As soon as Nu Wa reached out, she took several fresh buds from the clean glazed tea tree, and then poured some water from the clean glazed tea into the teapot.

An auspicious flame rose from the bottom of the pot, and the rich white gas rose in the air, and then the rich tea fragrance floated away and filled all around.
"Please use it."
Fill three cups, one for each person, and then don’t continue to make tea again. This is different from the future. This is the tea produced by innate spiritual roots. Just like those innate spiritual fruits, it can only be used once and cannot be reused.
"What a good thing!"
You’re welcome, too. Yuan Heng took a sip first, and an unprecedented rich fragrance rushed straight into the sky, with endless stamina. After a long silence, he was immersed in the artistic conception of a clean glass.
For a while, Yuan Heng only felt the unprecedented ethereal spirit of GV. Since these days, all kinds of doubts about the Yinyang Avenue, which has been unable to understand the law, have been solved one by one, which turned out to be a breakthrough in this big bottleneck.
Yin and Yang Avenue has reached this level, and Yuan Heng can already start to mutually confirm and integrate it with his own avenue.
At that time, it will be of great benefit to Yuanheng, which is a great accumulation and will be of great help to the impact of mixed yuan.
"Daoyou, it’s really better for you to wait for this congenital tea tree to be more than thousands of spiritual roots. It’s really …"
After a long time, Yuan Heng finished his tea before sighing out loud.
This is a great chance. It seems that he really underestimated the value of this innate spiritual root. The fruit of this innate spiritual root has its own functions.
One of the most common is that the polar ice crystal fruit trees obtained by Yuan Heng can increase the Shou Yuan, contain some rules of water origin and Yin origin, and calm the mind.
Then there is the fruit tree with clear charm, which is a very rare one-off congenital spiritual root. It only bears one fruit at a time, and the effect of the spiritual fruit is extremely extraordinary, comparable to that of the ancestral tree. The remaining fruit stones can only germinate again after the next robbery.
But the most precious thing is this innate spiritual root with various special effects.
And this tea tree of Fuxi Nuwa is obviously a very precious one, because …
It can be reused!
You know, if you completely absorb the Tao contained in this polar ice crystal fruit, it will be useless after that. It can only be used to solve the problem, and at most it is used to calm the mind.
But this tea is different, and this special effect of creating an enlightened environment will never be out of date.
If this spiritual root can be promoted to the ancestral tree in the future, it can even work for the supreme ancestor!
"Ha ha, if Brother Dao likes it, just give it to Brother Dao."
Fuxi said smilingly, obviously he was quite satisfied with his spiritual root.
Not the kui is a brother and sister, fu xi said, nuwa will move to recruit hundreds of pieces of tea from the tree, and sealed it with special prohibition, which can keep the efficacy of tea for a long time.
"This ….., two Taoist friends, in that case, I will accept it!"
Yuan Heng hesitated, so he accepted it. No way, this thing is really quite to his taste, although this gift is really heavy.
Don’t look at only a hundred pieces, just think that Nu Wa is stingy. You know, this is almost equivalent to one third of the tea produced by the whole tea tree!
According to Yuan Heng’s experience, the growth cycle of this top-grade innate spirit root is basically not less than 9,000 yuan clubs. If we consider the value of this spirit root again, it may grow a lot more. Even Yuan Heng will not doubt that the growth cycle of this top-grade innate spirit root is more than 30,000 yuan clubs.
So, these teas are absolutely precious!
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Chapter seventy-nine This … looks familiar
"Sunday gossip!"
Fuxi’s hands are full of gossip and wisdom, which can be described as a palm and a world.
Eight forces are intertwined in this tiny world, turning into a world, and then blending together regardless of each other.
With the evolution of the world, it was finally divided into eight kinds of forces, and each force even linked countless complicated branches, linked an invisible net, and linked it into an inexplicable source avenue.
This world quickly deduces the mystery of the world with Fuxi’s idea, which is the way of the world that Fuxi understands!
With Fuxi’s words, the world of gossip suddenly jumped out and entered the end of the world, and then followed a mysterious and mysterious trajectory to re-evolve into a world.
Life and death, deduce the mystery!
"Fuxi, you are a good gossip avatar, but you are obviously more than that, right?"
Yuan Heng looked at the evolution of Fuxi and shook his head. Although this avatar is already very good, Yuan Heng still saw the unfinished meaning.
To be fair, Fuxi has evolved this gossip trend to an extreme, and even sublimated out of the way of the world. If Fuxi just wants to go the way of the world, that’s enough, as long as he keeps following this way, that’s enough.