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Speaking of which, when the curtain falls, I patted my shoulder.

"To be honest, although I hate to say it, I have to say that your shoulders are really heavy at this time."
When I heard the ending, I thought it was a long breath and then I squeezed out a smile.
"Not as strong as I am."
I have a strong command.
It looks like a word of comfort, but it reflects Fang Xiang’s extreme unwillingness to end, and he opened his mouth and didn’t speak again.
And the car he was driving soon came to the Fantasy Westward Journey Hall.
Looking at the magic capital, this dream westward journey club is located.
Fang Xiang is also full of regrets.
A few years ago, the dream westward journey just rose, and at that time, it once fell to the bottom. Who would have thought that the dream westward journey could still meet the difficulties and was given such attention by the society?
Even successfully entered foreign countries.
Even if these are not mentioned, this is the huge building in front of us. A few years ago, who would have thought that such a building would be a special hall for the Fantasy Westward Journey Competition?
In the final analysis, this reality is due to the official insistence on thanking Suk, Fang Xiang and others for taking the dream westward journey for three times.
As the end of the curtain said, it is really a heavy responsibility to think about it at this moment!
Chapter five hundred and forty-nine Laughter repeatedly
Because people think they are going to the special passage to enter the gate, but no one else has passed by.
And the other party wants to watch it for more than ten minutes before it slowly opens its mouth.
"Almost. Let’s go in."
Nodding his head, Fang wanted to enter the Fantasy Westward Journey Hall together with the ending.
There is still one hour before the semi-final match starts.
Modu airport
Because this competition is held exclusively by Netease, Ding Sanshi also personally rushed to the scene to meet Suk.
Looking at Ding Sanshi and his party coming from the plane, Suk and Wan are both stunned.
"Su Shao has worked hard all the way."
After seeing Suk, Ding Sanshi also smiled and shook hands with Suk, and then smiled at Ah Wan, who was beside Suk, as a greeting.
"Director Ding’s pleasantries are not to mention. The 3s Championship is currently the event with the highest gold content in the history of fantasy westward journey. It is my honor that you can ask me to be the commentator for this kind of competition."
Sook will naturally say pleasantries, and Ding Sanshi will smile again after hearing Sook’s words.
"But really speaking, although foreign countries refused to let Su Shao you old urk participate in the competition, I personally think that the final champion must be the strongest team in our country."
"oh? Is this your personal meaning or the official meaning? "
After hearing Ding Sanshi’s words, Suk showed an intriguing smile, and after seeing Suk’s smile, Ding Sanshi laughed and let out a ha ha, which led the topic to the past.
"Now the teams are already in the hall, Su Shao. Do you think we should go directly to the hall or not?"
"Go directly to the guild hall."
Suk nodded and said
So the group bought two Mercedes-Benz cars and hurried to the Magic Dream Westward Journey Hall.
There is still half an hour before the semi-final.
The Fantasy Journey to the West Hall was already packed, and all the ticket departments were snapped up when they first started selling. This is compared with the previous seating rate of 10% and 90%. It can be said that even when some A-list stars hold concerts, there may not be such a hot scene!
It was also at this time that there was a commotion in the crowd.
Because a few people walked out of the field channel.
And these people will not be strangers if they have dream friends!
Ding Sanshi, the boss of Netease, is at the front, while Suk and Wan are behind Ding Sanshi.
This ranking is also due to Suk’s intention. Before Ding Sanshi wanted to say that Suk should go ahead of him, but this is the official stadium after all. If he really goes ahead of Ding Sanshi, it will definitely cause many malicious people to guess that it is better to let Ding Sanshi go ahead.
Although everyone is familiar with Ding Sanshi, all the commotion points are not around Ding Sanshi, but-
Around that man with strange color behind Ding Sanshi!
"It’s …"
"Brother S … s……sk?"
"oh, my god! It’s brother sk! Can it be said that brother sk will explain the semi-finals and finals? ? ?”
When more and more people see Suk clearly, this discussion will be loud and clear.
And there are more than 100,000 dream friends on the spot, but there are not all the dream friends in the country. There are some dream friends from foreign students and a few who come from abroad to watch the game. When foreign dream friends look at the male figure behind Ding Sanshi, their eyes are also full of light!
This man’s name is sk.
Is a man who once led a dream westward journey!

"You savage woman!" At the sight of the purple rhyme Lin Yu to gas "what are you doing in my house? Did you split me again last night! "

The purple rhyme was originally a little sorry for hurting Lin Yu. Now I see Lin Yu bite a savage woman and her young lady’s temper comes again. "Who let you touch my face last night?" You deserve it if you didn’t kill yourself on the spot! "
The sable, with its fierce purple charm, also squeaked out its sharp teeth to demonstrate to Lin Yu.
"Uh …" Lin Yu finally blushed at the thought of his excellent touch last night. "That I didn’t mean to …"
It’s my fault that I even mean it to a strange girl.
Lin Yu is very sincerely bowed their heads and admit their mistakes.
Seeing Lin Yuken’s mistake of purple rhyme, he pretended to be generous. "Forget it. If you get me, we’ll write it off. Since you’re okay, I’ll leave!"
Seeing this girl leaving Lin Yu, I don’t know what’s going on, but I said, "There are demons outside. Are you all right by yourself?"
Purple rhyme is very proudly pursed mouth "want you to tube! I passed by here and just came here on the orders of my family to destroy the magic! "
"Just you! ?” Although Ziqingyun’s strength is good, if she goes to destroy the magic alone, we don’t know who will destroy it!
Zi Qingyun saw that Lin Yu looked so dissatisfied. "How come no one in your Lins is my opponent? I can’t. Can you?"
You!’ Lin Yu felt that she was kind-hearted. I didn’t expect this girl to be so angry that she was too lazy to pay attention to her. "Don’t be robbed by those magic people when the time comes, and give birth to a lot of little demons!"
You!’ Looking at the purple rhyme, the glaring appearance is obviously going to be angry again. Lin Xiao hurriedly urged, "Purple girl is a child, isn’t she looking at purple girl? Don’t take Yu Er to apologize to purple girl? The somebody else but purple every master granddaughter does have it. "
"Purple home?" Lin Yu one leng "is cangyu mainland seven families a purple home?"
Purple rhyme is full of pride. "Why don’t you like it?"
"Like a big family brother, everyone is this bird virtue …" Lin Yu muttered 1.
Even if the purple rhyme is heard, it will be ignored and turned away. "Wait for me to sweep the inferno near Yun He City!"
As soon as Zi Qingyun left Lin Xiao, he earnestly urged, "Ah, Yu ‘er, people are somehow Miss Zi’s family. Can’t you be polite to others?" Besides, yesterday she refined Dan medicine to heal you, and she was worried that it would be good for you to accompany you for a night if you had a problem. "
Lin Xuan hey hey say with smile "yes purple girl seems good to you four younger brother have a chance! !”
Lin Yu took a white look at the eldest brother and suddenly felt some pain in his stomach and asked Lin Xiao, "Dad, what did you say just now? I took the healing pills. Was that girl refining them herself? "
Lin Xiao blinked puzzled. "Yes, what’s the problem? Purple family is the strongest medicine refining family in mainland China. What’s the problem? "
Lin Yu sallow grunted vigorously, "How can it be no problem? I want to go to the toilet …"
Lin Yu quickly ran to the toilet and ran back and forth five or six times in the morning, which made him whole.
Lying in bed, Lin Yu gnashed her teeth and showed a fierce look. "This damn girl will strangle you if I see you again!"
"Haha, see if you dare to offend the girl!" Purple rhyme out of the Lins’ face immediately show evil drama evil smile "go to the city to hire a mercenary one hundred people when I kill all these demons, and then let them move the demon bodies back to Yun He City to show off a hey hey Chapter 9 silver magic gun.
Lin Yu never dreamed that she looked so beautiful, and a girl was so cruel in discharging medicine.
For two whole days, Lin Yu went back and forth between toilets and rooms until the third day.
Even if his body shura is very strong, he can do everything without invading the medicine.
Because the root of medicine is not poison, the method of restoring vitality can achieve natural defense
"It’s a shame that I let you down with so little medicine." Little Lori’s master was very dissatisfied. "I’ll teach you some ways to control my internal organs early, and nothing can pit you."
Lin Yu is very jealous. "Master, I’m not a refined pharmacist and I haven’t reached my vitality. You can’t blame me!"
The little girl’s master grunted, "Come on, come on, you’d better go and absorb more shura energy before the mountain inferno is cleaned up by that little girl!" You demonstrated shura vitality is derived from my hell. Those shura vitality just give it a big boost. You will know the benefits when hell evolves. "
"Hell? Can it evolve? " Lin Yu jumped up from the hospital bed with great joy. "Okay, I’m going to Yun He Canyon!"
I heard that Lin Yu was going to kill the inferno man Lin Xiao alone, but when Lin Yu said that his mysterious master would also go, Lin Xiao’s heart was much wider.
Although I haven’t met the master in my mouth, Lin Xiao still believes in this master’s ability.
I’m afraid those super-big-family people can’t make their own strength rise so greatly in the short term.
Even so, Lin Xiao handed a ring to Lin Yu. "Yu ‘er has a weapon in it. The matching skill of this weapon is a birthday present from a friend of Dad’s. Now it’s time to give it to you. Drop your blood and this ring will always be yours."
Lin Yu didn’t think much about putting the ring on his hand and then dripping blood on the ring. The ring disappeared from his finger instantly.
Then Lin Yu felt something special, and he was very surprised when he saw clearly what was in it.
The folding of this ring is amazing. Lin Yu himself doesn’t know how many things can be held.
And there are two things so big, a parchment and a heavy gun made of sterling silver.
Lin Yu’s mind moved a heavy gun and went from the object to his hand. "It’s so heavy!"
Lin Yu can barely move this gun, but if he takes it against the enemy, it is simply his own death.
Lin Yu carefully studied the silver gun in his hand and saw a series of strange patterns engraved on the handle of the silver gun. Lin Yu took one look at this pattern and felt as if his soul was about to be taken away by this pattern.

Lingcang looked at Sun Haoda and said, "Aquilaria, you go first and I’ll be behind the house."

Sun Haolai should retreat first and go first.
Sun Haolang said, "The first wounded swordsmen; The second batch of intermediate swordsmen evacuated his swordsmen and arranged with me … "
Ling Cang called "Chen Xiang you?"
Sun Haoda said, "My Lord, you, me, Qi Xin, together with the low-level swordsmen, won’t leave some for me when I leave. They didn’t abandon me. Even if I die in Weidao, I won’t abandon them and listen to my command …"
Lingcang face upwards roar loud, "Good me, Ling Tianjian Sect, will never leave the array and fight to defend the island. At the last minute, killing one is enough to kill two people, so as to get killed …"
Is this killing yourself?
A man with lofty ideals and benevolence survives, but a man who harms others dies.
Sun Hao’s heart moved slightly, and his fighting spirit rose greatly. He laughed and rose from the sky. The agarwood sword "Ding" screamed and rose to the sky. Sun Hao drank violently. "The gentleman died and died, and he was famous for a long time."
Ling Tianjian sent swordsmen to cheer up their swords and shout for great morale.
Every heart surges with this kind of war, a hearty feeling, even if it is to die.
Sun Hao carries his hands and aloes hovering over his head, and he is combative and majestic.
Sun Hao’s eyes swept across the ground. Swordsman Lang said, "Senior Swordsman Yu Gang, please organize the evacuation in batches. Remember that we can give you five batches of brothers at most. When evacuating, the general principle is that the wounded and repairmen evacuate from low to high. Is that clear?"
Yu Gangda, who is organizing the evacuation of the wounded, said, "It is under orders that the first batch of evacuees will be in place quickly. Don’t dawdle. If you are injured, you must go …"
Some wounded people shouted at the sky with boiling blood, "I’m not leaving, I want to advance and retreat with my brothers."
Gao Sunhao’s heart felt the swordsmen’s desperate fighting spirit. Lang said, "The wounded should go first. Don’t hold the brothers back. You can rest assured that Sun Haosun Chenxiang will try her best to bring every swordsman back unless the enemy can step on my body and the first batch will leave soon …"
Many of the 500 wounded were stained with blood and silver armour.
When the light of the array came on again, the wounded couldn’t help kneeling on one knee with their swords in their hands to give the highest sword ceremony to the left-behind Lingtian swordsmen.
Yu Gang quickly organized the second batch of swordsmen to evacuate.
At this time, the fire on the lake has begun to extinguish, and the Lakers soldiers have begun to surround themselves.
Sun Hao shook the agarwood sword in his mouth and quickly shouted, "If the snow first meets the array in front of me, Peng bird’s sword array will move first, and the moonlight sword will get the driving force …"
In this array sword camp, Ji Ruxue organized swordsmen to practice according to Sun Hao’s requirements.
Corleone the words sound just fell Ji Ruxue has a crisp drink "good" with his godsworn Corleone began to pick up ahead.
Sun Hao’s agarwood sword said in one fell swoop, "The crow willow first picks up the array, and the right side picks up the Peng bird sword array, and the right wing moves the wind sword to take the wind, meaning Peng bird speed …"
Ji Tiliu stands out from the crowd. "Tiliu listens to orders …"
Sun Hao, the head of Ji Tuokou, meets the water array on the left and moves the water sword, which means "Kun bird sword array takes Kun Peng’s wings and becomes the left wing"
Ji Manqing’s first head, Sun Hao, took over the sword of benevolence to form a bird’s body.
Behind Sun Hao, the elite swordsman of Ling Cang, his body is breezy, and Liu Jian’s intention is to form a bird’s tail.
As Sun Hao ordered Ling Tian swordsmen to be divided into five parts, Sun Hao quickly formed five swords on the ground.
Five sword arrays tightly surround the sending array in the center, while the weaker monks in the sword array happen to be on the periphery of the sending array.
The greatest feature of swordsmen’s sword array is that a small number of swordsmen can still operate.
Sun Haolang said that "the weaker ones will be sent to him in batches to defend with me."
Five sword arrays echo each other from a distance, and Weidao waits intently.
Lakers soldiers put out the lake fire and rushed to Wei Island.
Sun Hao’s aloes sword flashed on his head and he drank "Dapeng spread his wings and hit me back"
The swordsmen’s morale was boosted, and the five large arrays were driven in unison, and they rushed out of the shock wave vertically and horizontally.
Ma, a Laker warrior who just rushed in, saw the white firm but gentle pouring out from Weidao. Many soldiers didn’t respond, and they were directly pierced by firm but gentle and fell into the Gehu Lake.
Send array lights up Guanghua again and a group of swordsmen send away.
Sun Hao binge drank "Love ties, love bodies, swordsmen return to their places …"
Attack on all sides, four large arrays quickly sensed the position of Xiaoqing Peng’s body, and the horse shrank back again after a sword attack.
Five hundred swordsmen sent Pengniao away, but its size has shrunk a lot, but it is still surrounded and ready for battle.
Lakers soldiers attack again
The agarwood sword vibrates and blesses the fighting spirit, and the bird sword array strikes again in all directions.
The four swords were fighting in the first place, and when the shock wave broke out, the Lakers soldiers were once again pushed back into the Gehu Lake.
Not far from the lake, three giant turtles emerged.
Three Lakers warriors taller than him, many of them were dark and shiny, and one of them was Ke Bi on the back of the giant turtle.
Their eyes tightly focused on the agarwood sword gaining momentum.
After attacking the island for a long time, they already knew that the biggest enemy of the island was the owner of the flying sword.
Now that Weidao is broken, it is necessary to be able to keep the flying sword and the Terran warrior, so the loss in front is acceptable.
At that moment, Sun Hao’s three men floated on the lake, and an enlightenment surged in their hearts, as if they had been firmly locked by three ancient fierce beasts.
Sun Hao’s face smiled faintly.
Three of the Lakers’ five great warriors came in a row, and they paid great attention to themselves. It seems that their battle to defend the island should have hurt them.

Lin Yi saw Dad looking at the door in a trance and asked, "Can Dad have something?"

"No, no," Qin Gumei came to her senses to hide it, and then he took the game in Lin Yi’s hand and said, "You have worked hard to get back all the way, change clothes and eat something, and then give it to Dad."
Lin Yi said, "Then please dad."
Qin Gu Mei took one look at the house and whispered, "Until now, you and Fang Qin’s family are the two veins, and that animal’s frenzied father just didn’t raise him, so you’re left with Xiaofu. You must have a boy and let me have Qin’s family veins constantly …"
Lin Yi smiled and nodded.
Lin Yi washed herself first, changed her clothes and ate something.
Then he left the courtyard and headed for the Chamber.
Halfway through a garden, I saw Xiao Quefeng standing motionless in a corner of the garden.
Lin Yi then walked over.
It turned out that Quefeng caught a big mouse. He tied the mouse with a rope and hung it by its front paws. He watched it struggle desperately. He had been watching it for almost an hour. Whenever the mouse was tired and struggled again, Quefeng stabbed the mouse with a steel needle, and the mouse continued to struggle with a squeak.
Lin Yi looked at the mouse and thought that the child was so withdrawn and eccentric.
Lack of front looked up at the eye Lin Yi and turned his attention to the exhausted mouse.
He said, "Lin Shu, I want to get out of here. I want to find my friends."
Lin Yi knows that besides Su Jiner’s lack of front with him, others don’t say anything, and it’s very difficult to get along with others. He and Su Jiner have gone through these changes one after another and have no time to manage the lack of front, which really left him out.
Lin Yi felt a little guilty. He touched Xiao Quefeng’s head and said, "Do you blame Lin Shu for not teaching you swordsmanship and not accompanying you?"
It was a steel needle in his hand, but the mouse was stabbed again.
The mouse gave a sharp squeak and twitched in pain.
Lin Yi pointed out that the wind hit the mouse and ended its painful fate.
Lin Yi said, "Uncle Lin has had too many things recently, so uncle Lin will ask someone to teach you swordsmanship first. I will teach you when I have it, okay?"
At this time, Taishimin came to the garden and she approached, "Lin Wang, everyone is waiting for you in the Chamber now, and the Duke has arrived."
Lin Yi said to the lack of front, "I have something important to discuss and we will talk about it later."
There is no lack of front.
After Lin Yi and Tai Shimin left the garden, Quefeng took out a small cage from the grass and there was a mouse in it. He grabbed the mouse and tied its front paws to hang it …
Lu Taishi Miner said to Lin Yi, "Wang Lin, when you told us to accompany Quefeng, but this child was really weird and cold. Yesterday, I accompanied him for more than an hour and talked to him in a different way, but since then, he said two words and he was so young, but it made me feel very uneasy. Wang Lin, did you see him torture that mouse?"
Lin Yi didn’t speak to him with a sigh.
The boy who is short of front is really too cold. Lin Yi is very suspicious that his blood is cold.
Lin Yi and Tai Shimin came to the front door of the Chamber and stood two rows of guards.
Seeing Lin Yi coming, one of them shouted "Lin Wang is here!"
Lin Yi and Tai Shimin entered the Chamber, where there were sixty-seven heads of various sects.
On the left are the first elite factions of Huajia, Majia, Taishi, Kongjia, Shengui Island, Flying Tiger Race Historian and broken arrow Guliangjia.
On the right are the leaders and elites of the Huyan Zhou family, the Zuo family, the Zeng family and the South Courtyard.
Su Qinghou sits at the head of the left.

And listen to Zhang Junjie’s meaning. Hu Yonghua also wants to do it secretly. He won’t be arrogant. It seems that he didn’t lose his mind with anger.

Since he dares to do it secretly, Zhuo Qiang can make them suffer a dark loss!
"I’ve thought about it. You see, I came to see you with a bodyguard! You don’t have to worry so much about this matter. There will always be a way to stop it! " Zhuojiang took a bite to eat.
Zhang Junjie really angry "are you kidding? You don’t believe me when I take the risk to tell you this? "
Zhuo Qiang laughed. "You don’t worry, you talk. Of course I believe what I just said. I have already thought about it! But if I say there is a way, there will be a way! But I ask you something. If they want to do something to my parents, you must try to inform me beforehand. "
Zhang Junjie nodded. "Of course, but how do you fight with them? With … "He looked at Liu Xiaolei’s side words and didn’t say anything more.
Liu Xiaolei when didn’t hear is eating vegetables assiduously.
"I said Junjie, you believe me. If they are dealing with me, I really have a way to deal with it. Relax!"
Zhang Junjie looked at ZhuoJiang confident in anger like picked up chopsticks and ate it and stopped talking.
He ate and glanced at Liu Xiaolei from time to time. Is this person so powerful? But no matter how powerful it is, it is weak after all, but there are hundreds of brothers and gangs!
While Zhang Junjie was eating and thinking, there was a big noise on the stairs, but a few people came out of Louyali.
These people are obviously drunk, staggering and screaming at random.
I’ve seen this kind of thing a lot, and everyone doesn’t care. Some people think it’s too noisy and frown slightly.
Zhuo Qiang doesn’t think there is any drinker here. Everyone drinks too much, but it’s really rare for these seven people to drink too much.
However, this matter has nothing to do with yourself, so Zhuojiang looked back and ignored it.
However, just because he ignores it doesn’t mean people will let him go.
"hey! This, this, isn’t that who is outstanding! " A familiar shuffle when couples spend sound to ZhuoJiang this time I frowned.
Zhang Junjie listen to this sissy tone bad favour ask ZhuoJiang "who is this? Do you know? "
Zhuo Qiang and Zhang Junjie were not in the same school when they were in junior high school. He didn’t know Wan Liguo Zhang Junjie.
"A classmate is very unpleasant. A person met a few days ago. Alas, drunkards are difficult! It seems that this meal is not good again today, "said Zhuo Qiang nai.
Zhang Junjie heard him say that he met a few days ago, and it would definitely not be pleasant. There may be friction today.
He wanted to ask a few people to come and help him. When he saw Liu Xiaolei eating and drinking at the table, he dismissed the idea.
Since this Liu Xiaolei can hit several gangsters with murder weapons, it’s definitely not necessary to deal with these young people who are obviously novices.
In addition, Zhang Junjie also wants to see if this Liu Xiaolei is really that good at fighting. If he can’t do it, he will have to persuade Zhuo Qiang to make other plans before it is too late.
Wan Liguo saw that his speech didn’t cause any response. "What’s the matter? Look down on people, don’t you With a bodyguard, even old classmates don’t pay attention? "
Zhuo Qiang turned his face and looked at Wan Liguo. "An old classmate advised you to go home after drinking too much. What do you think of you?" This is also a sincere exhortation that he and the other party have no great hatred and don’t want to make this beam grow bigger and bigger.
Wan Liguo’s image is really not good at this time. The original light is slippery and the clothes are buckled and dropped. I really don’t know what tricks they played when drinking.
"Ah, you also teach me a lesson! Well, I heard that your family is bankrupt, isn’t it? How come there’s still money to eat here? It won’t be a lottery! Ha ha ha … "
Liu Xiaolei, who had been sitting eating, suddenly got up and grabbed him by the collar like that again and gave him up.
"Your mouth is very good? Do you think you speak very neatly? " Say that finish "poof" punched Wan Liguo in the mouth.
Wan Liguo’s mouth immediately became a bloody mass, and a long scream resounded through the whole restaurant with tears and runny nose.
Then mouthful of blood was spit out from his mouth, and it was red all over his body, with blood in it. Needless to say, it wouldn’t be anything but teeth.
"Blare ….." At this time, Wan Liguo could still say that he was sobbing assiduously.
At this time, the young people who were with him remembered that they had begun to stagger. Suddenly, they came like a god and rushed to the boss of Liu Xiao’s 18 pantothenic acid water.
Zhang Junjie looked at these young people and jumped on Liu Xiaolei. Although he had the idea of trying Liu Xiaolei’s weight, he couldn’t sit and watch the play like this.
Zhuo Qiang’s busy hand motioned for him to sit, but he really planned to sit and watch a play.
Zhang Junjie see ZhuoJiang this attitude will no longer intervene, but his body is a step forward from the table, if Liu Xiaolei really can’t, he will have to make moves.
Liu Xiaolei corners of the mouth hung with an evil smile, throwing his mouth "whoops" and screaming Wan Liguo aside, while the people eating next to him had already hid from the periphery to watch the scene of bustle.
The group of young people who drank too much seemed to be crazy about fighting, or maybe they were excited by the opportunity to beat others, screaming and greeting Liu Xiaolei.
Liu Xiaolei is not very interested in these weak children. He looks as funny as children playing house with their fists.
A tall and thin man was kicked out more than two meters away, and a companion behind him was smashed to the ground by him.
With a swing of his arm, two drunks were swept down by him, and a dining table, dishes and bowls were also smashed to pieces.
These people, Liu Xiaolei’s hands, are as vulnerable as paper kites as they are half-vulnerable.


There was a violent roar, but after the explosion, spy and Bilu continued to run.
Because of the spy, the hair was coiled into a circle behind it … The shield resisted the bombardment.
However, Spy and Bilu can’t continue running for too long. Not far ahead, there is a huge rift valley.
This rift should be more than 100 meters wide and deep … I can’t see it clearly.
It is possible to see that there is something huge in the rift valley … It should be a creature. Lin thinks they may be aborigines.
Maybe we can learn more about this place from them …
"What should I do? Veronica! We have fought with them! " See the rift valley than dew immediately turned around … and made a counterattack posture.
At the same time, the second thunder jumped up.
Finally, the spy and Bilu flew away from the rift cliff together.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and sixty-three Called
The height of this canyon may be … more than one kilometer.
If you fall flat from here, you may not be able to save it.
But this time Bilu did not fall flat, but fell a very soft object.
The spy also fell into this place. This place … seems to be the back of some creature.
"wow! Veronica seems to be very flexible here! "
Beecher bounced off the ground and jumped to the spy’s side, while the spy looked at the surroundings …
At present, the location of spy and Bilu is quite like an island, with a diameter of more than ten meters. The ground feels soft and is … dark red.
Lin feels that this is a jellyfish-like creature, and there are still many in this rift valley, and they are all floating around.
These are not cellular creatures. They are numerous … and the ex-Bomber didn’t seem to follow.
In that case, let’s stay here for a while.
"Veronica classmate! This creature is so fun! " Bilu kept jumping here, but it stopped jumping because it almost fell off once.
"It’s so dangerous here, Veronica …" Bilu clutched the creature tightly and said, "Let’s go home quickly."
"Wait a minute" spy decided to stay here and observe these creatures …
Because Lin thought they might be flying high with Qian Lin’s annihilation ship and saw those bubbles.
So it is …
After waiting for a while, Lin found that these creatures were indeed different from bubbles. Looking around, she could see that many creatures were flying together.
First, they fly around in a big circle, and every flying creature secretes and produces a … sticky substance.
They stick these substances together and form a huge bubble as they move.
This bubble is exactly the same as what Lin saw outside, but there is no scenery reflected on the surface, and it should be inside …
It slowly floated to high school and then disappeared from spy view.
Lin thinks that these creatures are the first step in making bubbles. These bubbles will float to other places and something else will add more to it.
I don’t know what the point is …
Bilu was very excited. When the spy told him about the bubble outside, Bilu thought it was like …
In the fairy tale world, there is a world in every bubble of the scene, which is really similar.
So the spy and Bilu continued to observe here … until the second day and night.
Lin thinks it’s almost time to leave here, because the creatures that Bus Man has to feed to collect food are coming soon.
It’s easy to get out of here. You have to wait for this jellyfish-like creature to float near the cliff, then jump over and grab the cliff and climb back.
It’s easy for spy and Bilu … The spy didn’t see the bomber after climbing. It seems that this man has already left.
The spy and Bilu returned to the college smoothly and climbed back along the wall of the college.

Is this a Buddhist? I’ve thought about it, but it’s not Buddhist. What do you want with us? Sang Yu belongs to Taoism, and I belong to Yin and Yang. I really don’t know what it is.

It’s not surprising to see that we don’t understand him and take a deep breath-why do you say that ghosts are fine and take a deep breath? -"Six paths of Penglai Fairy Mountain turn over the ghosts of all beings and re-enter reincarnation.
Section one hundred and forty Penglai sentient beings ghost phase
"Ah, Sang Yu jumped up like a cat with its tail stepped on and even stepped back a few steps. His eyes were full of fear!
Dang got up in a hurry. She dropped the M5, and it was crunchy, but she didn’t pick it up! Pointing to Zhi Guangxiu, "You, you, you, you, how do you know the ghosts of Penglai …"
I’ve never seen a young lady so surprised!
Sang Yu and I have experienced a lot of things together. The nazgul, the troll and the ninja even said that Qiong Qi had seen fear, but everyone had it. But it was a surprise and fear. This was the first time for me to be so rude and stepped on my tail. There was also a gentleman from the Wangs, but this guy heard the noise and something was wrong. After running over to protect Sang Yu, "What’s wrong?" Although surprised, but not scared, I can see that the first thing is that I don’t know about it, and the second thing is that it should be a royal secret, but it’s nothing … damn it!
At this time, I figured out the smell. The half-day wisdom show has always been aimed at Sang Yu and me!
"It’s okay a surprised a at first glance! -You chat with brother Guangxiu and I ask your elder sister something. "I got up and Wang Xi pushed to the front of Guangxiu." You two brothers get together first and don’t bother me. "I pulled Sang Yu behind me.
The fire in your eyes is burning!
Would you like to say it? Anyway, the posture is not willing because of the face or panic. Anyway, Sang Yu and I walked more than ten meters and pulled a little distance from them. "Uh, Sang Yu, what’s going on here? Tell me about it, okay? " I leaned in with my face. "You can’t let me know nothing, can you? If you don’t tell me something, I’ll be ashamed. I don’t know anything … Come on, tell me something. "
Sang Yu was startled by my words. She waved her hand and shook her head.
"Oh, no, no, I really can’t tell you …"
She’s got a bit of a temper recently-I just stare at him with a big smile on my face and don’t talk.
"Oh, don’t stare at me like that … I won’t say anything even if you pretend to be pathetic …"
Keep staring!
"Don’t do this. You make it difficult for me …"
Go on!
"I really can’t … er, my dad will kill me … I’m afraid of you … I can tell you something …" Sang Yu finally couldn’t stand her moaning and said surrender. "This still has to start with the cult of the Five Dooms …"
As mentioned earlier, Wang Jialai’s ancestors were the leaders of Wudoumi Sect in Jiangdong, that is, after the leader of Jiangdong Sect, Zhang Lu’s demotion of Cao was blocked, and the followers denounced that this was contrary to the teachings of their ancestors, so they left the Sect one after another, and the leaders of Wang Jiangdong Sect took the lead in selling the real estate in their home and bought a sea boat and went out to sea.
At that time, the Three Kingdoms were at war, and Zhou Yu wished that hundreds of thousands of believers would split up-instead of stopping it, it helped the Wangs find a big ship, and Wang finally crossed the sea and regained his foothold in Southeast Asia.
The Wangs are a big family, and they have been paying great attention to the situation in the Three Kingdoms at that time. After Ma Chao went to Shu, they had their own plans-they made a copy of Yu Fu-to, the founder of Jiao Zhongbao, and got a backup. After Zhang Lu’s fall from Cao, the real thing changed to Jane, and then they crossed the sea.
Since we’re leaving, we have to get some money to save our lives, right?
Zhang Tianshi handwritten this orphan, although it is not the only thing in it, but after all, it was written by a grandparent. I think the Wangs had a grandparent to order the congregation. As a result, many spells in the dynasty were lost in the Wangs for a long time, and it turned back to Tianshi Daoshen.
Zhi Guangxiu said that the ghosts of all beings in Penglai are the same as those in the manuscript!
Sang Yu is a little vague here. Anyway, it means that the Wangs found their ancestors in the handwritten copy and left a clue. According to the clue, they can find Penglai Fairy Mountain!
Penglai Fairy Mountain? !
Is this thing really there?
It is said that there are ancient altars, and unclean souls can be purified here and re-entered into The six great divisions in the wheel of karma-it is equivalent to a rebirth place for cursed souls such as zombies, blood babies, monsters and ghosts.
In order to achieve lasting life and strength, these things go against the sky by hook or by crook. Although there are loopholes in heaven, their purpose is realized, but they are abandoned by heaven and earth, hated by yin and yang. They have lost three souls and only seven’ o methods to enter reincarnation. Once they are killed, they will disappear. Death is the real meaning!
Heaven will take it; Tian Dao heng ye!
The only salvation is the so-called’ six great crossings’ in the holy land!
Hey, Sang Yu, I’ve learned that it’s better to be ashamed than to be left out in front of our own people, right? I also understand the reason why Sang Yu was surprised-don’t say such a thing, even if I fold and the safe password is known by brother Guangxiu, it is estimated that his face is not much better!
Connected with this section also know how to deal with him "Sang Yu, do you think so? We don’t care about anything. Let’s give this matter to your father or master to get it-they should handle it better than we do.
I don’t want to care about this. I really don’t want to care! Come on, Sang Yu and Wang Xi and I are not too white. This is equivalent to giving several junior high school students calculus exercises to do. Even if you are gifted, you have to have a formula to substitute. Have you finished fooling around?
Sang Yu did think about this problem, even if I didn’t discuss it, she was ready to give it to her father. On the contrary, after I came out, she felt at ease. It is best to keep this secret secret secret and find out the ins and outs at the same time.
At least not with us.
Back in front of Zhiguangxiu, Sang Yu and I are smiling and calm, and ghosts can see that they are much more friendly-don’t say it’s really this ghost. "Penglai Fairy Mountain is still a clue and we haven’t found the real entrance and method. Even if we promise you, we won’t be able to give you six big turns for a while; There is also the fact that we are a little weak in this matter, and we may have to ask the elders in our family to do it … Otherwise, you can tell us what you know first, and it depends on the meaning of your family. "
Zhiguangxiu looked at us for half a day and didn’t speak for a while before he said, "Good!
Is this decision too funny? Come on, I’m going to ask for wild speculations, wait for him to sit on the ground and pay back the money, and then discuss how to win the trust. As a result, he simply agreed-hey, I really don’t know what he thinks!
We smiled in a daze. "It’s not as simple as you think. I have an additional condition …"
Tell me about it. I’m afraid you’ll turn the tables when the big problem is solved.
"I want to follow you."
Although so many things have happened today, some things must have become an immortal ghost world. The biggest difference between ghosts and people, demons and vampires is that there is no body, so there should be an object or another body to ensure that he can’t live without it.
Generally speaking, ghosts’ living possession objects have specific requirements, and they can’t be possessed by taking anything casually, or they can be made alive or have special significance. At the same time, the structure and texture are also particular. First of all, if they have special significance, they will have some kind of spiritual connection with the three ghosts, which is equivalent to the ability of a coded ghost to enter. In addition, the texture meets the requirements, and the ghost seven’ o will not be rejected and weakened after entering.
Things that can meet these two points are generally unusual, and it is estimated that they can have special significance-maybe he is going to ask us to steal an antique from the Warring States period and then let Ya possess it?

An Guohou listened to Su Yue’s words, and his face became more and more smiling. He stretched out his hand and touched Su Yue’s head and said, "Don’t waste your dad’s pain once. Let’s go."

The group left all the way back to their respective places.
However, as soon as Princess Guangyang left Anguohou, she asked her mother to call Su Yue and looked at Su Yue with a serious face. "Do you know if you find out Su Wan’s secret at the first time?"
Su Yue was dumbfounded and puzzled. "What happened to Mom?"
"I asked you to tell me first, not your father. Do you want to tell your father? I’ll decide then."
"Don’t ask so many questions. Just remember when I talk to you. After that, no matter what happens, you should discuss with me first, remember?"
Guangyang infanta stared at her daughter Su Yue Yan Li’s charming face with some clarity. This mother has always been strong and self-centered. It is normal for her to ask for this, but who told her that she is her mother? Su Yue nodded "Good mother, don’t worry."
"Well, you remember that this world is really your good man."
The princess of Guangyang smiled and pulled her daughter to sit. The mother and daughter were talking.
Everyone in Anguo Houfu knows that his silly young lady has lived in Tingzhu Xuan, and it’s still out of Xiangwangdian. I heard that Xiangwangdian intends to marry her own silly young lady. Isn’t that to say that Xiangwangdian likes being a second young lady? Why do you want to marry a big lady now? Is it ordered by Empress De Fei?
At that time, the whole government said that there were many discussions about it.
But compared with the lively listening to bamboo porch outside, it is particularly quiet.
Listen to the bamboo porch, the backyard is more courtyard. Of course, this place is much better than Su Wan’s former place.
However, it is still the westernmost courtyard in the backyard. Su Wan’s mother likes to be quiet, so she chose to live in a place like Zhuxuan.
Later, she died, and Su Wan was also driven out. This place was convenient to place. Later, another aunt and concubine entered the government and became the monarch of Guangyang. She was generous and virtuous, and she didn’t put people in this remote courtyard. Now it is cheaper for Su Wan.
Su Wan showed Yunluo inside and out, but she liked the courtyard. Besides, everything in the courtyard was modest, and many bamboos and plantains were planted in the west corner. In addition, there was a swing. When she saw this swing, Su Wan had some vague memories in her mind. It seems that her mother made it for her when Su Wan was a child.
"Hee hee, this place is really nice."
I was very happy to hear Su Wan touch the carved tables and chairs in the bamboo porch drawing room, with her eyes shining and smiling.
Sitting on one side, helping the king’s palace to roll their eyes, cold hum in my heart, I have never seen the world stupid, even good or bad. What is this called?
He was whispering in his heart that Su Wan suddenly closed his face and smiled. After carefully looking at the drawing room, she quickly turned around and looked at Xiang Wangdian.
"Little Xianggong, do you think there is something missing here?"
King Xiang frowned at Su Wan at once. What does this fool want to do?
Su Wan walked to the side of the drawing room without looking at her arms around her chest, and then reached out and gestured, "There is a lack of a vase, the kind with a vase to arrange flowers smells fragrant. By the way, you can also put a good-looking Jade Guanyin here. If there is an incense burner, I can smell fragrant every day, and there are one by one."
With Su Wan’s words, Xiang Wangdian’s face is getting more and more ugly, and his heart is sinking slowly. It’s more frightening than thinking that this stupidity won’t let him buy something for her. As soon as his thoughts fall, Su Wan’s soft and sweet voice rings in time. "Little Xianggong said that you would be kind to others, so you will definitely send these things to me, right? Why don’t we go shopping in the street? "
Dear girls, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Leave a message today and all of them will be rewarded. Send out moon cakes to collect them …
Chapter 5 A couple made in heaven
Outside Anguo Houfu’s house, a simple carriage slowly sounded cheerful than talking.
"Hurry up, hurry up, I want to buy a lot of beautiful things and come back to decorate. I must dress up my place beautifully." Su Wan said as she turned around and looked at Xiang Wangdian, which seemed to be suffering from constipation. She sneered in her heart, but her face didn’t show it. Instead, she looked at Xiang Wangdian with a face of heart
"Little" xianggong ",you don’t look very good. You’re not really ill, are you?"
Su Wan held out her hand to test the forehead of Xiang Wang Dian, but Xiang Wang Dian quickly gave way to the side and shook her head quickly. "Don’t think about it if Wang is okay."
"Nothing is good." Su Wan smiled happily. She was as happy as the man was in pain, and the torture was just beginning. Isn’t it unwilling to break off the marriage? Then suffer it. She will be interesting to see if he will marry her in the end.
Su Wan thought about her lacy face and rubbed it thoughtfully. She seemed to think of something. She stretched out her finger and said in a businesslike way, "I remember that in addition to buying something to decorate the house later, I have to buy beautiful clothes and look good. I have to buy that powder to wipe my face, because people want to dress up beautifully and let Xiao Xianggong see it."
Su wan said with a shy face, looked at the Xiang Wang Dian and blinked at him. Xiang Wang Dian couldn’t help shaking, but he was glad.
Fortunately, he had instructed the coachman to go to the civilian street in Beijing, where everything was cheap, and many things were imitations, which were extremely cheap. Since the woman wanted to buy something, he would take her there, so that even if she bought a lot, it wouldn’t cost much.

After killing hundreds of forgotten Terrans, the pseudo-dragon floating island suddenly let out a snake roar, and its huge body jumped out for 30 meters. Soon it crossed the floating island and raised its huge tail, which was thrown head-on with a hammer and a tail.

Behind the floating island stands the "Forgotten City", and all kinds of attacks are madly falling towards the pseudo-dragon, like a gorgeous fireworks show.
Unfortunately, the most terrible thing about Pseudosaurus is that it is invulnerable and its only weakness can be protected by a meat fan at its neck.
Moreover, it is not surprisingly defensive, but also powerful and poor, and it has an amazing speed. You know, the speed of the crocodile-toothed turtle running in the water is a little slower than it. The anticlimax attack is so fast that most forgotten Terrans can’t avoid it. This is absolute strength crushing.
Is quickly away from Su Li from time to time looking back at the floating island and the "Forgotten City" fighting at this madness with a pseudo-dragon secretly lose heart.
This pseudo-dragon’s tail attacks this fast, and it is afraid that it will enter the second form of "devil’s muscle" if it is less, which means that most forgotten terrans in this "forgotten city" can’t keep up with this speed.
"Boom" was an earth-shattering noise, and the huge tail of the pseudo-dragon swept the head-on building.
Immediately, the corridor was shattered, and cracks appeared in the walls. A large number of fragments splashed around, and the whole "Forgotten City" shook violently.
The snake swarms from afar finally arrived at the floating island and saw all kinds of snakes and pythons flooded the floating island towards the "Forgotten City".
Although these forgotten Terran ranged attacks are effective against pseudo dragons, it is not difficult to kill these snakes and pythons all over the sky. As soon as the arrows and rains fell, they penetrated and killed a large number of snakes and pythons.
The pseudo-dragon head suddenly jumped out, and the meat fan that protected the head exposed the big mouth of the blood basin.
Head-on a row of glass shattered to pseudo-dragon. There was a car-sized head smashed, and the head-on glass and window reached in. Immediately, three forgotten Terrans were taken from it, and then the head was pulled out, and the huge tail swept across again.
"Boom" loud noise, the window twisted and cracked, the corridor collapsed, and the forgotten Terran screamed in the corridor.
If the pseudo-dragon is crazy and constantly waving its huge tail and slapping it, it will shoot huge cracks in the wall of the "Forgotten City", occasionally hitting its head and hitting one giant hole after another in the building, and taking it away from it, the forgotten Terran will chew it full of blood and flow.
A large number of wall fragments keep falling, and the whole building vibrates violently. It won’t be long before the whole "Forgotten City" will be completely destroyed by the pseudo dragon.
Suddenly, an angry roar rang, only to see a figure jumping out of a window on the top floor. Han was very tall, afraid of being nearly two meters tall, and his hands were clasped with a huge sword nearly two meters long. This giant sword rose with a white cloud-like energy, and the giant sword fell towards the pseudo-dragon, raising its head high and beheading it.
This sword is extremely powerful and stronger than the pseudo-dragon, and it feels that something is wrong. Immediately, the meat fan at the neck will converge to protect the head.
When the giant sword was cut together, the meat fan made a harsh sound, and then it scraped the giant sword all the way along the falling trend. The hard scales of the pseudo-dragon came out of Mars and made a harsh sound.
Although the giant sword can’t cut the snake scale, it leaves a long white mark on the snake scale, which shows that the power of this sword is terrible.
Followed by this giant Han with a huge sword two meters behind him, there is a figure jumping out, but it is a forgotten Terran with a semi-permeable ice crown in her twenties, with an ice stick in her hand.
She put the popsicle in her hands, which was protected by the meat fan.
"Crash, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape,
Does this have to wait for the freezing force of the earth?
The original was far away from Su Li and suddenly stopped the crocodile-toothed turtle. Then he looked at the "Forgotten City" with his gaze. This scene made his eyes show amazing color.
Whether it’s the former giant who jumped with a huge sword and the two-meter giant Han or this one who followed closely with an ice stick and instantly frozen the pseudo-dragon in the ice crown woman, this strength made Su Li move.
These two forgotten Terrans’ strength and verve. Yesterday, he killed the swordsman and the holy marksman.
In addition to the two-meter giant Han and the ice crown woman, there is a third figure followed by the ice crown woman jumping out.
This is a skinny man half dressed in a black armor with a strange bell in his right hand, which is surrounded by a mass of black gas.
When he hit the bell on the pseudo-dragon, this mass of black gas, like the same small snake, wandered away and attached to the huge body of the pseudo-dragon, forming black chains interwoven into a net to bind the pseudo-dragon.
The pseudo-dragon was struck by a giant sword first, then frozen, and then bound by a black chain. Its huge body, which was 30 meters long, suddenly lost its strength to support and pushed the golden mountain down, and fell heavily with a bang.
"Great!" Jiang Shuixuan also followed by seeing the two men and one woman, the three forgotten Terrans, and even the pseudo dragon was beaten and fell to the ground. This scene was very shocking and could not help but exclaim in low voice.
The excitement and cheers of the Forgotten Terran rang out in the Forgotten City. It was full of encouragement and excitement for them. Unfortunately, the excitement and cheers quickly turned into screams. Because of the sudden violent vibration of the fallen pseudo-dragon, the frost on its body surface immediately broke, followed by the lifting of the giant tail, which broke the black chain that bound it.
Once again, the pseudo-dragon raised its head high, and its tail with a huge meat hammer was like a giant whip, and it was severely drawn toward the stronger of the three forgotten terrans.
Two meters giant han, ice crown female, black armored male immediately jump dodge even if they again strong also dare not hard to carry the pseudo dragon giant tail blow.
Their speed is amazing, and they narrowly avoided this attack. The pseudo-dragon roared, and the meat fan at the neck exposed the head of the snake and slammed it.
This time, they couldn’t escape the ice-crowned woman’s fierce rebuke of the ice stick in her hand, but they suddenly saw a huge ice shield rising one after another in the virtual space. At the moment, the five ice shields appeared and blocked the pseudo-dragon.
When the pseudo-dragon hit the giant ice shield, it immediately sounded "Luo Cha" and "Luo Cha", and five layers of ice shields were erected one after another.
The ice crown woman, the two-meter giant Han and the black armored man seized this opportunity and quickly jumped back to the building.
The pseudo-dragon smashed five ice shields, swept its huge tail sideways and slapped the building again. The building was rickety and the wall was broken more and more seriously.
"Let’s stall it and others will retreat immediately-"The two-meter-old giant suddenly yelled at him from afar.

He doesn’t know the price, forget it.

It’s not easy to shoot yet
By comparison
It’s more realistic to grab mobile phones, wallets and watches!
in this regard
Olga’s face still looks cool and satisfied.
Seat said some.
"I like this place, this custom."
Say it.
In the driver’s puzzled eyes
He directly hit the locked car door and went to it, leaving it behind.
at this moment
The driver was immediately furious and wanted to shout when he felt that he was being treated as the car door was locked.
"You …"
Holding a gun in his hand, he immediately wanted a gun.
But before he finished those moves, his face and body, which were a little lean, swelled up as if they were quickly inflated.
"poof ~"
Like a balloon leaking.
His eyeballs were first squeezed out by high pressure, and then the brains of various organs came out from his mouth, nose, eyes and ears one after another.
All kinds of foul-smelling plasma filth.
in the twinkling of an eye
Filled with the whole taxi department
Let it become a closed pool of blood.
Only a whole human skin floats
Let the whole alley be filled with a kind of silence, fear of silence and fear …
And Olga, who had already taken a taxi, had already walked out of the quiet alley and came to the busy street. He looked at the well-dressed white-collar workers on both sides of the street and looked at the tramps, addicts and gangsters in every corner of the street.
Same street
Heaven and hell are close at hand but organized.
to tell the truth
Olga likes this feeling very much.
Although it still tastes a little worse.
But the sense of disorder is already there.
If a few more alien spacecraft bomb the streets in a circular way and a few cannibals show their cooking skills on the spot and everything is still in order, then the taste will be moderate.
When the time comes, he will also give a little blessing here.
But unfortunately.
The purity here is not enough
You need more exercise …
Those passers-by were surprised to see Olga, a person who is expensive to wear at first sight, walking out of a remote alley alone.
Jietou alley
Gotham is not a good place to go in and out.
If you are not careful, someone will ask you for money, and please try your fist.
From time to time
It will be pulled out of two bodies …
Even if Gotham people are used to the big scene so early, they are not too surprised after all.
In the eye
More curious about the devil’s corner above Olga’s head.
I think each other’s headdress is very innovative and special.
Has a different aesthetic feeling.
It can be said that Olga is still so maverick
Although it has become a human form, it has not completely changed …
Two hours later.
With a scream from the cleaner
The taxi in the alley was finally found abnormal.
After the alarm, the cleaner was also left with a psychological shadow that he would never forget all his life
By the way, the other party has automatically infected all horror movies since then …
Of course, although the Gotham police are well-informed, the beach stuff in the taxi is clean and tidy, which makes them vomit in their consciousness.
Many police officers have the idea of retiring on the spot.
Even the famous [Gotham Police Department] [Director James Gordon] was born with physical discomfort after visiting the scene.
"Oh … Xie Te …"