Single dormitory for students.

A washbasin-sized Dan Ding was mounted on a crimson flame, and the dark and viscous oil-like liquid medicine rolled inside, making a beeping sound, and the rich medicinal incense filled the whole house.
Smelling the Yaoxiang, looking at the Se Ze of the liquid medicine in the tripod, Chen Shaobai nodded, and was very satisfied with his own technique of cāo control.
Counting the time in his heart, he picked up a small porcelain bottle from the table and dropped the last drop of cypress juice into Dan Ding.
This just a drop of juice, unexpectedly let the whole tripod black as ink liquid back to transparent, become fresh and bright, aroma is blocked in the liquid level.
"It was a success?"
See the transparent liquid in the furnace tripod, Chen Shaobai know that he has completed most of the steps, only need to take the last step without difficulty, you can completely complete the preliminary sacrifice for chaos clock.
"I originally prepared two copies of materials, which is good, and the remaining one is otherwise useful." Looking at the rest of the materials on the table, Chen Shaobai’s eyes narrowed slightly.
"The palpitations I felt before should not be brought by Guan Sheng and Cao Burning. They don’t have this weight."
Thinking, Chen Shaobai also don’t want to think much, fingertips on the wrist with a stroke, a drop of hot blood fell in the Dan Ding, directly to the whole furnace transparent liquid dye latosolic red se ze.
The crimson liquid medicine tumbled, giving off a strong sweet medicinal gas.
Chen Shaobai busy remove Jason Chung from the chest, into the red liquid, on-site dish sat down, and soon entered a state of meditation, vaguely communicate with consciousness furnace tripod, obscure syllables echoed in my mind.
Every time he recites a syllable character, the se of the liquid medicine in the tripod will be lighter.
Half an hour later, the blood Se in the secret pharmaceutical liquid was completely absorbed by Y and N Yang chaos clock. With the completion of the preliminary sacrifice, the liquid completely turned into a clear water substance.
At the same time, Chen Shaobai suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his mind, and his head was spinning. There was a cool sound on the left and right sides of his lower back. Under the nourishment of Gankun Jasper Dan, his physical condition quickly returned to normal.
Looking at chaos clock lying quietly in the furnace pot, Chen Shaobai suddenly gave birth to a feeling of flesh and blood, and he could even feel the temperature and touch of droplets in the pot through Jason Chung.
"get up!"
Mind move, chaos clock was really accompanied by his thoughts suspended, floating around, running like electricity, whistling wind, but also quite like a fairy magic weapon. If people who don’t understand see it, I’m afraid I’ll call him "Xianshi".
But Chen Shaobai knows that the present situation is only the effect of preliminary sacrifice, and only the life-saving function of semi-automatic trigger defense mechanism, and the real power of Y and N Yang chaos clock is not even one over ten thousand. However, it was only after he broke through the quenching gas boundary that he needed to consider the complete sacrifice.
A completion of the sacrifice made Chen Shaobai have a lot more materials in his hands, staring at these materials on the table. Chen Shaobai only spent ten breath thinking about the process, and immediately began to make C ā o.
What he is refining now is a medicine called Qingshen Powder, whose function is to consolidate the foundation and strengthen the existing realm. It is the best choice for those who have just made a breakthrough-of course, it refers to the mortal level.
This is a required course of Dan medicine in Fengzhou University. Chen Shaobai studied very seriously and was very attentive, but he was more knowledgeable than many registered disciples of Xiandao Sect when he came into contact with quenching gas.
In his mind, only the drugs that are refined by the strong people in the four-fold [refining array] environment, which have numerous spiritual forces and have the ability to turn decay into magic, are qualified to be called Dan medicine. The rest are just pills that mix the medicine evenly. Although there are some wonderful uses, they are not so mysterious.
The refining time of Qingshen San is locked in an hour. No matter whether it is a beginner or a mentor who knows J and jīng this way, whether it is success or failure, they can’t make too many changes. Moreover, they all need to wait until the last minute to confirm whether they are successful in an alchemy, and so is Chen Shaobai.
When the time came, Chen Shaobai slowly untied the cauldron, and a strong sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance came to my face. A total of 21 pills for clearing the mind of apricot yellow Se appeared in front of me.
The pills are round and smooth, full of particles, pure in Se, without any stray light, which shows that both fire control and Dan collection methods are close to perfect level.
But Chen Shaobai didn’t care. He didn’t think there was much to be proud of. He just copied the records in the book perfectly. From the material composition, weight, steps to the number of elixirs, it is generally the same as that in textbooks, without any difference. This is the light with strong memory and analytical ability.
He doesn’t know, even many j and jīng research this way for decades of Dan Dao master, also can’t do this.
One bottle of every seven pills, a total of three bottles, clean the tripod, and then throw the rest of the materials on the table into it, and put it on a small fire for a slight stew.
"Hao cao, illegal thing in the world, is not good for people, so to die. Cao Ran, since you have provoked me for three transgressions and five times, you can’t blame me for taking the initiative to attack and send you to death. "
Think of the proverbs of side orange se sword, Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth crack up a big radian, immediately pushed the door and out.
Outside, the moonlight is in full bloom.
Although Chen Shaobai was not a road idiot before, it was not far behind. Every time I went out, I either took a map with me or asked for directions. Now, he abruptly memorized the map access of the whole windy state institution of higher learning, and walked through the courtyard, light up and down like a feather.
His behavior and movements are much like those of a burglar, but he is more familiar and fluent than any burglar. Not only did he successfully avoid the students who went out in the daytime, but he didn’t even make any noise.
Ear sharp, he has a demanding voice, and his powerful mind is enough to perfect the longitudinal body of C ā o.
A quarter of an hour later, Chen Shaobai quietly sneaked into the eaves of Cao Burning, and two swordsmen-level guarding hospitals didn’t find any clue at all.
Women’s moans coming from their throats like night cats came from time to time from the room. The two nurses in the hook were impetuous, and they talked about whether to go to Wanji Building to find a prostitute kabuki to vent their fire. But when they heard these decadent voices, Chen Shaobai was as calm as water, his heartstrings were not disturbed, and his breathing was long and steady.
On the one hand, it is the baptism of love action movies in past lives, on the other hand, it is the increasingly powerful J Ι ng God power that plays a role.
The perfect play in battle, the accurate deployment of J and NG when an alchemist, and the control of his own heart when tempted … These are just the subsidiary products brought by the powerful J and NG divine power, and the real benefits have not even been revealed.