When’ tis once spoken, Nanrong Magic froze and looked at the white frozen thing in his bowl and turned white.

The baby didn’t notice it at all. He continued to point with chopsticks and said, "And this dish is a golden yellow strip. It’s called Shengyang Shenqiang! Can you guess what the scorching sun is made of? Hey hey, let me tell you, it’s a dog whip! " Said the chopsticks to stir up one. "This is a rabies dog whip, and it is quite good for men to cut it in estrus!" "
Muyang is listening to the rise, although I don’t know what the baby said, but I think it’s very funny, so I put a piece of it in my hand and took a bite to chew it up.
"And this," said Meimei, who picked up a spoon and gently scooped the red soup in a big white porcelain bowl in front of a scorching sun. "This is a good thing! It’s called Phoenix Blood Soup, and it’s a soup cake made of women’s blood. Pay attention! It’s menstrual blood! The nutritional value is quite high! "
The scorching sun looked at the baby with wide eyes and looked at himself again. He had already drunk half of the phoenix blood soup in the spoon before his end, and suddenly he vomited and choked a mouthful of the phoenix blood soup, which gushed out from his nostrils.
"What are you excited about?" The baby shook his head and pointed to a dish not far in front of Nan Rong Phantom. He turned his head and asked Nan Rong Phantom, "Do you know what this is?"
South glory magic pale quickly shook his head stay leng shook his head again.
"Hey, hey, this is pork!" The baby happily announced the answer.
South glory magic show a sigh of relief, shoulders a loose body all heap soft to some consciously touched the belly-he just ate a lot of this dish.
Of course, the reaction is exactly the same as that of Nan Rong and the scorching sun.
"Is this dish delicious?" I didn’t expect the baby to say it again. "It’s called reincarnation meat. Is it particularly soft and delicious when you eat it?" That’s because these pork have been eaten in the stomach and then ruminated for a while! Xu Shu said that the best thing to soften the meat and tendons is the stomach acid. He asked someone to eat these delicate raw pork in his stomach first, let the stomach acid soften for a while, and then spit it out. After cooking, it became a delicious food! "
Nan Rong’s magic has been shaking, and his neck is shaking. He slowly turned his head and looked at the scorching sun. The scorching sun has long been completely dumbfounded. The root of the soup spewing phoenix blood from his nostrils forgot to wipe it. It looks like a big nosebleed in the scorching sun, and his mouth is also dying.
"There will be this! Look, it’s almost eaten up by the scorching sun! " Baby Long got up and took a few steps around the table on the other side of the hot sun, pointed to another crimson porcelain bowl on the table, and gently touched a bowl of white sticky porridge with his fingertips and said, "This dish is called elite Quan Cui! Don’t drink it as porridge. Taste it carefully, but it is tiger, bear, cow, horse, sheep, pig, monkey, mouse … These male animals’ semen and saliva are painstakingly refined together! But these dishes are extremely delicious! "
Yang night has been absent-minded, ordering food with chopsticks, and then putting his mouth on his head, carefully relishing the feeling of deja vu and familiarity here.
He could see the baby in his eyes, and he was talking happily around the table in front of him, but he didn’t catch his mind at all. It was as if he were in a soundproof room
But suddenly "bang" a loud noise shocked Yang Ye from his paranoia. It was an earthquake! Quickly lifted up his eyes and looked around.
To his surprise, the baby was surrounded by Nan Rong Phantom, and he was anxiously asking about something. But Nan Rong Phantom had cried and leaned against the back of the chair, and his eyes were dripping with tears as if he had been hit hard.
Muyangzheng still eats the rising roots and doesn’t care about everything around him.
What about the scorching sun? Yang night saw a circle and didn’t see the scorching sun man! When he got up, he found that the scorching sun had fallen back with his butt chair. The loud bang was caused by the heavy weight of the scorching sun.
Yang night quickly got up and walked quickly to the hot sun and squatted anxiously asked, "What’s the matter? Hot sun! Are you all right? "
The scorching sun looked pale, his eyes were glazed, his nostrils were bleeding with phoenix soup, and he slowly raised his finger to the desktop and said, "The dishes … those dishes …"
"Poisonous food? !” Yang night’s first reaction was that everything was so weird when he came to Baobaolong’s house. At this time, he saw that Nanrong Magic and the scorching sun were both like this, and Yang night naturally became suspicious of this.
The scorching sun hesitated and asked, "Did you eat those dishes, Chibi?"
Yang night doubt think a little bit "eat a little what’s the matter? Is the toxicity very fierce? "
The hot sun frowned and grinned and cried. "It’s so fucking fierce!" Said a tightly hold Yang night hand "you also eat I won’t tell you all this red Bi you let me go …"
Talking in the hot sun, my hands were loose and my eyes were open. wait for a while looked at the ceiling and kept shaking and shaking, doing vomiting again and again
Yang night nasty fierce got up and pointed to the baby long there shouted "baby long! What the hell is going on here? !”
Baby long is also a face of anxiety and injustice. He looked up at Yang night and didn’t speak. He continued to bend over and touch Nan Rong’s phantom chest and earnestly comforted and asked.
Yang night was about to send out when I suddenly saw Muyang returning to the table to eat incense! At that time, I was stunned and thought about how Muyang was fine if it was poisonous. Is it his Xia nationality’s identity ability or the ability of the poison body to resist poison?
"Xiaozheng, how are you?" Yang night in the previous step pulled MuYangZheng a hand.
Muyangzheng looked up at Yang night and smiled "Brother is delicious"
Yang night looked at Muyangzheng with amazement and took a step to the south glory illusion and asked in a low voice, "What happened to the south glory illusion? Is there something wrong with the food? "
Nan Rong, with tears in her eyes, wrinkled her nose and was about to speak when she glanced at the baby around her. The horse changed her tone and said softly, "It’s not the food, it’s me. My stomach is too fragile. I despise it!"
Yang Ye was relieved to hear Nan Rong’s illusion, but he was still puzzled by the pain shown by the scorching sun and Nan Rong’s illusion, so he looked up at the baby and continued to ask, "What is the situation of the baby? What’s wrong with your dishes? "

"Art is always for the broad masses of the people, who not only need political guidance, but also have their own artistic pursuits. These have nothing to do with class struggle, but aren’t they important for our society?

Great attention should be paid to the critical inheritance of previous dynasties, not only to criticize their crimes of exploiting and oppressing the people, but also to inherit some good things, such as family feelings, moral sentiments and the spirit of fighting at all costs when facing foreign enemies. Should we give up? "
Zhao Xirui’s speech was very eloquent and said a lot of people who had doubts about it.
So Zhao Xirui presided over the drama troupe and selected the story of thirteen soldiers returning to Yumen to create a play and arrange a new play on this story.
When time is tight, Zhao Xirui takes the lead, and everyone musters all their energy. One hundred and twenty percent of the spirit is put into the work.
Chapter 144 Thirteen Soldiers Return to Yumen
Zhao Xirui chose this story not only because of the feelings of home and country, the bloody battle and the tragic tears, but also because there was an unnamed female participant in it.
After the car driver, the king and the ancestors were Han Chinese. She missed the national conditions and secretly supported him to stick to it with Geng Gong and others’ information and food.
Although she didn’t leave her name, what she did can also be praised.
Zhao Xirui personally participated in the scriptwriter and director’s work, and made a very important contribution to the rehearsal of this play. He also publicized it through the Renaissance Association, and advertised that the Renaissance Women’s Subordinate Drama Troupe was going to perform a play. Welcome to watch it.
The announcement of the Renaissance Association was very powerful, and soon the whole people in Zhongdu City knew the news, but they were not too white about what drama was.
At this time, the story of thirteen soldiers returning to Yumen played a great role.
With the upsurge of the western regions, many people don’t know what drama is, but since it involves the stories of the western regions, they are still willing to go and have a look.
Anyway, it won’t hurt to take a look at it for free.
Su Yonglin, the choreographer of Zhao Xirui’s efforts to promote "Thirteen Soldiers Return to Yumen", strongly supported Su Yonglin to watch and join in the last rehearsal before the performance with senior officials of the court and the main cadres of the Renaissance Association.
And then gave a quite good evaluation of this play.
Zhao Xirui has a good foundation in historiography. Earlier, she was in the home front, and the longest view was history.
After reading this play, she also made a surprise visit to the history, learned about the background of the times and consulted some historians in the Department of National History, which did a good job in restoring history.
Then the actual director Zhao Xirui also did a good job in setting, actor selection, lines, transitions, props and so on.
Because Geng Gong and others fought in the western regions for more than a year and experienced four seasons of hardship, Zhao Xirui also focused on showing the passage of time.
When the summer sun shines brightly, the actors will take off most of their clothes and put on leather armor to perform.
To show the bitter cold in winter, actors need to wear thick clothes and find catkins to serve as snowflake fans to shake the wheel to create a large air volume to show the cold wind and so on.
In rainy days, the amount of water sprayed from the ceiling of the performance platform is from small to large, and finally it reaches the simulation state of pouring rain.
You Genggong took advantage of the stormy night to attack the Xiongnu barracks, and I don’t know how much water Zhao Xirui got. All the actors showed the strong expressive force of the stormy night desperate fight scene just like a drowned rat.
In addition, they also prepared large-scale props such as sand, stones, loess city walls, etc., and tried to demonstrate the difficulties and obstacles that Geng Gong and other Han Dynasty soldiers struggled to support.
Of course, such a successful rehearsal of this play needs special thanks to the help of the samurai guards.
In order to perform the play well, Zhao Xirui found Su Yong and asked him for help, so Su Yong sent several samurai guards officers to help Zhao Xirui train actors and let them know less about how the real army defends the city and fights hand to hand.
After the last "live-fire" rehearsal, Su Yonglin took the lead in standing ovation, and the officials and cadres joined the actors and founders to warmly applaud their professionalism and treat them to a big meal out of their own pockets.
With Su Yonglin, it is certain that the theater members will be high-spirited and confident. On the evening of May 15, the tenth year of Hongwu, a stage was set up at the corner of the bustling street to formally perform this performance destined for history.
Su Yonglin took a little time that night to pack a tea room on the top floor of the teahouse in the south corner of Taitung, and watched this performance that will surely go down in history.
From the bustling audience to the crow, to the crying, and finally to the tsunami-like clapping and shouting of Su Yonglin.
An hour later, when the performers made a curtain call, the audience clapped and shouted from the bustling street to Jiefang Street, which surprised the street diners and made them wonder what happened here.
After that, things will be natural.
After the performance, the audience watched the performance, and the tap water strongly recommended the performance to people around them, saying that it was a new performance that they had never seen before and brought them a new shocking experience that they had never seen before.
Many people who haven’t seen it are very curious about it.
There are also some people who didn’t go to a better viewing position for the first time and seized the position. They regret that they have gone too far and don’t have the best viewing angle. Seeing the wonderful performances of the actors is very strong and they want to watch it again.
So they went to the gate of the women’s department of Fuxing Association to petition or went to the public consultation room to respond to the workers inside, hoping to know when and where a performance would be held and whether such performances could be held more often.
Because the response was too enthusiastic, the staff of the public consultation room had to report this matter to the palace and let Su Yonglin know directly.
Su Yonglin was very happy to tell Zhao Xirui about it after knowing it.
"This battle is really beautiful. What are you going to do when I get chess from the Queen’s Temple?"
Cherish core zhao quite proud smile.
"Why? A single spark can start a prairie fire, but you told me that now a single spark has become necessary to tour the country step by step, and everything will be achieved. We want to see what it looks like, and I want to make the women’s drama troupe famous throughout the country! "
Zhao Xirui said that action follows the craze of the western regions. The drama Thirteen Soldiers Return to Yumen caused a fierce response at one time, which caused a drama frenzy.
In the next few days, in response to the people’s desire to watch the drama, the drama members performed "Thirteen Soldiers Return to Yumen" twice every day after sunset, which exhausted their energy.
But it can’t satisfy more people’s desire to see a play.
The people’s feelings consulting room still keeps receiving responses such as "I went late and didn’t even have a place to stay" and "I couldn’t hear the actors clearly because I was too far away"
These circumstances fully prove how popular this new performance drama is.
Chapter 1449 Both watch drama frenzy
In order to comply with the people’s desire to watch the drama, Zhao Xirui asked the women’s department staff to help the drama members to liberate the street corner and set up a drama stage of the same scale.
One night was divided into two performance groups, and each group performed twice, expanding from two performances to four performances.
In order to let more people see that they will have another performance, we will persuade the audience to give up their seats to those who have not seen it, so that more people can enjoy the experience of watching the drama.
Nevertheless, it is difficult for the drama troupe to satisfy the desire of more people to see the performance, and some people are not satisfied with watching it once.
Limited by the technical conditions and the shortage of actors, the performance efficiency can no longer be high, otherwise it will be a huge burden for the actors.

Some cubs can successfully repel arthropods, but many of them are caught by arthropods and tear their bodies … screaming and falling to the ground. It’s like a war, and many lives are disappearing. It’s the so-called’ dragon life is fleeting like a dream’ to shape them. It’s perfect.

These young roots have never experienced real life, but Lin is a little strange about their number. If the creator keeps attacking like this, their number should be less and less. Why are there so many? Do creators still breed white skeleton dragons to increase the number of these cubs?
However, the purpose of nightmare attack is obvious. It is to cultivate these cubs’ fear and hatred of arthropods. The shape of those arthropods is estimated to be designed according to the arms of the Atlantean ethnic group
Just as the Yates want to stop the creator from appearing, the creator is also very hostile to the Yates, and they have been fighting for a long time.
"Maya" thought of Lin and said to the brain worm, "Look at the black sky … destroy it."
"Roll!" As soon as the brain worm heard it, it immediately turned into a light, which was much bigger than a’ nightmare’ and slammed away. This light was dazzling enough to attract the attention of the whole city’s young children. They all looked here in surprise and watched this light crash into a’ nightmare’ in the sky.
Boom!’ When the small body of the brain worm hits a huge object of 100 meters, a loud noise also roars. The nightmare is that the body is directly penetrated by this light, and the darkness of its body is slowly swallowed up by the light …
In a few seconds, the 100-meter huge body has dissipated, and the light has been restored again, as if nothing had happened before …
The cubs are all stunned to see all this. Lin has heard that they have never really repelled nightmares, and don’t say that they can’t even touch them. What they can do is that they are alive in the attack of arthropods.
But the nightmare is turned to ashes in this moment, which is something they think is impossible.
Although it’s not surprising …
There are no rules and restrictions in the dream world, and whoever has strong brain waves can control all this and change all this.
The nightmare was shattered by the brain worm, and the day after tomorrow, it finally responded. The whole day, the clouds roared and the silver light shone inside, which seemed to symbolize the creator’s anger. It had discovered the situation here …
A flash of lightning struck the brain worm, and then it suddenly burst and exploded. The flash of lightning shocked the whole city, and the black arthropods left in the city also dissipated at this moment.
When all the cubs saw this scene, they immediately fell to the ground and recited the name of the creator.
It seems that the creator appeared like this before? All the cubs will worship at this time … By the way, it suddenly occurred to Lin that the phenomena such as "Creator stone creates life" and "mud creates white skeleton dragon" in the slate are all seen in dreams?
So … Maybe those memories were not written by imagination alone, but they saw the’ real’ scene …
"Small measure pathetic trick you hurt me" burst into light and saw that the head worm’s body was shrouded in a layer of brilliance, but the flash didn’t hurt it …
"Fool, you will fly to Star Tumbler!" In front of the brain worm, a ball of light condensed, and the ball soared at an extremely high speed. With a loud bang, the sky clouds were actually punched with a big hole by the brain worm!
Brain worms are used to doing these things in dreams, and now they are very skilled at fighting …
Goo …’ At this moment, there was a loud noise in the sky. Before seeing it, the head bug made a big hole and instantly closed it back. At the same time, the whole day was pressed towards the surface!
"Sadly stupid!" Looking at the collapse of the sky, the head worm is not afraid that it will turn into a light again and directly slam into the clouds. The whole head worm hit the sky and was pushed back!
However, it seems that the strength of the brain worm is still a little short. After being pushed back a little, it will be pressed again, but the brain worm can support it to slowly drop.
It’s really incredible. I didn’t expect that brain waves can directly compete with the creator. Although it is weaker than the creator, it doesn’t mean that it is weak enough to be defeated in an instant …
And those babies in the city, they look at the sky as if they don’t know what to say. Their knowledge roots can’t explain the current situation. They can watch all this in wait for a while …
At this moment, Lin seems to feel the creator’s emotion … anger! Suddenly, there was thunder, thunder, wind, trees, houses and babies were blown, and a strong tornado came into being. It whirled behind the head worm with a strong momentum …
Bang!’ Suddenly, there was a flash, and the tornado was suddenly hit by a flash, and the fluffy ball figure appeared where the original tornado was. The cubs suddenly fell back to the ground.
If the brainworm can create competition, what will happen if you add fluffy balls? Will the creator be destroyed?
Boom!’ The fluffy ball also turned into a light and directly hit the clouds. Two powerful forces collapsed and the sky was pushed back!
"that end of the fool’s day has come, and you will roll a tiny light spot in the star forever and never recover. this is the price for you to make Montezuma as stupid as you!" The brain bug made the creator more angry while making a force impact!
At the same time, the pompoms also strengthen the brain wave output. This piece represents the slow collapse of the creator and the sky, and there are huge cracks in both the clouds and the surrounding light …
These cracks are getting more and more, and eventually it is like a broken wall, which is generalized into several powders.
There was darkness after the breakup. There was nothing in the darkness …
"Create … the creator?" The white-boned dragon cubs who would have been in a daze saw the sky disappear, and they made an incredible sound, "How can they create anything?" What? Ga ah ah ah? "
Although these white skeleton dragons don’t seem to understand the situation just now, because the sky represents the’ creator’, when they see the sky disappear, the creator disappears …
Creators are indelible’ creatures’ in their minds, which is hard for the white skeleton dragon to accept, and it drives them crazy …
But … Did Lynn win? No, obviously, it’s not just the sky, here, on the ground, and everything that represents the creator’s victory if he destroys them all …
"You won’t win …"
Just when Lin thought so, it was a dark day, and suddenly several spots appeared, which lit up the whole day like stars …
"I won’t fail"
The star echoed with the creator’s voice.
"You will die, just like other creatures on land …"
When the creator said this, the ground suddenly changed into another landscape. The original city and wasteland disappeared and became a land covered with jungle …
Lynn noticed that this land … seems to be a dinosaur continent? And there are many creatures in the jungle. They are all arthropods.
Is this the foreground?
Suddenly, all the plants and arthropods on the ground changed. Plants slowly withered, leaves fell and arthropods fell to the ground. Their bodies slowly rotted and were swallowed up by the earth.
Their remains soon grow new plants and new creatures. Those are reptiles.
"devour them and create them."
Suddenly, reptiles and a large number of plants rotted and withered the whole continent, leaving debris and bodies, and their bodies appeared a creature that Lin had never seen before …
Is this … the creator wants to’ create’ something for the first time?

"Du Laojiu!" Ji Hong was annoyed.

"JiHong see we also have a friendship when I was young, I’ll give you a way out, you don’t I dare not hand! The strongest of the three of you should be Teng Qingshan. Hum, it’s good to kill Montaigne, but it’s not as good as me! " The bald old man said coldly, "Don’t blame me if you don’t leave until I count to three!"
Du Jiu, a life-and-death knife, is absolutely outrageous and cold.
God, who doesn’t know
Teng Qingshan and Green, "Commanding Adults", looked at Ji Hong.
Jihong gritted his teeth
TengQingShan heart is a little anxious "if this JiHong really will black fire spirit fruit to each other that black fire spirit root is hard to take! I’m sure I can kill Du Jiu, but … Ji Hong doesn’t know I have the strength! " I don’t know the true strength of Teng Qingshan to Ji Hong.
"one!" Du nine indifference shouted
The present situation forced Ji Hong to bite his teeth and drink, "Let’s go!"
"Go?" Tengqingshan some urgent.
"Ji Hong ji at the head! Thank you for returning to Yuan Zong, but … I don’t want to hear the news of Heihuolingguo as soon as we go out. If the news really leaks, I can doubt that you "have friends from ancient times", which will destroy feelings.
Ji Hong really holds the idea of leaking the news after going out.
Anyway, the other side can’t catch him
Listen to what Gu Shiyou said. Ji Hong suddenly turned around and stared at Gu Shiyou and Du Jiusan. "Du Laojiu … This person can’t go too far! Today, you are cruel enough … Hum, this person is going too far and will be punished! "
"retribution?" Du Jiuyi’s triangular eyes swept through Teng Qingshan. "Just the three of you!"
"Shi Bozu!" Lvdi avenue
"Command your honor!" Tengqingshan also eagerly shouted a pair of short breath. Tengqingshan is seventeen years old, and seventeen years old is full of anger. At this time, young people can’t help but be angry.
Teng Qingshan doesn’t want to just turn back to the black fire spirit root. He is bound to "it’s best to do it now. If Ji Hong doesn’t agree, I can take the black fire spirit root secretly."
Ji Hong’s face sank. "Green hills and green hills, let’s go!"
Tengqingshan, green two people can endure with JiHong behind.
Gu Shiyou, Du Jiu, all three of them smiled, while Wu Dai was smiling.
"Du doyen really badly belongs to the people of Yuan Zong, so he left." Wu Dai flattered.
A trace of color appeared on the bald old man’s face
Since his brother was born and became the owner of Qinghu Island, his status has also risen, and he is also a master of Qinghu Island. He has a very high status. Who dares to provoke him when he is used to being bossy?
"Haha, in front of the big family is the Black Fire Lingguo!" A light smile came from a distance.
Green lake island side three people all froze.
Everyone turned to look in the other direction. It should be noted that the magma lake is flowing in both directions. Teng Qingshan, they walked from the left magma flow channel to the magma lake, but the sound at the moment turned out to be the right direction.
"Someone came in here?" The bald old man was shocked.
"Wu Dai" Gu Shiyou looked at Wu Dai.
"I don’t know." Wu Dailian shook his head. This is the first time he has entered the underground. How can he know what is at the other end?
The bald old man whispered, "Don’t worry about him now, let’s go first."
Immediately, the three people of Qinghu Island quietly moved to the right, showing that the passage was more spacious than the left. Although it was tortuous, it was too spacious for the talents of Qinghu Island to walk for dozens of feet and saw the other party in the distance.
The two sides are about fifty feet apart from each other!
"It’s green lake island! Run! " One of the other group shouted suddenly, and the group fled without hesitation!
"Kill them! ! !” As soon as the bald old man drank in anger, he rushed over quickly. Gu Shiyou and his fellow students also rushed over quickly. A group of people in the distance ran for their lives at an average speed, while on the side of Qinghu Island, they were all extremely talented people in the day after tomorrow, and they quickly narrowed the distance.
The original belly fire is walking back along the road. Ji Hong, Teng Qingshan and Green, of course, heard these two shouts.
"It’s Qinghu Island!"
"Kill them!"
Teng Qingshan, Ji Hong and Green look at each other!
"There are another group of people," said Green.
"Go back!" Ji Honglian immediately turned around and rushed to the side of Qinghu Island after a low drink.
Run all the way
"The front is killing!" Although the road twists and turns, Tengqingshan has heard that the speed of fighting theory is not far away. Yuan Zong’s three people are a few different from Qinghu Island’s three people, but Qinghu Island’s three people are fighting with each other and naturally slow down quickly-
Tengqingshan they have seen the killing scene in the distance.
"Run away, master!" A strong man screamed that when he was stabbed, he clung to the uncle’s foot on Qinghu Island 3.

Zhang Hongzhi can feel that the Excalibur of the Three Lights is extraordinary, and Lingqing is also good at fencing.

Want to prove two swordsmanship.
Chapter four hundred and ten Is an alliance Wei Dao spirit god cut star jun.
"It is now that I have seen the disciples, please ask the Taoist priest to show the Laoshan Dafa." At this moment, another middle-aged Taoist priest wearing a red robe said with a sling.
"After all, how can a child afford to teach such a big title in Laoshan? Don’t you think so, Taoist Qing? "
This person is also the third place in Zhang Hongdao’s Longfeng Yuanchen row, Zhang Danyuan.
In the third generation of the Zhang family, there was a Zhang Yuan who broke through the fairy tale, while in the second generation, there were only three or five people. This person was one of them.
At this time, he also saw a brainwave to win. Zhang Yuan Huang felt that Lingqing and others were pushing their noses and faces and wanted to make a name for themselves by standing on Tianshi House.
Words are also can’t help but cynicism.
"Don’t blame Dan Yuan, the Taoist priest, for being a bit unpleasant to hear.
But sophisticated also really want to confirm two practices with long "Zhang Hongzhi listen Zhang Danyuan talk some blunt smile to Lingqing a hand way
Say so, but he didn’t think Zhang Danyuan shouldn’t challenge Lingqing.
Although everyone has already done it, we should respect the heavenly teacher and help Laoshan make a name for itself.
However, it is very likely that Tianshi Disun will inherit Tianshi’s position in the future, and it will be different at the moment when Zhang Yuanhuang loses.
This means that the new generation of Laoshan Mountain has overwhelmed the new generation of Tianshifu.
These people belong to the gang, but they have no reason to put their own future into it.
The next step is to see if they earn it back
Lingqing turned to look aside, but Zhang Hongdao saw him ha ha a smile. "Daoyou might as well show them if you don’t mind."
He said that pointing is not a provocation, but a sincere one.
At the same time, there is also a sense of spirit and youth
"Since Tianshi is interested in being original, he will make a fool of himself." Ling Qing must look at Zhang Hongdao’s idea in the white heart and give him a moment.
A swing sleeve turned to look at Zhang Hongzhi and Zhang Danyuan and said with a smile, "I wonder who will come first?"
Zhang Dan yuan knows that if Zhang Hongzhi wins or loses first, there would be no need to make moves himself, so he got up first and said, "Trail first."
Speaking of them, these Zhang’s second-generation brothers are somewhat embarrassed.
On Xiubi’s elders who have been involved in Taoism for decades since childhood
In the face of outstanding talents such as Lingdao and Lingqing, when Zhang Hongdao talked about peers, they were also a little worse.
And a generation of Zhang Yuan Bai, Zhang Yuan Huang and others are not much different in age from those of Taoist Ling and Lingqing.
In this way, it seems redundant that they are not caught in the middle.
However, after all, they are also successful in practice, which can share the worries of the older generation and shelter the younger generation from the wind and rain
It’s true that Tianshi House has found its face, even if it loses, it also shows that Tianshi House is full of talented people.
"Zhang Danyuan, Tianshi Prefecture, please ask Taoist Qing for advice!" Zhang Danyuan stepped out of the lotus leaf in the step pool.
The left hand pinches the Sun Jun tactic, and the right hand pinches the Moon Jun tactic. The red and white light flashes and the top of the head condenses into an acre of Xu Dayun light.
Show two divine kings
One of them is crowned with a flying crown, and his face is red and his forehead is three-eyed. Zhu Lingdan’s clothes have a "day" in the golden mirror.
The crown of one person is like a full moon, and the crown of the seven stars is like a full moon. The Luo Fei skirt has a "moon" in the silver mirror.
It is the sun in the Japanese palace, the emperor Yu Yi, and the moon house, the Taiyin knot.
The Tianshi House of Longhu Mountain revised that only when a league of prestige is granted can it be "famous as a heavenly Cao" and only when a clergyman is appointed can it be blessed by the gods.
But in today’s world, the heavens and the earth have changed at the beginning, and where are there any heavens and gods?
Therefore, Dragon and Tiger Mountain also refined a large number of ghosts and gods in the mysterious altar like Lingqing.
Every brother can summon ghosts and gods in the mysterious sky to fight the enemy.
However, not everyone is like this. Some younger brothers can worship the gods in their own mysterious altar.
In this way, there are gods with you wherever you go.
It seems that Zhang Danyuan is like this. These two statues of Sun, Moon and Stars were refined by his "Great Sun, Moon and Sagging Wisdom Sutra".
Not only can the sun and the moon stay in the body, wash the fire and train the soul; You can also ask God to call the spirit to subdue the demon and get rid of the powerful enemy.
But when Ling Qing saw it, he couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.’ Well, didn’t this just hit the gun?’
Be careful, there will be an acre of milky way hanging behind his head like a light wheel
Among them, 365 stars are floating and sinking.
There are two stars, one red and one white, which are released from the Milky Way and rushed out of the front of Zhang Danyuan to become two gods.
One is wearing a latosolic red robe and driving a six-dragon chariot, and there is a hibiscus tree with ten rounds of red sun, and there are three feet of the sun flapping its wings.
One is wearing a silver robe and driving a nine-Luan chariot, and there is a Dangui sacred tree with twelve rounds of silver moon, and there is a three-eyed jade rabbit jumping in the middle of the month.
It is the sun god xi he, the moon god Chang Xi.
Seeing Lingqing, the two gods of the sun and the moon, is not only Zhang Danyuan, but even Zhang Hongdao can’t help but be surprised.
I never thought this Taoist priest was also good at practicing the method of ghosts and gods.
They don’t think that Lingqing stole their achievement method. After all, what kind of achievement method can be learned by this shakotan land deputy.
What’s more, what they are refining is the door star king, while what Ling Qing is refining is obviously an ancient god.
"Laoshan Lingdao Qingdao friends are invited!" Lingqing blunt Zhang Danyuan a moment to say

Besides the black sun, Qiao ‘an, a total of three small universes, seventy nine Wei peak elites, have come here.

In addition to the early spirit, there are four small universe strong people, sixty nine guards and peaks here.
However, the Eldar Small Universe is a little stronger than the Muyars.
To Joanne’s surprise, there were at most five powerful people in the small universe.
Now everyone is quietly waiting for the attack of the three honorable men.
Half an hour later, Heiyang, Chuling and Yuan returned to their respective camps and then explained the battle plan.
The battle plan is very simple
First, everyone’s fire exploded directly and the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma passage was closed.
But the second step made Joanne wonder if Heiyang intended to let her die.
The second step is to let the three families of small universe strong first rush in when the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma channel is closed.
Everyone knows that this time is the most dangerous time. It should be to face the big arms of the opposite government. Even when the small universe is strong, it may be nullified.
It is safest to kill three true bodies.
But it was replaced by them
This made Joan have to be careful.
Fifteen minutes later, a ghost king’s seal of Daxi Yuan directly hit and manifested a The six great divisions in the wheel of karma passage here.
Then the three families respected the real body and gave their orders.
All combatants are prepared to bombard the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma passage with the strongest fire.
In an instant, hundreds of bright roads flew out at the same time as Guanghua, especially three of them were the brightest, like a falling planet, and they blasted into that channel.
The colorful shock wave instantaneously oscillates in all directions to crash a steep tunnel in the light wave.
In the same instant, the small universe oscillated violently as if it were turned upside down.
This shock wave has spread to the whole small universe of reincarnation.
Even the capital of the city has been shaken by cracks.
A ghost army frightened.
On a cloudy day, the dharma body was manifested in person, and at the same time, the Zhu Pi of Yin and Yang pointed to the direction of Hungry Ghost Road, where the passage was breached and the mobile army had already killed there.
At the same time, as soon as the aftermath dispersed, Heiyang, Chuling and Yuan ordered the powerful striker in the small universe to kill the reincarnation channel with 100 Jiuwei peak stars.
Nai can bite the bullet and charge even if she knows that it is extremely dangerous.
At this time, if you don’t charge Heiyang, you can directly destroy her with a palm.
Joan’s only happiness is that her teammates are two elders who are crazy believers in the small universe.
The fanatical elders are not stupid, but there is one characteristic that is thorough to the execution of the black sun command, the highest point of his belief.
When charging, without hesitation, the elders of the two small universe strong believers rushed into the channel with high light burning.

Cheng Dongyang looked at her eyes with love, reddish in winter, "I’m sorry, winter, winter, I’m sorry," and he couldn’t stop kissing her forehead.

"Don’t do this again, Dongyang. I can’t stand it." Meng Yudong said with a slightly hoarse voice in his arms. "I need your baby and you. We can’t live without you."
Cheng Dongyang was very excited when he heard this. Can he be sure that Dongdong really forgives him and wants to be with him? He kissed the corner of Dongdong’s eye again and said, "I’ll take care of myself when I save you. I’ll let you sail to pick me up. I can’t listen to you."
Meng Yudong couldn’t stop nodding in his arms for several seconds and then suddenly said faintly, "Dongyang Day, I will go back to Jiangbei with you. Chapter 57 My wife."
Meng Yudong actually said that he was shocked when he went back to the north with Cheng Dongyang. He seemed unable to believe that he could not help but say, "Dongdong, are you serious?"
She nodded seriously, and when she thought about what happened today, she would be frightened. She lived in Dongyang, Jiangbei, and she had to keep running to other jobs on both sides of Jixian County, Jiangbei. It was so hard for her.
If such a thing happens again, she will really be unbearable.
"Dongdong, do you really want to go back to Jiangbei? We just came to Jixian." Song Yuanyuan couldn’t help but wake up next to him.
"It’s not convenient to produce here, so I’d better go back to Jiangbei for convenience," Meng Yudong said with a reddish face.
This is a big surprise. Cheng Dongyang is ecstatic. "You came back to Jiangbei Yuanyuan with me that day. Please live with me so that you can take care of Dongdong."
Song Yuanyuan nai smiled, "Forget it, I am also a servant."
In the evening, Cheng Dongyang naturally lived in the winter room and burned hot water. When Cheng Dongyang was still staring at her in a daze, she said, "Dongyang, did you take off your clothes?"
Cheng Dongyang listened to this and his body was hot. You should know that he was thirsty for a long time. He didn’t even kiss her once when he confirmed his pregnancy. He swallowed saliva and unconsciously dropped his eyes on her abdomen. "Dongdong, are you in good health now?"
Meng Yudong came into contact with his fiery eyes and light face. "What are you thinking? I am. I’ll take a look at your injury. Just now, the doctor left some medicine. I’ll rub your body and take the medicine again. "
Cheng Dongyang said that he was not moved or disappointed. He said, "I can do it myself."
Meng Yudong pointed to the low stool next to "you sit here"
Cheng Dongyang saw that she was so persistent and her face was slightly flushed with long hair in winter and winter. His throat was dry and he really sat down. When she reached into his neckline and unbuttoned his shirt, his body was really hot.
Meng Yudong could feel his fiery breath splashing around her neck, and she pretended not to understand him. When she saw that his shoulder and left chest were covered with gauze, her eyes turned red.
She carefully wiped his perfect place first, and he was good at taking care of people when winter came. At this moment, he moved a soft cotton towel, and he brushed him with a sigh, feeling that her body was full of fragrance and wrapped around her nose. My hand couldn’t help but hug her waist for a while.
"Don’t move" Meng Yudong wiped his body clean and then uncovered the gauze. Most of his landlords were bruised. Meng Yudong gave him a new medicine and a new gauze with classic wine at hand.
"It’s amazing that I found your hands in winter and winter." Cheng Dongyang looked at her gently and said, "I never knew you could handle wounds and bandages were so beautiful."
"What’s so beautiful about this?" Meng Yudong still loves his physical injury and is in distress when he says this.
"It’s just beautiful. My wife is great," said Cheng Dongyang, holding her hand and kissing her.
That my wife stunned Dongdong. Although she and Dongyang have got the certificate, the law is already husband and wife, but Dongdong has always felt that there is no woman who feels a little strange at the moment. She is really his wife.
"Dongdong" when she was in a daze, he pulled her out of the bathroom. "Dongdong, I’m sorry to make you suffer so much, and I’m very touched that you will give me another chance. This time I will behave well and not let you down."
Meng Yudong came to his senses. He looked at this man and suddenly woke up. I’m afraid she can’t get rid of this man in this life. He is her husband and the father of her children. Does she want to be separated from him? Is she going to divorce him
She can’t do it. She can’t do it. I really don’t love him.
"Then will you still not believe me?" She asked her faintly that he didn’t hate him or blame him, but there was still a little mind in his heart that he didn’t believe it or that he had hurt him.
"God, the person I trust most is you." Cheng Dongyang solemnly promised to kiss again to get familiar with the taste and how sweet it was. Cheng Dongyang was really hungry for a long time and kissed again to haunt her. small tongue sucked and sucked.
Meng Yudong was frightened by his fierce wave and reached his chest. "Dongyang cannot have a baby."
"I know," he struggled to release her lips, and her small mouth was kissed by him. He didn’t stop kissing again.
He held her to the sofa in the living room, and when his hand unconsciously rubbed and bit her earlobe through her sweater, he couldn’t help sighing. "I can’t hold it when you get bigger in winter and winter."
"What are you talking about?" Meng Yudong blushed. What seems to be her chest has changed? It has been rising and hurting badly these days. It is difficult to wear the front bra now. Yuan Yuan also joked that she had a big CUP.
Cheng Dongyang simply couldn’t put it down and reached directly into the sweater. He was really excited. He had already set up the tent. He was careful not to press her belly, but he couldn’t wait to rub her arms and swallow it.
"Dongyang can’t" is also sensitive in winter and winter, and he kissed her and touched her very quickly, but she still has reason. It is absolutely impossible for the baby to think about him.
"I know what I know." He buried his head near her neck. "I’ll kiss in winter and winter. I haven’t kissed for a long time. Let me kiss in winter and winter."
Meng Yudong saw that his eyes were red and knew that he must have endured for a long time. She could not help but compromise. "Then let’s go back to bed, shall we?"
Cheng Dongyang certainly welcome a cross picked her up back to the room.
"I can go by myself." Dong Dong blushed and pushed him, but Cheng Dongyang was holding her in his arms for a few steps. He took the door to the bedroom and carefully put her to bed. Chapter 58 Good children.
Facts believe that this man is really kissing, that is, it is a fantasy that when Cheng Dongyang is ready to hold her again, his body heat is not the same as before. He stripped the shirt inside her sweater to see that her chest was an inch bigger, and his whole head was buried.
Meng Yudong couldn’t help holding his head. When he held a red core in his mouth, she couldn’t help humming and propped herself up slightly, sending more herself to his lips.
Cheng Dongyang was still careful. He sat behind her and let her rely on his arms. "Dongdong, I miss you, Dongdong."
Meng Yudong is definitely a slow-heating person in this respect, but at the moment, inexplicably, he kissed two of them so much, and her abdomen swelled slightly. She was a little different from herself. When Cheng Dongyang let her lie on her side and faded her pants, she trembled and tried to catch him, but she couldn’t catch him behind him.
Cheng Dongyang really doesn’t have the heart, but she still smells like milk in her arms. He really can’t calm down. He stuck his body to her ear and bit his ear and said, "Winter, winter, winter, winter, I’ll come in, okay? I’ll gently enter this position. It’s very safe. I promise I won’t hurt the baby."
Meng Yudong thought about it in his heart, but he was afraid that there was a hot thing on her hip and a soft voice was hoarse, saying, "Then gently."
"Good me gently" Cheng Dongyang said, carefully raising her leg. This time, he kept his promise and looked carefully at the winter-winter reaction.
When have they ever done this so gently? Dongdong likes this rhythm very much. From time to time, he turns his head slightly and wants him to kiss her
Cheng Dongyang like a hole sorrow her mind with her rosy lips slightly increased speed, but didn’t dare to go in so grinding also have some fun until the end, both of them are sweating.
He called hot water for Dongdong to clean his body simply, and changed his gauze for a long time before going back to bed. Dongdong was already asleep.
Geng Qihang came early the next morning and they returned to Jiangbei at noon.

"Just …"

Zhao feast for the face a soft light with a sigh.
"Sister can’t say anything about you."
"Then I’ll go back to my room and clean up Mrs. Flame?"
Zhao Cuo promised that his words were literal.
"What are you talking to your sister about?"
Miss Zhao is a make a big blush.
"I mean to teach that fool a lesson."
He changed his statement when he realized that there was something wrong with his speech.
"That Mrs. Yan is at this age and is far away from you. Are you her opponent?"
Zhao Shangxin said that even he couldn’t stand the words. He got up calmly and took his hand and turned to walk outside the lobby.
"Wrong, you should hide in your sister’s room for a while tonight. I have to struggle with what soup to cook for you. You must learn to protect yourself when you are young."
She knew her excuse was a bit clumsy.
But the thought of Zhao Cuo’s going to make out with other women later …
Since she found out tonight, she should stop her brother from being squeezed by outsiders.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Foot and sleep
What can I do in your room?’
Zhao cuo listened to his sister’s adult words, but he knew it was just angry words. It was time to go to bed, and Sister Xian would definitely not let him stay.
"So good"
Zhao Xiaogong thoughtfully for a moment, and then her stunned eyes accepted the invitation.
"Since my sister said so, I’ll stay in your room tonight."
"You … what do you want?"
Although Zhao Shangxin didn’t panic, he was also messy.
"Sister sleeps on foot."
Zhao Gongyi is serious
"Enough for you!"
Miss Zhao was furious and raised her small fist and hammered him in the chest.
Even if Zhao is wrong, he certainly doesn’t dare to say such a heavyweight remark.
"You don’t want to practice late? I’ll let you meditate at the foot of the bed or on the ground tonight! "

Situxuan ruthlessly stared at Zhouyi, wiped a corner of his mouth with blood, and then said matter-of-factly that he seemed to swear an oath of immortality.

"I’m afraid you don’t have this chance. You deliberately hurt people and I’m afraid you have to go to prison. You don’t know how to repent now, so go to prison slowly and repent," said Zhou Yi with a sneer.
"If you want to arrest me without evidence, how can you arrest me? At most, you can interrogate me and then you have to put it in." Situxuan said casually.
"Then just wait. I wish you good luck, but I hope it won’t happen again. If it does, it won’t be as simple as slapping you in the face and sending you to prison."
Zhou Yi’s face is murderous. "If there is a time, if you hurt the whole city again, then you are dead! Because she is a woman I like, and no one can hurt her. "
Say that finish Zhouyi didn’t take a look at SiTuXuan but took the whole leaf hand away.
Ye Qingcheng didn’t refuse Zhouyi to hold hands. Although Zhouyi was her student, she was a few years younger, but she felt that Zhouyi was very attractive to men more and more, and her hand was held by Zhouyi and she felt unusually warm and at ease.
"adulterer and whore"
Situxuan took Zhouyi and left the whole city of centrifugal viciously scolded 1.
But soon those guys who attacked Ye Qingcheng were interrogated by the police, and soon Situxuan came out. Situxuan was quickly taken to the public security bureau for Zhouyi’s instructions and Zhang Yanghao’s director Situxuan was put in prison.
"This Zhouyi can meet him everywhere. Don’t play a positive role every time, but his hands are hard. These three gangsters have been hit hard and one of them has been broken. If you investigate it carefully, this small one is suspected of using excessive force."
Cao Fang, a beautiful police officer, couldn’t help sighing that Zhouyi had killed three gangsters in just a few days, and there was a dispute with Situxuan’s "Tianfuguo" restaurant, and now he played a tough role in saving the United States in a violent way. He felt that Zhouyi was a Uber who was restless. If there were more people like him in this world, I really don’t know what would happen. Don’t say that many people would definitely be added to the hospital.
"The head of Zhouyi and our director are very intimate. It must be a person with great background. He killed’ German shepherd’ and others. According to the results of forensic examination, it must belong to excessive defense. However, the director pressed this matter and didn’t let us investigate this little thing. If Zhouyi beat several gangsters with criminal records, it would be really hard for him to call Director Zhang of Zhouyi."
Deshun Wang, a police officer Wang, told Cao Fang’s novels that he was good at some aspects of have it both ways’s characters than Cao Fang, a straightforward Leng Yan.
"This book of changes, after I said that he killed someone, why did he become a police officer inexplicably? It turned out that he had this layer of brotherhood with the director. He had such shrewd and ruthless means at an early age. In the future, if people like him mix in the underworld, we policemen will probably be restless. If we meet him and have hard evidence, I must arrest him."
Cao Fang said with a sigh that she didn’t like Zhouyi’s youth, age and cruelty, because she intuitively knew that people like Zhouyi might be a lean person who gave the police a headache in the future.
Will SiTuXuan this scourge sent to prison Zhouyi immediately relieved a lot after SiTuXuan revenge, he obviously felt that Ye Qingcheng had a good attitude towards him. Many schools did not shy away from him when he came to Ye Qingcheng’s heart. He was no longer a teenager, but a man who could shelter from the wind and rain.
"Fortunately, my good dad will be transferred from Hangzhou School of Business Administration in Hangzhou to Japanese University, or Ye Qingcheng, a very beautiful woman, will really be harmed by Situxuan, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I saved her so many times. If she doesn’t commit suicide, I’m really sorry. It won’t be long before I can get a beautiful woman and take care of my English teacher and squad leader. The history of picking up girls in my life should be an important one. Chapter 75 Pink accident.
During the class, Zhou Yi became more beautiful and sexy. Ye Qingcheng couldn’t help imagining that Ye Qingcheng no longer hated him. He felt that he had successfully taken a big step. He firmly believed that the plan to catch up with Ye Qingcheng, a beautiful teacher, was 100%.
"Zhouyi, come to my office."
Ye Qingcheng said to Zhouyi in class
"Teacher ye, what do you want to see me about? I’ve been studying hard recently and haven’t made any mistakes every day? "
After coming to Ye Qingcheng’s office, the chair opposite Ye Qingcheng’s desk sat down and asked the former Ye Qingcheng, who was afraid of playing hooligans, to go to her office, but now Ye Qingcheng took the initiative to call Zhou Yilai to her office, which had to be said to be a huge change.
"I’m going to move and want to live somewhere else. Can you help me move some things tomorrow night?"
Ye Qingcheng said that she is a little cold and arrogant. Plus, she has been studying in Beijing and Hangzhou for several years. She doesn’t have any friends except that Situxuan has been in prison and grew up with her. She is such a beautiful girl that she doesn’t even have a best friend.
"Of course, there’s no problem. If you think I’m not enough, I can call Zhou Chi to be a good coolie."
Zhouyi answered with a smile
"You should be enough. Don’t worry, I don’t regard you as a moving company. I don’t have many things. Just pack some clothes and books and move them to the building and car."
Ye Qingcheng smiled and answered that she was in a much better mood these days, because she had realized the true face of Situxuan, and she also released this person. It is not worthy of her sadness and sympathy that such a vicious person with a cruel face and an unrepentant heart went to prison.
"That’s good, but I help people move things, but I don’t do things that cost me money." Zhou Yi said with a smile and went back to that bad thing
"There you go again. Can you stop talking about those words about your commitment? Don’t forget that I am your teacher."
Ye Qingcheng was not angry this time. She stared at Zhouyi and said, "How can you be so two-faced? It’s really impenetrable."
Ye Qingcheng said that she was a teacher of Zhouyi, but maybe she didn’t even notice the way she spoke in front of Zhouyi now. Why should she be like a teacher? That angry smile is simply a little woman’s temper in front of her own man
"Teacher Ye, I have always been such a person. How can I be two-faced? This can be wronged me. "
Zhou Yixiao replied that he had studied psychology, especially girls’ psychology. Now he can be sure that Ye Qingcheng not only doesn’t hate him, but also trusts him, otherwise he wouldn’t ask him to help move some day.
"You joke in front of me like a little hooligan and take advantage of me, but sometimes it’s very calm and overbearing in front of special men and bad guys. This is not two sides. What is it? I haven’t said that you are a dual personality. "
Ye Qingcheng explained that she would speak her thoughts directly, and now she and Zhouyi have unconsciously narrowed down and talked a lot less.
"I’m not chasing you before taking advantage of you. I’m angry because I was offended by you when I first met you, but now I really like you." Zhou Yidao "Besides, it’s not a bad thing to thank you for your kindness. It’s a virtue of Chinese women."
"How can students like their teachers when they come again? The teacher is a law-abiding person and will not do anything bad to seduce students."
Ye Qingcheng took Zhouyi as a joke and made a joke himself.
"Then I’ll drop out of school so that I won’t be your student and you can repay me earlier."
Ye Qingcheng pretended to be angry, but Zhouyi had already left.
The next day, after school, Zhouyi got the Cadillac of Ye Qingcheng and went to the white-collar apartment to move things together.
The area of white-collar apartment is not bad, but the building is a little old. Most of the people living in it are white-collar apartments named by some single white-collar workers in Hangzhou.
Ye Qingcheng, although her mother died and her father went abroad, her grandfather Ye Chong, the old headmaster, was still very rich, which came out from Ye Qingcheng’s Cadillac car, but Ye Qingcheng was such a place, which made Zhouyi feel a little strange.
Ye Qingcheng lived in an apartment on the sixth floor, but there was no ladder. Zhouyi followed Ye Qingcheng’s back stairs. He smelled Ye Qingcheng’s body and gave off a faint fragrance. Ye Qingcheng’s white pants wrapped in beautiful buttocks could not help but get a little upset.
Finally arrived in Ye Qingcheng. The housing is not large, that is, it is more than 50 square meters. There is a simple sofa and coffee table in the living room. There are not many things in the living room. There is a bed, a wardrobe, a brain and a table filled with a lot, but the bedroom is clean and the things are arranged neatly, giving people a comfortable feeling.
When Ye Qingcheng tidied up, Zhouyi was in urgent need of hygiene, but when he went to the sanitation door, he went to the clothes rack with a pair of black pants and a black lace chest. For the first time, Zhouyi came into close contact with Ye Qingcheng’s intimate objects, and his heart was even more stirring.
It’s too late. Is it really necessary for something to happen?

A man in his twenties handed me two cans of beer, and I gave him money and casually asked, "Hey, brother, let me ask you something."

"What is it?" Member asked
I thought about how to ask, and finally I thought it was better to see the mountain from the door, so I asked directly, "Dude, has anyone died in your hotel?"
When the man heard this, he looked at me in surprise and became a little stuttering and said, "You, who are you?" Are you a policeman? "
"Well, what’s wrong with me? Where’s the policeman? Have you ever seen a policeman look like me?" I patted him on the back and said calmly, "I’m just asking around."
"I don’t know about this. If you want to inquire, ask someone else." Then the member got up and left.
I quickly stopped him, dragged him to a corner of the hotel and gave him fifty dollars, saying, "Dude, what’s your hurry? I just asked first. I’ve been curious since I was a child. If you don’t tell me, I’ll have to fight insomnia in the second half of my life."
The clerk took fifty dollars and thought about it, then stuffed it back to me and said, "I don’t know. I really don’t know. You’d better ask someone else."
Listen to his words silly can be white, he must know what happened, but it is obvious that he has some taboos about it. It seems that he is afraid of being told by others. I am even more determined to let him say it, so I took out another hundred dollars and stuffed it with fifty dollars just now and said, "Dude doesn’t trust me, does he?" Afraid I’ll leak? Don’t worry, I will never say that you told me the truth and told you that my home is in Northeast Yunnan and I will go back in a few days. "
This time, the clerk took the money and moved his heart. When he heard that I was from the northeast and would not stay in Yunnan again, he was even more relieved. So he led me to the hotel and suddenly lowered his voice and said to me, "I’m afraid to tell you the truth. Maybe I’ll lose my head."
I handed him a cigarette and asked, "What do you mean?"
He looked around and found that there was no one else to continue. "Listen to me and tell you slowly that our hotel did die, and it was not long, just over three months ago. The dead person was a Miao girl."
"Miao girl?" I was surprised at the thought of Long Bujin.
"Yeah, people die in the bathtub. It’s a coincidence that you ask. I’m a witness."
"How did the Miao girl die?" I asked
The officer took a puff at his cigarette and seemed to be concerned. "If I don’t want that thing to happen, it’s because of that girl’s death. I mean, the girl’s death is so strange and the real cause of death is even more horrible."
"oh? Let’s hear it "
"When we found the girl, she was probably dead for several days. She was lying in the bathtub. First, a woman found out that later, he and I arrived at the girl’s death. It was real …"
I was worried to death when I heard his story. I said to myself, why are you such a big old man? But look at his little face, it seems that he has indeed recalled a very bad horrible thing, so I dare not bother more. I just waited patiently while smoking a cigarette.
After a while, the clerk asked me for a cigarette, and then continued, "When the girl first came, we all saw her because her dress was really eye-catching. After that, she was dressed in a standard Miao costume with silverware jingling. She was very good and thin, but when we found her lying in the bathtub, we were all shocked because the girl in the bathtub was nothing like her. At first glance, she looked like a big fat, but then again, it was definitely not a good thing because her body was swollen and showed blue."
"No scars from him?" I interrupted him.
The clerk shook his head and said, "There was no blood in the bathtub. Later, the police came to the hotel to investigate the body and found that the body could not be killed. There was no ligature mark on the neck of the wound. But when the police wanted to carry the body away, the belly of the body suddenly rose. We didn’t care much. When the police moved the body, they got two policemen, one carrying their shoulders and the other carrying their feet. Just look at the girl’s head and the other.
Chapter VI True and False
The next day, I woke up early and was in a bad mood. I stayed up almost all night and didn’t sleep for a while until three or four o’clock in the morning.
I had some breakfast with Bujin Hotel and left for breakfast. I tentatively asked Bujin about last night, but she didn’t say a word. Since last night, she always seemed to be wary of me after seeing me rummaging through her cloth bag. The cloth bag was never put into the suitcase, but finally held in her arms. When I looked at the cloth bag, I was always worried that centipedes and spiders would crawl out. Of course, the box of crawling red larvae last night scared me the most.
I followed my father’s instructions to find his former colleague Wang Chengbao. He dialed the number he gave me last night, and there was a beep and an old voice said, "Hello?"
I replied, "Hello, are you Mr. Wang Chengbao?"
"Who are you?"
"I’m Fan Jiyun. I’m Kun now. My father asked me to come to you."
The person over there thought for a while and said, "Oh, you must be Pei Xi."
So I exchanged a few simple pleasantries with that Wang Chengbao, and he told me to wait for him at a tea house in Kunming first. I hung up and called a taxi and told the driver that he was going to a place. The driver was surprised and said, "How did you two young people go to that place?"
I was a little surprised and asked, "Why is that teahouse different?"
"That’s not true," the driver explained, "but it’s a very ordinary small teahouse. Many people don’t even know that there is such a place, and there are usually some retired old men gathering there. Young people will feel particularly chatty when they go there."
"Oh, I’m looking for someone."
"Look for a person? Do you still have acquaintances there? "
"It’s my father’s former colleague."
When the driver heard this, he opened his eyes wide and looked at me. It seemed that I had a new understanding and said, "Then your father must have been a big shot in Kunming before."
I was surprised and asked, "Why do you say that?"
The driver ha ha a smile and said, "Because the old men in the tea house were all senior government officials when they were young, now they are retired. I want to say that there is nothing good about that place. It’s just a group of retired veteran cadres who are leaning on the old and selling the old, that is, talking about politics. How bad the government is now."
I explained, "No, no, my father is just a university teacher."
Speaking, we have come to the Qing Teahouse, which is really remote as the driver said. Most of the buildings next to it are old cadres’ family buildings. Although there seems to be no one here, the decoration is not bad. The door is a wooden plaque with dark green cursive characters "Qing Ming", and there are also some small tables and rattan chairs. At the moment, more than a dozen 60-and 70-year-olds are sitting in Weiqi, reading newspapers and three or four are sitting around a small table chatting.
As soon as Bujin and I entered the gauze curtain, the original noise suddenly came to an abrupt end, and the expressions of more than a dozen masters all looked at us in unison, which seemed a little surprised. It seems that this teahouse has not been visited by young people all the year round, and it is not surprising that two new people have occasionally come because of these retired cadres’ regular customers, and they are all young people in their twenties.
My shop has been looking around for a week, and I don’t know which one is Wang Chengbao. Maybe he hasn’t come yet. Maybe at this time, those gentlemen have returned to normal and continued to go their separate ways. Bu Jin and I found a remote corner and made it. A middle-aged man in his forties who was missing a front tooth immediately came to ask us what to drink.
I haven’t drunk tea several times since I was a child, and there is no research on tea. No matter how good the tea is, I can’t tell what special fragrance is in my mouth. So I simply said to the man, "You can give me whatever tea those old men drink."
The middle-aged man nodded his head and left after a while, and two cups of warm herbal tea were served. I chatted and tried to talk to Bu Jin, but she ignored me. I guess she was still angry with me last night. After all, she was a girl, and she would be angry, which made her feel a little human.
I sat idle in my mind searching whether I had seen this Wang Chengbao before. Of course, I did hear this name when my father chatted at ordinary times, but he also casually said that he had worked happily with Wang Chengbao before and said some archaeological experiences with Wang Chengbao. But I don’t remember seeing this person Wang Chengbao. Just now, the taxi driver said that most people in this teahouse were retired cadres. I wonder if this Wang Chengbao was really a government official in Kunming?
I was just thinking that a white-haired old man suddenly walked into the door. It seems that he is over 70 years old, but seeing that he is neatly dressed, he should walk with his back straight and look handsome when he was young.
When the old man entered the door, he looked around for a week. Finally, his eyes fell on the position where Bujin and I were, and then he came over with a kind smile and said, "It’s my nephew Pei Xi."
As soon as I heard that, I got up and shook hands with the old man. "Yes, it is the younger generation. Are you Uncle Wang?"
The old man nodded and smiled and said to me, "You’ve grown so big."
I nodded and smiled, and I didn’t know what to say. Most elders usually say this when they meet younger generations, which is to say that time flies.
Wang Chengbao added, "You certainly don’t know me because you were still a baby when I first met you."
"Really!" My emotional intelligence has always been very high, and I quickly attached the peace road.
Wang Chengbao laughed exaggeratedly and said, "Of course, I went to drink your full moon wine. Your father and I are too far away from each other in Yunnan and Northeast China. It’s hard to meet several times on weekdays. It’s been more than 20 years since you met at the full moon banquet. How old are you this year?"
"Twenty-six" I replied.
Then Wang Chengbao asked the owner of the store to make a pot of tea and ask, "Is your father in good health?"
"Fortunately, fortunately, I am not as tough as you."
Wang Chengbao smiled again and said, "The young man is quite good at talking."
I nodded and didn’t say much. I’ve long been annoyed by these no greetings, because I’ve already exchanged greetings for a long time when I called him earlier. I really don’t want to go to the waves again. I hope he can tell me something. My father wants me to stay in Yunnan for the time being these days, and he also specifically told me not to be afraid of any strange things, but to stay here and find this Wang Chengbao in front of me. So now that I’ve found this person, what should I do? It’s not just that they are idle at home.
I thought for a moment and said, "Uncle Wang, I heard from my father that he wanted me to stay in Yunnan for the time being and asked me to come to you and say that you could find me a place to stay. This is really troublesome for you."
"Big nephew, what are you talking about? Your father and I have been friends for decades. Now I haven’t seen his son come to ask me for something for many years. Will I refuse?"
I nodded. "Thank you for taking care of Wang Shu, but I have one thing that is not too white."
"Why doesn’t your father let you leave Yunnan and go back to your hometown?" That Wang Chengbao is really amazing. Before I asked him, he had already seen through what I was thinking. As the saying goes, a man is old and refined, but he has lived for a long time and experienced many things.
Chapter VII Turning the corner
"What did you say?" I screamed almost immediately, so I quickly covered my mouth and looked around. Fortunately, no one noticed me, but after listening to Liu Zhen’s words, I felt a cool breeze coming from my back and suddenly felt that I had fallen into a huge conspiracy.