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Besides the black sun, Qiao ‘an, a total of three small universes, seventy nine Wei peak elites, have come here.

In addition to the early spirit, there are four small universe strong people, sixty nine guards and peaks here.
However, the Eldar Small Universe is a little stronger than the Muyars.
To Joanne’s surprise, there were at most five powerful people in the small universe.
Now everyone is quietly waiting for the attack of the three honorable men.
Half an hour later, Heiyang, Chuling and Yuan returned to their respective camps and then explained the battle plan.
The battle plan is very simple
First, everyone’s fire exploded directly and the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma passage was closed.
But the second step made Joanne wonder if Heiyang intended to let her die.
The second step is to let the three families of small universe strong first rush in when the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma channel is closed.
Everyone knows that this time is the most dangerous time. It should be to face the big arms of the opposite government. Even when the small universe is strong, it may be nullified.
It is safest to kill three true bodies.
But it was replaced by them
This made Joan have to be careful.
Fifteen minutes later, a ghost king’s seal of Daxi Yuan directly hit and manifested a The six great divisions in the wheel of karma passage here.
Then the three families respected the real body and gave their orders.
All combatants are prepared to bombard the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma passage with the strongest fire.
In an instant, hundreds of bright roads flew out at the same time as Guanghua, especially three of them were the brightest, like a falling planet, and they blasted into that channel.
The colorful shock wave instantaneously oscillates in all directions to crash a steep tunnel in the light wave.
In the same instant, the small universe oscillated violently as if it were turned upside down.
This shock wave has spread to the whole small universe of reincarnation.
Even the capital of the city has been shaken by cracks.
A ghost army frightened.
On a cloudy day, the dharma body was manifested in person, and at the same time, the Zhu Pi of Yin and Yang pointed to the direction of Hungry Ghost Road, where the passage was breached and the mobile army had already killed there.
At the same time, as soon as the aftermath dispersed, Heiyang, Chuling and Yuan ordered the powerful striker in the small universe to kill the reincarnation channel with 100 Jiuwei peak stars.
Nai can bite the bullet and charge even if she knows that it is extremely dangerous.
At this time, if you don’t charge Heiyang, you can directly destroy her with a palm.
Joan’s only happiness is that her teammates are two elders who are crazy believers in the small universe.
The fanatical elders are not stupid, but there is one characteristic that is thorough to the execution of the black sun command, the highest point of his belief.
When charging, without hesitation, the elders of the two small universe strong believers rushed into the channel with high light burning.

Cheng Dongyang looked at her eyes with love, reddish in winter, "I’m sorry, winter, winter, I’m sorry," and he couldn’t stop kissing her forehead.

"Don’t do this again, Dongyang. I can’t stand it." Meng Yudong said with a slightly hoarse voice in his arms. "I need your baby and you. We can’t live without you."
Cheng Dongyang was very excited when he heard this. Can he be sure that Dongdong really forgives him and wants to be with him? He kissed the corner of Dongdong’s eye again and said, "I’ll take care of myself when I save you. I’ll let you sail to pick me up. I can’t listen to you."
Meng Yudong couldn’t stop nodding in his arms for several seconds and then suddenly said faintly, "Dongyang Day, I will go back to Jiangbei with you. Chapter 57 My wife."
Meng Yudong actually said that he was shocked when he went back to the north with Cheng Dongyang. He seemed unable to believe that he could not help but say, "Dongdong, are you serious?"
She nodded seriously, and when she thought about what happened today, she would be frightened. She lived in Dongyang, Jiangbei, and she had to keep running to other jobs on both sides of Jixian County, Jiangbei. It was so hard for her.
If such a thing happens again, she will really be unbearable.
"Dongdong, do you really want to go back to Jiangbei? We just came to Jixian." Song Yuanyuan couldn’t help but wake up next to him.
"It’s not convenient to produce here, so I’d better go back to Jiangbei for convenience," Meng Yudong said with a reddish face.
This is a big surprise. Cheng Dongyang is ecstatic. "You came back to Jiangbei Yuanyuan with me that day. Please live with me so that you can take care of Dongdong."
Song Yuanyuan nai smiled, "Forget it, I am also a servant."
In the evening, Cheng Dongyang naturally lived in the winter room and burned hot water. When Cheng Dongyang was still staring at her in a daze, she said, "Dongyang, did you take off your clothes?"
Cheng Dongyang listened to this and his body was hot. You should know that he was thirsty for a long time. He didn’t even kiss her once when he confirmed his pregnancy. He swallowed saliva and unconsciously dropped his eyes on her abdomen. "Dongdong, are you in good health now?"
Meng Yudong came into contact with his fiery eyes and light face. "What are you thinking? I am. I’ll take a look at your injury. Just now, the doctor left some medicine. I’ll rub your body and take the medicine again. "
Cheng Dongyang said that he was not moved or disappointed. He said, "I can do it myself."
Meng Yudong pointed to the low stool next to "you sit here"
Cheng Dongyang saw that she was so persistent and her face was slightly flushed with long hair in winter and winter. His throat was dry and he really sat down. When she reached into his neckline and unbuttoned his shirt, his body was really hot.
Meng Yudong could feel his fiery breath splashing around her neck, and she pretended not to understand him. When she saw that his shoulder and left chest were covered with gauze, her eyes turned red.
She carefully wiped his perfect place first, and he was good at taking care of people when winter came. At this moment, he moved a soft cotton towel, and he brushed him with a sigh, feeling that her body was full of fragrance and wrapped around her nose. My hand couldn’t help but hug her waist for a while.
"Don’t move" Meng Yudong wiped his body clean and then uncovered the gauze. Most of his landlords were bruised. Meng Yudong gave him a new medicine and a new gauze with classic wine at hand.
"It’s amazing that I found your hands in winter and winter." Cheng Dongyang looked at her gently and said, "I never knew you could handle wounds and bandages were so beautiful."
"What’s so beautiful about this?" Meng Yudong still loves his physical injury and is in distress when he says this.
"It’s just beautiful. My wife is great," said Cheng Dongyang, holding her hand and kissing her.
That my wife stunned Dongdong. Although she and Dongyang have got the certificate, the law is already husband and wife, but Dongdong has always felt that there is no woman who feels a little strange at the moment. She is really his wife.
"Dongdong" when she was in a daze, he pulled her out of the bathroom. "Dongdong, I’m sorry to make you suffer so much, and I’m very touched that you will give me another chance. This time I will behave well and not let you down."
Meng Yudong came to his senses. He looked at this man and suddenly woke up. I’m afraid she can’t get rid of this man in this life. He is her husband and the father of her children. Does she want to be separated from him? Is she going to divorce him
She can’t do it. She can’t do it. I really don’t love him.
"Then will you still not believe me?" She asked her faintly that he didn’t hate him or blame him, but there was still a little mind in his heart that he didn’t believe it or that he had hurt him.
"God, the person I trust most is you." Cheng Dongyang solemnly promised to kiss again to get familiar with the taste and how sweet it was. Cheng Dongyang was really hungry for a long time and kissed again to haunt her. small tongue sucked and sucked.
Meng Yudong was frightened by his fierce wave and reached his chest. "Dongyang cannot have a baby."
"I know," he struggled to release her lips, and her small mouth was kissed by him. He didn’t stop kissing again.
He held her to the sofa in the living room, and when his hand unconsciously rubbed and bit her earlobe through her sweater, he couldn’t help sighing. "I can’t hold it when you get bigger in winter and winter."
"What are you talking about?" Meng Yudong blushed. What seems to be her chest has changed? It has been rising and hurting badly these days. It is difficult to wear the front bra now. Yuan Yuan also joked that she had a big CUP.
Cheng Dongyang simply couldn’t put it down and reached directly into the sweater. He was really excited. He had already set up the tent. He was careful not to press her belly, but he couldn’t wait to rub her arms and swallow it.
"Dongyang can’t" is also sensitive in winter and winter, and he kissed her and touched her very quickly, but she still has reason. It is absolutely impossible for the baby to think about him.
"I know what I know." He buried his head near her neck. "I’ll kiss in winter and winter. I haven’t kissed for a long time. Let me kiss in winter and winter."
Meng Yudong saw that his eyes were red and knew that he must have endured for a long time. She could not help but compromise. "Then let’s go back to bed, shall we?"
Cheng Dongyang certainly welcome a cross picked her up back to the room.
"I can go by myself." Dong Dong blushed and pushed him, but Cheng Dongyang was holding her in his arms for a few steps. He took the door to the bedroom and carefully put her to bed. Chapter 58 Good children.
Facts believe that this man is really kissing, that is, it is a fantasy that when Cheng Dongyang is ready to hold her again, his body heat is not the same as before. He stripped the shirt inside her sweater to see that her chest was an inch bigger, and his whole head was buried.
Meng Yudong couldn’t help holding his head. When he held a red core in his mouth, she couldn’t help humming and propped herself up slightly, sending more herself to his lips.
Cheng Dongyang was still careful. He sat behind her and let her rely on his arms. "Dongdong, I miss you, Dongdong."
Meng Yudong is definitely a slow-heating person in this respect, but at the moment, inexplicably, he kissed two of them so much, and her abdomen swelled slightly. She was a little different from herself. When Cheng Dongyang let her lie on her side and faded her pants, she trembled and tried to catch him, but she couldn’t catch him behind him.
Cheng Dongyang really doesn’t have the heart, but she still smells like milk in her arms. He really can’t calm down. He stuck his body to her ear and bit his ear and said, "Winter, winter, winter, winter, I’ll come in, okay? I’ll gently enter this position. It’s very safe. I promise I won’t hurt the baby."
Meng Yudong thought about it in his heart, but he was afraid that there was a hot thing on her hip and a soft voice was hoarse, saying, "Then gently."
"Good me gently" Cheng Dongyang said, carefully raising her leg. This time, he kept his promise and looked carefully at the winter-winter reaction.
When have they ever done this so gently? Dongdong likes this rhythm very much. From time to time, he turns his head slightly and wants him to kiss her
Cheng Dongyang like a hole sorrow her mind with her rosy lips slightly increased speed, but didn’t dare to go in so grinding also have some fun until the end, both of them are sweating.
He called hot water for Dongdong to clean his body simply, and changed his gauze for a long time before going back to bed. Dongdong was already asleep.
Geng Qihang came early the next morning and they returned to Jiangbei at noon.

"Yun, you know something about the theory of sexual intercourse, and I have gained valuable experience through long-term bed warfare practice. Don’t compare with me!" Wang Jinniu casually spit out a smoke turn and was not satisfied with the tunnel

Duan Qingyun gently played the soot squint to throw a hint of disdain scold a way "he niang you actual combat in the end is not almost killed! Yeah! If it weren’t for Duan Ye’s wonderful rejuvenation, you would have died quietly … "
The two brothers talked about this man’s ever-changing and eternal topic for a while, and it was dark for a while.
Duan Qingyun said, "Listen carefully, Niu. It’s fortunate that you survived this time. I’ve never encountered a disease like yours, but I didn’t expect it to succeed. Listen carefully for a year and you can’t sleep with women!"
As soon as Wang Jinniu heard a trace of disappointment and sadness in his eyes, he said to himself, "It’s more cruel to let my old Niu Yi not touch women than to commit suicide by jumping off a building!"
Duan Qingyun smiled. Judging from Wang Jinniu’s short answer, Wang Jinniu’s sexual psychology is still normal, and his sexual desire for women is still very strong. This fully shows that the old section has created himself to give Wang Jinniu the "Tiger Whip Card * *" according to the Secret Art of Whipping! It’s a pity that he can’t tell Wang Jinniu about his operation process, nor can he reveal anything about the operation method to Wang Jinniu. You know, Wang Jinniu is no longer himself, and even his kidney is not his "original match". He has already replaced it with a tiger kidney! Once the news gets out, the consequences will be unimaginable, and it is very likely that his old section will die! He can ask Wang Jinniu one question after another and analyze and judge "Tiger Whip" by Wang Jinniu’s answer! From this point of view, Duan Qingyun’s thinking is meticulous!
And what about the tiger? Is the tiger’s body "winning the tiger brand new * *" also in charge? Duan Qingyun knew that Wang Jinniu was safe, and then he thought about the tiger in Lingshou Mountain. What is the situation of the tiger now? Judging from the reaction after the operation, the tiger sprinkled a bubble of tiger urine in front of him and his fifth wife. It can be seen that the urination function of the tiger after changing the whip is completely normal to his function. Duan Qingyun can’t imagine that the tiger secretly prayed for heaven to bless me, and Brother Tiger recovered from the tiger, although Brother Tiger’s body has been replaced by a dog whip and his kidney has been replaced by a dog kidney!
Duan Qingyun is looking forward to meeting the tiger again one day! He felt that his tiger brother had an inexplicable feeling through his whip …
Even if you leave a message of * _ _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
Chapter 131 The mountains again!
Wang Jinniu’s mother, Aunt Impatiens, tried her best to make a dozen good dishes. Duan Qingyun ate and drank. Master Wanda Camel called from the town for the first time. Three pounds of 20-year-old wine Duan Qingyun was sitting at the window and Duan Qingyun took it from Aunt Impatiens and handed it to me. The chicken leg of Feinenshan was splashed with chewing oil, and Wanda Camel filled the old wine and drank it up.
Watching the old man eat and drink rudely, Wang Jinniu had to end up with a medicine bowl and drool.
Unconsciously, it’s getting late. I looked at my watch. It’s already past eleven o’clock at night. Master Wanda Camel seems to be too excited and drunk. In addition to staying at Duan Qingyun’s house for one night, I have to share happiness with Duan Qingyun, even my wives are no exception! Frightened, Lao Duan quickly shirked that there was a patient in the south of the town who had to go to see such a bad wife as Aunt Impatiens. I was not interested even if I took off my pants! And I don’t have a problem if you want to enjoy my nine wives, but that depends on whether the girls are willing or not.
When Lao Duan left, he patted Wang Jinniu on his sickbed and smiled. "My nine wives are still waiting at home. I have to deal with you. Just lie down for three months honestly. It’s best not to think about it and let you behave yourself!"
Wang Jinniu’s eyes turned to reveal a little green light in the wolf’s eyes, and he pulled Duan Qingyun’s hand in a serious tunnel. "Old Duan, I have several boxes of famous aphrodisiac countries imported from abroad, but I can’t buy this in my city every night. You can take it to feel it. Anyway, I don’t have to guarantee that your high sexual life quality will reach the fairy realm now. Your nine wives will be more attached to you."
Duan Qingyun is very contemptuously watching Wang Jinniu’s exquisite box painted with nude beauty belly, which belongs to the most mysterious area of women. Four English letters "fuck" and "fuck" are conspicuously written, and a pool of shiny liquid is flowing on the surface … Duan Qingyun hey hey smiled with the wave, "You threw that thing away before it’s too late, and it’s not like this."
Paused Duan Qingyun added, "My old section has the means to deal with women, so this is not your heart."
When it comes to dealing with women, Duan Qingyun refuses to admit defeat, but he always wins Wang Jinniu.
Wang Jinnian said, "I’ll tell you the truth, old man. It’s a fucking pity to stay in this mountain like you. When I’m ready, you come with me to the city and I promise to make your craftsmanship shine!"
Duan Qingyun also primly said, "To tell the truth, I also want to go to the city to see the world now. If I just stay in Lingxian Town, it’s so fucking worthless."
Wang Jinniu hey hey a sneer at a way "if you go to the city that your wives? Is it necessary to bring them together? "
Old Duan smiled a face of hue. "I really want to travel around the world with my wife."
Sitting by the window, Wanda Camel seems to have heard the conversation between the two, blinking with a pair of Zuiyan plump and swallowing a mouthful of wine. Haha laughed. "You two dolls have never seen the world. When I was your age, I went to the city to visit the kiln. At that time, there was nothing about this medicine. Just take off your pants. Hahahaha. We should be straightforward when we do things as men, just have a good time. Hahahaha …"
Listening to Master Wang’s words, Duan Qingyun and Wang Jinniu laughed and went into the room to clean up the dishes and bowls. Aunt impatiens listened to Wang Laohan’s words, and her face was a little awkward. She pointed to her wife’s nose and scolded, "You are a dead old man, and you are not big or small in front of serious children, and you are not afraid of fall in price!"
Wanda Tuo was excited. "Wife, what are you talking nonsense about? When we got married, he didn’t take any medicine except birth control pills. Do I look like a worthless man? You should have the most speech on this question?"
Aunt Impatiens waved a broom in the corner and threw it at the old man’s body. Wanda camel came back after drinking and continued to laugh. "Wife, believe it or not, I’ll give you a palace tonight. We’ll see …"
Duan Qingyun had to embarrass the old couple when he listened to the music for thirty-six plans.
When he escaped from Wang Jinniu’s house, Duan Qingyun was full of fun, and a cool breeze blew into his face, and he secretly pondered that a family ability was heritable. Take that guy Wang Jinniu as an example. When he was a child, he had the thickest penis with his playmates. Among his peers in the town, he had no rivals. Even some big brothers who were several years older than him couldn’t underestimate him. Wang Jinniu went to town last year as a "prostitute", which must be very popular among the rich women in the city, but this little thought of making money and making money again did not cherish himself. My "baby" was overloaded without restraint, which eventually led to a lamp running out of oil, but it can’t be said that this guy’s sexual ability is weak, so it can be inferred that Master Wanda Camel must have been very strong in that year! Now, although the old man’s sex life is still very frequent, Duan Qingyun clearly remembers that half a month ago, Master Wang sneaked into the old man’s house and took two packs of special aphrodisiacs …
Duan Qingyun, while daydreaming, staggered on the bluestone path to drive him home, thinking about the nine wives who gathered at the door and waited for him to come back. He looked thirsty and remembered the gentle, considerate and stubborn fifth wife Leng Xiuyun. Hehe, among the nine wives, there is an fifth wife worthy of pity. It is impossible for him to marry and be a wife for fun! Hey, hey, my old insight is still pretty good! I was thinking of hearing a burst of hurried footsteps behind me. Looking back, Duan Qingyun was suddenly startled. Two tall figures hurried from behind, none other than Diao Jiewei’s ambitious father!
Duan Qingyun seems to have suddenly turned into a cold sweat, which seeps out from every sweat hole in his body. At the same time, his dizzy head is no longer dizzy, and he quickly puts on a respectful smile to "Oh, Mayor Diao and Brother Diao, where are you going so late?"
Diao Jiewei looked at Duan Qingyun’s heart and got angry. He put on a tall look, his eyes were full of contempt, and he hurried without stopping.
Diao Zhuangzhi seemed nervous as he walked, stuttering, "I, we went to town to do something. Duan Qingyun, where have you been?"
The old man sent a naughty smile. "What can I do besides eating and sleeping with my sister? Of course, I am going to see a doctor!"
Diao Zhi-zhi felt funny when he was nervous. This little girl was flirting with the signboard of "Family of Traditional Chinese Medicine" everywhere. Just saying this sentence is to be honest, but Diao Zhi-zhi’s footsteps will eventually lead his father forward and backward.
Duan Qingyun said to the back of the two of them, "Oh, I said that Mayor Diao is so late, and it’s not easy to walk in the dark. Don’t take a hand tube and be careful to fall down!"
When he said this, Diao’s father and son had already passed by him and walked out of more than ten meters away. The old section was very excited about the fact that Diao’s family lost his tiger whip, dog whip and dog kidney overnight. He shouted at Diao’s father who had already gone far, "Hey, Mayor Diao, why don’t you come to my house and get a microphone in front of my house?" There was a limit of ridicule in the words.
Where is Diao’s father willing to talk to him again? Within a few seconds, he has gone far.
Duan Qingyun saw at a glance that he was carrying a long cloth bag with a sharp eye. The cloth bag seemed to be unstable. What was inside seemed to be something with spikes. He saw a sharp wooden thorn piercing the cloth bag with the rapid walking of the ambition.
Old Duan saw that his ambitious back was carrying the kind of "wood thistle" that he took out from the tiger.
A cold sweat seeped through Duan Qingyun’s clothes again, and the autumn night wind seemed to be particularly cold. Duan Qingyun’s brain didn’t react slowly. He knew that Diao’s father was carrying a "wooden thistle" in such a dark night, and he was sure to go to the back of Lingshou Mountain. They lost the tiger whip, but Director Lin couldn’t prepare the "five grains of tiger whip aphrodisiac" in the city, and he was bound to go into the mountains again and get a tiger whip back. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Diao’s Committee to place high hopes on him.
Duan Qingyun secretly rejoiced that if he hadn’t stolen the tiger whip from Lao Diao’s house and received it from Brother Tiger, then he couldn’t guess Diao’s father’s cruel motive at this time!
As soon as Duan Qingyun’s heart became heavy, it was like a huge rock weighing on him. He couldn’t watch the tigers in Lingshou Mountain suffer. A lofty sense of mission rose. He immediately decided to follow Diao Ge’s Committee into the mountains to protect the tigers!
For so many years, people in Lingxian Town have always stayed out of the way, and there has never been any conflict in their own lives. However, the Diaojiewei’s father and son will go into the mountains twice in three days to steal the tiger whip, which will inevitably lead to conflicts in nature. Once the beasts of Lingshou Mountain are dispatched to Lingxian Town, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Before you know it, Duan Qingyun reached into his pocket. At this time, the Secret Art of Receiving Whips was completely wet by his sweat. Since he found this strange place, Duan Qingyun always kept this belt with him, even when he slept. He believed that it was not the ancestral medicine that made him settle down, but the intention to find it strange!
I don’t want to think about it. Duan Qingyun quickly cleared his head and put the "monster" back in his pocket. He leaned over and tightened his shoelaces like a left arrow and quickly went in the direction of Diao Jiewei’s father and son. When he arrived at the gate of Duan’s old house, he heard a string of girls’ hearty laughter. At the same time, he heard the "first wife" Hu Xinger’s ambitious dialogue.
Hu Xinger "Uncle, cousin, where are you going so late?"
DiaoGeWei "apricot big personnel don’t ask you don’t go back? What does it take to do here? "
Diao Zhuangzhi "Cousin, go home quickly. Let’s do something!"
"I think you seem to be doing in the mountains so late?" Hu Xinger has seen that Diao’s father is the mountain path if he goes further.
"Cousin, why don’t you take me with you?" Hu Xinger shouted toward Diao Gai committee.

Single dormitory for students.

A washbasin-sized Dan Ding was mounted on a crimson flame, and the dark and viscous oil-like liquid medicine rolled inside, making a beeping sound, and the rich medicinal incense filled the whole house.
Smelling the Yaoxiang, looking at the Se Ze of the liquid medicine in the tripod, Chen Shaobai nodded, and was very satisfied with his own technique of cāo control.
Counting the time in his heart, he picked up a small porcelain bottle from the table and dropped the last drop of cypress juice into Dan Ding.
This just a drop of juice, unexpectedly let the whole tripod black as ink liquid back to transparent, become fresh and bright, aroma is blocked in the liquid level.
"It was a success?"
See the transparent liquid in the furnace tripod, Chen Shaobai know that he has completed most of the steps, only need to take the last step without difficulty, you can completely complete the preliminary sacrifice for chaos clock.
"I originally prepared two copies of materials, which is good, and the remaining one is otherwise useful." Looking at the rest of the materials on the table, Chen Shaobai’s eyes narrowed slightly.
"The palpitations I felt before should not be brought by Guan Sheng and Cao Burning. They don’t have this weight."
Thinking, Chen Shaobai also don’t want to think much, fingertips on the wrist with a stroke, a drop of hot blood fell in the Dan Ding, directly to the whole furnace transparent liquid dye latosolic red se ze.
The crimson liquid medicine tumbled, giving off a strong sweet medicinal gas.
Chen Shaobai busy remove Jason Chung from the chest, into the red liquid, on-site dish sat down, and soon entered a state of meditation, vaguely communicate with consciousness furnace tripod, obscure syllables echoed in my mind.
Every time he recites a syllable character, the se of the liquid medicine in the tripod will be lighter.
Half an hour later, the blood Se in the secret pharmaceutical liquid was completely absorbed by Y and N Yang chaos clock. With the completion of the preliminary sacrifice, the liquid completely turned into a clear water substance.
At the same time, Chen Shaobai suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his mind, and his head was spinning. There was a cool sound on the left and right sides of his lower back. Under the nourishment of Gankun Jasper Dan, his physical condition quickly returned to normal.
Looking at chaos clock lying quietly in the furnace pot, Chen Shaobai suddenly gave birth to a feeling of flesh and blood, and he could even feel the temperature and touch of droplets in the pot through Jason Chung.
"get up!"
Mind move, chaos clock was really accompanied by his thoughts suspended, floating around, running like electricity, whistling wind, but also quite like a fairy magic weapon. If people who don’t understand see it, I’m afraid I’ll call him "Xianshi".
But Chen Shaobai knows that the present situation is only the effect of preliminary sacrifice, and only the life-saving function of semi-automatic trigger defense mechanism, and the real power of Y and N Yang chaos clock is not even one over ten thousand. However, it was only after he broke through the quenching gas boundary that he needed to consider the complete sacrifice.
A completion of the sacrifice made Chen Shaobai have a lot more materials in his hands, staring at these materials on the table. Chen Shaobai only spent ten breath thinking about the process, and immediately began to make C ā o.
What he is refining now is a medicine called Qingshen Powder, whose function is to consolidate the foundation and strengthen the existing realm. It is the best choice for those who have just made a breakthrough-of course, it refers to the mortal level.
This is a required course of Dan medicine in Fengzhou University. Chen Shaobai studied very seriously and was very attentive, but he was more knowledgeable than many registered disciples of Xiandao Sect when he came into contact with quenching gas.
In his mind, only the drugs that are refined by the strong people in the four-fold [refining array] environment, which have numerous spiritual forces and have the ability to turn decay into magic, are qualified to be called Dan medicine. The rest are just pills that mix the medicine evenly. Although there are some wonderful uses, they are not so mysterious.
The refining time of Qingshen San is locked in an hour. No matter whether it is a beginner or a mentor who knows J and jīng this way, whether it is success or failure, they can’t make too many changes. Moreover, they all need to wait until the last minute to confirm whether they are successful in an alchemy, and so is Chen Shaobai.
When the time came, Chen Shaobai slowly untied the cauldron, and a strong sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance came to my face. A total of 21 pills for clearing the mind of apricot yellow Se appeared in front of me.
The pills are round and smooth, full of particles, pure in Se, without any stray light, which shows that both fire control and Dan collection methods are close to perfect level.
But Chen Shaobai didn’t care. He didn’t think there was much to be proud of. He just copied the records in the book perfectly. From the material composition, weight, steps to the number of elixirs, it is generally the same as that in textbooks, without any difference. This is the light with strong memory and analytical ability.
He doesn’t know, even many j and jīng research this way for decades of Dan Dao master, also can’t do this.
One bottle of every seven pills, a total of three bottles, clean the tripod, and then throw the rest of the materials on the table into it, and put it on a small fire for a slight stew.
"Hao cao, illegal thing in the world, is not good for people, so to die. Cao Ran, since you have provoked me for three transgressions and five times, you can’t blame me for taking the initiative to attack and send you to death. "
Think of the proverbs of side orange se sword, Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth crack up a big radian, immediately pushed the door and out.
Outside, the moonlight is in full bloom.
Although Chen Shaobai was not a road idiot before, it was not far behind. Every time I went out, I either took a map with me or asked for directions. Now, he abruptly memorized the map access of the whole windy state institution of higher learning, and walked through the courtyard, light up and down like a feather.
His behavior and movements are much like those of a burglar, but he is more familiar and fluent than any burglar. Not only did he successfully avoid the students who went out in the daytime, but he didn’t even make any noise.
Ear sharp, he has a demanding voice, and his powerful mind is enough to perfect the longitudinal body of C ā o.
A quarter of an hour later, Chen Shaobai quietly sneaked into the eaves of Cao Burning, and two swordsmen-level guarding hospitals didn’t find any clue at all.
Women’s moans coming from their throats like night cats came from time to time from the room. The two nurses in the hook were impetuous, and they talked about whether to go to Wanji Building to find a prostitute kabuki to vent their fire. But when they heard these decadent voices, Chen Shaobai was as calm as water, his heartstrings were not disturbed, and his breathing was long and steady.
On the one hand, it is the baptism of love action movies in past lives, on the other hand, it is the increasingly powerful J Ι ng God power that plays a role.
The perfect play in battle, the accurate deployment of J and NG when an alchemist, and the control of his own heart when tempted … These are just the subsidiary products brought by the powerful J and NG divine power, and the real benefits have not even been revealed.

"He always likes to make me sleep every night. People just fell asleep, and the horse was kicked out of bed by him. It hurts to death." Ling looked at Mo Mo discontentedly and looked at Ling’s eyes when he didn’t know anything.

"Do you want to sleep here?" Feather teasing question
Ink stared his one eye and said nothing.
"Sleep with you? I’d rather be kicked out of the building than "Ling pouting against Feather Nai smiled.
The word "hungry" is awake. They came to ask them to have breakfast.
"Should we go? If we don’t go, we won’t have time to have breakfast." Light explained the word shadow.
"Let’s go." The emperor patted the moon and feather beside him.
After a bad look at him, Yue left, and others smiled and followed him.
Thank you for reading red envelopes.
"Good morning ~ Ann ~ Ah ~" Ling yawned and greeted him, and there was ink behind him.
Everyone was surprised to see Mo Yue. Although he knew that he lived in a dormitory, he didn’t expect to be in the same room as Ling.
"Good morning, Ling." Zine greeted Rushi as everyone was surprised and normal.
"What …?" Feather was surprised to spit out a three-word question, "What is Lingling with brother Zinzine?" Bud bud helps feather finish this sentence.
"What’s so tired? Last night ….. "Ru deliberately misunderstood that this success surprised many people and deepened a feather, which was even more exaggerated. I couldn’t wait to push the ink before, but I thought it was my brother’s face.
Shi Ru’s words have two meanings, one is to get the other is true, and Ling is dishonest when she sleeps. Ink can’t stand kicking her up and going to sleep and repeating the same thing all the time.
Of course, this happened to Zine, but she didn’t have the patience to get up all the time and untie herself directly after she fell asleep.
"Yeah, it’s all G … ink! Tired of it! " Ling almost made a mistake, but what she said made everyone take their misunderstanding seriously.
"What do you sleep together?" Feather saw that no one answered his previous question and asked it again.
"Are they brother and sister?" Zine theory
Didn’t Huan Ling say … What … before she was scared?
"Brother and sister?" Now from feather dissatisfaction to the month.
"Yeah, can’t you?"
"But before you say that the ink is you …" He asked with a blank face.
"Oh, Mo, he’s my dry brother and my dry brother. Their real sister is Ling." Zin took his time to explain that Ling was their childhood sweetheart. It would be more troublesome to misunderstand. It’s more convenient to make it clear.
Ling is clear, but the misunderstanding of azine is gone.
They ….. are not siblings … In the heart, it’s very unpleasant to recall what Zine said just now.
"So you said it was …?" Haowen
"He always likes to make me sleep every night. People just fell asleep, and the horse was kicked out of bed by him. It hurts to death." Ling looked at Mo Mo discontentedly and looked at Ling’s eyes when he didn’t know anything.
"Do you want to sleep here?" Feather teasing question
Ink stared his one eye and said nothing.
"Sleep with you? I’d rather be kicked out of the building than "Ling pouting against Feather Nai smiled.
The word "hungry" is awake. They came to ask them to have breakfast.
"Should we go? If we don’t go, we won’t have time to have breakfast." Light explained the word shadow.
"Let’s go." The emperor patted the moon and feather beside him.
After a bad look at him, Yue left, and others smiled and followed him.

Life is like this. It’s time to recognize the reality.

I live in a world full of people, including my relatives, my teachers and my friends, but. In fact, I have always been alone, just like that point in the mind-training method at a glance, I will have such connections with all the people and things I meet. But it is always that isolated point …
Others may give me everything, but it can’t change my loneliness. Others can take everything away. Also can’t take away my loneliness …
It’s time to recognize this reality and live alone in this busy world.
As long as there is a goal!
In that short time, Xiao Wen put down a lot, leaving only one in his heart.
On the invisible level, his soul and soul root are undergoing some changes, maybe good or bad, but once it is completed. He will never be the same person.
Nan Yunqing seemed to feel this change in him. He turned around for the first time, looked at him and whispered, "The road to practice is so long that you can’t imagine it. Now you are just beginning. "
At the moment, Xiao Wen’s feeling was unprecedentedly acute, and he immediately grasped that Nan Yunqing was actually a little sad in this exclamation. Perhaps, she has walked too long and seen too many people and had to make some changes? Maybe. So the person who changed includes herself?
At this time, Xiao Wen suddenly thought of an old problem: he knew nothing about Nan Yunqing’s past.
If two people keep such a state of separation, can he know her?
That evening, Nan Yunqing went back to Xifeng first, while Xiao Wen sat at the top of the mountain until dawn.
When he appeared in front of people again the next day, he was just like a different person. Others could no longer find the painful expression on his face yesterday, as if there was no such thing as Zuo Ningqing’s unprovoked disappearance.
In the Zhen Yan Zhai, Xiao Wen and his brothers and sisters got together, but it was he who provoked the head and took the lead in saying, "Master told me before that all her fellow disciples are difficult to be big, and the position of first place must never be passed on to them. Everyone saw it yesterday. The second division uncle and the seventh division uncle have obviously been staring at this position. Even for the sake of the master, I don’t think they can be robbed of the first place. "
"Master originally planned to let Nianrou succeed. Let’s report to the patriarch as soon as possible and let him come forward to support Nianrou’s succession, right?" Yu Zhi is a nice guy, and he has no desire for this first seat. He said directly.
Yu Zhi, after all, is a master elder brother. He heads together, and others naturally respond. After all, it is no secret that Zuo Ningqing likes Chu Nian Rou.
At this time, however, Chu Nianrou frowned, and the secret that she had hidden for many years would eventually be made public …
"My fire is a fundamental injury, and I may never be promoted …"
"What? ! !”
"What’s the matter? !”
"When did it hurt?"
The mantra Zhai was in a mess, and even Liang Ru, who is already the master of the Sect, was shocked.
Chu Nian Rou honestly said what happened in those days. Suddenly, Ding Juyuan and Yuan Ying of Jialing Road were completely hated by her stuff …
But hate to hate, Chu Nianrou’s strength is indeed limited, and she will continue to be the first one. How can she be resilient in the future? Xiao Wen and others can help her, but this is obviously not as good as simply letting others succeed to the throne.
Then, by ChuNian soft openings, make people’s attention turned to xiao asked.
"When the master received the introduction of the little teacher younger brother, he took a fancy to his spleen xìng and strength, and felt that he was also an excellent candidate to inherit the first place. Now my younger brother is very popular in front of the master uncle. If we work together, we can completely let him succeed, which is definitely better than those uncles and uncles. " Had said to do your own thing, ChuNian soft river’s lake gas and upper body, very frank tunnel.
"However, the younger brother is now a high-ranking true fairy, and Master Bo promised that the rest of the veins would not agree. Therefore, in order to stabilize the situation, Master Bo will definitely not agree." Liang Ru frown way.
"Isn’t the younger brother going to be promoted soon?" ChuNian soft urgent way.
That’s true!
"Little brother, how long do you have to be promoted?" Liang Ru immediately asked.
"About three months." Xiao asked some uncertain tunnel.
"A little long …" Liang Ru frown.
As the saying goes, a country can’t be without a monarch. Although it’s quiet and peaceful, there are actually many things in it every day. There are thousands of people up and down, and there are three monks, namely, utensils, symbols and animals. All kinds of expenses have to be decided by someone. If something big happens, someone must come forward to discuss with the rest of the pulse …
Therefore, if there is no first peak in three months, it will definitely be chaotic!
"It’s settled, and the younger brother will succeed to the throne. This is exactly what the master meant. We just need to find a way to drag these three months." Liang Ru high-handed tunnel. (To be continued)

Chapter two hundred and ninety-five Jump (9000 words yo)
Have to say, the four teacher elder sister Liang Ru asked by Xiao is still quite strong, and simply put things down. [] However, Xiao Wen still has his own ideas. He certainly wants to realize his master’s wish, but he doesn’t want to succeed him as the first place in Mingfeng.
The ability is second, he can exercise slowly, and the most important thing is that when there are too many things in the first place, he doesn’t want to spend so much time managing the clan affairs.
It is also a plan of Zuo Ningqing to let Chu Nianrou succeed to the throne, and then he will assist Chu Nianrou, which is the best solution in Xiao Wen’s mind.
Liang Ru finish, however, the audience was doesn’t even have an objection, shaw asked himself to say don’t seem a bit out of place, had to endure down first.
Then they began to seriously discuss how to drag these three months in the past, and in the middle of the discussion, Liang Ru suddenly reacted again and directly drove Xiao Wen away …
The reason is very simple. Xiao Wen is actually not 100% sure to break through in three months, and it is impossible to delay the succession of the first place for too long, so he has to seize all the time to practice.
Xiao Wen went back to practice, and the discussion in the mantra Zhai continued. During the whole process, everyone could feel a faint sadness flowing in the air. Their master Zuo Ningqing disappeared too strangely, and it is unlikely to have any good results after all …
After counting ri, Xiao Wen was meditating in the room when he suddenly felt a flash of brilliance in the room and immediately opened his eyes.
At the sight of a voice operator floating in the air, Xiao asked a happy heart. Subconsciously I thought it was Zuo Ningqing calling him again. When he reached for it directly, he realized that his master had left forever, and the voice operator was probably someone else’s.
Sure enough, after it was inspired, it was Liang Ru’s voice from inside: "Little brother, come and talk about it quickly."
Xiao asked "shout" and jumped out of bed. Then he went out of the house directly, rode his fire boots and flew towards Zhen Yan Zhai.
From a distance, he saw the door of Zhen Yan Zhai open, and there were many people inside. It’s so noisy.
"I have seen the master!" Xiao asked when he saw Zong Wangren after landing, and he quickly saluted.
In addition to Zong Wangren, there are several senior officials in Zongmen in the room. Xiao Wen saluted all of them one by one, and then saluted the elders who knew the peak, including his second division Bo Yang and his seventh division Shu Qiu Donglin, who had long coveted the first position of the peak.
When Xiao asked, he understood what was going on. He didn’t say much after greeting everyone, and stood behind his brothers and sisters.
"Xiao nephew, you are deaf to things outside the window. I don’t know that we don’t have a master these days, and we are already in a mess. I haven’t heard from my left school sister, but I can’t be alone. At least I have to find a temporary director. I wonder if you have any thoughts, martial nephew? " Xiao asked the second teacher, Bo Yang, to cut to the chase.
Xiao Wen frowned. He has been practicing with great concentration these days, but he has no idea about Liang Ru’s plan …
"Two guy, little teacher younger brother is the key period of breakthrough, it still don’t let him even bother. Call him this time, that is, let him listen to our decision. " Liang Ru rob the way.
"All right, I wonder if you have any plans for your niece?" Yang Qingshan asked.
"According to the patriarchal clan rules, when the first pulse rises or has to abdicate because of something, it should be succeeded by those who have good conduct and good deeds among their own disciples …"
Before Liang Ru’s words were finished, Qiu Donglin was already rushing to say, "Teacher and niece are so poor. The kind of situation you are talking about should be when the first successor is publicly appointed. This time, Elder Martial Sister Zuo walked strangely, but she didn’t even expect it. Before that, we didn’t see her designate an heir in any public place. Now that Yang Shibo is in his prime, he is older than Elder Martial Sister Zuo in terms of seniority, and the rest of our other disciples are in their prime of life. Under the circumstance that Elder Martial Sister Zuo has not appointed an heir, we should be more suitable for the first post than you. "

"If you can’t break it, just help him wholeheartedly. We’ll talk about the celestial world later. At least in this fix-up world, you won’t have any resistance."

"Uncle, what do you mean …"
With a look of shock in her eyes, Chizhu exclaimed, "You don’t want me to help him unify the realm of repairing the truth, do you? Let’s not talk about whether we have that ability or not. At present, the sacred wall of the mysterious magic is about to open. If our side makes heavy losses, it will be a real mistake. "
The voice finally laughed, and there was a little more relief in the laughter. Chizhu’s remarks showed that she didn’t care about the overall situation all by herself.
"Xuan magic holy wall open for a period of time, this period of time is an opportunity, even if you want to unify the fix true boundary doesn’t have to now. During this time, what you have to do is to let Chen Han have certain forces. Even if you can’t compete with the sum of other forces, let those forces get the boat. "
"I see, it is to let Chen Han exist openly, instead of being hunted by the whole world."
"That’s right, so it’s not enough to rely on the demon temple alone. You must do everything possible to strengthen the demon temple and win over absolutely solid allies. The first master in the realm of repairing truth and the first of the eight demon doors, this is your advantage, so contact Chen Han immediately and ask him not to kill the demon master. "
"I’ll contact him!"
When the red bead closed the arraignment and tried to contact Chen Han, there was no response from the other end. She never imagined that Chen Han was fighting at this moment, and the other party was a master from the demon family.
If he also has enmity with other demon sects, Red Pearl’s plan of uniting Lian Heng will also be difficult.
When ShenJianGe and TianYao Temple reacted, other forces were shocked. They broke their heads and couldn’t think of it. More than 100 years ago, they couldn’t fight against the super-order six-robbing scattered immortals, and they already had such strong strength. The vast majority of forces began to mobilize troops and generals, and it is bound to exhaust the power of the whole faction to kill Chen Han. Only Taiyi Xianmen did not move, and two different opinions formed a distinct camp. One side advocated killing Chen Han, while the other side urged Chen Han not to send troops.
After less than half a minute’s fighting, a hidden slender old man from Shenglong Valley, one of the eight demon gates, like Qiu Lanjiang, the master of Shenjiange, was completely disintegrated, and was torn into a snowy area.
Chen Han packed up and stepped into the air with his pike. Only then did he take out the arraignment order and found that it was the arraignment from Chizhu again. He frowned and hesitated for a long time, and finally got through: "Hey! You think I’m free when I have nothing to do, don’t you? Don’t contact again, okay? Now people are chasing me all day, and I have no time to run away, so I have no time to travel with you. I killed a bastard just now, and … here comes someone who is not afraid of death! "
"Who did you just kill?"
"I don’t know, the holy dragon valley a silly fork … why do you ask this? What is it to you? "
"The holy dragon valley? Chen Han, you bastard! "
"climb! I’m too lazy to pay attention to you, so I can’t rest when I’m cool! "
Chen Han turned off the summoning order without hesitation, and the three figures were in the front. As more and more people received the news, the number of masters under siege was also increasing. Three super-order six-robbery scattered immortals arrived together, and the three people naturally decided that the victory was in the bag, but after the meeting, they found that things were completely different from imagination …
Chapter 405 Aggressive explosive
It’s not terrible to rob the scattered fairy realm of the super-order six times. In fact, with Chen Han’s current combat power, he was killed against Qiulanjiang’s scattered fairy at that level without even using many Xuanyin.
Of course, more reason is to leave the destruction space, in addition to using the existing original star power in the body, once the star power is exhausted, it can only be supplemented by going there.
According to his present practice, if the original astral power stored in the embryo of the star is released, it will be enough to release tens of thousands of times even if it is the earliest Xuanyin that consumes less energy and does not destroy it. The key point is that the more energy Xuanyin consumes in the future, especially the confused heart seal corresponding to the celestial stage, and the original star power in his body will be released dozens of times at most.
Will you go to the innermost part of the destruction space, where there are many planets?
This time it takes almost years, and he is not stupid enough to do that stupid thing, so he didn’t even use Xuanyin in the previous battle.
Must save!
However, when he saw the three scattered immortals in front of him, he knew it was impossible to save, so he knew one of them, and it was Cheng Qi, the elder of Taiyi Xianmen.
He is not only one of the eighteen powerful elders, but also one of the more advanced ones.
Don’t say that today’s Chen Han is a public enemy of the whole people. He let Chengqi’s grandson Chengtian leave his legacy alone, and his whereabouts are still unknown, so there is reason for Chengqi to kill him.
"Chen Han, kill yourself!" Cheng Qi’s voice sounds dull, but it contains endless tyranny and murder.
"Did I hear you wrong or is there something wrong with your head?"
Silver brilliance is flying around in the guidance, and it is directly blessed on the body without destroying the seal. Chen Han laughs and says, "suicide?" Why don’t you kill yourself? "
Seeing him display Xuanyin, Chengqi’s face was not changed. He knew very well that this strange character seal could not only enhance Chen Han’s fighting power, but also weaken his opponent’s fighting power.
"Then go to hell and kill!"
He didn’t dare to give Chen Han the chance to continue to release Xuanyin. A time jet from the celestial spirit turned out to be a top-grade ancient fairy flying sword.
It’s a treasure comparable to tearing the wind gun, and its power is endless. Although its utility in his hand is limited, it is enough to level the gap between Chen Han and the whole set of Chinese ancient fairy wares.
There is no Yuan God attack, as we already know from the earlier news, Yuan God attack has no effect on Chen Han. Casually nullify the sword light, a holy blood Dan was stuffed into his mouth, and the original effort burst out, and the already strong sword light more than doubled again.
The other two are from Taiyi Xianmen. Although they are not the guardians of the powerful elders, they are not as good as Chengqi in magic weapon, but there is still some holy blood pills.
Just a moment ago, they didn’t dare to be negligent in the face of the cold, and they all took out the holy blood Dan and took it down.
Almost at the same time, when the three men shot, Chen Han banned Yuan Yin from selling, and the goal was naturally to use Chengqi, a top-grade ancient fairy device.
Knife out!
Legs out!
Knee out!
At the same time, he faced the attack of three extremely superior players. He asked himself that it was impossible to kill Chengqi as before. However, with his physical defense now, plus the defense of ancient fairy armor and fairy clothes with Chinese and top grades respectively, even if Chengqi fully hit the physical body, it would be impossible to kill him.
This is still the case that all immortal powers are condensed in one sword. If the attack is scattered, it will be even more useless, and at most it will only make him slightly injured.
With all kinds of news coming out, the three scattered immortals have some understanding of Chen Han’s fighting power, knowing that his physical defense is indestructible, so all of them are swords, so be sure to enhance the power of an attack to the extreme.
Booming …
The four people’s attacks collided head-on, as if heaven and earth had completely collapsed, and the place where the wild shock wave passed was turned upside down.
Not far away, several hills, large and small, were washed away and smashed into stone rain on the spot. The stone rain had not had time to be thrown and rolled into stone powder. A winding river rushes on, but the river vaporizes and disappears in an instant, and the stone powder flies over and completely fills the river to the ground.
Fiona Fang Wan Li is a smooth road, and the ground is as smooth as a mirror, so all the mountains, rivers, forests and grasslands have evaporated.
There was a bit of pain in my legs. After taking Shengxue Dan, the two hermit masters from some unknown forces have more than doubled their attacks with their painstaking efforts, and their combat power has almost increased by half a grade. Although it can’t pose a fatal threat to Chen’s cold, it can already make him slightly injured. If it hits the body directly, it will be enough to break through.
The most horrible attack still comes from Cheng Qi, and his fighting power is similar to that of the two men, and the key magic weapon is even better.
The bones of his arms were almost broken on the spot, and Chen’s cold pain made him gasp. Fortunately, the forbidden yuan seal weakened his immortal power by forty percent, otherwise the blow would definitely be seriously injured.

The nurse said, "Are you and I here 24 hours a day to be kind and wait to help you?" You, others don’t know where your knife came from. Let’s be honest, I am sure that you dare not go to a regular hospital, which is why the price is so high! You don’t want to leave at any time! "

The waves were ridiculed by the nurse. Instead of becoming angry from embarrassment, she laughed and took out a stack of RMB from her pocket, with more than 50 thousand.
He has more than 100 thousand cash in his body and can’t put it in one pocket
The waves laughed, "Brother, I don’t have any money left now!"
The nurse said faintly, "That’s good! Now you are covered in copper smell, which is better than anything!"! No matter how much money you have, it’s your life. I won’t ask for more than 5 thousand. Let’s say we can’t reimburse you without a receipt. "
The waves said, "I don’t have a wife without reimbursement!" "
The nurse said, "There is also a sad person missing."
What she means is that the waves will lie dead on the street one day and his wife will be sad.
The waves counted out fifty hundred-dollar bills and handed them to the nurse.
The nurse took it and threw it into the desk drawer without looking.
The waves are a little strange and say, "Are you a girl who is not afraid of being robbed?"
The nurse glanced at the waves with strange eyes and said, "Are you new here or just a novice? I’m a bunch of young and dangerous people. Help Guanyin. That gangster was cut, not treated by me! Who dares to touch me! "
The waves said, "Oh, it’s Sister Guanyin. It seems that we will have a connection in the future."
The nurse said, "white is good."
The nurse took a big bottle of disinfectant, and the waves scrubbed her wounds carefully.
The peculiar smell of that disinfectant made the waves feel uncomfortable and frowned.
There is a burning pain when the cold medicine wipes the wound. The waves shut up and don’t hum.
The nurse looked pale after watching a wave and said, "It’s ok, just like hanging out."
The waves smiled and didn’t speak. It hurts like a knife wound!
The nurse scrubbed it for more than ten minutes before she disinfected more than ten knife wounds on the body of the waves. Then there was a wave to sew up the abdominal wound.
At the corner, the driver let the waves go.
The waves looked at the facade of this humble health clinic, which was very small, and there would be no good technicians, but what pleased him was that there was a light inside.
The door was bolted from the inside, and the waves knocked on the door. A girl said, "Wait a minute!" "
After a while, the door opened. It was a beautiful young girl.
She wore a nurse but didn’t wear a white hat. Her long hair was slightly curled and dyed into light yellow, which naturally hung down. She was tall and slim, elegant in temperament and slender in melon face. The eyebrows were fascinating and the phoenix eye could make a man stunned with a glance.
Although this female nurse is still a little sleepy, she is still sexy, which makes men want to rise. "Hey, the seduction nurse is good!" Not bad! "
The female nurse glanced at the waves and said lightly, "Come in."
After the waves went in, the nurse asked without looking at the waves, "What’s the matter?"
The waves can’t see this female nurse’s swaggering expression slowly saying, "I’m a man, of course I’m not here to have an abortion!" "
The female nurse glanced at the waves again and suddenly smiled and said, "I can’t do a man’s abortion. I mean, how did you get this knife wound?"
She smiled and winked at the waves like silk, and felt a desire to rise. She was dissatisfied with this female nurse and flew away for a long time. Now there is a kind of kiln scenery smiling and saying, "I have a tendency to abuse myself and paddle for fun."
The nurse smiled and went to the front of the waves without asking, and said faintly, "Take off your pants and let me have a look!" "
A man will think of evil when he says this!
The waves are also men, but they are calmer than other men. After a short period of complacency, they immediately sank their faces and solemnly took off their clothes and pants.
Now the waves are left with a pair of very short, narrow and sexy pants.
The nurse walked around the waves and said, "One of the fourteen knives is deep …"