Besides the black sun, Qiao ‘an, a total of three small universes, seventy nine Wei peak elites, have come here.

In addition to the early spirit, there are four small universe strong people, sixty nine guards and peaks here.
However, the Eldar Small Universe is a little stronger than the Muyars.
To Joanne’s surprise, there were at most five powerful people in the small universe.
Now everyone is quietly waiting for the attack of the three honorable men.
Half an hour later, Heiyang, Chuling and Yuan returned to their respective camps and then explained the battle plan.
The battle plan is very simple
First, everyone’s fire exploded directly and the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma passage was closed.
But the second step made Joanne wonder if Heiyang intended to let her die.
The second step is to let the three families of small universe strong first rush in when the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma channel is closed.
Everyone knows that this time is the most dangerous time. It should be to face the big arms of the opposite government. Even when the small universe is strong, it may be nullified.
It is safest to kill three true bodies.
But it was replaced by them
This made Joan have to be careful.
Fifteen minutes later, a ghost king’s seal of Daxi Yuan directly hit and manifested a The six great divisions in the wheel of karma passage here.
Then the three families respected the real body and gave their orders.
All combatants are prepared to bombard the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma passage with the strongest fire.
In an instant, hundreds of bright roads flew out at the same time as Guanghua, especially three of them were the brightest, like a falling planet, and they blasted into that channel.
The colorful shock wave instantaneously oscillates in all directions to crash a steep tunnel in the light wave.
In the same instant, the small universe oscillated violently as if it were turned upside down.
This shock wave has spread to the whole small universe of reincarnation.
Even the capital of the city has been shaken by cracks.
A ghost army frightened.
On a cloudy day, the dharma body was manifested in person, and at the same time, the Zhu Pi of Yin and Yang pointed to the direction of Hungry Ghost Road, where the passage was breached and the mobile army had already killed there.
At the same time, as soon as the aftermath dispersed, Heiyang, Chuling and Yuan ordered the powerful striker in the small universe to kill the reincarnation channel with 100 Jiuwei peak stars.
Nai can bite the bullet and charge even if she knows that it is extremely dangerous.
At this time, if you don’t charge Heiyang, you can directly destroy her with a palm.
Joan’s only happiness is that her teammates are two elders who are crazy believers in the small universe.
The fanatical elders are not stupid, but there is one characteristic that is thorough to the execution of the black sun command, the highest point of his belief.
When charging, without hesitation, the elders of the two small universe strong believers rushed into the channel with high light burning.