"Just …"

Zhao feast for the face a soft light with a sigh.
"Sister can’t say anything about you."
"Then I’ll go back to my room and clean up Mrs. Flame?"
Zhao Cuo promised that his words were literal.
"What are you talking to your sister about?"
Miss Zhao is a make a big blush.
"I mean to teach that fool a lesson."
He changed his statement when he realized that there was something wrong with his speech.
"That Mrs. Yan is at this age and is far away from you. Are you her opponent?"
Zhao Shangxin said that even he couldn’t stand the words. He got up calmly and took his hand and turned to walk outside the lobby.
"Wrong, you should hide in your sister’s room for a while tonight. I have to struggle with what soup to cook for you. You must learn to protect yourself when you are young."
She knew her excuse was a bit clumsy.
But the thought of Zhao Cuo’s going to make out with other women later …
Since she found out tonight, she should stop her brother from being squeezed by outsiders.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Foot and sleep
What can I do in your room?’
Zhao cuo listened to his sister’s adult words, but he knew it was just angry words. It was time to go to bed, and Sister Xian would definitely not let him stay.
"So good"
Zhao Xiaogong thoughtfully for a moment, and then her stunned eyes accepted the invitation.
"Since my sister said so, I’ll stay in your room tonight."
"You … what do you want?"
Although Zhao Shangxin didn’t panic, he was also messy.
"Sister sleeps on foot."
Zhao Gongyi is serious
"Enough for you!"
Miss Zhao was furious and raised her small fist and hammered him in the chest.
Even if Zhao is wrong, he certainly doesn’t dare to say such a heavyweight remark.
"You don’t want to practice late? I’ll let you meditate at the foot of the bed or on the ground tonight! "