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When’ tis once spoken, Nanrong Magic froze and looked at the white frozen thing in his bowl and turned white.

The baby didn’t notice it at all. He continued to point with chopsticks and said, "And this dish is a golden yellow strip. It’s called Shengyang Shenqiang! Can you guess what the scorching sun is made of? Hey hey, let me tell you, it’s a dog whip! " Said the chopsticks to stir up one. "This is a rabies dog whip, and it is quite good for men to cut it in estrus!" "
Muyang is listening to the rise, although I don’t know what the baby said, but I think it’s very funny, so I put a piece of it in my hand and took a bite to chew it up.
"And this," said Meimei, who picked up a spoon and gently scooped the red soup in a big white porcelain bowl in front of a scorching sun. "This is a good thing! It’s called Phoenix Blood Soup, and it’s a soup cake made of women’s blood. Pay attention! It’s menstrual blood! The nutritional value is quite high! "
The scorching sun looked at the baby with wide eyes and looked at himself again. He had already drunk half of the phoenix blood soup in the spoon before his end, and suddenly he vomited and choked a mouthful of the phoenix blood soup, which gushed out from his nostrils.
"What are you excited about?" The baby shook his head and pointed to a dish not far in front of Nan Rong Phantom. He turned his head and asked Nan Rong Phantom, "Do you know what this is?"
South glory magic pale quickly shook his head stay leng shook his head again.
"Hey, hey, this is pork!" The baby happily announced the answer.
South glory magic show a sigh of relief, shoulders a loose body all heap soft to some consciously touched the belly-he just ate a lot of this dish.
Of course, the reaction is exactly the same as that of Nan Rong and the scorching sun.
"Is this dish delicious?" I didn’t expect the baby to say it again. "It’s called reincarnation meat. Is it particularly soft and delicious when you eat it?" That’s because these pork have been eaten in the stomach and then ruminated for a while! Xu Shu said that the best thing to soften the meat and tendons is the stomach acid. He asked someone to eat these delicate raw pork in his stomach first, let the stomach acid soften for a while, and then spit it out. After cooking, it became a delicious food! "
Nan Rong’s magic has been shaking, and his neck is shaking. He slowly turned his head and looked at the scorching sun. The scorching sun has long been completely dumbfounded. The root of the soup spewing phoenix blood from his nostrils forgot to wipe it. It looks like a big nosebleed in the scorching sun, and his mouth is also dying.
"There will be this! Look, it’s almost eaten up by the scorching sun! " Baby Long got up and took a few steps around the table on the other side of the hot sun, pointed to another crimson porcelain bowl on the table, and gently touched a bowl of white sticky porridge with his fingertips and said, "This dish is called elite Quan Cui! Don’t drink it as porridge. Taste it carefully, but it is tiger, bear, cow, horse, sheep, pig, monkey, mouse … These male animals’ semen and saliva are painstakingly refined together! But these dishes are extremely delicious! "
Yang night has been absent-minded, ordering food with chopsticks, and then putting his mouth on his head, carefully relishing the feeling of deja vu and familiarity here.
He could see the baby in his eyes, and he was talking happily around the table in front of him, but he didn’t catch his mind at all. It was as if he were in a soundproof room
But suddenly "bang" a loud noise shocked Yang Ye from his paranoia. It was an earthquake! Quickly lifted up his eyes and looked around.
To his surprise, the baby was surrounded by Nan Rong Phantom, and he was anxiously asking about something. But Nan Rong Phantom had cried and leaned against the back of the chair, and his eyes were dripping with tears as if he had been hit hard.
Muyangzheng still eats the rising roots and doesn’t care about everything around him.
What about the scorching sun? Yang night saw a circle and didn’t see the scorching sun man! When he got up, he found that the scorching sun had fallen back with his butt chair. The loud bang was caused by the heavy weight of the scorching sun.
Yang night quickly got up and walked quickly to the hot sun and squatted anxiously asked, "What’s the matter? Hot sun! Are you all right? "
The scorching sun looked pale, his eyes were glazed, his nostrils were bleeding with phoenix soup, and he slowly raised his finger to the desktop and said, "The dishes … those dishes …"
"Poisonous food? !” Yang night’s first reaction was that everything was so weird when he came to Baobaolong’s house. At this time, he saw that Nanrong Magic and the scorching sun were both like this, and Yang night naturally became suspicious of this.
The scorching sun hesitated and asked, "Did you eat those dishes, Chibi?"
Yang night doubt think a little bit "eat a little what’s the matter? Is the toxicity very fierce? "
The hot sun frowned and grinned and cried. "It’s so fucking fierce!" Said a tightly hold Yang night hand "you also eat I won’t tell you all this red Bi you let me go …"
Talking in the hot sun, my hands were loose and my eyes were open. wait for a while looked at the ceiling and kept shaking and shaking, doing vomiting again and again
Yang night nasty fierce got up and pointed to the baby long there shouted "baby long! What the hell is going on here? !”
Baby long is also a face of anxiety and injustice. He looked up at Yang night and didn’t speak. He continued to bend over and touch Nan Rong’s phantom chest and earnestly comforted and asked.
Yang night was about to send out when I suddenly saw Muyang returning to the table to eat incense! At that time, I was stunned and thought about how Muyang was fine if it was poisonous. Is it his Xia nationality’s identity ability or the ability of the poison body to resist poison?
"Xiaozheng, how are you?" Yang night in the previous step pulled MuYangZheng a hand.
Muyangzheng looked up at Yang night and smiled "Brother is delicious"
Yang night looked at Muyangzheng with amazement and took a step to the south glory illusion and asked in a low voice, "What happened to the south glory illusion? Is there something wrong with the food? "
Nan Rong, with tears in her eyes, wrinkled her nose and was about to speak when she glanced at the baby around her. The horse changed her tone and said softly, "It’s not the food, it’s me. My stomach is too fragile. I despise it!"
Yang Ye was relieved to hear Nan Rong’s illusion, but he was still puzzled by the pain shown by the scorching sun and Nan Rong’s illusion, so he looked up at the baby and continued to ask, "What is the situation of the baby? What’s wrong with your dishes? "

"Art is always for the broad masses of the people, who not only need political guidance, but also have their own artistic pursuits. These have nothing to do with class struggle, but aren’t they important for our society?

Great attention should be paid to the critical inheritance of previous dynasties, not only to criticize their crimes of exploiting and oppressing the people, but also to inherit some good things, such as family feelings, moral sentiments and the spirit of fighting at all costs when facing foreign enemies. Should we give up? "
Zhao Xirui’s speech was very eloquent and said a lot of people who had doubts about it.
So Zhao Xirui presided over the drama troupe and selected the story of thirteen soldiers returning to Yumen to create a play and arrange a new play on this story.
When time is tight, Zhao Xirui takes the lead, and everyone musters all their energy. One hundred and twenty percent of the spirit is put into the work.
Chapter 144 Thirteen Soldiers Return to Yumen
Zhao Xirui chose this story not only because of the feelings of home and country, the bloody battle and the tragic tears, but also because there was an unnamed female participant in it.
After the car driver, the king and the ancestors were Han Chinese. She missed the national conditions and secretly supported him to stick to it with Geng Gong and others’ information and food.
Although she didn’t leave her name, what she did can also be praised.
Zhao Xirui personally participated in the scriptwriter and director’s work, and made a very important contribution to the rehearsal of this play. He also publicized it through the Renaissance Association, and advertised that the Renaissance Women’s Subordinate Drama Troupe was going to perform a play. Welcome to watch it.
The announcement of the Renaissance Association was very powerful, and soon the whole people in Zhongdu City knew the news, but they were not too white about what drama was.
At this time, the story of thirteen soldiers returning to Yumen played a great role.
With the upsurge of the western regions, many people don’t know what drama is, but since it involves the stories of the western regions, they are still willing to go and have a look.
Anyway, it won’t hurt to take a look at it for free.
Su Yonglin, the choreographer of Zhao Xirui’s efforts to promote "Thirteen Soldiers Return to Yumen", strongly supported Su Yonglin to watch and join in the last rehearsal before the performance with senior officials of the court and the main cadres of the Renaissance Association.
And then gave a quite good evaluation of this play.
Zhao Xirui has a good foundation in historiography. Earlier, she was in the home front, and the longest view was history.
After reading this play, she also made a surprise visit to the history, learned about the background of the times and consulted some historians in the Department of National History, which did a good job in restoring history.
Then the actual director Zhao Xirui also did a good job in setting, actor selection, lines, transitions, props and so on.
Because Geng Gong and others fought in the western regions for more than a year and experienced four seasons of hardship, Zhao Xirui also focused on showing the passage of time.
When the summer sun shines brightly, the actors will take off most of their clothes and put on leather armor to perform.
To show the bitter cold in winter, actors need to wear thick clothes and find catkins to serve as snowflake fans to shake the wheel to create a large air volume to show the cold wind and so on.
In rainy days, the amount of water sprayed from the ceiling of the performance platform is from small to large, and finally it reaches the simulation state of pouring rain.
You Genggong took advantage of the stormy night to attack the Xiongnu barracks, and I don’t know how much water Zhao Xirui got. All the actors showed the strong expressive force of the stormy night desperate fight scene just like a drowned rat.
In addition, they also prepared large-scale props such as sand, stones, loess city walls, etc., and tried to demonstrate the difficulties and obstacles that Geng Gong and other Han Dynasty soldiers struggled to support.
Of course, such a successful rehearsal of this play needs special thanks to the help of the samurai guards.
In order to perform the play well, Zhao Xirui found Su Yong and asked him for help, so Su Yong sent several samurai guards officers to help Zhao Xirui train actors and let them know less about how the real army defends the city and fights hand to hand.
After the last "live-fire" rehearsal, Su Yonglin took the lead in standing ovation, and the officials and cadres joined the actors and founders to warmly applaud their professionalism and treat them to a big meal out of their own pockets.
With Su Yonglin, it is certain that the theater members will be high-spirited and confident. On the evening of May 15, the tenth year of Hongwu, a stage was set up at the corner of the bustling street to formally perform this performance destined for history.
Su Yonglin took a little time that night to pack a tea room on the top floor of the teahouse in the south corner of Taitung, and watched this performance that will surely go down in history.
From the bustling audience to the crow, to the crying, and finally to the tsunami-like clapping and shouting of Su Yonglin.
An hour later, when the performers made a curtain call, the audience clapped and shouted from the bustling street to Jiefang Street, which surprised the street diners and made them wonder what happened here.
After that, things will be natural.
After the performance, the audience watched the performance, and the tap water strongly recommended the performance to people around them, saying that it was a new performance that they had never seen before and brought them a new shocking experience that they had never seen before.
Many people who haven’t seen it are very curious about it.
There are also some people who didn’t go to a better viewing position for the first time and seized the position. They regret that they have gone too far and don’t have the best viewing angle. Seeing the wonderful performances of the actors is very strong and they want to watch it again.
So they went to the gate of the women’s department of Fuxing Association to petition or went to the public consultation room to respond to the workers inside, hoping to know when and where a performance would be held and whether such performances could be held more often.
Because the response was too enthusiastic, the staff of the public consultation room had to report this matter to the palace and let Su Yonglin know directly.
Su Yonglin was very happy to tell Zhao Xirui about it after knowing it.
"This battle is really beautiful. What are you going to do when I get chess from the Queen’s Temple?"
Cherish core zhao quite proud smile.
"Why? A single spark can start a prairie fire, but you told me that now a single spark has become necessary to tour the country step by step, and everything will be achieved. We want to see what it looks like, and I want to make the women’s drama troupe famous throughout the country! "
Zhao Xirui said that action follows the craze of the western regions. The drama Thirteen Soldiers Return to Yumen caused a fierce response at one time, which caused a drama frenzy.
In the next few days, in response to the people’s desire to watch the drama, the drama members performed "Thirteen Soldiers Return to Yumen" twice every day after sunset, which exhausted their energy.
But it can’t satisfy more people’s desire to see a play.
The people’s feelings consulting room still keeps receiving responses such as "I went late and didn’t even have a place to stay" and "I couldn’t hear the actors clearly because I was too far away"
These circumstances fully prove how popular this new performance drama is.
Chapter 1449 Both watch drama frenzy
In order to comply with the people’s desire to watch the drama, Zhao Xirui asked the women’s department staff to help the drama members to liberate the street corner and set up a drama stage of the same scale.
One night was divided into two performance groups, and each group performed twice, expanding from two performances to four performances.
In order to let more people see that they will have another performance, we will persuade the audience to give up their seats to those who have not seen it, so that more people can enjoy the experience of watching the drama.
Nevertheless, it is difficult for the drama troupe to satisfy the desire of more people to see the performance, and some people are not satisfied with watching it once.
Limited by the technical conditions and the shortage of actors, the performance efficiency can no longer be high, otherwise it will be a huge burden for the actors.

Some cubs can successfully repel arthropods, but many of them are caught by arthropods and tear their bodies … screaming and falling to the ground. It’s like a war, and many lives are disappearing. It’s the so-called’ dragon life is fleeting like a dream’ to shape them. It’s perfect.

These young roots have never experienced real life, but Lin is a little strange about their number. If the creator keeps attacking like this, their number should be less and less. Why are there so many? Do creators still breed white skeleton dragons to increase the number of these cubs?
However, the purpose of nightmare attack is obvious. It is to cultivate these cubs’ fear and hatred of arthropods. The shape of those arthropods is estimated to be designed according to the arms of the Atlantean ethnic group
Just as the Yates want to stop the creator from appearing, the creator is also very hostile to the Yates, and they have been fighting for a long time.
"Maya" thought of Lin and said to the brain worm, "Look at the black sky … destroy it."
"Roll!" As soon as the brain worm heard it, it immediately turned into a light, which was much bigger than a’ nightmare’ and slammed away. This light was dazzling enough to attract the attention of the whole city’s young children. They all looked here in surprise and watched this light crash into a’ nightmare’ in the sky.
Boom!’ When the small body of the brain worm hits a huge object of 100 meters, a loud noise also roars. The nightmare is that the body is directly penetrated by this light, and the darkness of its body is slowly swallowed up by the light …
In a few seconds, the 100-meter huge body has dissipated, and the light has been restored again, as if nothing had happened before …
The cubs are all stunned to see all this. Lin has heard that they have never really repelled nightmares, and don’t say that they can’t even touch them. What they can do is that they are alive in the attack of arthropods.
But the nightmare is turned to ashes in this moment, which is something they think is impossible.
Although it’s not surprising …
There are no rules and restrictions in the dream world, and whoever has strong brain waves can control all this and change all this.
The nightmare was shattered by the brain worm, and the day after tomorrow, it finally responded. The whole day, the clouds roared and the silver light shone inside, which seemed to symbolize the creator’s anger. It had discovered the situation here …
A flash of lightning struck the brain worm, and then it suddenly burst and exploded. The flash of lightning shocked the whole city, and the black arthropods left in the city also dissipated at this moment.
When all the cubs saw this scene, they immediately fell to the ground and recited the name of the creator.
It seems that the creator appeared like this before? All the cubs will worship at this time … By the way, it suddenly occurred to Lin that the phenomena such as "Creator stone creates life" and "mud creates white skeleton dragon" in the slate are all seen in dreams?
So … Maybe those memories were not written by imagination alone, but they saw the’ real’ scene …
"Small measure pathetic trick you hurt me" burst into light and saw that the head worm’s body was shrouded in a layer of brilliance, but the flash didn’t hurt it …
"Fool, you will fly to Star Tumbler!" In front of the brain worm, a ball of light condensed, and the ball soared at an extremely high speed. With a loud bang, the sky clouds were actually punched with a big hole by the brain worm!
Brain worms are used to doing these things in dreams, and now they are very skilled at fighting …
Goo …’ At this moment, there was a loud noise in the sky. Before seeing it, the head bug made a big hole and instantly closed it back. At the same time, the whole day was pressed towards the surface!
"Sadly stupid!" Looking at the collapse of the sky, the head worm is not afraid that it will turn into a light again and directly slam into the clouds. The whole head worm hit the sky and was pushed back!
However, it seems that the strength of the brain worm is still a little short. After being pushed back a little, it will be pressed again, but the brain worm can support it to slowly drop.
It’s really incredible. I didn’t expect that brain waves can directly compete with the creator. Although it is weaker than the creator, it doesn’t mean that it is weak enough to be defeated in an instant …
And those babies in the city, they look at the sky as if they don’t know what to say. Their knowledge roots can’t explain the current situation. They can watch all this in wait for a while …
At this moment, Lin seems to feel the creator’s emotion … anger! Suddenly, there was thunder, thunder, wind, trees, houses and babies were blown, and a strong tornado came into being. It whirled behind the head worm with a strong momentum …
Bang!’ Suddenly, there was a flash, and the tornado was suddenly hit by a flash, and the fluffy ball figure appeared where the original tornado was. The cubs suddenly fell back to the ground.
If the brainworm can create competition, what will happen if you add fluffy balls? Will the creator be destroyed?
Boom!’ The fluffy ball also turned into a light and directly hit the clouds. Two powerful forces collapsed and the sky was pushed back!
"that end of the fool’s day has come, and you will roll a tiny light spot in the star forever and never recover. this is the price for you to make Montezuma as stupid as you!" The brain bug made the creator more angry while making a force impact!
At the same time, the pompoms also strengthen the brain wave output. This piece represents the slow collapse of the creator and the sky, and there are huge cracks in both the clouds and the surrounding light …
These cracks are getting more and more, and eventually it is like a broken wall, which is generalized into several powders.
There was darkness after the breakup. There was nothing in the darkness …
"Create … the creator?" The white-boned dragon cubs who would have been in a daze saw the sky disappear, and they made an incredible sound, "How can they create anything?" What? Ga ah ah ah? "
Although these white skeleton dragons don’t seem to understand the situation just now, because the sky represents the’ creator’, when they see the sky disappear, the creator disappears …
Creators are indelible’ creatures’ in their minds, which is hard for the white skeleton dragon to accept, and it drives them crazy …
But … Did Lynn win? No, obviously, it’s not just the sky, here, on the ground, and everything that represents the creator’s victory if he destroys them all …
"You won’t win …"
Just when Lin thought so, it was a dark day, and suddenly several spots appeared, which lit up the whole day like stars …
"I won’t fail"
The star echoed with the creator’s voice.
"You will die, just like other creatures on land …"
When the creator said this, the ground suddenly changed into another landscape. The original city and wasteland disappeared and became a land covered with jungle …
Lynn noticed that this land … seems to be a dinosaur continent? And there are many creatures in the jungle. They are all arthropods.
Is this the foreground?
Suddenly, all the plants and arthropods on the ground changed. Plants slowly withered, leaves fell and arthropods fell to the ground. Their bodies slowly rotted and were swallowed up by the earth.
Their remains soon grow new plants and new creatures. Those are reptiles.
"devour them and create them."
Suddenly, reptiles and a large number of plants rotted and withered the whole continent, leaving debris and bodies, and their bodies appeared a creature that Lin had never seen before …
Is this … the creator wants to’ create’ something for the first time?

"What should I do?" At the same time, the three people questioned themselves and saw from the strange expression on each other’s faces that they were also in a heart struggle.

"Why don’t we discuss Lin Yu’s body and things after the three of us jointly kill him temporarily?" Full moon castle Chihiro is a businessman who first came up with a way to share benefits. "Maybe there is more than one small artifact!"
"Well, that’s the decision!" Liu Yijian agreed, and at the same time, he added the standard of three people hitting the gap. "Can the three of us hit the gap and pass the size of one person?"
"Good deal!" These three people don’t sign any agreements to bind each other.
With such a strong body, if one party breaches the contract, the other two will definitely join hands to deal with it without hesitation, and they are also afraid of who will go back on his word.
Of course, they all have another idea in their hearts, but they just don’t say anything to anyone
"Lin Yu, we have hit the gap. You can escape now!" Ryukyu and sword toward Lin Yu said sullenly.
Detect the gap of the three people is exactly the same size. Lin Yu is full of sneer. "I can’t believe that three people will join hands with me. Lin Yushi is too good. Anyway, no one else here knows that the three of you will join hands to kill me and carve up my artifact. Isn’t this easier? If I guess wrong, all three of you must be thinking that I can escape from you, so that whoever catches me can escape for the first time, right? Haha! "
The three men, who were told by Lin Yu, became angry from embarrassment and said, "Lin Yu will die if he escapes or not!"
"Okay, I’m leaving. Haha!" Lin Yu jumped, and his figure suddenly flew towards the gap of three people at the same time!
These three people are the strongest people in the mainland, but they can’t tell which one is Lin Yu, because the three figures are exactly the same!
"death!" Three people also don’t care which one is true, at the same time, the gap will be filled.
"poop-poop" three rings three Lin Yu burst into blood fog at the same time!
If three Lin Yu are gone, everyone will feel cheated, but all three Lin Yushen have fallen out of the treasure, which makes the three of them stunned.
A Lin Yushen fell out of a black-and-white plate. There are two kinds of vitality flowing in this black-and-white plate. At a glance, Chihiro can see that this is to make his family’s three pale and strong people suffer!
Another Lin Yushen broke out with a blood-red sword, which Zhong Tian recognized as the magic sword that collided with his own sword.
The third Lin Yushen’s explosion is naturally Lin Yu’s iconic weapon, the silver-striped magic gun.
At the same time, each of the three men got a Lin Yu treasure, and there was a temporary short circuit in his brain, so Lin Yu died?
"Hoo!" Just when the three people were distracted and loosened, another Lin Yu drilled from the ground and flew through the gap!
"Where to escape!" Three people at the same time a force bang Lin Yu body exploded again.
As Lin Yu’s body exploded, several SPAR spilled all over the floor to see three old guys see things in a blur.
"So many spar!" They roughly counted that there were about four hundred billion SPAR!
The three men looked at each other again for half a day without talking.
This time, they chastened their spirit and scanned it for a week and found that there was no Lin Yuyuan’s soul fluctuating, so they safely blocked it.
Looking at the ground SPAR or Chihiro took the lead in saying, "He treasures the three of us and each of us gets one of these SPAR, and we also divide them up in three equal parts."
For these people who have lived for tens of thousands of years, no eternal enemy has eternal interests.
Before so many spar, they are naturally willing to temporarily put grievances together to divide the interests.
Three people will quickly Lin Yu broke ground SPAR carve up and then left here contentedly.
Underground old lizard long relieved "master wow scared me to death! Fortunately, old lizard, I have this ability to hide all the breath, otherwise we will all be finished. "
Lin Yu patted the old lizard on the shoulder in recognition. "Good, good, you have made great contributions this time. I will definitely find a female lizard for you when you return to Cangyu mainland."
The old lizard cried the supercilious look and turned himself to hide beside the depressed.
"Lin Yu, you gave them all your treasures and spar. What will you do?" Liu Yunfei said with a worried face, "Don’t you need spar very much?"
Lin Yu hey hey say with smile "those guys haven’t seen a real artifact have nothing to worry about? They’ll know what’s going on when the spar passes, haha! "
Liu Yunfei knew that the three giants in the mainland of heaven had been fooled by Lin Yu.
This man is really unfathomable. No wonder Cangyu mainland can get along so well.
"Go, they will soon find that they have been cheated. If they don’t go, they can’t go." Lin Yu’s figure flashed and he slipped away from the ground with the help of Ouyang Xiu.
Ryukyu sword originally got Lin Yu comparable artifact silver magic gun is going to bring back Ryukyu heart sword clan to study hard for mass production of this weapon, but his face is not crazy.
Just now, he carved up the spar and turned it into an ordinary little stone in just a few seconds. Chapter 516 Look back.
See yourself get SPAR department turned into a small stone son ryukyu sword immediately dark call bad hurriedly take out his silver magic gun and study it carefully.
I don’t know if I’m shocked at first glance. Where is this silver-striped magic gun? It’s just an iron bar with a spear head!
Although the appearance is exactly the same as that of the silver-striped magic gun, the material of this gun is very general. Where does it feel like silver when it was first started?
"What’s the matter?" Ryukyu and sword it’s hard to believe that he should be cheated by Lin Yu. With luck, he hurried back to see if he could find Lin Yu and catch him.
When Ryukyu and Sword returned to the place where Lin Yu was trapped, Zhong Tian’s old man and Moon Castle Chihiro arrived at the same time.
Three people looked at each other, even if there is no communication also white what is going on.
The three most powerful people in the mainland of the sky were cheated by a small one!

"Hehe, no one forced you to help. If you want to come, you don’t want to get out. If you don’t contribute, you want to get the best of Jiuxinlian. If I don’t see it, I will kill him first. You don’t have to doubt it!" Ji Shuang’s face was slightly heavy, and the sound penetrated the whole canyon.

"Hey!" This time, the monk had something to say, and at this time, the swallow mountain beast seemed to understand Ji Shuang’s words and suddenly became angry. A scarlet eye looked at Ji Shuang, but it contained a trace of fear.
"Evil beast, I know that you can understand what we are talking about, so just leave, or don’t keep this nine-hearted lotus and put your life in it!" JiShuang fearless look at swallow mountain beast big said
"Hey!" Swallow mountain beast smell speech is clearly understood JiShuang words suddenly roars towards JiShuang immediately.
"Again, if you want Brother Jiu Xinlian, you must do it. Otherwise, if you want to get your hands on Jiu Xinlian, you will step over my body!" See swallow mountain beast running towards her, her face flashed with a dignified and heavy, and her body was swept out immediately after saying 1.
"lang Taosha!"
Ji Shuang’s face greeted the beast’s hands, and the majestic fairy force swept through and turned into a shape. After lang Tao surrounded him, he suddenly emitted a little golden gravel light.
Bang bang!
The swallow-mountain beast swallowed the shape of Langtao in this way, and then Langtao formed a great force, and the swallow-mountain beast’s mouth exploded with a lang, but the swallow-mountain beast did not move.
Ji Shuang’s facial expression changed, and his figure flashed quickly. This was the first time he contacted him. Only then did he find that this mountain-swallowing beast was stronger than expected. After many figures flashed aside, she offered a drum-shaped object in her hands and drummed.
"Together, we may help Ji Shuang to kill this mountain-swallowing beast, and we still have a chance to get nine hearts lotus. It’s not worth it to scrape some fur from this mountain-swallowing beast!"
"Yeah, let’s go together, or don’t talk about nine hearts lotus. If you don’t help then, you want to get benefits, for fear that the first one will be killed by Ji Shuang!"
"What can you gain from seeking nothing in wealth and danger? If you believe too much in the pie, your brain will break! "
"When the mountain-devouring beast dies, everyone will definitely fight for the nine-hearted lotus. Then maybe we can fish in troubled waters!"
Many monks saw Ji Shuang’s hand, and soon someone was moved. If they didn’t make a hand, they wouldn’t get anything, and if they didn’t make a hand, if they wanted to find out the benefits, they would lose their lives. It seems that they have a better chance than helping to kill the mountain-swallowing beast.
So in a short time, people or others incited or figured it out by themselves, and about half a minute later, more than 100 people rushed over.
And when I saw some hesitant monks before and after others, I couldn’t help it at this time. The temptation of Nine Heart Lotus was immediately rushed away one by one.
"We also!" Du Yun paused after watching a scene and said, "Don’t disperse. After this mountain-devouring beast is killed, they will definitely become chaotic. Then I will be responsible for robbing Jiuxinlian and you will hold together until I come back!"
"Just be careful in that line, and you can rest assured that you will rob Jiuxinlian!" Li Mao nodded first, and then others nodded one after another.
"Then it’s not too hard to kill everyone. So many people hunt a Warcraft. Don’t say that it is not equivalent to our human beings’ fourth-order cultivation. Even it can’t resist so many people hunting for the first place. Remember!" Du Yun sound charged again to see the people nod this just rest assured.
"Raytheon possessed!"
Now that I have decided to come to Du Yun, I will no longer hesitate to move my mind. Raytheon’s possessed lighter will be put to use, and then his body will be covered with a layer of armor interwoven with dark blue thunder. As soon as the armor is formed, Du Yun’s eyes will be straight and he will go straight to swallow the mountain beast’s jaw.
Swallow the mountain beast was besieged by more than two hundred monks, even if it is powerful, it can’t help but feel the pressure at the moment. Suddenly, it roars and sounds all over the gorge for nine days. Chapter two hundred and thirty Slay the swallow the mountain beast.
The mountain-swallowing beast was besieged by more than 200 monks. Even if it is powerful, it can’t help but feel the pressure at the moment. Suddenly, it roars and sounds all over the canyon for nine days.
Ji Shuang also breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Du Yun and others rushing to the heart one after another. He said that whoever he was most afraid of in the field would not make moves was Du Yun. If this enemy turned against him now, it would definitely have a serious impact on his plan to win nine hearts.
Good Du Yun, as he imagined, is not the kind of fool who won’t pretend to be deep at this time and know that he must be safe before he can cure the truth
After Du Yun’s hand, when Raytheon possessed the lighter, Ji Shuang also instantly felt that Du Yun’s strength was not momentum or strength, which made him somewhat worried.
It’s not his expectation that Du Yun will be killed like a dark horse when he comes here, but he’s not depressed. If he wants to compete with him for nine hearts, we’ll have to see who is better!
"Ring tone!"
After figuring this out, Ji Shuang no longer hesitated. The drum-shaped utensils in his hand were shaken up by him, and after a light drink, the drum-shaped utensils gave a strange sound wave and went straight to the swallow mountain beast.
"ouch!" The physical defense ability of the swallow mountain beast is amazing. Even if more than 200 monks attack him together, they do not show a trace of weakness, but they are comfortable. However, when Ji Shuang’s sound waves attack it, it immediately feels the buzzing of the head and becomes extremely irritable.
Bang bang!
At this time, Du Yun also bombarded its jaw with a punch. Du Yun’s punch took the mountain power and added a Chinese enemy’s momentum as fierce as a mountain tiger, which was extremely terrifying. Peng Peng, two animals that have been motionless, turned out to be a mountain-swallowing beast and retreated several steps.
When they saw that even the attack in their hands was stagnant, it was amazing that Du Yun’s hand was so powerful. Pei heard others say how powerful it was to kill God Du Yun, but what he saw with his own eyes was the real feeling of Du Yun’s power.

Chapter 447 Hector even love ze and YunMan mind!

Hector even love ze a face of don’t understand looking at YunMan see her panic sample a slight start this just aware that something is wrong with you.
For Hector even love ze frightened twist a head to look at yourself tied to the cross and chest exposed skin also kept stabbing pain.
At this moment, it is difficult to calmly look at Yunman and ask again, "Mother, this … you …"
Know that Hector even love ze is misunderstood his YunMan hurriedly shook his head.
At the same time, I walked cautiously to the side of the cross and tried to untie the chain and asked, "Zeer, what’s the matter with you?"
Didn’t I ask you to put Hector’s love song here? How do you instead … "
Yunman untied the chains and then some reproached him for his kindness.
Smell Hector even feeling ze heart tight even breathing as if all breath slowly hanging eyes looked at his chest suddenly frightened.
"Who did this to me?"
Hector even twisted his body in anger and the wound on his chest oozed blood again.
See this YunMan immediately distressed shouted "you are quick to don’t move these wounds very not easy to stop the bleeding again even more serious! Don’t worry, your mother will help you find out that it is a person! "
Yunman has held Hector even in his hand since he was a child, and she has two children in her life.
One is Hector even love ze, and the other is Hector even jinse.
Relatively speaking, she loves Hector even more, while Hector even loves Jinse all the more.
She actually knows that Hector Liantuo has contacts with that woman for so many years!
And that woman seems to love Jinse very much. She once wanted to tie the knot between Qi Chu and Hector even tribe.
It’s a pity that they all misjudged the power of Dust King!
Today, the dust king came again and always felt that things were not so simple!
And it happened that Zeer met such a strange thing at this emergency!
Maybe it’s Hector’s love song cheating in secret?
Want to be with the dust king when he comes? !
Yunman seems to be imagining all kinds of possibilities, and she is also trying to remember what happened before!
But I don’t remember anything!
"Where is the love song of Mother Lian?"
Hector even love ze abandon looking at messy tent looked a circle also didn’t see Hector even love songs.
Looking back at his own mess at this time, he felt a burst of anger in his heart that was difficult to calm down.
Smell was about to go to Hector even love ze on the other side to untie his chains YunMan immediately footsteps.
Looking up at him with a suspicious expression, I couldn’t help asking, "I still want to ask you!" You were the only one here when I came!
And it’s still such a mess Zeer, think about it carefully. Are you framed by Hector even’s love songs? You were fine last night! "
Yunman’s words made Hector even fell silent again.
And this Hector even love ze and YunMan who are not talking!
On the contrary, when Yunman holds Hector even love ze out of the tent, some things are self-evident when the mother and son look at each other for an instant.
It was when Hector even love was scarred and appeared in Hector even Rio Tinto’s big tent that the dust king came to worry about things. After Hector even Rio Tinto was stunned for a moment, he looked at Hector even love in a hurry.
Then the tone was very surprised and asked, "What is this? Who hurt the situation like this?"
HeLianTuo hands on HeLianQingZe shoulder watching him wearing a coat, but still can’t cover his whole body covered with scars, dark cheeks flashed LengLi, even those unique aquiline noses kept moving.
Wenyunman unexpectedly turned his eyes to see the feelings of Hector even.
And even love ze also conveniently opened his mouth, "Father is … a love song!"
Words fall YunMan and Hector even feeling ze at the same time feel Hector even Rio Tinto move a stiff even breathing disorder for a moment.
Maybe I’m still not sure that HeLianTuo squinted at HeLianQingZe carefully and asked, "You said it was a love song?"
"yes! Father, that’s him! Laierchen just went to his room last night to see him, but then I was knocked unconscious for some reason. When I woke up, I saw my mother wiping the wound!
Father, you must be the master of this matter! Wang Shi, our tribe, wouldn’t it be a joke if the second brother hurt his compatriots so much?
Besides, I think I’ve never done anything wrong to my second brother, but it’s crazy for him to hurt me like this! "
Hector even love ze a few words will push all the problems in Hector even love song body.
Even one side YunMan seems to be unable to help but start to cry!
The attitude of mother and son echo each other made Hector Liantuo almost believe it.
Especially looking at the mottled scars and blood on Hector’s chest, I don’t secretly sigh and say, "Where are the love songs now? Let him come to the king! "
"Father, how can he be waiting to be punished in the tribe after doing such a thing as destroying his hands and feet! Presumably, he would have gone to take refuge in King Qi Chu Chen!
Maybe … Maybe this is their trick! Not only hurt my son, but also let the dust king visit, so that even if he did something terrible, my father would not blame him! "
Words fall Hector even love ze is still not breathing. Suddenly Hector even Rio Tinto broke a folded roar "it’s insane! Even if he and Qi Chu are no better, he will be my Hector even tribe who did something wrong. Who will give him the courage to take refuge in Qi Chu?
Somebody, please go to King II, and you won’t believe that Qi and Chu can really protect his generation! "
Not in Hector even Rio Tinto at this moment is completely believe that Hector even love songs have done harm to brothers.
What’s more, he didn’t think carefully about the reason and purpose of Hector even’s love song hurting Hector even’s love!
So in Hector even Rio Tinto anger commanded people and then turned back to his tiger chair when Hector even love ze and YunMan secretly looked at both eyes across a wipe fighters plan to succeed smile.
Hector’s love song depends on your explanation this time!
period of the day from 7 am to 9 am
An hour passed quickly and Fang was in the tribe at sunrise when I heard a horse neighing from a distance.
It is obvious that there is a little trouble in the vast and distant grassland.
When the first cavalry of Huangyin Dust gradually reached the tribe a few miles away, HeLiantuo also heard it coming out!
Get ready early. Even Rio Tinto is still lucky in his heart, but he is still nervous for a moment when he sees the old cavalry coming in a hurry.
Even the palm of your hand that is behind you keeps tightening and letting go!
And the city is still being built on the other side of the tribe, but it has been blocked by high straw piles!
Although the time is short, it is not easy to do this disguise!
When Huang Lao was the first to rush into the tribal territory on a fine horse, He Liantuo hurriedly looked like a vassal state minister welcoming the emperor’s arrival, holding his fists in front of the fine horse and saying, "I, He Liantuo, welcome the dust king!"
If you don’t know the thoughts in Hector Liantuo’s heart, it seems to outsiders that Hector Liantuo’s practice is really faultless.

Before Gu Jin sunseeker, he quickly swaddled his arms and saw two red marks on Xiao Anna’s white arms, and suddenly his eyes burst into thick anger.

"Two young ladies, Miss Table, these are sent to you by the master. If there is anything else you need, please feel free to …"
Speaking, Xie has commanded people to move all three big cars and things, so it is not big that the bamboo garden is packed to the brim.
Xie Qi looked at his face, and the ridicule deepened. The fundus was full of disdain, and the mocking chuckle was not retreated.
"Move back!"
Gu Jinxi’s eyes burst into thick anger, which was already furious and hindered Su Yihe’s identity as Xie Jia. On that day, when Xie Jia and his wife came to the imperial house to relieve Su Yi, they always endured looking at Gu An’s arm with two red marks and turned to stare at Xie Qi. "If this is Xie Jia’s sincerity, please tell Master Xie that we have a high family!"
"Cousin, I’m sorry this …" Xie Zhen smell speech suddenly heart sank hurriedly explained "your cousin, she didn’t mean it, she is …"
"What is it?" Gu Jinxi corners of the mouth oblique GouQingLing beautiful face with LengLi and decisively "is young? Are you not sensible? Or do you think my mother took advantage of your Xie family when she went back? "
Xie Zhen didn’t want Gu Jinxi to be so transparent and sharp at a young age, and suddenly some words were poor.
Su Yi looked at her and suddenly felt a little anxious, holding her still crying. Ann gently tugged at Gu Jin’s sunseeker sleeve. "Sunseeker, forget it." Although she really didn’t like Xie Gu’s big room and children, after all, Xie Gu’s two old people were good to her. If they hadn’t arrived at the imperial palace that day, she didn’t know what to do and how to end things.
Gu Jin sunseeker is a cold hum from the nose line of sight swept Xie Yu Xie Qi finally fell Xie Zhen body looking at is Xie Gu big room only white son is a pity.
"We are from Gu Guogong’s mansion, but we are not with the once glorious double family." Gu Jinxi held his head high and swept their eyes coldly. "Xie Gu, we have the highs! Mr. Lao Xie, the housekeeper, told Mr. Xie that the Imperial Palace thanked him for his help. Since then, we are even. "
Xie suddenly changed his face. What Bai Gu Jinxi said in his heart to Xie Yi for saving his life. The Xie family couple’s royal clearance on the same day offset each other. From then on, they are even, but Su Yi is the master’s daughter and the second young master has been looking for her sister for many years. How can this be "Miss Table …"
"Mother Su is seeing the guests off!" Gu Jinxi raised his eyebrows and sounded cold.
"Hum, it’s natural for you to be well-advised." Xie Qi is constantly struggling and seems to see that the white family is really in charge. It turns out that Gu Jin Sunseeker thinks that his family will look at other people’s faces on weekdays, especially his grandfather. He always throws his face at them and suddenly loses his spirit. "You don’t want me to thank Gu Jin Sunseeker for something."
"What does Princess Wang want? Wang Zi will send her something called Xie Gu Hum!"
Suddenly, there was a dull voice outside the door, which seemed to have a faint magnetic husky voice. Xie Qi froze and turned away, and suddenly he was shocked.
The long hair of a man in a brocade robe flutters like a waterfall, and his face is like white jade, facing the sun, especially with a casual and lazy look; Elegant and elegant; That kind of beauty is even more shocking than ever being the first beauty in the world.
Xie Qi felt as if she had seen a god, and her eyes froze. At that moment, she felt that her heart was going to stop. She let the Buddha go. This is destiny takes a hand. This is the god given to her.
Feel Xie Qi’s hot eyes Qin Rui’s eyes darkened. "It is said that Xie Fu’s tutor in the three dynasties is very strict and almost harsh, and Xie Gu’s daughter should be as gentle and virtuous as Su’s, but she doesn’t want to …"
"Why are you here?"
Feel Qin Rui’s fiery eyes. Gu Jinxi lowered his eyelids and his eyebrows flashed with displeasure.
"Gu Jin sunseeker, what are you? The somebody else’s report came to see you with kindness. You actually …"
Xie Qi smell speech immediately dissatisfied with the automatic ignored Qin Rui questioned her tutor words toward Gu Jin sunseeker and folded reprimand angrily turned his head but turned into a gentle little shyness, by the way. "My daughter Xie Qi has seen the report report. Look at this family-oriented family. It’s too bullying for my daughter to come and see them send something to them with kindness; You see them, they are so fierce that they actually touch others … Their wrists hurt. "
"It hurts? Do you know what pain is? "
Speaking of this, Gu Jinxi felt angry and slammed Xie Qi with a backhand. The whole waterside pavilion Tinglan was suddenly stunned, not only by Xie’s family, but also by Lian Gang and Qin Rui. I didn’t expect Gu Jinxi to be so crisp and neat. "I’ll tell you what really hurts!"
Xie Qi felt the burning pain in her cheeks, and she was shocked at once.
"Gu Jinxi, don’t go too far!"
Xie Yu’s eyes were full of anger, especially when he saw Ye Zhenniang still holding Xie Qi tightly and staring at her. "Is this your attitude towards your elders?"
"Elder? Hum "Gu Jinxi’s tone has become a little disdainful." As the saying goes, if people are ugly, they should read the word Xie Dagong more. Do you want me to explain to you what an elder is? "
Xie Yu suddenly looked ugly to the extreme. "Gu Jinxi, you are such a poisonous woman who dares to kill Qi Er!"
"I what?" Gu Jinxi gave Xie Qi a hard stare at the corner of his mouth. "I dare to kill the baby who just had a full moon in public. This is just to teach her a lesson."
"If I thank my family, it’s not your turn to teach you a lesson!" Xie Yu face suddenly turned white.
"Miss didn’t also the interest to help others teach children" Gu Jin sunseeker corners of the mouth slightly raise the bottom of the eyes is getting heavier and colder.
"Eldest brother, you shut up!" Xie Zhen suddenly some annoyed "little cousin you …"
"Report, look at this Gu Jin sunseeker. She is so vicious." Xie Qi lifted up her face, her face was wet with tears, and her sparkling eyes seemed to be full of unwillingness and expectation.
Xie Yu suddenly looked dark and ugly to the extreme. "It’s no wonder that the seven emperors can’t see you …"
I heard another crunchy sound in the air, followed by a "dong" and a muffled hum. The heavy objects in the lake outside the Tinglan railing fell into the water and muffled, followed by a large white bloom.

"Of course, many ideas and models here can be shipped over." Joe Thomas also smiled. He was afraid that his boss would dictate and know how to draw inferences is the king of business.

The two men discussed a lot of details about setting up an Internet cafe. Tang Wenlong really felt a surge in his heart to set up this kind of new ecological Internet cafe in his hometown, which is much better than the unified Internet cafe and very attractive to urban young people.
Take a two-day break. On Wednesday, the 76ers played away against the Cavaliers.
The Cavaliers have made great progress this season. After selecting the new champion, the team seems to see new hope. Duke’s Carey Owen has indeed lived up to expectations. Up to now, he has averaged 17 points and 55 assists per game, especially in shooting percentage. He was born as high as 47%, including 39% in three-point shooting percentage!
After entering March, Owen averaged 199 points and 67 assists per game. On March 1, he sent a career-high 12 assists against the Thunder and beat the Thunder.
He basically locked in the rookie of the season trophy, which cheered Cleveland.
The so-called newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. When the 76ers visited Cleveland, Owen shouted the slogan of defeating the 76ers in the face of the media.
"The tone is not small." I heard the news. Tang Wenlong smiled coldly and looked at the 76 ers who were short of soldiers. Everyone dared to come and touch the ground.
By the end of the day, 70% of the spectators were seated in the arena of Cleveland Express Loan Center, so the seating rate was already very good. Generally, the NBA ranked in the playoffs, or the team with a particularly large market could have such a seating rate. Today, the Cavaliers came to the home court with so many people, a large part of which was due to the visit of 76 people.
Warm-up training for both sides before the game
Tang Wenlong turned the ball and stepped on the spot to shoot the three-pointer. No one interfered with his relaxed shooting percentage, which was outrageous and "swish" and "swish".
Cavaliers coach Byron Scott’s eyelids jumped straight at the court, and the lazy and sharp-edged No.1 was puzzled and should defend himself
Bob, the assistant coach, came to give the players a warm-up training on the board. The 76ers lined up to play the board and relay, running and moving all over their bones.
After a while, the lights went black, and Cleveland’s appearance ceremony.
After the broadcast camera was set up and the personnel department was in place, the simple appearance ceremony was over, and the referee dragged the basketball for the game to the floor, and the players from both sides followed.
Tang Wenlong took off his training coat, stuffed it into his pants, checked an armguard and shoelaces, walked unsteadily on the court, pointed to his teammates on the bench, and then high-fived Lewis, Gasol and other starting teammates, which means encouraging each other.
The Cavaliers’ starting position is composed of Owen, Manny Harris, Anthony Parker, Antoine jamison and Tristan Thompson.
Tang Wenlong eyebrows jumped and hugged Owen after shaking hands.
"I will go to not so simple to win! "Owen is not afraid of Tang Wenlong’s young eyes, which are full of confidence.
"I’m looking forward to it." Tang Wenlong smiled.
Knowing that the dialogue between the two was still a scene in appreciate each other, the fans looked at Owen and Tang Wenlong, thinking how wonderful it would be if Tang Wenlong came to the Cavaliers and became a strong contender for the 100% championship.
The two sides set a position. Tristan Thompson and Mark Gasol arrived in the middle circle. The referee was sandwiched between two big men and looked very slim and thin in an instant.
The whistle throws the ball. Gasol’s height and wingspan advantage show that Thompson jumped to the top. Gasol has given the ball away and flew lightly to Spetts.
Speights gave the Lewis 76 ers the first attack ball after stopping the ball a little bit.
Louis didn’t have his own offensive meaning in the first goal. The low position was directly handed over to Tang Wenlong to defend Tang Wenlong. Anthony Parker was a veteran. He was born in 75. Now he is 37 years old. The Cavaliers really don’t have a flanker to let him defend Tang Wenlong. Manny Harris, another starter, is just a rookie who has just entered the league for more than a year, which is even more unreliable.
As soon as Byron Scott saw Tang Wenlong hit the Cavaliers’ flank, he felt that his weakness was being killed by his opponent’s affection
"bang! “
After Tang Wenlong hit twice, he went deep into the paint area, turned left to catch the ball, and then stepped back greatly, which made Anthony Parker unable to jump.
"This let me how to prevent? “
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Unable to prevent
Tang Wenlong threw the ball with great pressure and a sense of rhythm, just like playing with the trainer.
Scott covered his face and he knew this would happen. Fortunately, Owen lived up to his expectations and turned to attack. The horse also played singles. Louis hit a 2-2 jumper in the middle distance.
This game has a low degree of attention, that is, 76 people were bought. The China media broadcasted the game all season. At the same time, there was a Spurs-Heat game in the United States, and the attention was much higher than this game.
It was Cleveland, but the audience was in high spirits. When everyone saw that the star scored the goal, they all stood up and applauded and whistled one after another.
The 76 ers attacked Louis and asked for a pick and roll.
After the block, Owen still clung to him. He returned the ball to Gasol, who held the basketball high and had a wide field of vision.
Jimmy Butler and Tang Wenlong crossed the position and cut Tang Wenlong, which instantly attracted the attention of Manny Harris and Anthony Parker. Butler pulled to the end and defended alone.
Gasol gives Butler a mid-range tiptoe jumper.
"Shua" basketball heart into the net Butler secretly clenched his fist to cheer himself up "Jimmy, you can hit this damn basketball! “
"Good shot! "Tang Wenlong smiled, and Gasol’s ability to cope was not worse than his brother’s. After he came to the 76ers, the offensive tactics of the 76ers were much richer.

"Then I’ll call the physician" and he was about to get up, but in a second she grabbed her eyes and looked at him. Leng Ruixi knew … something must have happened! Otherwise, she wouldn’t be like this!

Sure enough, she succeeded in one sentence, and he set off waves in his heart …
"Leng Ruixi, will you marry someone else?"
"I don’t understand what you said." He suddenly couldn’t understand anything. She suddenly said such a thing and looked at her sternly
"Leng Ruixi, you answer me first"
"Why should I marry someone else when I have you?" He said confidently as if this sentence had been rehearsed many times in his mind.
Everyone will feel warm when they hear this. She smiled and asked him, "If one day you have to marry another woman, what will you do?"
Looking at her, Leng Ruixi suddenly realized that he had just heard that a pair of ministers would come here at that time! I didn’t expect to say such a thing
One by one!
"What can I do! Let me ask you, Han Yiqing, would you like to marry me? "
"I …"
"If you marry me, I won’t marry anyone else. If you don’t marry me, it’s all the same."
Chapter 368 Can you be selfish? ! 【 one more five 】
It’s not that she hasn’t heard of his words. At the beginning, he also said that it’s the same to marry anyone, but now she can’t marry someone else.
"Leng Ruixi, then you can marry someone else now."
"Do you really want to push me? Do you really have the heart to see me marry another woman? " His questioning made her speechless. When wait for a while looked at him and touched his eyes, her heart felt guilty. She bowed her head and said softly, "Of course I don’t want to …"
When I heard this, Leng Ruixi really felt that everything was worth it! I wish she didn’t want it! He really doesn’t know what to do if she says hope!
It’s uncertain whether she will really marry another woman in anger and deliberately annoy her … Fortunately, she said she didn’t want to.
He put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Why should I marry another woman if you don’t want it?"
"But …"
Hear her say but LengRuiXi really angry but "Han Yiqing! Can you be selfish! People asked you to tell me to marry a little wife, and you agreed! "
I don’t know who came up with it! But when he turned to think about it, it was white!
Mother! This must be the queen mother’s trick!
"You men are not all like this … don’t talk about it, maybe you all want one in your heart!"
"Han Yiqing, can you stop comparing me with those men?"
Leng Ruixi really wants to hit her on the head to see what’s in her brain! It’s all those things!
He gave her a white look and then took her. "Why do you want to stand me up when you agreed to go out with me first?" !”
She nodded and went to the closet to get a dress. When she came out, his eyes flashed a little amazing, but he was still satisfied and said, "I really have a good eye."
"Leng Ruixi" she called him, and then he responded with disdain. "Is it so difficult for you to praise me?"
Why can’t he say that she is a natural hanger! Everything looks good! But he kept saying that he had a good eye!
"Difficult," he said honestly. "It’s really difficult for me to tell a lie."
"Leng Ruixi, I really can’t think of going out!"
"But you have promised me to go out! How can you go back on your word at this time! " And he dragged her out of the house regardless of her resistance …
"Feed! Leng Ruixi, where are you taking me at this time? !” He dragged her out of the house without saying anything. She really doesn’t know why he would be so persistent. He must take her out of the house today!
Leng Ruixi hung a smile on her mouth and turned to her and said, "Don’t wait."
We’ll see … What is he selling! Doubtful, she followed him to the square, but there should be many people in the square at this time, but there is really no one today!
This is so strange!
She looked at him doubtfully and said, "Leng Ruixi, what are you doing here? ! There’s really no one here … "Nothing brought her to breathe? !
His mouth teased and she pointed to the sky not far away and said, "Yi Qing, look …"
Chapter 369 HappyBirhday
Han Yiqing looked in the direction he pointed out. At this time of the dark day, it was lit by several fireworks as the day.
It was at this moment that her eyes became so unreal that Han Yiqing almost didn’t dare to blink at this moment because she was afraid that everything would disappear in the blink of an eye.
She raised her head full of expectation, and the tribe entered his eyes. Her blue eyes laughed with her, and she watched the fireworks with her.
One by one, they are blooming in front of them.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “