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Zhang Hongzhi can feel that the Excalibur of the Three Lights is extraordinary, and Lingqing is also good at fencing.

Want to prove two swordsmanship.
Chapter four hundred and ten Is an alliance Wei Dao spirit god cut star jun.
"It is now that I have seen the disciples, please ask the Taoist priest to show the Laoshan Dafa." At this moment, another middle-aged Taoist priest wearing a red robe said with a sling.
"After all, how can a child afford to teach such a big title in Laoshan? Don’t you think so, Taoist Qing? "
This person is also the third place in Zhang Hongdao’s Longfeng Yuanchen row, Zhang Danyuan.
In the third generation of the Zhang family, there was a Zhang Yuan who broke through the fairy tale, while in the second generation, there were only three or five people. This person was one of them.
At this time, he also saw a brainwave to win. Zhang Yuan Huang felt that Lingqing and others were pushing their noses and faces and wanted to make a name for themselves by standing on Tianshi House.
Words are also can’t help but cynicism.
"Don’t blame Dan Yuan, the Taoist priest, for being a bit unpleasant to hear.
But sophisticated also really want to confirm two practices with long "Zhang Hongzhi listen Zhang Danyuan talk some blunt smile to Lingqing a hand way
Say so, but he didn’t think Zhang Danyuan shouldn’t challenge Lingqing.
Although everyone has already done it, we should respect the heavenly teacher and help Laoshan make a name for itself.
However, it is very likely that Tianshi Disun will inherit Tianshi’s position in the future, and it will be different at the moment when Zhang Yuanhuang loses.
This means that the new generation of Laoshan Mountain has overwhelmed the new generation of Tianshifu.
These people belong to the gang, but they have no reason to put their own future into it.
The next step is to see if they earn it back
Lingqing turned to look aside, but Zhang Hongdao saw him ha ha a smile. "Daoyou might as well show them if you don’t mind."
He said that pointing is not a provocation, but a sincere one.
At the same time, there is also a sense of spirit and youth
"Since Tianshi is interested in being original, he will make a fool of himself." Ling Qing must look at Zhang Hongdao’s idea in the white heart and give him a moment.
A swing sleeve turned to look at Zhang Hongzhi and Zhang Danyuan and said with a smile, "I wonder who will come first?"
Zhang Dan yuan knows that if Zhang Hongzhi wins or loses first, there would be no need to make moves himself, so he got up first and said, "Trail first."
Speaking of them, these Zhang’s second-generation brothers are somewhat embarrassed.
On Xiubi’s elders who have been involved in Taoism for decades since childhood
In the face of outstanding talents such as Lingdao and Lingqing, when Zhang Hongdao talked about peers, they were also a little worse.
And a generation of Zhang Yuan Bai, Zhang Yuan Huang and others are not much different in age from those of Taoist Ling and Lingqing.
In this way, it seems redundant that they are not caught in the middle.
However, after all, they are also successful in practice, which can share the worries of the older generation and shelter the younger generation from the wind and rain
It’s true that Tianshi House has found its face, even if it loses, it also shows that Tianshi House is full of talented people.
"Zhang Danyuan, Tianshi Prefecture, please ask Taoist Qing for advice!" Zhang Danyuan stepped out of the lotus leaf in the step pool.
The left hand pinches the Sun Jun tactic, and the right hand pinches the Moon Jun tactic. The red and white light flashes and the top of the head condenses into an acre of Xu Dayun light.
Show two divine kings
One of them is crowned with a flying crown, and his face is red and his forehead is three-eyed. Zhu Lingdan’s clothes have a "day" in the golden mirror.
The crown of one person is like a full moon, and the crown of the seven stars is like a full moon. The Luo Fei skirt has a "moon" in the silver mirror.
It is the sun in the Japanese palace, the emperor Yu Yi, and the moon house, the Taiyin knot.
The Tianshi House of Longhu Mountain revised that only when a league of prestige is granted can it be "famous as a heavenly Cao" and only when a clergyman is appointed can it be blessed by the gods.
But in today’s world, the heavens and the earth have changed at the beginning, and where are there any heavens and gods?
Therefore, Dragon and Tiger Mountain also refined a large number of ghosts and gods in the mysterious altar like Lingqing.
Every brother can summon ghosts and gods in the mysterious sky to fight the enemy.
However, not everyone is like this. Some younger brothers can worship the gods in their own mysterious altar.
In this way, there are gods with you wherever you go.
It seems that Zhang Danyuan is like this. These two statues of Sun, Moon and Stars were refined by his "Great Sun, Moon and Sagging Wisdom Sutra".
Not only can the sun and the moon stay in the body, wash the fire and train the soul; You can also ask God to call the spirit to subdue the demon and get rid of the powerful enemy.
But when Ling Qing saw it, he couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.’ Well, didn’t this just hit the gun?’
Be careful, there will be an acre of milky way hanging behind his head like a light wheel
Among them, 365 stars are floating and sinking.
There are two stars, one red and one white, which are released from the Milky Way and rushed out of the front of Zhang Danyuan to become two gods.
One is wearing a latosolic red robe and driving a six-dragon chariot, and there is a hibiscus tree with ten rounds of red sun, and there are three feet of the sun flapping its wings.
One is wearing a silver robe and driving a nine-Luan chariot, and there is a Dangui sacred tree with twelve rounds of silver moon, and there is a three-eyed jade rabbit jumping in the middle of the month.
It is the sun god xi he, the moon god Chang Xi.
Seeing Lingqing, the two gods of the sun and the moon, is not only Zhang Danyuan, but even Zhang Hongdao can’t help but be surprised.
I never thought this Taoist priest was also good at practicing the method of ghosts and gods.
They don’t think that Lingqing stole their achievement method. After all, what kind of achievement method can be learned by this shakotan land deputy.
What’s more, what they are refining is the door star king, while what Ling Qing is refining is obviously an ancient god.
"Laoshan Lingdao Qingdao friends are invited!" Lingqing blunt Zhang Danyuan a moment to say

"Just …"

Zhao feast for the face a soft light with a sigh.
"Sister can’t say anything about you."
"Then I’ll go back to my room and clean up Mrs. Flame?"
Zhao Cuo promised that his words were literal.
"What are you talking to your sister about?"
Miss Zhao is a make a big blush.
"I mean to teach that fool a lesson."
He changed his statement when he realized that there was something wrong with his speech.
"That Mrs. Yan is at this age and is far away from you. Are you her opponent?"
Zhao Shangxin said that even he couldn’t stand the words. He got up calmly and took his hand and turned to walk outside the lobby.
"Wrong, you should hide in your sister’s room for a while tonight. I have to struggle with what soup to cook for you. You must learn to protect yourself when you are young."
She knew her excuse was a bit clumsy.
But the thought of Zhao Cuo’s going to make out with other women later …
Since she found out tonight, she should stop her brother from being squeezed by outsiders.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Foot and sleep
What can I do in your room?’
Zhao cuo listened to his sister’s adult words, but he knew it was just angry words. It was time to go to bed, and Sister Xian would definitely not let him stay.
"So good"
Zhao Xiaogong thoughtfully for a moment, and then her stunned eyes accepted the invitation.
"Since my sister said so, I’ll stay in your room tonight."
"You … what do you want?"
Although Zhao Shangxin didn’t panic, he was also messy.
"Sister sleeps on foot."
Zhao Gongyi is serious
"Enough for you!"
Miss Zhao was furious and raised her small fist and hammered him in the chest.
Even if Zhao is wrong, he certainly doesn’t dare to say such a heavyweight remark.
"You don’t want to practice late? I’ll let you meditate at the foot of the bed or on the ground tonight! "

According to He Jiatao’s situation, he should know more about Tian’s family situation than he does. Even if this Jing Tian is unsociable, He Jiatao has no chance to know her, but he will always hear about it.

"That may be a misunderstanding. Officer Zhang, my body hurts badly and I have to go to the hospital at once." He Jiatao said and fled.
Since there is no claim, the police officer is also happy to go with the flow and change his face. He smiled and said to Zhuo Qiang, "I am sorry for Mr. Zhuo’s identity. I can’t help but look at the sea."
Zhuo Qiang didn’t expect to solve the trouble by answering a word. He couldn’t help sighing again that the national conditions of Daxia were really strange than casually perfunctory words and watched several policemen go out and leave the police car.
When people in the company saw that the tension was so tense just now, they all became curious about Zhuo Qiang’s answer just now, and secretly guessed who Tian Ji was in his mouth. Is it really Nanxi Municipal Committee?
At this time of Zheng Xiulian, it has been confirmed that the little girl named Jing Tian must be Tian Ji’s daughter. Yes, after figuring out the truth, she has relaxed a lot.
Maybe you can match Zhuo Qiang and have a girl like Jing Tian.
Unexpectedly off He Gutao and several policemen Zhuo Qiang got into the car and asked Liu Xiaolei to take him to a place.
He turned around for a long time but forgot an important place is the residence of Jing Tian cousin Huang Xueyao.
A girl who is not too sexual in Jing Tian will definitely not do anything out of line. At this time, she will definitely find a quiet place to hide or cry or smash a few things to vent. The suite rented by Huang Xueyao is probably the most suitable place.
Although Huang Xueyao is not only where Jing Tian often lives, there must be a key.
After the incident, Zhuo Qiang didn’t think of this because of the chaos. Just now, it suddenly occurred to me that Jing Tian must be hiding there
I came to Zhuoqiang, Tian Xueyao’s residence and wanted to think. Instead of knocking at the door, I took out my mobile phone and dialed Jing Tian dialect.
Sure enough, the cell phone rang continuously from the room. Jing Tian is really here.
"Xiao Jing, I know you are inside the shutter" Zhuo Qiang knocked on the door.
There is no movement in it. It seems that Jing Tian still hasn’t cooled down.
"It’s not what you think. You have to trust us. Listen to me and make it clear to you."
"The door …"
Zhuo Qiang shouted, I don’t know how many times Jing Tian just didn’t respond.
There’s no way. Zhuo Qiang has come up with the last kill
"If you don’t open the door, I’m going to break in, and you know that Liu Xiaolei’s ability is stronger than this, and the door can’t hold his fist."
Jing Tian finally hit the door when she heard this from Zhuo Qiang, but her mood changed from sadness to anger.
"You can also tear down this room. Anyway, you are big." Jing Tian directly returned to the house after hitting the door and didn’t even look at Zhuo Qiang.
"How many times do you want me to say before you believe it? Today, it was really to help my classmate get rid of her suitors, so we did it on purpose. Didn’t you see there was another man in the office at that time? "
Without this experience, Zhuo Qiangneng explained the situation over and over again. After grinding for a long time, Jing Tian’s face turned cloudy and sunny, and he was thirsty. He hit the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of coke to make it moist and tired for a long time.
"Ah, poof!" Zhuo Qiang gushed out his mouth in one bite.
"What is this? What is this?"
See Zhuo Qiang balsam pear face Jing Tian finally unbearable "bursts" a smile.
It’s Huang Xueyao’s make-up. It needs to be kept at a suitable low temperature to make it work well. You can imagine how strange the smell will be.
Seeing Tian Jingxiao, Zhuo Qiang took Jing Tian’s hand without considering the peculiar smell in his mouth. "You really believed me for a long time, didn’t you?"
"Who said I believed you?" Jing Tian had a straight face again, but Zhuo Qiang could still see that there was a smile in her mouth.
"Don’t believe it or not" Zhuo Qiang tried to pull Jing Tian into his arms.
Zhuoqiang Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu have been well-advised to stay away from the door when they take the door. Zhuoqiang intends to take this opportunity to kiss Fangze and take them to the next level.
Jing Tian’s face is flushed with shame. This is a great event in her life. How can she let Zhuo Qiang succeed so easily? She broke away from Zhuo Qiang’s talons and ran to the front and said, "If you promise me one thing, I will …" But I can’t say it.
"What is it?" Zhuo Qiang thinks he can’t do things. It’s not much time. Even if she wants stars, Zhuo Qiang thinks she can try.
Although it can’t pick stars, Long Yun still has that ability to fly to another planet.

I don’t know what Yang Ye’s mind is like a subconscious mind, that is, I don’t work today, I can rest today, long live today!

I don’t know who put such thoughts and ideas into Yang Ye’s mind, but Yang Ye firmly believes that the thoughts in his mind are true and must be true.
For many years, he has been looking forward to such a beautiful morning. If he doesn’t get up early, he can sleep in, then wake up at nine or ten o’clock, brush his teeth and wash his face, wear the most comfortable sweatpants and vest, and spend a few yuan on a bowl of hot noodles with marinated soup and two delicious tea eggs at the stall opposite home …
This is the happiest life Yang Ye has ever imagined.
The sunshine outside the window is getting stronger and stronger, and I feel a little dazzling and too bright even with my eyes closed.
Yang Ye was very reluctant to hum, half asleep and half awake, and hesitated whether to get up and pull the curtains. He complained that he forgot to pull the curtains last night!
In his sleep, Yang night seemed to see a white figure floating in front of his eyes, but he was afraid to get close to it. It seemed that he was watching him from afar in the desolation of his dream.
Yang night can’t see the white figure clearly, but vaguely seems to see a pair of eyes full of sadness, which has been faintly projecting this desire to say goodbye to him.
That faint sadness is familiar.
This makes Yang’s night sleep a little shaky, saying that it is not a dream or a nightmare, but it makes him feel very uncomfortable. It seems that there are some things or familiar people or familiar scenes that are close at hand but far away.
"Mao solicitation" a loud noise completely scattered Yang night dream! He was surprised and opened his eyes.
That sound seems to be what pots and pans accidentally hit the ground. After a brief surprise, Yang also woke up completely
Outside the window, the sun is already very bright. Illuminate and brighten the cabin of more than ten square meters. Two chairs are randomly placed in a small piece of house. There is a shabby wardrobe behind the corner door. There is a washbasin subway frame. The only "lavish" decoration facing the small wooden bed of Yang Ye is a mahogany carved square table. This is the most valuable furniture in this cabin where Yang Ye lives. It is said that it is very old and elegant.
A glass-like object on the carved mahogany table reflects dazzling sunlight, which is a photo or portrait of Mrs. Yang. After all, Mrs. Yang has been dead for several years.
I looked at Yang Ye, stretched myself greatly, got up and suddenly found myself sleeping naked!
Strange, I didn’t seem to have the habit of sleeping naked before. Why did I sleep in such a naked bed?
Yang Yeqi wondered what happened last night while casually putting on a pair of coarse overalls and a fairly clean vest.
This memory doesn’t matter. Yang Ye was dumbfounded at that time!
He can’t remember what happened last night, and his head is white! Not only last night, but also all day yesterday, where have you been, what have you done and who have you met? Yang Ye can’t remember at all!
No, no! I don’t remember anything until yesterday and the day before yesterday! On how Yang Ye racked his brains to remember, but he still couldn’t remember yesterday, the day before yesterday was even farther away. All the things that happened a few days ago were still vague, some virtual images, and some of them were fleeting in his mind, and he couldn’t even think clearly.
Dressed in pajamas, Yang Ye walked to the front of the wardrobe and stared at himself in a daze in front of the cupboard door mirror.
Dark eyes sigh stubble face gaunt but very strong chest and arm long-term heavy physical labor exercise to strong muscles have put the big vest bulging.
Looking down at the dark red birthmark on your left wrist, I always feel a little strange in my heart, as if this birthmark reminds me of something or what is the birthmark going to tell me?
The brain is getting confused.
Yang Ye made a face at the mirror and made several bodybuilding poses. He smiled in his heart, and Mata was relieved that he couldn’t remember what happened the other day.
Because this kind of thing happens to the police, it’s normal that you can’t remember something before you get drunk because of drinking too much or hangover, although you can’t remember it for several days in a row.
Clap your head and guess that you must be drunk to make your brain so unconscious, and now your temples are still throbbing with pain.
"Mom forgot who I was drinking with. Should I give up drinking?" Yang night soliloquize scold the in the mind secretly determined "well! If you are good, stop for a day and see the effect! "
Talking, Yang night in the room, two barely linked wires, dragged a towel to shoulder and went out of the hut to wash, wash face and brush teeth in public.
The corridors and public washrooms are deserted, and there is no figure. Yang also walked into public washrooms with a yawn and didn’t pay attention to it.
Cold tap water splashing on his cheeks and neck made Yang night awake. He walked back to the house humming a song while wringing a towel. He was a little surprised that he didn’t meet a neighbor and even there was no sound in the next room.
Is everyone working? What time is it now? If they all go to work, then today is not a rest day. Then how can I get home? I should also work, right?
The idea let Yang night scared out in a cold sweat!
It’s broken! You must have drunk too much! I don’t remember that today’s shift is over! Looks like I’m going to lose my job!
Nervous in my heart, Yang night hurried back to his hut and carefully wiped the portrait of Mrs. Yang Lao. Although I was in a hurry, this matter was done very carefully.
I brushed the portrait and hung up the towel. Yang frantically dug out a set of gray coarse clothes at the bottom of the bed at night. He ran out of the house at random and became proficient. His own broken bicycle was parked in the accommodation building. He pushed forward and ran two steps, turned over his ass vertically and lightly. He screamed "Ow" and stumbled and turned over from the car again!
Very not easy to steady Yang night touching his ass while turning to stare at his bike and then upturned his neck and cursed a "damn it! Who ah! So wicked! You fucking steal the saddle of the broken car! Poor and crazy! "
According to the normal sexual orientation of natural men, there is no way to ride a bicycle without a saddle and an iron support.
When Yang didn’t look at the night, he didn’t even have a watch. I don’t know how late he was. He can run today!
I’ve just experienced a dream, and I don’t know how many flowers fall. Yang night is like a teenager flying.
Locked my bike in the dormitory building, and Yang ran to his own temporary factory at night.
Cars came and went all the way, but no one looked at the guy who was running like crazy.
Doesn’t even have a bunch of surprised eyes, which makes Yang night feel strange.
Have modern people become so indifferent?
Forget it, forget it, there is no time!
Yang Ye thought about getting anxious again, running along the sidewalk beside the highway and complaining about how he was drunk again. Late again? Don’t want this job? It will be a long journey to find another job if your only income is lost so easily at present! I have enough money in my pocket to live for a few days! Damn it!
Scold while running, the more you scold, the more angry you are with yourself! Unconsciously, I scolded the sound, and Yang Ye was extremely depressed. At that time, I couldn’t help myself looking up and blurting out and shouting!

Jun Moying’s eyes darkened and she said, "Well, what did she say?"

"After all, that’s all?" Feng quietly pulled the topic, "You can’t let me recall every sentence, can you?" The palm of your hand was held by him again, and he went outside and was blown by the breeze. "You said that if Yunluo followed me every time she entered the palace, wouldn’t it be a big sin?"
Say that finish nose was ordered a "know suffering also see her? If she comes back again, just refuse to see her! "
Phoenix light eyebrow eye light smile glazed eyes flashed sly "that’s not good, but his brother is a famous military general. If his sister wants to see me, I’ll refuse it once or twice. If I don’t see it every time, won’t it make me particularly petty?" People don’t know, but I still remember those things in the past and I’m not jealous and I won’t see her! "
Not jealous?
Jun Moying could naturally see that the career in her heart was humming and Junyi’s eyebrows slightly picked "What?"
Feng Shao smiled. "Why don’t you just order her not to enter the palace so that she can connect with me and have no chance to get close to me?"
"Um … huh?" Phoenix shallow surprised to see him really agreed?
"Didn’t you give me a promise and give you that look again?"
Phoenix shallow eyebrows twisted twist strange tunnel "I this is not surprised? I didn’t expect you to promise so simply. You made her refuse to enter the palace and I turned her out. The effect is really similar. People dare not say anything about you. Then the natural charges are all on my head. "She said it casually at first, but she really got some temper when she said it." Don’t blame you for causing too many romantic debts in the past. "
"This also blame me?" It seems that the man didn’t expect things to turn out like this in her mouth. I want to defend her, but she is charming, soft and charming. Finally, she raises her forehead. Nai tunnel: "It’s all my fault to be good and shallow. Don’t be angry. If anyone dares to talk nonsense and say that you are not me, will you cut him off like this?"
It is good for him to come to her, but his temper has become more and more gentle over the years, which is simply called no temper.
"Tyrant!" Phoenix gave him a shallow push on the lip angle, but it was a hazy smile.
"Why don’t we pick him up together in the cold class later?"
The man frowned and disliked the tunnel. "He doesn’t know the way back?"
Feng gave him a simple white look. "You will know that you are good to your two daughters and will not recognize you later. You will cry!" Say that finish, no matter whether he answered or not, he walked out. "Warm and far away, I don’t know where to play. You go and get them back, and we’ll pick up Han Er together."
Jun Moying was not satisfied, but she didn’t refuse her request.
It’s not necessary to have it once in a blue moon.
Watching him leave, Feng Xiao-faced smile gradually gathered and gathered away. After his figure disappeared, he found Qingyu.
Qing Yu respectfully asked, "Does the empress have orders?"
There are some glimmers in phoenix’s shallow eyes, and finally slowly settle down to settle the tunnel. "You go and help me with one thing. Chapter 17 I have never loved you."
Yun Qian-su didn’t return to the general’s office when she saw a man blocking her figure.
After a slight hesitation, he bent his lips clearly, and the bitterness in his eyes was very strong.
This man who said he didn’t want to see her just before going out now appears in front of her voluntarily because she went to find Feng Shao?
"Big Brother, what can I do for you?" She looked at him and pretended not to know that he was looking for her.
Yunluo looked at her coldly and then dragged her into the alley without saying a word. It seems that even saying a word to her is a wave.
After the decision, he made a determined effort to wind her thin lips tightly and called her a straight line. After half a day, the depression seemed even worse. It was like just dyeing a circle in the thick snow in the twelfth lunar month, and it was full of ice. Yunqiansu doubted that he was stimulated by the palace.
"Did you enter the palace without my permission?"
The voice of precipitation is as sharp as a sharp sword, so sharp that it cuts iron like mud and stung Yun Qiansu’s heart straight.

As soon as Nu Wa reached out, she took several fresh buds from the clean glazed tea tree, and then poured some water from the clean glazed tea into the teapot.

An auspicious flame rose from the bottom of the pot, and the rich white gas rose in the air, and then the rich tea fragrance floated away and filled all around.
"Please use it."
Fill three cups, one for each person, and then don’t continue to make tea again. This is different from the future. This is the tea produced by innate spiritual roots. Just like those innate spiritual fruits, it can only be used once and cannot be reused.
"What a good thing!"
You’re welcome, too. Yuan Heng took a sip first, and an unprecedented rich fragrance rushed straight into the sky, with endless stamina. After a long silence, he was immersed in the artistic conception of a clean glass.
For a while, Yuan Heng only felt the unprecedented ethereal spirit of GV. Since these days, all kinds of doubts about the Yinyang Avenue, which has been unable to understand the law, have been solved one by one, which turned out to be a breakthrough in this big bottleneck.
Yin and Yang Avenue has reached this level, and Yuan Heng can already start to mutually confirm and integrate it with his own avenue.
At that time, it will be of great benefit to Yuanheng, which is a great accumulation and will be of great help to the impact of mixed yuan.
"Daoyou, it’s really better for you to wait for this congenital tea tree to be more than thousands of spiritual roots. It’s really …"
After a long time, Yuan Heng finished his tea before sighing out loud.
This is a great chance. It seems that he really underestimated the value of this innate spiritual root. The fruit of this innate spiritual root has its own functions.
One of the most common is that the polar ice crystal fruit trees obtained by Yuan Heng can increase the Shou Yuan, contain some rules of water origin and Yin origin, and calm the mind.
Then there is the fruit tree with clear charm, which is a very rare one-off congenital spiritual root. It only bears one fruit at a time, and the effect of the spiritual fruit is extremely extraordinary, comparable to that of the ancestral tree. The remaining fruit stones can only germinate again after the next robbery.
But the most precious thing is this innate spiritual root with various special effects.
And this tea tree of Fuxi Nuwa is obviously a very precious one, because …
It can be reused!
You know, if you completely absorb the Tao contained in this polar ice crystal fruit, it will be useless after that. It can only be used to solve the problem, and at most it is used to calm the mind.
But this tea is different, and this special effect of creating an enlightened environment will never be out of date.
If this spiritual root can be promoted to the ancestral tree in the future, it can even work for the supreme ancestor!
"Ha ha, if Brother Dao likes it, just give it to Brother Dao."
Fuxi said smilingly, obviously he was quite satisfied with his spiritual root.
Not the kui is a brother and sister, fu xi said, nuwa will move to recruit hundreds of pieces of tea from the tree, and sealed it with special prohibition, which can keep the efficacy of tea for a long time.
"This ….., two Taoist friends, in that case, I will accept it!"
Yuan Heng hesitated, so he accepted it. No way, this thing is really quite to his taste, although this gift is really heavy.
Don’t look at only a hundred pieces, just think that Nu Wa is stingy. You know, this is almost equivalent to one third of the tea produced by the whole tea tree!
According to Yuan Heng’s experience, the growth cycle of this top-grade innate spirit root is basically not less than 9,000 yuan clubs. If we consider the value of this spirit root again, it may grow a lot more. Even Yuan Heng will not doubt that the growth cycle of this top-grade innate spirit root is more than 30,000 yuan clubs.
So, these teas are absolutely precious!
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Chapter seventy-nine This … looks familiar
"Sunday gossip!"
Fuxi’s hands are full of gossip and wisdom, which can be described as a palm and a world.
Eight forces are intertwined in this tiny world, turning into a world, and then blending together regardless of each other.
With the evolution of the world, it was finally divided into eight kinds of forces, and each force even linked countless complicated branches, linked an invisible net, and linked it into an inexplicable source avenue.
This world quickly deduces the mystery of the world with Fuxi’s idea, which is the way of the world that Fuxi understands!
With Fuxi’s words, the world of gossip suddenly jumped out and entered the end of the world, and then followed a mysterious and mysterious trajectory to re-evolve into a world.
Life and death, deduce the mystery!
"Fuxi, you are a good gossip avatar, but you are obviously more than that, right?"
Yuan Heng looked at the evolution of Fuxi and shook his head. Although this avatar is already very good, Yuan Heng still saw the unfinished meaning.
To be fair, Fuxi has evolved this gossip trend to an extreme, and even sublimated out of the way of the world. If Fuxi just wants to go the way of the world, that’s enough, as long as he keeps following this way, that’s enough.

One arm slowly turns reddish, and it can be seen that the flesh is like a flame moving, as if the flesh is red-hot steel.

The other arm has a slight light blue halo, and the flesh is as thin and secret as a water wave, and it can be seen that if there is liquid flowing, it will bring cortical ripples.
Ai You didn’t pay any attention to these things, but he was busy looking for opportunities for him to build a number of shuttles around the scorching sun, trying to confuse the scorching sun and distinguish vision like a buffoon.
But when he once again created a black fog from himself and suddenly appeared, his stomach suddenly got a heavy kick!
After being kicked, Ai Youpiao jumped out of the distance, brimming with looking up and looking around in a hurry, but I didn’t see any figure, and the scorching sun was waving and laughing at him almost 100 meters away.
Who hit me?
Ai you was fooled in his heart and looked around carefully. No one really is there! What’s going on?
Just thinking about "pa", I was punched again, and I was so sad that when I turned around, I suddenly jumped out of the distance and stared at my eyes nervously
Or is everything different except the sea?
Strange, there is a slight noise behind! This time, Ai Youke learned his lesson and quickly leaned over to dive with strength, then looked up and watched this time. He finally saw it clearly!
Beating him turned out to be a human form completely condensed by liquid!
Grandma! What is this thing!
Ai you lifted up her head and just screamed out. She was kicked again behind her!
Fly out and turn around. Another liquid figure!
Twist one’s head and get beaten again, this time with a heavy blow to the head!
Don’t even look back. It’s still a liquid figure!
Is this Xiaozhen similar to Shui Rou? Does he now have both fire energy and water energy? These liquid figures ….. are his aquarium abilities?
Ai You was completely panicked, even rolling and crawling and dodging, watching with horror whether there was any dead-tired humanoid liquid approaching around him, and the liquid humanoid seemed to punch and kick him at any time and place. Even though the line of sight could be distinguished and the body could dodge, these liquid humanoid hit him like a horse and then merged into the sea again. On the other side, a part of the seawater horse once again condensed into a liquid humanoid, which made Ai You hard to prevent and fight back.
This side dodges the liquid humanoid attack. It seems that the liquid is composed of fists and fists, and it is desperate to cope with the mourning and being beaten again.
This time, he didn’t pay attention to being hit on the back by a fire ball behind him!
The burning tingling of that distance made Ai You scream out and quickly turned his head and looked sideways-the scorching sun was floating firmly and holding the arm that was burned red from the inside out and nodded and smiled at him.
So Aiyou broke out, and this outbreak was desperate!
He worked hard to build a shuttle, suddenly flashed from one place to another and dodged several liquid figures. He also planned to get closer to the hot sun and give him a fatal blow again!
However, contrary to expectations, he suddenly flashed through the shuttle when he was elsewhere, and how thin and inconspicuous the wisps of black fog he released. However, there are several liquid human natures waiting for him from the front of the shuttle probe. When he sees him, he will add his fists and fists and give no chance.
Even if Ai You was lucky enough to appear, he noticed that the liquid humanoid could fight back with his own fists and feet, but the speed of the liquid humanoid crossing around his body was much faster than his shuttle ability. The left side melted into the sea and the blink of an eye made another humanoid attack on the right side!
And the scorching sun does not hesitate to send out a flame from time to time, just like teasing. The flame is not affected by the seawater at the bottom of the sea, but it is still hot and hot, and it is especially sorrowful to rush around and fight back.
Hehe, where is this? The bottom of the sea What’s under the sea? Water! Half of them are aquarium soft thunder and scorching sun. Here, the initiative is completely mastered. The sea water is not his weapon. He can attack at any time and anywhere, and transform into several liquid figures at will, looking for traces of mourning, and seeing it is a beating.
It was once said that hooligans know martial arts and no one can stop them! No … The advertisement says that my territory is my master! -that’s what it means.
When crossing again, Ai You doesn’t even have to identify the direction. It’s good to cross to the safe zone. But when he jumps out of the shuttle probe again, the horse is surrounded by several liquid humanoid figures, and Ai You desperately parries. When he is preparing to transport, he turns around and runs away again. He just turns back and a flame hits him in the face!
"Boom" A sad head suddenly turned into a ball of fire, burning with sorrow and screaming, and my legs kept pedaling through the sea, and my hands were desperately beating my head wildly.