Lin Yu struggled to swallow saliva for a long time without moving.
At this time, if the inflammation is condensed, "Hey, if you don’t come over to your house, that purple-haired woman will be angry again."
"I’m not looking at it!" Lin Yu didn’t react when she heard purple rhyme there Gherardini said behind her.
Lin Yu repeatedly fierce their dare little bitch staring at yourself!
Lin Yu is very discontentedly hum two brisk walk to see if inflammation condensate back injury.
"How terrible!" Lin Yu breath a mouthful of air conditioning.
If inflammation sets, there is a large piece of black carrion on the back, which occupies a third of the back. The carrion gives off a stench and black pus flows out, which is disgusting.
Lin Yu took a deep breath and said slowly, "Yan girl, you have to endure some."
Yan Ruoning said grumpily, "When have I ever frowned?"
It is true that inflammation is much more tenacious than most men’s beards. She never cried out for pain in such a heavy wound.
Lin Yu slowly raised his left hand and gently stroked the inflamed carrion.
When Lin Yu’s left hand touched the rotten meat on his back, Lin Yu quickly mobilized the shura magic flame in hell to slightly burn this pile of rotten meat.
"bursts-"inflammation if coagulation just teeth took a deep breath and didn’t shout out pain to forehead is already cold sweat dripping wet.

"Of course, many ideas and models here can be shipped over." Joe Thomas also smiled. He was afraid that his boss would dictate and know how to draw inferences is the king of business.

The two men discussed a lot of details about setting up an Internet cafe. Tang Wenlong really felt a surge in his heart to set up this kind of new ecological Internet cafe in his hometown, which is much better than the unified Internet cafe and very attractive to urban young people.
Take a two-day break. On Wednesday, the 76ers played away against the Cavaliers.
The Cavaliers have made great progress this season. After selecting the new champion, the team seems to see new hope. Duke’s Carey Owen has indeed lived up to expectations. Up to now, he has averaged 17 points and 55 assists per game, especially in shooting percentage. He was born as high as 47%, including 39% in three-point shooting percentage!
After entering March, Owen averaged 199 points and 67 assists per game. On March 1, he sent a career-high 12 assists against the Thunder and beat the Thunder.
He basically locked in the rookie of the season trophy, which cheered Cleveland.
The so-called newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. When the 76ers visited Cleveland, Owen shouted the slogan of defeating the 76ers in the face of the media.
"The tone is not small." I heard the news. Tang Wenlong smiled coldly and looked at the 76 ers who were short of soldiers. Everyone dared to come and touch the ground.
By the end of the day, 70% of the spectators were seated in the arena of Cleveland Express Loan Center, so the seating rate was already very good. Generally, the NBA ranked in the playoffs, or the team with a particularly large market could have such a seating rate. Today, the Cavaliers came to the home court with so many people, a large part of which was due to the visit of 76 people.
Warm-up training for both sides before the game
Tang Wenlong turned the ball and stepped on the spot to shoot the three-pointer. No one interfered with his relaxed shooting percentage, which was outrageous and "swish" and "swish".
Cavaliers coach Byron Scott’s eyelids jumped straight at the court, and the lazy and sharp-edged No.1 was puzzled and should defend himself
Bob, the assistant coach, came to give the players a warm-up training on the board. The 76ers lined up to play the board and relay, running and moving all over their bones.
After a while, the lights went black, and Cleveland’s appearance ceremony.
After the broadcast camera was set up and the personnel department was in place, the simple appearance ceremony was over, and the referee dragged the basketball for the game to the floor, and the players from both sides followed.
Tang Wenlong took off his training coat, stuffed it into his pants, checked an armguard and shoelaces, walked unsteadily on the court, pointed to his teammates on the bench, and then high-fived Lewis, Gasol and other starting teammates, which means encouraging each other.
The Cavaliers’ starting position is composed of Owen, Manny Harris, Anthony Parker, Antoine jamison and Tristan Thompson.
Tang Wenlong eyebrows jumped and hugged Owen after shaking hands.
"I will go to not so simple to win! "Owen is not afraid of Tang Wenlong’s young eyes, which are full of confidence.
"I’m looking forward to it." Tang Wenlong smiled.
Knowing that the dialogue between the two was still a scene in appreciate each other, the fans looked at Owen and Tang Wenlong, thinking how wonderful it would be if Tang Wenlong came to the Cavaliers and became a strong contender for the 100% championship.
The two sides set a position. Tristan Thompson and Mark Gasol arrived in the middle circle. The referee was sandwiched between two big men and looked very slim and thin in an instant.
The whistle throws the ball. Gasol’s height and wingspan advantage show that Thompson jumped to the top. Gasol has given the ball away and flew lightly to Spetts.
Speights gave the Lewis 76 ers the first attack ball after stopping the ball a little bit.
Louis didn’t have his own offensive meaning in the first goal. The low position was directly handed over to Tang Wenlong to defend Tang Wenlong. Anthony Parker was a veteran. He was born in 75. Now he is 37 years old. The Cavaliers really don’t have a flanker to let him defend Tang Wenlong. Manny Harris, another starter, is just a rookie who has just entered the league for more than a year, which is even more unreliable.
As soon as Byron Scott saw Tang Wenlong hit the Cavaliers’ flank, he felt that his weakness was being killed by his opponent’s affection
"bang! “
After Tang Wenlong hit twice, he went deep into the paint area, turned left to catch the ball, and then stepped back greatly, which made Anthony Parker unable to jump.
"This let me how to prevent? “
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Unable to prevent
Tang Wenlong threw the ball with great pressure and a sense of rhythm, just like playing with the trainer.
Scott covered his face and he knew this would happen. Fortunately, Owen lived up to his expectations and turned to attack. The horse also played singles. Louis hit a 2-2 jumper in the middle distance.
This game has a low degree of attention, that is, 76 people were bought. The China media broadcasted the game all season. At the same time, there was a Spurs-Heat game in the United States, and the attention was much higher than this game.
It was Cleveland, but the audience was in high spirits. When everyone saw that the star scored the goal, they all stood up and applauded and whistled one after another.
The 76 ers attacked Louis and asked for a pick and roll.
After the block, Owen still clung to him. He returned the ball to Gasol, who held the basketball high and had a wide field of vision.
Jimmy Butler and Tang Wenlong crossed the position and cut Tang Wenlong, which instantly attracted the attention of Manny Harris and Anthony Parker. Butler pulled to the end and defended alone.
Gasol gives Butler a mid-range tiptoe jumper.
"Shua" basketball heart into the net Butler secretly clenched his fist to cheer himself up "Jimmy, you can hit this damn basketball! “
"Good shot! "Tang Wenlong smiled, and Gasol’s ability to cope was not worse than his brother’s. After he came to the 76ers, the offensive tactics of the 76ers were much richer.

"If you can’t break it, just help him wholeheartedly. We’ll talk about the celestial world later. At least in this fix-up world, you won’t have any resistance."

"Uncle, what do you mean …"
With a look of shock in her eyes, Chizhu exclaimed, "You don’t want me to help him unify the realm of repairing the truth, do you? Let’s not talk about whether we have that ability or not. At present, the sacred wall of the mysterious magic is about to open. If our side makes heavy losses, it will be a real mistake. "
The voice finally laughed, and there was a little more relief in the laughter. Chizhu’s remarks showed that she didn’t care about the overall situation all by herself.
"Xuan magic holy wall open for a period of time, this period of time is an opportunity, even if you want to unify the fix true boundary doesn’t have to now. During this time, what you have to do is to let Chen Han have certain forces. Even if you can’t compete with the sum of other forces, let those forces get the boat. "
"I see, it is to let Chen Han exist openly, instead of being hunted by the whole world."
"That’s right, so it’s not enough to rely on the demon temple alone. You must do everything possible to strengthen the demon temple and win over absolutely solid allies. The first master in the realm of repairing truth and the first of the eight demon doors, this is your advantage, so contact Chen Han immediately and ask him not to kill the demon master. "
"I’ll contact him!"
When the red bead closed the arraignment and tried to contact Chen Han, there was no response from the other end. She never imagined that Chen Han was fighting at this moment, and the other party was a master from the demon family.
If he also has enmity with other demon sects, Red Pearl’s plan of uniting Lian Heng will also be difficult.
When ShenJianGe and TianYao Temple reacted, other forces were shocked. They broke their heads and couldn’t think of it. More than 100 years ago, they couldn’t fight against the super-order six-robbing scattered immortals, and they already had such strong strength. The vast majority of forces began to mobilize troops and generals, and it is bound to exhaust the power of the whole faction to kill Chen Han. Only Taiyi Xianmen did not move, and two different opinions formed a distinct camp. One side advocated killing Chen Han, while the other side urged Chen Han not to send troops.
After less than half a minute’s fighting, a hidden slender old man from Shenglong Valley, one of the eight demon gates, like Qiu Lanjiang, the master of Shenjiange, was completely disintegrated, and was torn into a snowy area.
Chen Han packed up and stepped into the air with his pike. Only then did he take out the arraignment order and found that it was the arraignment from Chizhu again. He frowned and hesitated for a long time, and finally got through: "Hey! You think I’m free when I have nothing to do, don’t you? Don’t contact again, okay? Now people are chasing me all day, and I have no time to run away, so I have no time to travel with you. I killed a bastard just now, and … here comes someone who is not afraid of death! "
"Who did you just kill?"
"I don’t know, the holy dragon valley a silly fork … why do you ask this? What is it to you? "
"The holy dragon valley? Chen Han, you bastard! "
"climb! I’m too lazy to pay attention to you, so I can’t rest when I’m cool! "
Chen Han turned off the summoning order without hesitation, and the three figures were in the front. As more and more people received the news, the number of masters under siege was also increasing. Three super-order six-robbery scattered immortals arrived together, and the three people naturally decided that the victory was in the bag, but after the meeting, they found that things were completely different from imagination …
Chapter 405 Aggressive explosive
It’s not terrible to rob the scattered fairy realm of the super-order six times. In fact, with Chen Han’s current combat power, he was killed against Qiulanjiang’s scattered fairy at that level without even using many Xuanyin.
Of course, more reason is to leave the destruction space, in addition to using the existing original star power in the body, once the star power is exhausted, it can only be supplemented by going there.
According to his present practice, if the original astral power stored in the embryo of the star is released, it will be enough to release tens of thousands of times even if it is the earliest Xuanyin that consumes less energy and does not destroy it. The key point is that the more energy Xuanyin consumes in the future, especially the confused heart seal corresponding to the celestial stage, and the original star power in his body will be released dozens of times at most.
Will you go to the innermost part of the destruction space, where there are many planets?
This time it takes almost years, and he is not stupid enough to do that stupid thing, so he didn’t even use Xuanyin in the previous battle.
Must save!
However, when he saw the three scattered immortals in front of him, he knew it was impossible to save, so he knew one of them, and it was Cheng Qi, the elder of Taiyi Xianmen.
He is not only one of the eighteen powerful elders, but also one of the more advanced ones.
Don’t say that today’s Chen Han is a public enemy of the whole people. He let Chengqi’s grandson Chengtian leave his legacy alone, and his whereabouts are still unknown, so there is reason for Chengqi to kill him.
"Chen Han, kill yourself!" Cheng Qi’s voice sounds dull, but it contains endless tyranny and murder.
"Did I hear you wrong or is there something wrong with your head?"
Silver brilliance is flying around in the guidance, and it is directly blessed on the body without destroying the seal. Chen Han laughs and says, "suicide?" Why don’t you kill yourself? "
Seeing him display Xuanyin, Chengqi’s face was not changed. He knew very well that this strange character seal could not only enhance Chen Han’s fighting power, but also weaken his opponent’s fighting power.
"Then go to hell and kill!"
He didn’t dare to give Chen Han the chance to continue to release Xuanyin. A time jet from the celestial spirit turned out to be a top-grade ancient fairy flying sword.
It’s a treasure comparable to tearing the wind gun, and its power is endless. Although its utility in his hand is limited, it is enough to level the gap between Chen Han and the whole set of Chinese ancient fairy wares.
There is no Yuan God attack, as we already know from the earlier news, Yuan God attack has no effect on Chen Han. Casually nullify the sword light, a holy blood Dan was stuffed into his mouth, and the original effort burst out, and the already strong sword light more than doubled again.
The other two are from Taiyi Xianmen. Although they are not the guardians of the powerful elders, they are not as good as Chengqi in magic weapon, but there is still some holy blood pills.
Just a moment ago, they didn’t dare to be negligent in the face of the cold, and they all took out the holy blood Dan and took it down.
Almost at the same time, when the three men shot, Chen Han banned Yuan Yin from selling, and the goal was naturally to use Chengqi, a top-grade ancient fairy device.
Knife out!
Legs out!
Knee out!
At the same time, he faced the attack of three extremely superior players. He asked himself that it was impossible to kill Chengqi as before. However, with his physical defense now, plus the defense of ancient fairy armor and fairy clothes with Chinese and top grades respectively, even if Chengqi fully hit the physical body, it would be impossible to kill him.
This is still the case that all immortal powers are condensed in one sword. If the attack is scattered, it will be even more useless, and at most it will only make him slightly injured.
With all kinds of news coming out, the three scattered immortals have some understanding of Chen Han’s fighting power, knowing that his physical defense is indestructible, so all of them are swords, so be sure to enhance the power of an attack to the extreme.
Booming …
The four people’s attacks collided head-on, as if heaven and earth had completely collapsed, and the place where the wild shock wave passed was turned upside down.
Not far away, several hills, large and small, were washed away and smashed into stone rain on the spot. The stone rain had not had time to be thrown and rolled into stone powder. A winding river rushes on, but the river vaporizes and disappears in an instant, and the stone powder flies over and completely fills the river to the ground.
Fiona Fang Wan Li is a smooth road, and the ground is as smooth as a mirror, so all the mountains, rivers, forests and grasslands have evaporated.
There was a bit of pain in my legs. After taking Shengxue Dan, the two hermit masters from some unknown forces have more than doubled their attacks with their painstaking efforts, and their combat power has almost increased by half a grade. Although it can’t pose a fatal threat to Chen’s cold, it can already make him slightly injured. If it hits the body directly, it will be enough to break through.
The most horrible attack still comes from Cheng Qi, and his fighting power is similar to that of the two men, and the key magic weapon is even better.
The bones of his arms were almost broken on the spot, and Chen’s cold pain made him gasp. Fortunately, the forbidden yuan seal weakened his immortal power by forty percent, otherwise the blow would definitely be seriously injured.

One arm slowly turns reddish, and it can be seen that the flesh is like a flame moving, as if the flesh is red-hot steel.

The other arm has a slight light blue halo, and the flesh is as thin and secret as a water wave, and it can be seen that if there is liquid flowing, it will bring cortical ripples.
Ai You didn’t pay any attention to these things, but he was busy looking for opportunities for him to build a number of shuttles around the scorching sun, trying to confuse the scorching sun and distinguish vision like a buffoon.
But when he once again created a black fog from himself and suddenly appeared, his stomach suddenly got a heavy kick!
After being kicked, Ai Youpiao jumped out of the distance, brimming with looking up and looking around in a hurry, but I didn’t see any figure, and the scorching sun was waving and laughing at him almost 100 meters away.
Who hit me?
Ai you was fooled in his heart and looked around carefully. No one really is there! What’s going on?
Just thinking about "pa", I was punched again, and I was so sad that when I turned around, I suddenly jumped out of the distance and stared at my eyes nervously
Or is everything different except the sea?
Strange, there is a slight noise behind! This time, Ai Youke learned his lesson and quickly leaned over to dive with strength, then looked up and watched this time. He finally saw it clearly!
Beating him turned out to be a human form completely condensed by liquid!
Grandma! What is this thing!
Ai you lifted up her head and just screamed out. She was kicked again behind her!
Fly out and turn around. Another liquid figure!
Twist one’s head and get beaten again, this time with a heavy blow to the head!
Don’t even look back. It’s still a liquid figure!
Is this Xiaozhen similar to Shui Rou? Does he now have both fire energy and water energy? These liquid figures ….. are his aquarium abilities?
Ai You was completely panicked, even rolling and crawling and dodging, watching with horror whether there was any dead-tired humanoid liquid approaching around him, and the liquid humanoid seemed to punch and kick him at any time and place. Even though the line of sight could be distinguished and the body could dodge, these liquid humanoid hit him like a horse and then merged into the sea again. On the other side, a part of the seawater horse once again condensed into a liquid humanoid, which made Ai You hard to prevent and fight back.
This side dodges the liquid humanoid attack. It seems that the liquid is composed of fists and fists, and it is desperate to cope with the mourning and being beaten again.
This time, he didn’t pay attention to being hit on the back by a fire ball behind him!
The burning tingling of that distance made Ai You scream out and quickly turned his head and looked sideways-the scorching sun was floating firmly and holding the arm that was burned red from the inside out and nodded and smiled at him.
So Aiyou broke out, and this outbreak was desperate!
He worked hard to build a shuttle, suddenly flashed from one place to another and dodged several liquid figures. He also planned to get closer to the hot sun and give him a fatal blow again!
However, contrary to expectations, he suddenly flashed through the shuttle when he was elsewhere, and how thin and inconspicuous the wisps of black fog he released. However, there are several liquid human natures waiting for him from the front of the shuttle probe. When he sees him, he will add his fists and fists and give no chance.
Even if Ai You was lucky enough to appear, he noticed that the liquid humanoid could fight back with his own fists and feet, but the speed of the liquid humanoid crossing around his body was much faster than his shuttle ability. The left side melted into the sea and the blink of an eye made another humanoid attack on the right side!
And the scorching sun does not hesitate to send out a flame from time to time, just like teasing. The flame is not affected by the seawater at the bottom of the sea, but it is still hot and hot, and it is especially sorrowful to rush around and fight back.
Hehe, where is this? The bottom of the sea What’s under the sea? Water! Half of them are aquarium soft thunder and scorching sun. Here, the initiative is completely mastered. The sea water is not his weapon. He can attack at any time and anywhere, and transform into several liquid figures at will, looking for traces of mourning, and seeing it is a beating.
It was once said that hooligans know martial arts and no one can stop them! No … The advertisement says that my territory is my master! -that’s what it means.
When crossing again, Ai You doesn’t even have to identify the direction. It’s good to cross to the safe zone. But when he jumps out of the shuttle probe again, the horse is surrounded by several liquid humanoid figures, and Ai You desperately parries. When he is preparing to transport, he turns around and runs away again. He just turns back and a flame hits him in the face!
"Boom" A sad head suddenly turned into a ball of fire, burning with sorrow and screaming, and my legs kept pedaling through the sea, and my hands were desperately beating my head wildly.

Everyone looked at the boulder in the past, and everyone looked at it a little bit, and a small crack appeared from the upright position, and this crack became bigger and bigger, and the boulder extending from the middle end shook with the "Kaka" sound.

"Back" summer throat toward jun Zhang arms low awake people around you.
Long Xiao had already stepped out and looked at the nearby boulder carefully, his eyes panicked.
Nan Rong Magic quickly pulled a baby, took her back a few steps, and Monsieur beaucaire Ling and Roulei moved backwards with the summer throat toward Jun.
The scorching sun tugged at Yang Ye’s arm, but Yang Ye was staring straight at the motionless face of the boulder in front of him.
Muyangzheng came and pulled the scorching sun. One or two people stepped back.
Yang night remained motionless, directly facing the increasingly cracked boulders, and the scattered rubble smashed his face, but he didn’t even lift his arm to resist a.
Everyone can see that the boulder is about to burst. If there is no doubt in the Ci-ren Valley, their horses will face each other in the summer and Yang night.
The expression is very calm, and my heart is a little nervous. Baby Long also knows what a terrible person she is going to see. She has consciously moved her steps to the back of Nan Rong’s phantom body.
There is a Yang night that seems to be as calm as waiting for Cirengu to come out.
Behind Monsieur beaucaire Ling motioned for Roulei to pull Yang Ye over before. After all, no one knew what was happening, but the scorching sun gently waved his hand to stop Roulei from moving forward. He knew that no one could pull Yang Ye over at this time. Yang Ye was determined to face Cirengu face to face.
As expected, the boulder finally burst from it, and the residual stones and slag collapsed left and right on both sides, splashing out on the ground and crashing out a thick smoke.
Everyone did not move Long Xiao but carefully stepped back.
The smoke and dust gradually dispersed and three figures gradually appeared in the haze.
A breeze swept across and blew away the smoke. Yang Ye leaned back slightly and finally saw three figures in the thick dust.
How can there be three people?
Yang night was a little surprised, but he didn’t move in place. However, Xia Hou Chao Jun also saw three actresses, and he was very confused. He turned his head and stared at Long Xiao coldly.
One of the three people is Lotus, which Yang Ye not only saw the South Glory Illusion and Baby Long not far behind him, but also looked at the pathetic Lotus with her shoulders shrinking and her eyes frightened and uneasy.
Another one turned out to be an orc’s crazy expression, where Kong Wulai’s eyes were pointing straight at Yang Ye, but there was something strange in his eyes as if he had something to say.
Then there is no doubt that the person in Furong and Crazy Sui is Crazy Mercy Valley!
But to Yang Ye’s slight surprise, Ci Ren Gu was quite different from his imagination.
Yang night imagination since it is called crazy benevolence valley, it must also be fierce, at least it’s a kind of fierce face.
But before mercy valley was so gentle!
Thin face, narrow shoulders, thin waist and slender eyes can’t see the fierceness. The eyes are very calm, and some people are sad. The body is not so strong. I am wearing a long gray dress with a big collarbone at the neckline and a scar at half of the chest. Except for this scar, this Ci Ren Valley is almost fragile and weak!
Cirengu slightly lifted the bar and looked in the direction of the front crowd. The corners of her mouth became warped, and she smiled and lifted her legs and stepped out of the rubble.
Lotus and crazy Xiang followed him left and right
Summer throat looked at jun CiRenGu also nodded and gestured around, so they also moved closer to Yang night.
The two groups are getting closer and closer.
Cirengu has reached the front of Yang night, but she didn’t even look at him directly. Instead, she put her eyes on Yang night and pegged the summer throat to Jun and others behind her.
When Ciren Valley is set, the distance between Yang Ye and this side is about six or seven meters.
"CiRenGu long time no see" summer throat toward jun came to Yang night side blunt CiRenGu nodded his head.
CiRenGu eyes some doubts and then a bright very insipid laughed out and said, "I’ve always looked so familiar that it turned out to be a summer throat facing Jun." Said the eyes moved slightly. "Oh, Monsieur beaucaire’s soft thunder, hehe, I didn’t think you were all alive."
Ciren Gu Yin is very light, as if it were distorted, and it is like poor dubbing.
Monsieur beaucaire ling and soft thunder also came up and nodded at CiRenGu.
Monsieur beaucaire Ling smiled, but Soft Ray didn’t smile, but the eyes of both sides seemed to have revealed a lot to each other.
"It’s a surprise to meet you people." Cirengu smiled as if habitually raising her hand to sort out her neckline. The hand was thin and slender, but the whole hand was covered with scars one by one all over the palm, back of hand and fingers.
Smiling, CiRenGu as if suddenly thought of a bunch of eyebrows slightly asked "ah? How can you find me? I’m hiding very hidden, waiting for the order to see blood. "Talking, my eyes have moved to Longxiao, far behind everyone, and then I nodded my head without showing any surprise." Oh, that’s it. "
Long Xiao turned pale and hesitated for a moment or quickly came forward and said with his head down deeply and earnestly, "kind Lord!" We are also forced to endure! We … "
Words don’t say that finish CiRenGu hand still playing with the neckline but interrupted Long Xiao words asked "we? You’re not the only one, "he said, turning his head slowly to his side and asking," Are you there? "
Crazy turn CiRenGu hesitated a shook his head in the eye.
"Hmm …" Cirengu nodded and turned to the other side, looking at Furong in a flat tone and said, "That’s you?"
Lotus leng one eye face a white sweat has come.
"The Lord of the Black Domain has raised some officials." Cirengu’s slender eyes curled lightly and Lotus said softly, "Without strength, you will become a traitor and betray the Lord."
"Good Lord! We are also saving our lives! " Furong got excited, leaned forward and bowed his head at Cirengu deeply. His hands were very feminine, and his little finger was still shaking.
"Look up" CiRenGu playing neckline mouth gently jumped out of the two words.
Lotus hesitated a slowly raised his head.
"naughty!" Cirengu smiled slightly and played with the neckline. The hand was slowly extended to the back of Furong’s head and patted gently, just like a parent walking over and joking with his child.
But Yang night one leng summer throat towards jun one leng Monsieur beaucaire ling one leng everyone one leng.

"Then I’ll call the physician" and he was about to get up, but in a second she grabbed her eyes and looked at him. Leng Ruixi knew … something must have happened! Otherwise, she wouldn’t be like this!

Sure enough, she succeeded in one sentence, and he set off waves in his heart …
"Leng Ruixi, will you marry someone else?"
"I don’t understand what you said." He suddenly couldn’t understand anything. She suddenly said such a thing and looked at her sternly
"Leng Ruixi, you answer me first"
"Why should I marry someone else when I have you?" He said confidently as if this sentence had been rehearsed many times in his mind.
Everyone will feel warm when they hear this. She smiled and asked him, "If one day you have to marry another woman, what will you do?"
Looking at her, Leng Ruixi suddenly realized that he had just heard that a pair of ministers would come here at that time! I didn’t expect to say such a thing
One by one!
"What can I do! Let me ask you, Han Yiqing, would you like to marry me? "
"I …"
"If you marry me, I won’t marry anyone else. If you don’t marry me, it’s all the same."
Chapter 368 Can you be selfish? ! 【 one more five 】
It’s not that she hasn’t heard of his words. At the beginning, he also said that it’s the same to marry anyone, but now she can’t marry someone else.
"Leng Ruixi, then you can marry someone else now."
"Do you really want to push me? Do you really have the heart to see me marry another woman? " His questioning made her speechless. When wait for a while looked at him and touched his eyes, her heart felt guilty. She bowed her head and said softly, "Of course I don’t want to …"
When I heard this, Leng Ruixi really felt that everything was worth it! I wish she didn’t want it! He really doesn’t know what to do if she says hope!
It’s uncertain whether she will really marry another woman in anger and deliberately annoy her … Fortunately, she said she didn’t want to.
He put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Why should I marry another woman if you don’t want it?"
"But …"
Hear her say but LengRuiXi really angry but "Han Yiqing! Can you be selfish! People asked you to tell me to marry a little wife, and you agreed! "
I don’t know who came up with it! But when he turned to think about it, it was white!
Mother! This must be the queen mother’s trick!
"You men are not all like this … don’t talk about it, maybe you all want one in your heart!"
"Han Yiqing, can you stop comparing me with those men?"
Leng Ruixi really wants to hit her on the head to see what’s in her brain! It’s all those things!
He gave her a white look and then took her. "Why do you want to stand me up when you agreed to go out with me first?" !”
She nodded and went to the closet to get a dress. When she came out, his eyes flashed a little amazing, but he was still satisfied and said, "I really have a good eye."
"Leng Ruixi" she called him, and then he responded with disdain. "Is it so difficult for you to praise me?"
Why can’t he say that she is a natural hanger! Everything looks good! But he kept saying that he had a good eye!
"Difficult," he said honestly. "It’s really difficult for me to tell a lie."
"Leng Ruixi, I really can’t think of going out!"
"But you have promised me to go out! How can you go back on your word at this time! " And he dragged her out of the house regardless of her resistance …
"Feed! Leng Ruixi, where are you taking me at this time? !” He dragged her out of the house without saying anything. She really doesn’t know why he would be so persistent. He must take her out of the house today!
Leng Ruixi hung a smile on her mouth and turned to her and said, "Don’t wait."
We’ll see … What is he selling! Doubtful, she followed him to the square, but there should be many people in the square at this time, but there is really no one today!
This is so strange!
She looked at him doubtfully and said, "Leng Ruixi, what are you doing here? ! There’s really no one here … "Nothing brought her to breathe? !
His mouth teased and she pointed to the sky not far away and said, "Yi Qing, look …"
Chapter 369 HappyBirhday
Han Yiqing looked in the direction he pointed out. At this time of the dark day, it was lit by several fireworks as the day.
It was at this moment that her eyes became so unreal that Han Yiqing almost didn’t dare to blink at this moment because she was afraid that everything would disappear in the blink of an eye.
She raised her head full of expectation, and the tribe entered his eyes. Her blue eyes laughed with her, and she watched the fireworks with her.
One by one, they are blooming in front of them.

The nurse said, "Are you and I here 24 hours a day to be kind and wait to help you?" You, others don’t know where your knife came from. Let’s be honest, I am sure that you dare not go to a regular hospital, which is why the price is so high! You don’t want to leave at any time! "

The waves were ridiculed by the nurse. Instead of becoming angry from embarrassment, she laughed and took out a stack of RMB from her pocket, with more than 50 thousand.
He has more than 100 thousand cash in his body and can’t put it in one pocket
The waves laughed, "Brother, I don’t have any money left now!"
The nurse said faintly, "That’s good! Now you are covered in copper smell, which is better than anything!"! No matter how much money you have, it’s your life. I won’t ask for more than 5 thousand. Let’s say we can’t reimburse you without a receipt. "
The waves said, "I don’t have a wife without reimbursement!" "
The nurse said, "There is also a sad person missing."
What she means is that the waves will lie dead on the street one day and his wife will be sad.
The waves counted out fifty hundred-dollar bills and handed them to the nurse.
The nurse took it and threw it into the desk drawer without looking.
The waves are a little strange and say, "Are you a girl who is not afraid of being robbed?"
The nurse glanced at the waves with strange eyes and said, "Are you new here or just a novice? I’m a bunch of young and dangerous people. Help Guanyin. That gangster was cut, not treated by me! Who dares to touch me! "
The waves said, "Oh, it’s Sister Guanyin. It seems that we will have a connection in the future."
The nurse said, "white is good."
The nurse took a big bottle of disinfectant, and the waves scrubbed her wounds carefully.
The peculiar smell of that disinfectant made the waves feel uncomfortable and frowned.
There is a burning pain when the cold medicine wipes the wound. The waves shut up and don’t hum.
The nurse looked pale after watching a wave and said, "It’s ok, just like hanging out."
The waves smiled and didn’t speak. It hurts like a knife wound!
The nurse scrubbed it for more than ten minutes before she disinfected more than ten knife wounds on the body of the waves. Then there was a wave to sew up the abdominal wound.
At the corner, the driver let the waves go.
The waves looked at the facade of this humble health clinic, which was very small, and there would be no good technicians, but what pleased him was that there was a light inside.
The door was bolted from the inside, and the waves knocked on the door. A girl said, "Wait a minute!" "
After a while, the door opened. It was a beautiful young girl.
She wore a nurse but didn’t wear a white hat. Her long hair was slightly curled and dyed into light yellow, which naturally hung down. She was tall and slim, elegant in temperament and slender in melon face. The eyebrows were fascinating and the phoenix eye could make a man stunned with a glance.
Although this female nurse is still a little sleepy, she is still sexy, which makes men want to rise. "Hey, the seduction nurse is good!" Not bad! "
The female nurse glanced at the waves and said lightly, "Come in."
After the waves went in, the nurse asked without looking at the waves, "What’s the matter?"
The waves can’t see this female nurse’s swaggering expression slowly saying, "I’m a man, of course I’m not here to have an abortion!" "
The female nurse glanced at the waves again and suddenly smiled and said, "I can’t do a man’s abortion. I mean, how did you get this knife wound?"
She smiled and winked at the waves like silk, and felt a desire to rise. She was dissatisfied with this female nurse and flew away for a long time. Now there is a kind of kiln scenery smiling and saying, "I have a tendency to abuse myself and paddle for fun."
The nurse smiled and went to the front of the waves without asking, and said faintly, "Take off your pants and let me have a look!" "
A man will think of evil when he says this!
The waves are also men, but they are calmer than other men. After a short period of complacency, they immediately sank their faces and solemnly took off their clothes and pants.
Now the waves are left with a pair of very short, narrow and sexy pants.
The nurse walked around the waves and said, "One of the fourteen knives is deep …"

Wave fingers skillfully untie Lin Elaine’s coat. Her dress is a sports ornament with no buttons and zippers. After the wave zippers, there is a white dress inside, and the bra surface is a towering mountain peak. He holds her body slightly with one palm and reaches behind her with the other palm, quickly and flexibly untie her bra, and the jade rabbits are exposed to the light when they jump outward.

These movements of the waves were carried out when he kissed Elaine Lin, who was half drunk and half awake. When she felt that her jade peak was exposed, she made a light call and grabbed the blanket with both hands, and seemed to want to refuse further invasion by the waves.
But her hands are so strong, her body is so delicate, and the waves easily control her hands, and she grabs the blanket with her backhand.
She wanted to grab the blanket, but her hand didn’t catch it. Suddenly, it bounced up like a touch, and quickly grabbed the waves’ hair tightly and deeply. Because the waves kissed her as elegant as a white swan, she kissed her chest all the way along the skin as fragrant as snow and jade. Suddenly, when I opened my mouth, I contained a small, delicate, soft but hard grape …
"Hmm …" Elaine Lin groaned and gasped from her nostrils, half awake and half drunk. She felt that her cheeks were hot and her body was surging with a terrible spring tide, which would overturn her and plunge her into the bottom of the sea so that she would never turn over. She was a little scared and a little hopeful that she would always be occupied by this * *, hoping that this * * would be satisfied. She heard her coquettish and tactfully wheezing, and her blushing cheeks were even more blushing because of * *.
The waves are still gentle and delicate, and the attack is launched. His dexterous tongue wraps around a small grape. The small grape is warm and soft, but now it has become shy and stiff. The tip of the tongue of the wave sucks the roll and sips it. He holds the jade peak in one hand and the other hand is dishonest, stroking another jade peak proudly and sometimes stroking it, and sometimes two fingers gently grip the purplish, lovely, small and exquisite little grape with the peak gently ravaging it.
The waves are rarely so gentle and delicate, and his work style has always been strong and powerful. This time, it can be regarded as a delicate extreme. Elaine Lin is a good girl and has a good taste. It is worth tasting. You must taste it carefully!
The waves tasted a small grape and another small grape. After he tasted the two Yufeng small grapes, he attacked the surface and swam along the flat abdomen. The flat abdomen was smooth and white, and there was a dreamy nest like a surprise. It was Elaine Lin’s navel nest, which was small and exquisite. The tip of the wave was gently detected and made a spin. Elaine Lin suddenly shivered, holding the waves and her hands suddenly tightened.
The lips of the waves are slowly growing. He has never had a hard male glory. Elaine Lin is in a mysterious valley. He appears to his lips and comes to Elaine Lin’s trousers.
Elaine Lin’s trousers are sports jeans with a button on the top. The button surface is zipper. The teeth of the sea wave untie the button, and then the teeth bite the zipper chain and slowly pull his teeth, which makes Elaine Lin feel a strange stimulus, which is not enough to satisfy her female vanity. Moreover, when the teeth of the sea wave bite the zipper and pull it, the hot air from the mouth of the sea wave erupts to her place, which makes her sour and itchy. She can’t say it. She looks up slightly from the ground and looks at the waves. Her head leans over her legs and looks at the waves. While zipping her teeth, she stared at her eyes with a smile that was strange and seductive. She groaned even more, bowed up and looked at the waves, and suddenly a strong impulse came to her legs. Although she knew that the waves would do that soon, she still hoped that his horse would do that …
The waves did that! After his teeth pulled the zipper of Elaine la Jolla, he saw the white underpants inside. He smelled the sour, sweet and strange taste of the underpants. The comprehensive taste like sour milk was the most exciting for men. * * The waves now felt like water burning in the stove, and it was already full. He tried to hold back his desire to taste it step by step. He zipped his pants with his teeth, and at the same time, his hands pulled the trouser legs, so that Elaine la Jolla’s trousers were taken off his knees, and the gullies in the white underpants were revealed!
That slightly towering hill, that slightly plunged into the valley, and quietly and mischievously poked out its head, a few unwilling grass glowed black, showing an attractive luster and snow-white thigh skin, which constituted the most beautiful landscape. The most beautiful landscape was the white underwear that was soaked by the spring water flowing out of Lin Yilian’s body, and a small piece of wet meat was faintly visible in pink flesh color and black grassland …
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six my path has wound, through a sheltered hollow
When the waves gently faded Elaine’s underwear, he knew that there was nothing more beautiful than it!
When the waves tried to take off Elaine Lin’s underwear, her lips seemed to shout "No", and her mind also shouted "No" but her body shouted "I want it"! Her consciousness enabled her to raise her hips to match the waves and take off her underwear palms.
The palm of the wave is very hot, which makes Elaine feel very comfortable, exciting and even more exciting. It is the wave that takes off her pants. She closes her eyes and enjoys being undressed. This moment will be the first time for her to show her most mysterious and holy place to a man who has known her for less than five hours!
The waves take off Elaine’s underwear and deliberately slow down, like slow motion. He first glanced at Elaine’s cheek. Elaine’s pink is full of faint purples, which can definitely stimulate men the most. * * Arouse men’s desire. This kind of beauty can, to a certain extent, make men raise their worship thoughts and also make men rise their desire for tyranny and abuse. Unfortunately, the waves belong to the latter!
Elaine Lin is now closing her eyes, and she is shy. Secondly, she enjoys being undressed for a moment. She feels that she didn’t see the waves. There is a trace of tyranny in the evil smile. If she is seen by women, this kind of smile can also make women raise two thoughts. One is fear, the other is excitement. Of course, the biggest possibility is that fear and excitement are mixed together. That is the most exciting and heart-wrenching pleasure!
The waves glanced at Elaine’s cheek, then bowed their heads and paid attention to it. Slowly, the white cloth underwear faded away, with a kind of pink flashing, which made people feel comfortable. There was a circle of elastic bands on the top of the underwear, and the legs of the underwear were also in a triangular symmetry. The underwear moved bit by bit, and every inch of Elaine’s snow-white skin showed an extra inch. Soon, it came to an end, and the rich black prairie was one by one. A clump of dazzling grassland has not yet reached the end, and suddenly a faint red corner flashes like a red wall covering the depths of a dense forest, which makes people fascinated, dazzled and imagined.
Elaine suddenly reached out her hand to hold on to the waves so that they wouldn’t continue. She was weak enough to resist the waves, but the wave hand was still firm and hesitant to let go of Elaine’s hand. So she said that the Peach Blossom Spring Mountain appeared in the heavy water …
That hidden black jungle with a touch of thread, a touch of pink petals and a thin flower diameter … my path has wound, through a sheltered hollow, of boughs and flowers, to a Buddhist retreat!
The waves seem to be crazy, and they feel beautiful and shocked when they look at them.
Elaine Lin felt very uncomfortable. She had never shown herself before a man. Now she not only showed her body, but also showed her most precious and mysterious place to a young strange man. She carefully watched the place where her heart beat faster when she was afraid to see it. She twisted her body and seemed to want to get rid of the waves. She seemed to want to hide her shyness, but as soon as she twisted her body, she presented the mysterious peach blossom garden in front of the waves and divided a fine flower path for the waves to peep in.
The waves are not peeking at him, but also looking, smelling, asking and cutting!
He is looking at that place-look!
He also sniffed at the place-smell!
He even reached out to "point" to the place where Shui Ze was warm and shining. He gently pointed his finger, and Elaine was trembling uncontrollably-cut!
Then his lips slowly and gently kissed the place-q!
When the lips of the waves kissed Elaine Lin’s Peach Blossom Garden, Elaine Lin opened her mouth "Ah, ah ….." All of a sudden, she tightened her body, and her pleasure finally rushed to the highest peak, screaming and surging, pushing her wave after wave to the tip of the wind, and then a higher wave came and beat her hard and fiercely to the bottom of the sea … She tightened herself and trembled like a fish, limp and limp!
The waves wouldn’t let her sleep at the bottom of the sea. He deftly stirred her up with the tip of his tongue. He woke her up from the bottom of the sea and sent her to the surface of the sea. The waves pushed her one after another, and then another wave was bigger than another. When a wave was higher than a wave, it sent her to the highest peak, and a higher wave took her to the bottom of the sea! She really can’t stand this sudden high and sudden low parabola, and she can’t stand this sour and painful pleasure, but she can’t bear this feeling, which makes her intoxicated, dizzy, sleepy and rushing!
Every time Elaine Lin tightens and relaxes, a lot of spring water will pour in, and some of this spring water will flow into the lips of the waves that are in close contact with her peach blossom garden.
When Elaine Lin sank to the bottom of the sea for the third time, she couldn’t help but give a surrender signal. Her nerves were a little impatient with this kind of joy and sorrow, which stimulated the waves to let her legs go, put her on a blanket and take off her clothes as soon as possible.
Elaine Lin looked up in her intoxication and opened her eyes, just as she saw the waves hard and straight. The male was majestic and arrogant, and she was eager to move in front of her legs. She couldn’t help but be shocked. It was too thick and too big. Is she feminine?
At this time, the waves have aimed the strong male glory at Elaine Lin’s delicate and tender peach blossom hole and gently ground it. Each grinding makes Elaine Lin’s heart beat faster and her body numb, but she still dare not try. The waves are too big and thick. How painful will it be if she really goes in? She didn’t dare to think that she had imagined the beauty of * *, but when it came to the last moment, she was afraid and cowered. She twisted her legs and tried to push the waves to try not to let them succeed.
By this time, the waves showed his wolf side, and the good horse was about to become fat, so he wouldn’t let her escape. He gently relaxed his ape arm and grabbed her legs and ankles to prevent her from moving. Then the tiger body shook and aimed at the Peach Blossom Garden, and the hard and tall male was in full swing … 1 … 6K novel network mobile phone WAP …
"Oops …" The huge indescribable pain made Elaine Lin’s eyes black and her brain white, and she almost fainted. Her lips were closed, her teeth were clenched, her brows were tight, and her body tightened. Every cell told her that she couldn’t bear this kind of broken melon pain. She clamped her legs tightly and clamped the waist of the waves. She clamped tightly and tightly to prevent the waves from moving a little.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “