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At the moment, more and more thieves surrendered, and some of them were bloody, but this did not hinder the overall situation, because the battle has been won here.

"General, should this thief surrender?" Zhao hufei came over and asked
Li Yan took back Tai Ajian and took a look at Fang Shou in the distance. "Fang Shou, you are the boss of these people. Now you have surrendered. What do you think we should do?"
Fang shou’s face moved slightly. I didn’t expect the general to hand these over to himself. This gave himself a big problem.
"Boss, boss, look at our past. Leave us alone. We were also instigated by that Dong Niu to make mistakes. Please give us a chance."
"Yes, boss, give us a chance."
When these surrendered thieves heard that Li Yan was going to let Fang Shou dispose of himself, they turned to Fang Shou for mercy and wanted to be sensible.
It’s hard for Fang Shouxian not to be their boss anymore, and it’s not his own decision at this time. Although the general lets himself handle it, it’s hard to tell if he can offend the general, and there’s not much to remember when he looks at these swing plants. He immediately said, "Please let the general decide everything."
Li Yan andao "It’s no wonder that it’s decisive enough to know when to advance and retreat. It seems that joining the army is also a big rise for my power."
"You are the boss of the company, you dare to kill such ungrateful people." His voice fell, and a crimson heart flew out and instantly turned into a huge fireball from the sky
Yuan Fang Jiqing and others have avoided them when they saw this place. Although they don’t know the power of this magical power, they can feel the horrible temperature from the pale golden flame. It seems that the general wants to leave these people here with a blow.
When the thieves saw this, they knew that they would escape, hoping that these imperial troops would try to catch themselves and others all at once.
"Since you don’t give us a chance to live, we’ll fight with you." These people have binged drinking and rekindled their fighting spirit to fight the trapped animals.
Li Yan glanced at all the monks in Nuoxingjing. None of them were already dead. No wonder he surrendered and had Nuoxingjing. He could handle it alone.
Territorial forces reappear.
"Burst, burst, burst, burst" This more than 100 monks in Nuoxing Territory suddenly lay down as if they had no strength.
Chapter nine hundred and fourteen The aftermath
"This is the field of generals?" Xie Cheng wiped his face and eyes with blood, earning the boss a thought. More than a hundred people resisted this field, which was really powerful and strange. It seems that many thieves and robbers died before, and the generals did it.
Others have also rushed to the shock. Although it is to deal with Godsworn Nova, it is remarkable because this place is not one or two Godsworn Nova, but more than 100 people, and it seems that this is not the limit. If the number can be more, it will be terrible if it is put on the battlefield.
"This avatar is born in the sky." Yuan Fang secretly thought that if this small one day becomes a virtual god, then this lie on the ground may be the avatar’s monk. This alone can control the whole battlefield situation
"This is limitless."
There is both relief and excitement in Yuan Fang’s heart. It is gratifying that this little son-in-law dotes on his daughter, and he is not the kind of tiger and wolf. He is excited that his Yuan government may make a name for himself in the Tang Dynasty in the future. Even if he dies, he will be worthy of his ancestors. When he thinks that this little son-in-law will come to Beijing in the future, he is always worried about his grandchildren. Now it seems that all problems are solved.
At this age, what is the picture? There are grandchildren who have made contributions, fame and wealth, and they are worthy of the ancestors. Now both of them are expected to make Yuan Fang happy physically and mentally, but there is no trace of fatigue after killing.
The golden fireball fell rapidly, and the scorching temperature filled the whole ruined valley. Those thieves who were crushed by Li Yan’s gravity watched all this in horror as if they had seen death.
There are screams in the valley, some people like to beg for mercy, some people watch it calmly, but as the light golden flame falls, everything turns to ashes.
Fang Shou looked at the flame that covered the whole valley and sighed. Wouldn’t it be better if I had known that I would choose this road and surrender myself?
The flame lit up the whole Qingfeng Mountain, which can be clearly seen by outsiders even hundreds of miles away.
There is a village in Jinsha River, where there is no sound at all. There is a pungent smell of blood everywhere. Sitting in a residential building, looking at the flames on Qingfeng Mountain, there is a hint of fighting spirit. "What the hell did you do? There is a smell of Li Yan in this light golden flame. His strength is much stronger than before, and it is only interesting to fight one day."
"melody nowadays!" At this time, however, a girl was talking on a wooden couch behind him. The girl frowned as if she had done something nightmare to calm down.
Night mark looked back calmly at the girl’s eyes and revealed a complex color. "When it breaks, it is constantly being disturbed." He suddenly pulled out the black pike and stabbed it at the girl.
It’s not fancy, but this gun is very calm, as if it has been refined several times. The reddish sharp spear head vibrates in the air and gives a clear breath.
When the pike stops, there will be no sound when it stops because of night marks. When the pike stops, it will vibrate when the force dissipates.
The sharp gun point stops at the girl’s eyebrows and she needs a gentle push forward to take her life.
The night mark was silent, and the pike in his hand was motionless and did not tremble at all, as if everything had stopped.
Just this small detail can reflect how deep the night mark is for martial arts practice.
But the point is not that what really surprises people is that the night mark hesitated, and there was no hesitation in dealing with Li Yan, and he hesitated
"You kill people and kill the magic number. I didn’t expect that there would be a pike that couldn’t go out for a day." Night Mark murmured, palm force swung. This black pike followed for many years and was thrown out of the door by him. Then he turned and walked out of the house and sat in front of this black pike. It seemed like introspection and since the enlightenment.
At this time, Li Yan and his men had a rest in a hall in Qingfeng Mountain, which still brought a serious blow to this sparse army.
"How many people are left in Yuan Fang?" Li Yan asked.
Yuan Fang counted and said, "There are fifty-three monks left in Nuoxingjing, and the rest are the three brothers of the swordsman, Xie Chengshen, Tu Li, Zhao Hu and Ji Qing."
Li Yan frowned. I didn’t expect Godsworn Avatar to be damaged, and two of them died in one breath. Godsworn Avatar didn’t want to recruit one less than Godsworn Nova.
"The wounded soldiers need any pills to make an alchemist heal, even though they will heal every soldier."
These soldiers are all elite, and they will form an elite army in the future to ensure that they will not die of injuries.
"Yes, general" Yuan Fang nodded. "Fortunately, I bought a lot of healing pills when I came. There should be no problem."
"The general belongs here, and there are some Dan medicines that may help." Fang Shou seems to be really going to surrender. He has said that General Li Yan has made up his mind.
Li Yan nodded. "That will trouble you."
"General, it’s welcome. This is what you should do." Fang Shou immediately sent a monk to let him go to the warehouse and take out the Dan medicine.
Li Yankou said, "Fang Shou, since you sincerely entered our army, General Ping can’t treat you badly. From now on, you will bring these six or seven good players to you. In addition, Yuan Fang will give each of them a suit of armor. However, if you can’t stand the general’s catch, then leave early. Once you enter our army, you will be a deserter from there. I think Fang Shou, a deserter, should be white."
"Nature is clear" Fang Shou nodded. "If the general and these brothers are equally treated, they will always follow the general."
"Good" No matter whether Fang Shou said it was true or not, his determination was good.
"Fang Shou will give you a day to deal with this breeze, and then you will leave Jinsha River with me in the future," Li Yan said.
Fang Shou naturally knows Li Yan’s meaning. How can this Nuoda Qingfeng Mountain have no property? Li Yan said that it is not half a point to leave these properties to him.
"The general’s kindness is clear. There is one thing that the general should also take an idea. There are many families of dead thieves living in a valley next to Qingfeng Mountain. I wonder what the general should do?"
Chapter nine hundred and fifteen Strange women

But by this time, the four ghosts also found that the prototype troops of the body and the body were poisoned.

I didn’t win a spell effect similar to * *, but I really won a poison, a battle formation that can affect the overall fighting ability of the ghost and greatly reduce the offensive and defensive ability of my troops.
What kind of toxin can be effective against the physical ghost?
A few Yin emperors were completely puzzled, but they never thought that there was such a magical place.
Today’s battle with the Six Emperors is an eye-opener for everyone. The Six Emperors have all kinds of unexpected abilities.
The battle for the tomb of the first spirit was going on quickly. In less than an hour, Xuanyuan Xiaolong had already taken the tomb of the first spirit.
Sun Hao floated out, however, regardless of his own camp situation, such as quickly launching a fight with the emperor, the strength of the emperor was not as good as that of the five emperors, and he was not Sun Hao’s opponent at this time.
Only half an hour later, the emperor was defeated by Sun Hao and turned into a golden ball.
This time, Sun Hao once again got the second toughened skin of the first Yin Emperor’s ball of light.
Getting this light bearing ball immediately made Sun Hao guess whether each light bearing ball will get three times, right?
What strengthens the skin rather than * * or kills it?
In theory * * or death, Sun Hao understands that there is a stronger life. Does the avatar choose tempered skin alone?
I didn’t think so many Sun Hao collected the golden ball from the tomb of the first spirit, and then the horse came back to kill him. At this time, the four Yin emperors had quickly gathered their troops and wanted to take back their own team before Sun Hao came back.
But at this time, the ghost in the tomb of the Sixth Spirit threw out a special extreme toxin, which produced a quagmire-like effect and slowed down the team of four Yin emperors.
Xuanyuan Xiaolong led a team to block the entrance of the sixth spirit tomb with four Yin emperors and forty thousand elites, and launched a siege.
Before and after the attack, all kinds of toxins were added to make trouble. Four elites sent by Yin Emperor struggled for three days and were finally wiped out.
The four Yin emperors burst into piercing screams, but finally they didn’t dare to send more reinforcements.
After destroying all the elite enemy troops, Sun Hao sighed leisurely. "Dezheng Idle Lang, you two have become able to practice ghosts by taking shortcuts. See what you have done?"
Zhu Dezheng’s ghost troops have been equipped with all kinds of equipment!
Wu Xianlang has developed all kinds of poisonous moves against ghosts!
Two people practice ghost spirit really wandering.
Chapter DiErErQiYi soul progenitor was born three
No, there are nine types of the most common races in the death domain.
His race is divided from these nine categories. For example, Sun Hao once met half-dead creatures. In a sense, they are some zombies, but they are not humanoid zombies but animal zombies
Sun Hao has seen those strange plants in the undead domain, and they will eventually change into nine families and one according to their achievements after practice.
No, in the domain of death, all the nine clans have the opportunity to be born. Once the true holy ancestor monks are born, the development of the clans will win great opportunities for development.
For a long time, no one can tell how the holy father was born, mostly by chance.
However, in recent years, with the development of the undead domain and the emergence of more practitioners in the undead domain, more and more saints have been cultivated and formed, which has become the main source of saints.
The so-called achievement in life is that successful heroes of all ethnic groups have won a lot of opportunities in the long-term cultivation process and eventually become ancestors.
This is the most common generation method at present.
The training of the descendants of all ethnic groups went to the territory of all ethnic groups to fight for resources, opportunities and strength, and finally achieved the goal of improving themselves.
Without the domain of death, the roots in ancient times did not have this way of generating the holy father. At that time, the holy father had to be "wild" when he was born
That is to say, the top figures of all ethnic groups have reached a series of conditions and requirements after their own forms have been cultivated to the apex, and finally achieved the holy father through a series of difficulties.
For example, Sun Haoxian’s generation mode is judged as the wild sage mode.
Of course, actually, Sun Hao’s appearance was an accident.
When Sun Hao’s sixth tomb looks at the remaining four tombs and is ready to attack, he also vaguely knows that there will be a ghost activity area after he enters the undead domain.
Because he was a ghost at that time, he was naturally judged as a ghost by the undead domain.
After discovering the evolutionary path of ghosts, it is the most normal path for ghosts to advance step by step.
Until now, when I found myself at the top of the tomb, I have become the best candidate for the soul ancestor.
This is a very strange opportunity.
Sun Hao entered the undead domain in order to find the crystal and the nucleus of the stars, but he didn’t expect that he would have the opportunity to become one of the nine ancestors of the undead domain.
The four Yin emperors who have only achieved great results are the old Yin emperors who have really accumulated rich experience.
The battle can’t be too smooth.
Sun Hao led his brother to attack the Four Emperors first.
Sun Hao met with stubborn resistance from the Four Emperors.
It took three months to destroy the Four Emperors Sun Hao.
The mind and will of the four Empresses and Emperors are also very tenacious, and the will is very tenacious and full of resentment. I don’t care about Sun Hao’s rhetoric.
Sun Hao said that he was a nutrient bearer, but he just didn’t recognize Sun Hao. Let him see his own form. He laughed. "What form of the nonsense emperor has never been determined? Do you say that it is the emperor who will never die in your mind and will make you restless …"
This is a role where oil and salt don’t go in.
The stronger the ability, the stronger the willpower, the more difficult it is to handle.
Sun Hao couldn’t help sighing leisurely in his mind and will. "Tell you well that you don’t listen and have to force me to be rough. In that case, it depends on how I kill you."
The four emperors laughed wildly. "Come on, come on, bite me. My mind consciousness is your body mind consciousness. Can you bite?"
Theory or ordinary ghosts may really be at a loss after this situation, and they can slowly find ways to digest it, which may really lead to some sequelae.

"Then let’s do it. I have no problem. We must do a good job in joint defense after each regiment is stationed at the base," Ruanda added

"One thing I have to give you a hand over to treat because these alien resource bases are attacked by the Tongtian Special Battalion, and these five bases are traded out to get the source crystal, which will be owned by the Tongtian Special Battalion. Our other groups will be divided and not qualified.
Is that okay? "said lizhen.
"No problem!"
At the same time, several head-level figures present should
This time, the situation will be settled in the remaining 17 days of the invasion and plunder war.
"Well, no problem, then quickly delimit their respective sectors to transfer goods and mobilize people! We will divide the meeting later! " Zhu lang drink a way
Everyone laughed at the smell. The harvest season is coming!
Chapter five hundred and fifty-six Reasons for launching a war against Blue Star
Major General Lei Zhen, commander-in-chief of the forward base of Mulinxing, has been sitting for a long time.
Of course, there is a third person.
It’s Lei Qian, the adjutant of Lei Ming, who has been waiting on two people’s tea snacks. Although neither of them drank half a mouthful, Lei Qian still changed from time to time.
The organization of the Eldar Department is complicated.
The status and strength of Eldar Ministry is great, but strength is not strength.
Over the past few years, the regulation of Eldar Department has developed into a system with Eldar characteristics that is more suitable for Eldar.
Taking into account the powerful and extraordinary abilities of the Eldar, it has established a power structure and restricted the owners of power.
The supreme power institution is naturally a temple.
The Ministry of Temples divides the manpower and status of the clan into two categories. One category is similar to the rank of title.
At that time, I was thinking about letting Lei Xiang take the array core in the public library without ourselves … "Lei Ming slightly regretted it.
Lei Zhen’s brow lock became a Sichuan word. "It is difficult for the temple to have a record. Once the temple finds the thunder elephant captured, the horse may come."
I’ll top out absolutely unqualified. "
"You didn’t go out once the thunder elephant array core was discovered, so I’m going to change the commander-in-chief of this forward base.
When the time comes, our thunder department will be cheaper than other companies after working hard in the sun these years. I’m afraid the operation will be different in these years! "LeiMing frown.
"It’s not so serious to directly change the commander in chief, is it?" Lei Zhen frown.
"Which of the other families is not staring at the comfortable and promising position of killing the sun in the Milky Way?
This is just the punishment after this incident is exposed. If Lei Xiang really handed over the array core to the Blue Star Terran, the more severe punishment will definitely be behind!
Now, according to the news that the polar wind No.7 resource satellite contacted each lucky base, Leixiang was captured by the blue star Terran Huaxia people in nine cases out of ten. "Leiming lamented.
"Elder brother is not a blue star Terran traitor black hole? Is it connected? "
"United to determine whether the Chinese people captured the thunder elephant or learned it from the black hole"
"Brother, how about asking this black hole to help us rescue the thunder elephant?"
"This black hole is extremely cunning and cautious. Just say that he doesn’t have the ability to find a way to find out information."
"Know the true identity of a black hole? Can you threaten him to submit? " Lei Zhen asked.
"I don’t know" LeiDi shook his head.

There must be a ghost when I’m forced to go to his house. I must be careful later not to be calculated by this seemingly emaciated old man.

Ober’s house is just 100 meters away from Zeng’s house, and soon he came to his door. Ober looked back and seemed to make sure that the people behind him had a strange smile and walked into the courtyard. Zhong Du had already come here, even if there was a deep end ahead, there was no reason to return. If you want to find evidence, you must take risks.
Consciousness touched my pocket, and I smiled bitterly, and my spells were all gone. Now I am considered to have lost my fighting capacity, and even the weakest ghost may pose a threat to me. Now going back to get it will definitely make Ober doubt that he can take it one step at a time.
My right foot just stepped on the ground of the hospital, and my chest trembled violently-it was not a heart beating but a strange beating, just like that cramp beating. I didn’t understand what happened. I touched my chest and there was nothing unusual, then shook my head and entered the hospital.
However, with his progress, the chest tremor became stronger and stronger, and he resisted the impulse to stop and check his body. As soon as Ober entered the main room, I froze. I didn’t expect Ober to disappear, not to be alone in the big room.
Is this Ober’s house? To tell the truth, it’s my first time to come to Ober’s house, and the decoration is all strange to me. After careful observation, I still can’t find Ober, but there is a small door in the middle of the back wall. It’s really a small door.
Although the master didn’t teach me the knowledge of geomantic omen, no one in the back wall would do it. What’s more, the feudal old man is too strange. Is Ober a freak who likes to do things that ordinary people can understand?
There is a distance of 20 meters from the courtyard to the main room. Calculate carefully that Ober will be noticed by me even if he is far away, but he has somehow disappeared. It’s so weird in the main room. Suddenly, something happened in the ancient temple in my mind. At that time, I heard the sound outside. Who knows that when I entered the ancient temple, I found that there was no root in the sky. Is it the same with Ober?
No, no, it was Yuan Qing who created the illusion in the ancient temple. Ober really walked into the main room this time, but it was not an illusion, but it disappeared strangely, and so on. I suddenly remembered that Xiaowen had used body double’s technique. Is Ober also a body double’s technique?
It is possible!
I have searched around the room carefully, but I still can’t find the decoration in the Ober room. There are not many places to hide, but how did it disappear? Is it a ghost?
Is the ghost terrible with a wry smile? It seems that I have no body symbol and I have a little fear of ghosts.
Not hearing strange sounds in a quiet room gives people a feeling better than depression.
Ober is really weird to the extreme. He just said that if something is bothering me, even if it’s okay, I won’t just hide. It’s really amazing. What’s wrong with him doing this? Aren’t you afraid that I won’t find someone to leave directly?
I can’t help but swear.
Bang, bang, bang!
The strange sound came from his chest, but it was not a heartbeat, but the tremor that had just entered the hospital never disappeared until now, as if it were a drum roll.
Chest tightness seems to be blocked by something, shaking his head. This room should not be said to be depressed in the whole courtyard. Since I can’t find Ober, who will stay here to suffer?
However, when I was about to turn around, my sight happened to stop at the small door in the back wall, and so on. I seem to have forgotten a place where Ober is likely to hide!
I quietly came to the back wall and looked at the small door carefully. From the outside, I couldn’t see what the door was not very high. It was difficult to bend over and pass through a person. It was too possible for Ober to hide in the small door. I thought about it carefully and wanted to find Ober’s body to hide the secret. If I were so far away from this time, I might not find such a good opportunity.
Press the door with your hands slightly. Who knows that the door is still? This is too strict. I don’t believe in evil. I tried my best to push the door hard. When it was pushed, I was surprised to see that everything behind the door turned out to be a long passage. At the end of the line of sight, it turned out to be dark. This passage is too long. I really don’t know whether it leads to Fang.
Ober must be hiding in there. Damn it, what the hell is this old guy doing? Is there any conspiracy to deliberately lead me into the passage and then make a sudden attack? If you think about it, you can’t rule out this possibility.
At the door, there was a look of thinking. At this moment, I hesitated to know that I didn’t even have half a spell, and I was still young. It’s certainly not a problem to be an old man, but will Ober be an ordinary old man?
If so, it’s easy. If not, I’m likely to die in this passage.
"Ober Ober, are you in there?" I shouted a few times, but I didn’t expect to get a response.
"Come here quickly, my little white. I can’t get away from it."
In the passage, Ober’s old voice came. I didn’t recognize anything unusual in the voice and got a response. I hesitated for a while and finally decided to walk into the narrow passage in the passage. Even though Ober had intrigues, my heart calmed down a little. I bent down through the small door and walked into the passage.
Walking slowly with your feet and your eyes always staring at the front, although it is impossible to arrange intrigues in the passage, you can’t completely rule out caution. Yes, the master once said that tough people will die, and even worse, they are not tough people.
After walking for a while, I gradually saw the light ahead, and the long passage was about to reach the end. I breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t help but speed up the pace of progress. It didn’t take long before I finally came to a room, and there were no exits in the front, left and right directions except just passing through the passage. This room is really the end.
The weird room is not furnished, monotonous, with three walls erected in three directions. It’s not a big room, and everything in it is clear at a glance. However, I found an even weirder place.
Ober, he’s not in this room!
How is that possible? I heard his voice just now. Is it the wrong way?
Think carefully about the picture in a passage. A straight road leads here. Even if you want to go wrong deliberately, it is impossible. Because there is a road, I look even uglier. Where the hell is Ober?
Suddenly there was a burst of roar behind me. The first reaction was to stay away from the roar, and I was no exception. When I turned around again, I was completely shocked that the road behind me was blocked. I panicked and came to the passage just now. There was no trace of the door, as if I had seen a wall. There were four walls in all directions, and I was trapped for no reason.
Machine? I thought of this word for the first time in my mind, and now it’s my turn to experience it personally, and I don’t know what to say except weird.
Staring at the rear seems to confirm whether I saw an illusion or not. It didn’t take long for my face to get even uglier. My footsteps seemed to be frightened and I couldn’t stop walking backwards. Because of the inexplicable appearance in the wall, I changed my color to red …
It’s not blood-red, as if it had been brushed by human blood, which generally reveals a rare and strange.
Turn around and go ahead!
It is chilling that all four walls have turned into blood red and enchanting colors.
"Ober, damn old bastard, get out of here."
The room was completely blocked by four walls, and the roar became particularly loud, and there was an echo combined with blood-red four walls, and everything was even more strange and terrible.
Suddenly …
"Xiaobai, you are so enthusiastic and nosy. I am a good friend of the old man. Of course, I will repay you well. Haha, I carefully thought that refining blood needles is the best reward for you. Enjoy it."
Ober’s old voice appeared, but this time it changed. The voice was full of gloom and malice.
"What is it that the old bastard has something to do and fight to the death to hide in the dark?"
However, this time, Ober’s voice didn’t appear as if it were completely hidden. I was about to continue to berate Ober when my face suddenly changed because of the incredible variation of four walls, and a person slowly emerged from each wall.
The whole body and face are covered with blood as if four people were made of blood.
Bloody hand holding a sickle, blood slowly ticking down the gloomy knife surface, depressing terror and making people breathless.
Who are these four people? Is it a person?

Master Bashan said, "Brother Bateng, do you mean to sum up in one sentence? Sister Awu, is this elixir more powerful than the magic material?"

Batten Harry nodded. "Well, that’s almost what it means. Sister Awu, even if it’s rotten material, its star number has reached Samsung Nine. If it’s not fatally affected by rotten material, its star number level should be four in dzogchen."
Master Bashan stayed for a while and said, "Brother Bateng, do you mean that martial sister Awu’s potential star number has reached nine planets?"
Master Bateng also spent a stay in his mouth and said, "It seems that the potential index of Aowu pool has indeed reached nine planets."
The examiners in charge of potential assessment at the scene suddenly had a big uproar. No way! Nine planets? Are you kidding me?
How could it be nine planets? Didn’t you say that nine planets Five is the limit? How can there be a nine planets?
I don’t know. I was shocked
Dandan Aowu body star points five-star nine-life elixir star points three-star nine add up to a total of nine planets.
It seems that there has never been such a wonderful test result in history, right?
It seems that even if it is the first day to recruit talented brothers and now famous totems, it is only the first day to test the star points of a new generation of rising stars in A Mu, and it is only nine planets III.
At that time, nine planets’s three-star points had already shocked the whole Ann totem, and now there is a nine planets!
Funny, it seems that this nine planets is the first time to enter the mountain together, but he has been released from the outer gate for ten years!
This is a big problem.
A genius with star points reaching nine planets almost buried the totem of Ann, and it was a big joke to wave off the most golden decade practice period!
Batten was a little unstable, so he quickly took out his notes and sent a few words in. He suddenly said with a straight mouth, "Listen, all the monks at the scene are in a big situation. The test site is temporarily closed, and people can’t be connected with the outside. Once found, shoot them."
The examiners around said "Yes!"
Someone pushed the entrance to the examination room and opened the large array of the examination room. The whole examination room was immediately isolated from the outside world.
Bashan master spent a stay.
Bateng bowed slightly to him and said, "Brother Bashan, can you also be wronged? Or wait for someone to come and give a conclusion on this matter before deciding how to deal with it?"
Master Bashan is white. It is necessary to abide by the rules. He nodded reasonably. "I will cooperate carefully and never make trouble for my senior brother."
There was silence at the scene, and everyone waited quietly for the passers-by
Dandan Aouri doesn’t know what happened, but he waits with peace of mind. However, Xiaoyao is very busy chasing after those light groups one by one.
Dandan Awu doesn’t know that those light clusters are still those light clusters, but he still thinks about so many light clusters in his heart. I don’t know how long it will take to swallow them all.
Can it be said that judging the elixir qualification will not be calculated by devouring the number of light groups?
If so, Xiaoyao really needs to work hard and work hard again.
The room thought of this possibility. Danny Awu clapped his hands and giggled and said, "Little medicine, come on, come on, little medicine … swallow them up …"
Encouraged by Dandan Awu, Xiaoyao became more and more eager to sell and jumped out of the light and shadow like autumn wind sweeping away leaves.
I don’t know how long it took before a voice suddenly sounded outside the room, "Oh, my sister-in-law …"
Chapter DiErSi74 Ann awu
Danny awu slightly one leng 23 us.com is the fastest.
In the room, the little medicine seedling suddenly flashed and ran back warily, floating, and the branches on her head stood up to show the alert state.
A light and shadow flashed, and an old man with a white beard appeared in the room. He glanced at Danny Awu with a wry smile and said, "Sister-in-law, you really have to go easy and swallow my pharmacy again, so it will be scrapped."
Danny awu slightly one leng ma guessed that this may be Yaoshan senior couldn’t help but bow down and say, "didn’t the elder test the life elixir to let him devour the starlight?" How else to test? "
The old man Bai Hu said with a wry smile, "Those starlight in the room are induction, and they will produce induction judgment grades according to the strength of your life elixir. You might as well take the life elixir and swallow it directly."
Danny Awu’s heart was startled and embarrassed. He said, "I’m sorry that the examiner didn’t specifically explain the test method before the test. I don’t know if I can’t swallow it. It’s really embarrassing."
Talking to Xiao Yaomiao also knows what Dandan Awu and Bai Hu said. He felt that he had eaten something he shouldn’t have eaten. Xiao Yaomiao didn’t regret it at all. Dandan Awu’s head stood up and his branches moved neatly, saying, "I just didn’t say who knew I couldn’t eat it?"
Bai Hu’s old man said, Who knew that you, a wonderful life elixir, could devour those starlight! This is really not confessed.
With a smile on his face, the old man Bai Hu said with a smile, "Well, you can’t spit it out if you swallow it. That’s it. Let’s go out."
Say that finish Bai Hu old man took his step to the outside and went out.
The test stone edge outside is full of friar Danny Awu, who was shocked when he came out.
There are many people, and several of them are monks who have never appeared before. These monks are as deep as the old man Bai Hu, and they can’t see through the depth and don’t know what the origin will be.
Daniel Awu, who has just come out, hasn’t come back to look back at his potential stars. Those monks in front of him have bowed down and said, "I have seen the great elders."
Elder? Dandan Awu stayed for a while and thought of this elder who didn’t know whether it was Gong Yaoshan or Namifeng!
That’s what I’m thinking in my heart. The old man Bai Hu looked at a monk in front and said, "Nami grew up. You’re such a big surprise."
Danny awu thought that the one in front was Nami Chang, who was so respectful to the old man Bai Hu. Is this an totem Chang?
I wonder what the Totem Elder is doing here?
Nami bowed down and said, "Shame, shame, I didn’t expect it to be like this. I have been ignoring the training of my brother, which almost made Zhu Mengchen ask the elder not to see the sin."
When the elder was about to speak, he suddenly looked out with a smile and bowed slightly. Lang said, "I didn’t expect this to disturb the totem elder, An can, to meet my king."
Totem? My king? Dandan Awu took a pause and looked at it again. When everyone’s body did not know, there appeared a tall and straight monk wearing a yellow shirt and carrying his hands.
The majestic eyes swept away and Danny Awu’s face showed a bit of satisfaction. He said slowly, "Well, a potential brother is indeed worthy of our attention and good training."
Is there a number of potential stars? Danny awu looked up and suddenly found that the sky test stone really lit up nine stars, and his own potential star number was five and nine, while the small medicine star number potential was two and nine, which added up to a star.
Before testing the stone, many monks still want stars in their hearts. Did Wang make a mistake? It should be nine planets!
But for a moment, many monks and horses saw the test stone star number and it was really a star
Totem An Wang sounds long, "Yes, yes, this star lights up one by one. You witnessed the birth of a little genius."
In addition to the big elder and the big elder Nami, the eyes of the monks at the scene are still clear, and there is a bit of doubt in his eyes. At the same time, he feels as if he really saw Dandan Awu showing the number of stars, and he has a realization in his heart that Dandan Awu is the star potential.
Dandan Aowu’s little medicine on his head looked at the star number left and right, as if he was very angry. Two thick branches were inserted into the waist of the tree and kept shaking his head as if to say, "What’s the matter? Why am I only two stars and nine? "

Su Wei found Tang Xuanzong mainly because he explained the problem of his second main city.

Nowadays, there are almost no sects around Chang ‘an, such as Wuyue, Wudang, Shaolin and Emei Yunlan Sect, but the new clan gate is in a good location, especially now Chang ‘an is still expanding outward.
Eye, isn’t this a sleepy pillow?
New main city, new NPC…… …
And unlike the war-torn Chang ‘an, this is a complete city with a complete ecological system.
And what he need Tang Xuanzong to do is to get that city back to normal as soon as possible.
Not only the daily life, but also the economy and so on should be linked to Chang ‘an.
Fortunately, the imperial city of Chang ‘an is far away, but it is also convenient to manage it in a blink of an eye, otherwise Tang Xuanzong would not be so confident
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty was busy, and he needed to know as soon as possible how to retrieve the files from the Awakening Kingdom Imperial Capital to get a deeper understanding of it, so after talking with Su Wei in detail, he excused himself and went to deal with the business.
Leave Su Wei before looking at this has restored the vitality of Chang ‘an.
Today, the number of players living in Chang ‘an is more than half that of the indigenous people …
Especially in recent years, with the development of "Limited" OL, it has become more and more stable, which has linked the Shaoshi Mountain clan with the wu-tang clan Stone clan.
The situation is getting worse, and everyone has no scruples.
Most life players buy real estate in Chang ‘an. They have the money to buy a city and no money to buy a piece of land in the outer city. Anyway, with the increasing number of players in Chang ‘an, especially the sending of troops, the transportation between various clans and Chang ‘an is more convenient and convenient, and the surrounding animals are almost cleaned up.
At least don’t worry about Ann.
Therefore, buy a piece of land here, pay people to build two or three huts, grow three or four kinds of vegetables and fruits, work hard in the real world during the day, go to bed at night and return to the game world.
Enjoy a leisurely trip to the east fence and see Nanshan leisurely. Some people even brought their children in …
How long is sleeping time?
By the way, wouldn’t it be the best of both worlds to let them write their careers?
If you study 24 hours a day, you won’t believe that you can’t die. Parents who try their best to make up lessons for their children.
As a result, Chang’ an is naturally full of people.
It has restored 70% of Chang’ an’s style in the old prosperous times.
It’s time to update the words when calculating.
Su Wei murmured, "Isn’t it half the time to update the awakening country?"
Yu Yu …
You have to think about it and speed up the pace of "Limited" OL entering reality.
It is very important to get information through Luo Huai.
The collapse of the Awakening State has indeed greatly reduced the strength of that God Lord, but according to Wen Jijun, this is only to completely burn their centuries-long hard layout, and it is far from enough to kill them.
And their ultimate goal seems to be to have the same needs as "Limit" OL.
In that case, just take advantage of his weakness to go his other way and let him go
He is familiar with this matter.
Su Wei disappeared and returned to Taiping Island.
Three days later.
The Lin clan welcome a distinguished guest whom no one expected.
Visit directly without an appointment
However, when he signed up for the famous number, he directly scared the door officer and made some shivering. He did not dare to delay and immediately ran to inform Lin Jing, the chief of the clan.
Su Wei, the owner of Limited OL, visited in person.
Now Su Wei is no longer a former white man. Although he has no official position, the "Limit" OL can attract people from the Galactic Federation of Galilee.
Pissing match is widely known by Liu Xingren nowadays …
This is the fourth largest cultivation body, that is, Su Wei has controlled the speed of quarrelling, otherwise I am afraid that a wave of crazy waves will have been set off in reality at this moment.

"poof!" Xiao Meng looked at the remaining three heads and looked at Lin Yue’s attack and continued to fly. The monster pterosaur applied to Lin Yue to play.

Lin Yue quit the magazine and started playing again. I wondered at Xiao Meng, thinking that you would just blame your opponent like a mouse. What do you want to do with this high school monster pterosaur?
However, he looked at the little white with his wings flapped, and then immediately understood that the belligerent little fierce was so emboldened.
I see. This little fierce is quite clever.
With Lin Yue’s permission, Xiaomeng quickly jumped into the palm of Xiaobai’s hand, and Xiaobai quickly spread his wings and took it to the direction of those monster pterosaurs!
Soon after, Lin Yue saw the three monster pterosaurs fall to the ground one after another after contacting Xiaobai.
It turns out that if they are simply frozen in flight, they can lose their combat effectiveness, and they can continue to fly and die directly.
Xiao Meng, this guy is good. Although he is small, he is indeed better than Xiao Bai in wisdom and good in fighting capacity.
The future can be expected
Lin Yue waited for the two to come back and was picked up by Xiaobai.
He came back to the beach and put the rest into nothing before he stopped.
Although sand is nothing to him, it is still a lot to others. After all, the acid rain crisis has not passed, and this sand can still do a lot.
But also by the way, it can continue to hit the market and completely destroy this so-called hard currency.
Even if sand is hoarded again, it will be sold at a high price.
Lin Yue flew back to China and looked around with a sight. He found that it seems to be an island with a small area, which is still a lot worse than when he came to land.
It seems that this place has a small airport and villas, which should have been a private island of a big boss, otherwise it can be explained that there are so many weapons such as gold and guns here.
"The harvest is really a lot. Come back later to install sand again and then go to the site."
Lin Yue thought so and quickly returned to the land of Gu Men with Xiaobai Xiaomeng.
Indeed, there has never been a time to explore the secret land, like this time, so that the base inside can be searched completely
Back in the familiar shelter, Lin Yue didn’t rest.
He put big things such as the forklift, all kinds of tools, LCD screens and safes one by one in another, and now he put them in a shed, and then he put all the sand racks in the trading mall.
And the price that buyers need to pay is only 1 wood.
What Lin Yue needs is to let the whole sand market collapse and let sand really reach everyone.
What does it mean to offend people? Although he is short of something, he is required to give him enough price. Everyone in this world is short of everything, so it smells good!
What’s more, in doing so, he has to do his best to fight the disaster.
Although you can’t do it, you can still meet it in this respect.
In less than ten minutes, the quotation has exceeded 500, and 47 copies of sand in Lin Yue’s hand were immediately distributed and replaced with wood and piled up in the greenhouse.
"Xiaobai, go again and dig the beach over there!"
In 46 cubic meters, Lin Yue took nothing but some necessities and went with Xiaobai again.
Soon he returned home with sand, asphalt pavement, cement, some steel bars, bricks and marble floors, etc. Finally, he found that he had brought a full 1774 copies of sand this time!
"Boy, although it is impossible to estimate how many copies there are, so many should definitely be able to completely ruin the entire monopoly sand market."
After putting them in Lin Yue and replacing them with wood, stone and iron blocks, I also saw some people in the group chat box spraying endlessly on his terrorist acts.
"Boy, everyone is a master of C language. After blocking the blacklist, you sometimes cry."
Lin Yue didn’t feel that he had done something wrong. He didn’t need to be sympathetic to these once-lions, who made a lot of disasters and lost their money.
Indeed, he admits that he is also a profiteer, holding a lot of resources and will be waiting for the price.
But every transaction is based on the highest offer, and the offer is made by the other party instead of asking for it.
He has never taken out a millilitre of water for a piece of wood, which is too much.
Although some of these people may have what he wants, even if he wants those people, he will still give him a lion’s mouth
Now everything in wood, stone and iron has reached 5 again, and Lin Yue found that there was not much sand in the group, so he didn’t continue to let Xiaobai take him to that beautiful golden beach, which has now become a mine beach.
"Xiaobai has something to eat first, and the work is not finished yet." Lin Yue is preparing the leftovers while eating the grilled lionhead steak.
The M19 pistol barrel was covered with an infrared sight just obtained from the shakotan coast, and Lin Yue added a small moving device. After hitting the infrared sight, a straight red light flashed out and hit the wall and became a dazzling red dot.
The sight is equipped with a silencer, and it can shoot 16 rounds at a time, so the M19 becomes a melee artifact!
This iron spear can finally be temporarily stored in the library. Although this cold weapon is powerful, it is still a stage behind M19.
However, M19 also has an unsatisfactory disadvantage.
"In the magazine, you have to stuff the bullets one by one. If a group of enemies come, it will be a great disadvantage ….."
Lin Yue came to the basement to return M19 magazines, sniper rifles and magazines, and at the same time, they took out the bombs respectively.
He walked to the high-precision research platform and placed two magazines respectively.
[You got the M19 pistol magazine design! 】
[You got the design of the L115A3 sniper rifle magazine! 】
One piece of Italian alloy can make three M19 magazines or three sniper rifle magazines, but it is not as material as expected.
Lin Yue produced all but three of them separately, then put them in place and stuffed them one by one.
He didn’t have that much hard aluminum alloy, so he got it together first.
Lin Yue’s playing speed is becoming more and more proficient with the increase of the number. He feels that it must be practiced without any trouble, so as to save the chain from falling at the key moment.
And if it weren’t for nothing during the search or battle, this magazine would have to be filled up for emergencies.
With tactical crossbows and M19L115A3 sniper rifles, Lin Yue wore bone armor, bulletproof infantry helmet and exoskeleton, and then equipped the explosion-proof shield.
In front of the mirror, Lin Yue felt that he was so like a terminator …
Chapter 159 Another disaster has …
Put the pieces of the stone wall of Shimen, the site of blocking the ground, into the object. Lin Yue gently pushed Shimen, which had been closed by him for a long time.
After the heavy stone gate, a cold wind kept coming from the inside.

"Hum also want to run? Can you run? " Changsheng sneers at thousands of magic weapons in a day and suddenly flies out at the same time and hits one by one.

The huge gap in strength made the fugitives fall to the ground in a moment.
"Hum, since you don’t want to surrender, come on in!"
Changsheng saw that no one took the initiative to enter Qianbao City and immediately controlled Wanfuta, and all the remaining giant sword gates were collected into Wanfuta.
The surrenders can be Qianbao City Qianbao City, which is where the Qianbao City Lord and his hand live. Everything is free except that they can’t go out, and there is nothing but freedom in the Wanfa Tower.
Chang Sheng just took them away and walked to the front of Gu Jian’s madness. Gu Jian’s madness was full of worship, and his eyes had not come yet. Suddenly, there was a slight airflow change in the sky
Chang Sheng sensitive raised his head and looked into the distant sky. Suddenly, a huge gourd with two or three thousand feet was flying rapidly from the distant sky.
"This is also the arrest warrant I received to kill me." Chang Sheng said to the ancient monty in his mind after seeing the flying magic weapon of the gourd in the sky. "First, the flying sword followed by a gourd ancient monty. I found that you mainlanders seem to like to get a particularly huge magic weapon, just like a flying magic weapon, and then everyone will attack the enemy together."
"That’s right. It’s different from your Daqi dynasty. Almost every sect on our side is like this. Because of this, everyone can attack with a magic weapon, and everyone can attack with their strength, so the fighting is more powerful."
"It is indeed more powerful!" Chang Sheng nodded his head. Before that giant sword gate, there were four masters of nirvana in their sect. However, they cooperated with the remaining sect brothers to fight with themselves as much as six or seven nirvana realms. At the same time, they fought at this level. Those yin and yang realms and the immortal roots could not be inserted. However, through such a magic weapon, they could also play the role of yin and yang realms and immortal strength.
"The old man hit a flying sword and then came a gourd. After a while, the old man broke the gourd and won’t come with a gourd." Chang Sheng muttered that he took out the mirror of the past and the future in his heart. I don’t know how many people came after him now
It’s a breathing effort. The mirror of the past and the future shows everything around.
There are huge magic weapons flying from different directions in the local center of Changshengsuo, including bronze mirrors, huge umbrellas, huge hammers, and even boats that are somewhat like boats.
"One, two, three, four …" Chang Shengyi was shocked. "It’s not wise to fight them here. Let’s run first!"
Chang Sheng was surprised and didn’t talk to Gu Jian crazily. He grabbed Gu Jian crazily and rushed to the sea in the distance. His strength could be restored. That’s when he stopped to play against each other.
The giant gourd was soon discovered by all, and it was always prosperous to want to escape.
Chapter 753 Escape for a pretence
"Also want to run is wanted by the holy desert luo teach he can run? Without a magic weapon, I’ll see how he ran to the head and chased him. We have to catch up with everyone and chase this little thing. We have to stand up. "
With a strong sound in the gourd, the huge gourd suddenly sped up and chased away towards Changsheng.
Chang Sheng ran quickly in front of him, and it didn’t take long for a huge copper hammer to appear in front of him. This magic weapon, the front hammer, looks like it is not small at all than many mountains.
"The man that’s not holy teach wanted man? I actually fled in the direction of the door and attacked immediately. We want this credit! "
Although the flying speed of the copper hammer is not as fast as that of the giant gourd magic weapon, it is even more powerful to attack. Suddenly, a huge copper hammer virtual shadow falls from the sky like an extraterrestrial meteorite, and it seems that it can be hammered to break the world, and everything is smashed in the direction of Changsheng.
"What a strong breath!"
Chang Sheng’s heart is tight. If he wins, he won’t be afraid of the other party, but now …
Changsheng suddenly gritted his teeth and offered Wan Fatali to stop this hammer attack.
Wan Fata collided with the virtual shadow in the sky and immediately made an earth-shattering noise. Then the virtual shadow of the hammer in the sky disappeared, and Chang Sheng, who controlled Wan Fata, was shaken backwards, flying out of the hundred meters distance, which stabilized his body.
"eh? What’s going on? How can this little guy stop us from attacking? "Hammer, a strong man with a full face of whiskers, looked at Fang with an incredible face.
"The man wanted by the holy land is not a mainlander on our side. He is going to be suppressed here. How can he stop us from attacking so many masters? We have a master of nirvana here. Even a master of nirvana can’t stop this person. He did it! "
The sledgehammer was surprised, but at this moment, another huge fan flew in as a magic weapon, and at the same time, a series of fans flew out as a virtual shadow, constantly smashing it into Chang Sheng, who had just been rocked.
"This Lao Wang egg took advantage of our attack on the little sneak attack, and the credit will be made by them." The bearded man in the sledgehammer immediately scolded him, but he was surprised to find that the root was not knocked down by the sneak attack on the holy city!
"hmm? This ….. Is this little guy going against the sky or not? How can his body be so tough! Even if you are always hit by such an attack, it is hard to say that you will be destroyed by a dozen forms and spirits. This small one turned out to be beaten back. How can it be so powerful! "
Chang sheng secretly heaved a sigh of relief after being hit by a fly. Fortunately, although his strength was suppressed, his physical strength did not change
You can’t keep being suppressed like this. You must return to the surface as soon as possible.
Changsheng showed his posture and fled quickly to the sea.

Young girl looks like Jiang Yi, who is sincere and steady-looking. Yinglang Yuelong sighed with emotion

After the introduction of Jade Deficiency and Gas Refining, they naturally practiced their past lives.
However, after they started, they found that there were subtle differences between Taixu Cave and Yuetian Town.
Of course, it has become more subtle!
Although it is difficult for Qing Wei to sublimate the whole day now, he has made adjustments and additions to the general program of Mixed Yuan Tian in combination with his accumulated knowledge.
Even if they wake up, Xianjun’s memory vision can’t pick out any flaws.
In particular, Yue Ling, in addition to being outside the world, still has "He Zazie", which refers to the peerless achievement method of the Five Elements Road for reference.
What’s more, Qing Wei preached from time to time that he had learned a lot about the general outline of Mixed Yuan Tian and accumulated some experience in the past, which made them remarkable, but it was still reasonable for them to have this achievement.
And the mysterious mechanism can be seen from the frequent lectures in Qing Wei, and the two of them have a deeper understanding of the background horror of their master.
Successive memories of the past have washed away the mind, and the will has been greatly tempered. However, some pictures have been broken and the number has increased, which is also a lot of gains, not to mention that every picture is still "Taiyi" and the Jade Palace has experienced that life.
There are Taiyi real people, Taiyi Tianzun and blurred perspectives, and some pictures have gained a lot.
However, judging from the current situation of awakening memento mori, it seems that when I was Taiyi Tianzun, I was already a good swimmer.
Therefore, in the face of the reincarnation of the two immortals, Qingwei is very indifferent, and he has not lost his teacher by example. Who hasn’t had a past life yet?
However, what envies them is that as soon as they entered the scene, they already integrated most of the memories and experiences of previous lives.
At present, Qingwei doesn’t know how many lifetimes he has turned, and he doesn’t know how long it is just from the source "Taiyi"
It’s still the same worry. Don’t wait for a sudden explosion that day.
Therefore, even if the awakening of memory will affect the normal practice from time to time, he hopes to have more. Besides, it is bitter and happy to inherit the memory and master some magical spells directly.
"Jade Qing’s thunder and white light are mastered?"
Jiang Yi immediately nodded, "Back to the master, I finally got started successfully. My younger brother practiced Lei Fa in his previous life, so he was talented. Generally, he didn’t want to spend more time now, so he didn’t want to be younger brother."
Qing Wei ha ha nodded. There is really nothing unique in "The True Heaven in Taixu Cave". Did you disillusion with the thunder or did you realize it by yourself?
Yue Ling smiled calmly. "I’m not a teacher but I’m getting started."
These two doors are considered as signs of the Jade Deficiency Palace. The threshold is not low, and the power will be good in the future. Only after mastering them can you be considered as a disciple of Jade Deficiency.
"Good. Now that we’re in the scene, I should give you something."
Qing Wei smiled with emotion and then waved his sleeve, and a mirror and a picture appeared in front of them.
It is too unreal mirror and five mountains and rivers!
"Although it is difficult to manipulate the magic weapon at the scene level, you are different, and there is my imprint key in it, which is equivalent to my manipulation at all times, which is also a heavy protection, but as the two of you make progress, the teacher’s imprint will gradually fade."
Jiang Yi and Yue Ling didn’t refuse to directly earn their own income after taking over.
"Thank you, Master."
The original master will teach himself as usual, and when we disembark, we will see that our master is rarely serious.
"The two of you entered our school with a natural disposition, and you are both good and good, and you are three generations of true brothers."
Jiang Yi, Yue Ling’s heart is awe-inspiring and followed by the word "jade deficiency". The two of them have been thinking about it for twenty years, but they have no idea.
And obviously, master is going to take them to recognize their ancestors and return to their ancestors?
Is it yuxu’s three generations of truth?
Who is the second generation? Who are there?
Is Yu Xu, the founder, sacred?
Qing Wei’s eyes examined and looked at the two people seriously, and I couldn’t help but bring a few minutes of different rhymes, like nine days of ancient immortals in the world, so I dare not neglect them for the first time to see such majesty.
"Do you say the characteristics?"
Qingwei slightly nodded "take you to a place"
After a while, they found that they were already in an ancient and majestic temple.
Thirty-six golden pillars stand in front of the temple, and there is also a handle of primitive simplicity and jade in the transcendental hall, which is called white. This is not an easy place.
Walking slowly to the Taoist platform, Qing Wei looked at Fang and said seriously, "Jade deficiency is a vein of ancient sacred Taoism, which cannot be seen in the years when it cannot be tested."
Jiang Yi and Yue Ling couldn’t help but feel a little confused. Does Master mean that there is no such system?
Tai Chi mixed Yuan Jade Qing fairy symbol flew out and fell into the palm of Qing Wei, turning it into an axe, a fan, a strange thing, and the origin of all things in the evolution of the heavens.
Fang futon had already prepared the two of them to hear the smell and knelt down at the same time to listen to Qingwei’s continued, "The door can be called the leader of the Jade Virtual Palace respecting Tai Chi and the founder of the Jade Qing Yuan Buddha, or it can be called the floating Li Buddha."
"Zuting dialect … Kunlun Mountain!"
Kunlun Mountain?
I finally heard the familiar places and names, otherwise the two of them would have invented some fictional origins by their master.
However, the two of them listened solemnly and did not reveal any doubts. As the voice of Qingwei fell, they saw that the immortalized things suddenly burst into chaos, and an ancient figure symbolizing the heavens appeared in chaos, and then turned into a stalwart idol with axe-like things standing in chaos.
The Buddha’s face is hard to see, but the smell of avenue makes people yearn for awe.
"Worship your ancestors!"
This is Qingwei’s own memory and the immortal symbol of Tianzong, which shows how much the Buddha statue is.
The two dare not hesitate to immediately worship the Buddha with the most solemn etiquette.
As the etiquette of the two settled, Qing Wei seemed to feel that the statue of the Buddha was vivid, but it was like an illusion.
After gesturing for the two of them to get up, Qing Wei then smiled, "There are many uncles and schoolmates."
After a long sigh, I saw a statue of an ancient fairy with a full and distinct rhyme in the chaos surge, and slowly walked out.
Draw a tall figure, the palm seems to contain great power, the chaos of the heavens can overturn the face dignified and calm.

"Ha ha really good! I’ve wanted to sit in your seat for a long time! Later, I will let the old man be the captain for half an hour. "Leno’s sexuality is hard to move."

"If you speak thoroughly enough, what’s wrong with letting Mr. Leo be the captain for half an hour?" Lin momo began to explore the surplus value of old catfish by persuasion. Adventurers who have lived for hundreds of years like this must know the information very well.
"You can want to talk calculate words! There is little chance of finding cosmic objects, but it is often heard that cosmic objects have been found in the world galaxy, and the corresponding levels of star cruises are consistent. Generally speaking, cosmic objects in the world galaxy are controlled by zerg, and the zerg will build insect towers with their own unique style, so it is necessary to jointly attack Lin Xiaogui and fool around in the public area first! The Phantom of the Opera has reached the bottleneck. Maybe you are as old as Jack. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a lot of boats running around with your wife and children? Long-term strive to live a few more years, waiting for that day to come. "Leno laughed and glanced at the red-faced Pearl Krabs and looked at Lin momo. He thought it was a good match for the" child. "
Lin momo didn’t get an accurate answer. Obviously Leo had reservations and winked at the crew, which means "Ask questions while the old catfish is patient. There is no such shop in this village."
"Mr. Leo, I have always had a question about animal training. I hope you can help me solve it." Payne went to the crowd and asked politely.
The crew "besieged" the old catfish Lin momo and simply closed the door of the master control room. This guy was lazy and ran away halfway, and the 30 projectiles always got back to success.
The Phantom of the Opera is galloping farther and farther away from the planet Tallman. The destination is a small black hole, where there is a big battle with the three-tailed worm.
After a day and a night, the Phantom of the Opera first entered the black hole smoking area, and the five-sided hairy three-tailed worm slowed down and hesitated.
Lin momo has made so many preparations that he will not give up all his efforts. The deck will release the brain worm with a delicate gel, and the ship will immediately arouse the anger of the three-tailed worm. Five figures rushed over in no particular order to smash the Phantom of the Opera into ten thousand pieces.
"Good sail forward three hundred seconds ready to engage" Lin momo confident because the phantom of the opera, has entered the home.
Volume 3 Out of bounds! Mirage Chapter 16 Against
Deep darkness seems far away, but the surrounding areas are strongly affected. As the name suggests, the smoking area is a place where black holes prey on stars. If it falls into the core area, even the light can’t escape. A spaceship?
Since ancient times, human beings have struggled against the sea and bad weather, and their own courage and perseverance have resisted the space age. This spirit has been magnified several times, and human beings have begun to struggle against various celestial bodies.
Phantom of the Opera is a galactic star cruise ship cruising out of bounds. It is very old and very young. The old ship is young because of its origin. It has a group of energetic crew. A young man who is beginning to emerge is captain Lin Sisuo.
"Sisso, what are you going to do?" Captain Payne is a very good friend. Perhaps it is his kindness that makes Lin momo feel that the phantom of the opera is pulled by public hazards.
"It’s very simple to compete with the insects for strength and attack strength. If you can’t beat them, then let Harley come out to block and force them into the black hole high gravity area. My salary of ten units of crystal refining a month is not for nothing. It is necessary to increase the interest rate of the wise under limited conditions." Lin momo is a good man who is good at living in the mouth of the incarnate son.
"alas! These bugs are pitiful. They have chased us for so long that they have to fight without taking a break. Try not to torture them. I believe that there is no pain in falling into a black hole because gravity is great in all aspects. "Payne mumbled and prayed that the bugs would hang up quickly and return smoothly.
"Hehe, have you met your opponent recently?" Lin momo took one look at Jenny, a woman who tortured Payne a lot. Now the gentleman feels the same way when he sees these worms.
Payne said awkwardly, "Well, where did you think? Hurry up and get the breadfruit done. I don’t think I’m strong enough. I won’t really start until I reach the sixth grade. "
Lin momo nodded, knowing that this may be Jenny’s expectation to Payne that women have a lot of attention when choosing men, while men should look pleasing to the eye when choosing women. Of course, this is his Lin momo-style emotional view.
Lin momo was talking to Payne when the five bugs on the screen suddenly formed an encirclement, and the comet-like light burst into the phantom of the opera energy shield.
Incarnate son escaped from three light groups and got two energy shields. The damage was really light.
"I fuck these bugs, so it’s time to kill them." Lin momo stared angrily and scolded.
The picture is fixed at a certain moment. Three-tailed worms spit out skulls in the light mass. They are human head ammunition and are decomposed into linear particles for bombardment. I don’t know how many adventurers these five worms have swallowed. Although they are out of bounds to make a living and eat on their own, Lin momo is influenced by the sinking blade. He really hates these worms and orders to fight back immediately.
"Hissing …" It’s unbearable for the soul to throb from outside the ship. It’s the roar of insects from the spiritual level.
The sudden fire in the battery area and the close-range pouring of cannon light brighten the beetle’s ferocious face. The Phantom of the Opera continues to drag the battlefield in the direction of the black hole, and the influence of gravity is increasing.
"Good steady preparation ship lighter popular" Lin momo methodically control incarnate son put vice mind to deal with the black hole gravity cooperate with each other to make the phantom of the opera, such as an armband.
Five insects tried to do the same thing again and surrounded the Phantom of the Opera. However, the solar sail seemed to burn with light, and then the crystal hit the corner and sprinted forward. Immediately, one insect was knocked out and watched unconscious and pulled to the black hole a little.
"hiss" more than four worm throat peristalsis and spit out to the phantom of the opera, comet-like light, human skulls in the light rub against each other and then bombard the energy shield into light particles.
At the same time, the body angles of the two insects in the thick beam explosion in the battery area are just right, and the two insects are forced to the black hole.
Phantom of the Opera came to violently shake the hull, and only two worms collided with each other and wanted to fall with the enemy.
"Hum want to cross the rubicon? Then I’ll counterplot the charm son to move in the direction of the black hole for one hundred seconds. The propeller power of Phantom of the Opera starts Harley to block it for me. "Lin momo’s eyes are as sharp as eagle eyes and raise my hand to type in instructions to prepare for a stronger ship lighter.
Just now, the two insects were forced back by the cannon light and struggled to fly back. Harley disdainfully skimmed the pie mouth and adjusted the focal length values of the main gun. The screen of the thick finger gently scratched and sealed the two insects again and again to prevent them from approaching.
At the same time, Harley manipulated the auxiliary guns to attack the Phantom of the Opera, and the three-tailed worms on both sides of the crowd supported the situation alone.
When the Phantom of the Opera is getting closer and closer to the deep darkness, it is bound by the gravity to escape. Lin momo decided to hammer the screen with the light breaking and flying around the hull, and there was a sudden lag.
"Feather drift …" Lin momo read aloud.
Feather armor at the bottom of the ship converged into a vortex, and the attack of the four insects was suppressed like earth-shaking. They felt the movement for a moment, and the six huge metal wings at the tail of the Phantom of the Opera stretched out and the propeller flashed bright light, and then the figure disappeared.
The Phantom of the Opera didn’t really disappear, but moved to the edge of the smoking area for hundreds of light seconds as soon as it broke free from the gravitational bondage of the small black hole. Before leaving, it prepared for a long time. The positive and negative matter annihilated the light cannon and thundered to attack, as if the roaring behemoth shouted to the insects to cut off their last way.
In this battle, Phantom of the Opera also did its best to announce the success to everyone when the charm son watched the state of the five-sided hairy three-tailed worm.
The advantage of the home game is naturally very strong. Old catfish Leo estimates that if it is hard to fight in the end, it is likely to lose both sides. At this moment, the Phantom of the Black Hole takes away most of the dangers except energy loss, and the hull foundation does not cause damage, which can be said to be a great victory.
"Report on the fall of the three-tailed insect department. We can get back to Tallman planet with high anxiety." The incarnate son’s screen made a beautiful woman form and saluted Lin momo in a bright army.
"Why? Has your physical appearance finally been finalized? Look at the delicious food! " Lin momo jokingly asked.
"Oh, uncle captain is good or bad! Who finalized the design? That depends on what you mean. "The screen incarnate son gathers beautiful women and blinks wittily, which is in bud.
Lin momo smiled. "It’s up to you to know that I am the first captain, but I really want to go back soon. Don’t let Burton and those people take advantage of our Phantom of the Opera. The other party is not slow."
Lin momo’s worry is not superfluous. The Phantom of the Opera sails faster and faster at most. Burton’s clippers have saved more than ten or thirty-seven days of sailing, and when they come, they have few efforts to turn back.
Speed or Speed Phantom of the Opera, after a tense flight of more than ten hours, once again returned to Tallman planet.
Mei Er carefully monitored the nearby activities and found that the competitors had not arrived yet.
Real Jack’s opponent Burton is a little underestimating. No matter how severe the D-class star cruise ship just arrived in the out-of-bounds galaxy, it is also possible to complete the C-class alone. Unless it is in a bottleneck period like his stormy boat and two powerful helpers, it is possible for the Zerg territory to grab the breadfruit and recognize the Phantom of the Opera. Perhaps it was before the fight. Therefore, Burton’s ship is still some distance from the Tallman planet. Although it is a few hours away, it misses a good opportunity to pick up bargains.
Incarnate son observe zerg territory that there is no danger after landing sparse bread trees across the eyes Lin momo gently fell to the ground.
"Does Old Master Lin help?" Leno also jumped up, breathing thin gas to stretch his muscles.
"Without the teacher’s help, some experience has already benefited our junior generation." Momo Lin said, waving to the boat, Cui Hetang and Connor jumped forward and joined the thugs around the captain.
Bread tree branches and vines are like human blood vessels winding to branches and leaves like perming hair and rolling fruit, which really looks like bread. However, Lin momo is a little depressed, and each tree bears at most five or six fruits. More trees have nothing at a glance, and you can see that the specific harvest amount is 45 in total.
When the charm son observed this place, he had returned to the image place. Lin Sisuo was psychologically prepared. Relatively speaking, this place is already a very good zerg tribe. The amount of bread and fruit in its place is not as much as it is here. It is probably as much as it grows. After all, the number of zerg is huge.
Lin momo reached out his hand to the bread tree and closed his eyes slightly. It took about half a quarter of an hour to recover his arm and gave me a weak smile.
"Lin Xiaogui, don’t tell me that you still have the ability to deal with plants?" Leno watched along while and guessed along while.
"It’s just a small skill of carving insects. I just chatted with the bread tree. What did I learn about the reason why those aristocratic zerg stayed here? Every February and March, the bread tree needed flour to bear fruit. The original powder creature here was destroyed by the zerg and pollinated by some slave worms among the zerg. That is to say, once the zerg were driven away, the bread fruit in Tallman would cease to be artificially pollinated, and the lack of special hormones encouraged it to bear a few uncooked fruits at most. It seems that the real method is transplanted." Lin momo sighed. If the bread tree was planted in Phantom of the Opera Ecological Park, there would be