"Hung-chun, this fellow hasn’t been seen since that day’s World War II, and he may be hiding in a corner to plot against something." Like a god, he touched his ivory. "Anyway, my demon race has been messed up. I want to say … it is better to send out experts from all walks of life in the Heavenly Palace to suppress one party’s own beliefs and suppress those heresies. It is cheaper for those Shan Ye monsters to become loyal people in the demon court."

"It’s also an idea. If a fire breaks out today, it’s always possible to get away with it. It’s better to send experts from all walks of life to station this matter. Everyone is naturally trying their best not to give the wild road expert a chance." Tiger God nodded in agreement. "So it’s wonderful that I can call the various parts of the day to return home."
"It’s also such a reason." Fox God nodded. "That makes it possible to become a god by going to the masters of various ministries to choose their own sites."
Grandfathers, look at me. I see that you are all looking at Terran Kyushu with a long face.
No trouble from Buddhism, no covet from the demon clan, but the demon protoss doesn’t have to stop.
The demon protoss is cursed with low fertility, and the whole race is extremely scarce. If you want to become a god, you must find another way. The population of the Terran naturally becomes the coveted object of the demon protoss.
It’s chaotic enough that all kinds of monsters come out to make trouble in the demon protoss world. It’s chaotic enough to increase the decimal number. All kinds of monsters and monsters, as well as the demon protoss department, are even more confusing and fanning the flames everywhere. It’s simply chaotic to abduct the Terran.
The most serious thing is that the brothers suppressed heresy, but when they entered the sea, they disappeared. It is strange that the rest of the parties secretly colluded with the people.
"What should I do?" Taiping ancestor woebegone way
"It is true that there is a way to deal with it if it is dry."
It’s just right for this matter that the emperor runs the country well.
"Otherwise, let’s crack down on heresy again." Grandfather Tai Dou rolled his eyes.
"Terran is full of heresies, so we can’t stand it if we suppress the roots alone. The fire here has just been put out, and it has already risen there." Taiyi’s ancestor turned his turtle shell in his hand and looked calm. "The destiny forcibly subverted the secret, and these rebels were killed and eliminated, or the rebellion could be deterred."
Speaking of this, Taiyi taught the ancestors that "all the quasi-fairy masters formed a law enforcement team to wander around the Terran Kyushu Town and kill some private Taoist priests".
"Terran chaos!" The East China Sea Dragon Palace Aole looked at the various Long Jun muttered a.
The hall was silent.
"You go to Tao" Aole said.
At Aole, everyone was surprised at one leng, and seemed to doubt that they had heard wrong. Some of them didn’t believe their ears.
"You are my loyalty to the East China Sea, and I have frequent changes in the East China Sea. You have repeatedly helped me to meet the enemy and left the palace without abandoning it." Aole unhurriedly said, "SIRS Aiqing never failed me in the East China Sea Palace, and did the friendship generation ruin your long life? Go! Go! Now the Terran chaos is just right. "
"Thank you, I’ll wait for you." All the quasi-immortals are grateful.
"We will never betray the East China Sea even if we become the first gods."
"Go! Go! " Aole gave a closed his eyes.
Chapter 2241 Cocoon binds itself to brocade scales
The Dragon Palace Hall was suddenly deserted, and it became even more deserted except for some maids who were not well-repaired. In the past, the underwater Dragon Palace, which I was most familiar with, seemed to be a deserted dungeon.
Jade Duxiu corners of the mouth slightly cocked up a pair of eyes and looked at the distance. There was a gold medal in the hand of Zhengshan Gong. After the axe was sent to the jade box, Jade Duxiu looked around and found a male who had to throw the jade box into the stone.
Recently, after practicing the secret art of Jin Li, the avatar’s Daoxing Day also improved the magic created by Jin Li, which was specially created for the public.
The public belongs to the magic protoss, who is close to the earth and in charge of the earth source. After practicing the brocade scale hermetic, it is naturally a thousand miles a day.
Looking at the instant broken rock axe in front of me, I am more powerful and confident. "God help me to send me a different skill mountain. Wait, I will give you this Kunlun Mountain sooner or later."
"Hey, what is this? How can there be treasures? " Looking at the treasure in the rubble, the spirit came immediately. A pair of eyes looked at the jade box and remembered the former treasure. I quickly picked up the jade box and took a look at it. Suddenly, my eyes flashed "O! Mountain axe! "
"Stupid male, are you still here? Kunlun Mountain is vast. If you can dig it," someone passed by in the distance and smiled.
Hearing this, Gong Wen put away the jade box. "Wait, I will chisel Kunlun Mountain one day."
I got the fiend’s body-looking tactic, the mountain axe, and immediately I was even more powerful. It was the magic protoss who practiced this fiend’s body-looking tactic, and then there was an induction method to automatically run the earth. After the turbidity, the gas was drawn out and integrated into the public body.
Day after day, year after year, digging mountains and stones has become a public occupation. If you have a law, you will be even more powerful than a monk moving mountains and stones