The reason why they came back later than Bai Yinting was that he went back to the music classroom and took his guzheng, which was delayed for some time.

Seeing Bai Chengyu Bai Hong’s face immediately turned cold, and they seemed to have had any unpleasant feelings.
"How did you come back?" Bai Hong questioned
"I’ve been very busy recently," said Bai Chengyu, asking for a floor.
"Didn’t you see your eldest brother and sister-in-law?" It’s impolite to go upstairs without saying hello.
Bai Chengyu stepped back a few steps and deliberately stopped before Xia Zhu, bending over and looking at the peach blossom eyes and bending out a beautiful arc. "My sister and grandpa called you back for dinner, which is the birth and must be a great-grandson."
"Bastard!" Bai Hong was angry at that time and knew that Bai Chengyu couldn’t say anything nice in his mouth.
At the moment, Bai Chengyu’s state and his usual appearance are totally different. Xia Zhu thinks that he is like a two-faced person, but he can be feminine or insidious.
Bai Yinting took Xia Zhu’s hand up. "Since it’s time to come back for dinner, don’t be affected by some urgent people."
"Can I go downstairs now?" Bai Chengyu doesn’t care. It seems that the rules ask Bai Hong. Everyone can see that he is a provocation.
"Roll" Bai Hong waved his hand. Bai Chengyu changed because of Yimo. A person has always been a naysayer with him.
Bai Chengyu’s building will come soon, but playing guzheng is melodious, deep and noble. It is the famous song "Mountain Flowing Water"
Xia Zhu glanced at the building and Bai Yinting reached out her finger. She tapped on the forehead, "How can so many sumptuous dishes attract you?"
"But I can’t shut my ears. Guzheng is really nice." Xia Zhu praised it and immediately found himself in trouble.
Turned to find Bai Yinting surly Xia Zhu immediately please smiled again "it’s also very general, I still think our family Bai Yinting is the most handsome".
"hypocrisy" Bai yinting cold hum a corners of the mouth with a smile.
Hehe, Xia Zhu has a cold sweat. Bai Yinting is really difficult to serve. I really don’t know how to satisfy him.
Bai Hong has been smiling at them. Bai Yinting grew up watching children. Since his parents died, he has been in a state of vigilance and indifference. Now it seems that there is a temperature.
"Eat more. You’ve lost weight without looking at you."
"Which have? I’m a standard figure, "Xia Zhu said, staring at Bai Yinting unhappily." You still dislike me too much once! "
How long ago did Bai yinting choke? I still remember.
At this time, a song "Mountain Flowing Water" ended and was temporarily quiet, and then the piano sounded beautifully and slowly, which made people feel very comfortable.
"Can he still play the piano?" Xia Zhu didn’t expect Bai Chengyu to be versatile.
Bai Yin court expression Bai Hong sighed, "Chengyu’s mother always wanted a daughter, so she raised him as her daughter, which will cast him as she is now."
"I think everyone has their own personality …" Xia Zhu wanted to express what she knew and understood about Bai Chengyu, but she immediately shut up when she felt a chill.
Bai Hong also saw that Bai Yinting was unhappy again. What did he worry about in vain?
"Xia Zhu," Bai Hongneng said, "You’ve been married for a few days. Why haven’t you moved?"
"Ah?" Xia Zhu didn’t react.
"Otherwise, go to the hospital for a check-up, and it’s time to get pregnant." Bai Hong continued chanting.
Xia Zhu blushed instantly. Bai Hong was really looking forward to her great-grandson. She secretly glanced at Bai Yinting and asked for help.
"Grandpa" Bai Yinting received the distress signal "We are still young and in no hurry to have children"
"You are still young, but I am not young. My only wish in this life is to see my great-grandson. Is that too much to ask?" Bai Hong said
Xia Zhu pouts. She’s not ready to be a mother. Besides, do she and Bai Yinting really want children?
"Yin Ting" Bai Hong simply pointed the finger at him. "You can’t make excuses not to go home because you are busy with work. The company is important. It is more important to have children."
Bai yinting heard Bai hong’s words and suddenly got up. Xia Zhu got such a fright that he was going to lose his temper again.
As a result, Bai Yinting grabbed her wrist and pulled Xia Zhu up, then looked at Bai Hong and said seriously, "Grandpa, I think what you said makes sense. I’ll go home and make a baby!"
Chapter 49 Don’t love him
Xia Zhu didn’t know how she followed Bai Yinting out of the car. After that, she felt that she was still at a loss.
Bai yinting is really a wonderful work. It’s really hard to say such a thing as making a baby in front of your elders.
"We have to finish the arduous task tonight," said Bai Yinting and hugged Xia Zhu’s shoulder.
"It’s not your call," murmured Xia Zhu.
"I think I will win tonight!" Bai yinting is very confident.
Xia Zhu pie mouth I really don’t know where his confidence comes from, but she just likes Bai Yinting’s domineering appearance.
Just then, the driver’s cell phone rang, and it turned out to be a piano piece, and Xia Zhu couldn’t help but shine at the moment. "Is this the song that Bai Chengyu just played?"
"You like it?" Bai yinting cocked his head and narrowed his eyes, which is dangerous.
"Ha ha" Xia Zhu shut up.
Bai yinting also don’t tone immediately condensation frighten the driver didn’t dare to answer the words.
When she got home, Xia Zhu Bai Yinting would directly pull her back to the room, but as a result, he took himself around the lobby on the first floor and went to the sundries behind.
"Bai yinting?" Xia Zhu is puzzled.
Bai yinting didn’t talk and hit a door. Xia Zhu saw that there was also a piano inside, but it had been covered up for a long time.
"The song you just heard is" Tiancheng ","said Bai Yinting, lifting the cover on the outside of the piano and touching the keys with slender fingers, and the beautiful music flowed out.
Xia Zhu looked stunned and took out his mobile phone to record a video for Bai Yinting. Bai Yinting looked up. "What are you doing?"
"What else can’t you? I want to record the file! " Xia Zhu’s eyes are full of stars. "Keep playing."
Bai yinting’s language is just obedient. He hasn’t touched the piano since he was ten years old. Speaking of it, it is also a pain in his heart.