Chapter 447 Hector even love ze and YunMan mind!

Hector even love ze a face of don’t understand looking at YunMan see her panic sample a slight start this just aware that something is wrong with you.
For Hector even love ze frightened twist a head to look at yourself tied to the cross and chest exposed skin also kept stabbing pain.
At this moment, it is difficult to calmly look at Yunman and ask again, "Mother, this … you …"
Know that Hector even love ze is misunderstood his YunMan hurriedly shook his head.
At the same time, I walked cautiously to the side of the cross and tried to untie the chain and asked, "Zeer, what’s the matter with you?"
Didn’t I ask you to put Hector’s love song here? How do you instead … "
Yunman untied the chains and then some reproached him for his kindness.
Smell Hector even feeling ze heart tight even breathing as if all breath slowly hanging eyes looked at his chest suddenly frightened.
"Who did this to me?"
Hector even twisted his body in anger and the wound on his chest oozed blood again.
See this YunMan immediately distressed shouted "you are quick to don’t move these wounds very not easy to stop the bleeding again even more serious! Don’t worry, your mother will help you find out that it is a person! "
Yunman has held Hector even in his hand since he was a child, and she has two children in her life.
One is Hector even love ze, and the other is Hector even jinse.
Relatively speaking, she loves Hector even more, while Hector even loves Jinse all the more.
She actually knows that Hector Liantuo has contacts with that woman for so many years!
And that woman seems to love Jinse very much. She once wanted to tie the knot between Qi Chu and Hector even tribe.
It’s a pity that they all misjudged the power of Dust King!
Today, the dust king came again and always felt that things were not so simple!
And it happened that Zeer met such a strange thing at this emergency!
Maybe it’s Hector’s love song cheating in secret?
Want to be with the dust king when he comes? !
Yunman seems to be imagining all kinds of possibilities, and she is also trying to remember what happened before!
But I don’t remember anything!
"Where is the love song of Mother Lian?"
Hector even love ze abandon looking at messy tent looked a circle also didn’t see Hector even love songs.
Looking back at his own mess at this time, he felt a burst of anger in his heart that was difficult to calm down.
Smell was about to go to Hector even love ze on the other side to untie his chains YunMan immediately footsteps.
Looking up at him with a suspicious expression, I couldn’t help asking, "I still want to ask you!" You were the only one here when I came!
And it’s still such a mess Zeer, think about it carefully. Are you framed by Hector even’s love songs? You were fine last night! "
Yunman’s words made Hector even fell silent again.
And this Hector even love ze and YunMan who are not talking!
On the contrary, when Yunman holds Hector even love ze out of the tent, some things are self-evident when the mother and son look at each other for an instant.
It was when Hector even love was scarred and appeared in Hector even Rio Tinto’s big tent that the dust king came to worry about things. After Hector even Rio Tinto was stunned for a moment, he looked at Hector even love in a hurry.
Then the tone was very surprised and asked, "What is this? Who hurt the situation like this?"
HeLianTuo hands on HeLianQingZe shoulder watching him wearing a coat, but still can’t cover his whole body covered with scars, dark cheeks flashed LengLi, even those unique aquiline noses kept moving.
Wenyunman unexpectedly turned his eyes to see the feelings of Hector even.
And even love ze also conveniently opened his mouth, "Father is … a love song!"
Words fall YunMan and Hector even feeling ze at the same time feel Hector even Rio Tinto move a stiff even breathing disorder for a moment.
Maybe I’m still not sure that HeLianTuo squinted at HeLianQingZe carefully and asked, "You said it was a love song?"
"yes! Father, that’s him! Laierchen just went to his room last night to see him, but then I was knocked unconscious for some reason. When I woke up, I saw my mother wiping the wound!
Father, you must be the master of this matter! Wang Shi, our tribe, wouldn’t it be a joke if the second brother hurt his compatriots so much?
Besides, I think I’ve never done anything wrong to my second brother, but it’s crazy for him to hurt me like this! "
Hector even love ze a few words will push all the problems in Hector even love song body.
Even one side YunMan seems to be unable to help but start to cry!
The attitude of mother and son echo each other made Hector Liantuo almost believe it.
Especially looking at the mottled scars and blood on Hector’s chest, I don’t secretly sigh and say, "Where are the love songs now? Let him come to the king! "
"Father, how can he be waiting to be punished in the tribe after doing such a thing as destroying his hands and feet! Presumably, he would have gone to take refuge in King Qi Chu Chen!
Maybe … Maybe this is their trick! Not only hurt my son, but also let the dust king visit, so that even if he did something terrible, my father would not blame him! "
Words fall Hector even love ze is still not breathing. Suddenly Hector even Rio Tinto broke a folded roar "it’s insane! Even if he and Qi Chu are no better, he will be my Hector even tribe who did something wrong. Who will give him the courage to take refuge in Qi Chu?
Somebody, please go to King II, and you won’t believe that Qi and Chu can really protect his generation! "
Not in Hector even Rio Tinto at this moment is completely believe that Hector even love songs have done harm to brothers.
What’s more, he didn’t think carefully about the reason and purpose of Hector even’s love song hurting Hector even’s love!
So in Hector even Rio Tinto anger commanded people and then turned back to his tiger chair when Hector even love ze and YunMan secretly looked at both eyes across a wipe fighters plan to succeed smile.
Hector’s love song depends on your explanation this time!
period of the day from 7 am to 9 am
An hour passed quickly and Fang was in the tribe at sunrise when I heard a horse neighing from a distance.
It is obvious that there is a little trouble in the vast and distant grassland.
When the first cavalry of Huangyin Dust gradually reached the tribe a few miles away, HeLiantuo also heard it coming out!
Get ready early. Even Rio Tinto is still lucky in his heart, but he is still nervous for a moment when he sees the old cavalry coming in a hurry.
Even the palm of your hand that is behind you keeps tightening and letting go!
And the city is still being built on the other side of the tribe, but it has been blocked by high straw piles!
Although the time is short, it is not easy to do this disguise!
When Huang Lao was the first to rush into the tribal territory on a fine horse, He Liantuo hurriedly looked like a vassal state minister welcoming the emperor’s arrival, holding his fists in front of the fine horse and saying, "I, He Liantuo, welcome the dust king!"
If you don’t know the thoughts in Hector Liantuo’s heart, it seems to outsiders that Hector Liantuo’s practice is really faultless.