Life is like this. It’s time to recognize the reality.

I live in a world full of people, including my relatives, my teachers and my friends, but. In fact, I have always been alone, just like that point in the mind-training method at a glance, I will have such connections with all the people and things I meet. But it is always that isolated point …
Others may give me everything, but it can’t change my loneliness. Others can take everything away. Also can’t take away my loneliness …
It’s time to recognize this reality and live alone in this busy world.
As long as there is a goal!
In that short time, Xiao Wen put down a lot, leaving only one in his heart.
On the invisible level, his soul and soul root are undergoing some changes, maybe good or bad, but once it is completed. He will never be the same person.
Nan Yunqing seemed to feel this change in him. He turned around for the first time, looked at him and whispered, "The road to practice is so long that you can’t imagine it. Now you are just beginning. "
At the moment, Xiao Wen’s feeling was unprecedentedly acute, and he immediately grasped that Nan Yunqing was actually a little sad in this exclamation. Perhaps, she has walked too long and seen too many people and had to make some changes? Maybe. So the person who changed includes herself?
At this time, Xiao Wen suddenly thought of an old problem: he knew nothing about Nan Yunqing’s past.
If two people keep such a state of separation, can he know her?
That evening, Nan Yunqing went back to Xifeng first, while Xiao Wen sat at the top of the mountain until dawn.
When he appeared in front of people again the next day, he was just like a different person. Others could no longer find the painful expression on his face yesterday, as if there was no such thing as Zuo Ningqing’s unprovoked disappearance.
In the Zhen Yan Zhai, Xiao Wen and his brothers and sisters got together, but it was he who provoked the head and took the lead in saying, "Master told me before that all her fellow disciples are difficult to be big, and the position of first place must never be passed on to them. Everyone saw it yesterday. The second division uncle and the seventh division uncle have obviously been staring at this position. Even for the sake of the master, I don’t think they can be robbed of the first place. "
"Master originally planned to let Nianrou succeed. Let’s report to the patriarch as soon as possible and let him come forward to support Nianrou’s succession, right?" Yu Zhi is a nice guy, and he has no desire for this first seat. He said directly.
Yu Zhi, after all, is a master elder brother. He heads together, and others naturally respond. After all, it is no secret that Zuo Ningqing likes Chu Nian Rou.
At this time, however, Chu Nianrou frowned, and the secret that she had hidden for many years would eventually be made public …
"My fire is a fundamental injury, and I may never be promoted …"
"What? ! !”
"What’s the matter? !”
"When did it hurt?"
The mantra Zhai was in a mess, and even Liang Ru, who is already the master of the Sect, was shocked.
Chu Nian Rou honestly said what happened in those days. Suddenly, Ding Juyuan and Yuan Ying of Jialing Road were completely hated by her stuff …
But hate to hate, Chu Nianrou’s strength is indeed limited, and she will continue to be the first one. How can she be resilient in the future? Xiao Wen and others can help her, but this is obviously not as good as simply letting others succeed to the throne.
Then, by ChuNian soft openings, make people’s attention turned to xiao asked.
"When the master received the introduction of the little teacher younger brother, he took a fancy to his spleen xìng and strength, and felt that he was also an excellent candidate to inherit the first place. Now my younger brother is very popular in front of the master uncle. If we work together, we can completely let him succeed, which is definitely better than those uncles and uncles. " Had said to do your own thing, ChuNian soft river’s lake gas and upper body, very frank tunnel.
"However, the younger brother is now a high-ranking true fairy, and Master Bo promised that the rest of the veins would not agree. Therefore, in order to stabilize the situation, Master Bo will definitely not agree." Liang Ru frown way.
"Isn’t the younger brother going to be promoted soon?" ChuNian soft urgent way.
That’s true!
"Little brother, how long do you have to be promoted?" Liang Ru immediately asked.
"About three months." Xiao asked some uncertain tunnel.
"A little long …" Liang Ru frown.
As the saying goes, a country can’t be without a monarch. Although it’s quiet and peaceful, there are actually many things in it every day. There are thousands of people up and down, and there are three monks, namely, utensils, symbols and animals. All kinds of expenses have to be decided by someone. If something big happens, someone must come forward to discuss with the rest of the pulse …
Therefore, if there is no first peak in three months, it will definitely be chaotic!
"It’s settled, and the younger brother will succeed to the throne. This is exactly what the master meant. We just need to find a way to drag these three months." Liang Ru high-handed tunnel. (To be continued)

Chapter two hundred and ninety-five Jump (9000 words yo)
Have to say, the four teacher elder sister Liang Ru asked by Xiao is still quite strong, and simply put things down. [] However, Xiao Wen still has his own ideas. He certainly wants to realize his master’s wish, but he doesn’t want to succeed him as the first place in Mingfeng.
The ability is second, he can exercise slowly, and the most important thing is that when there are too many things in the first place, he doesn’t want to spend so much time managing the clan affairs.
It is also a plan of Zuo Ningqing to let Chu Nianrou succeed to the throne, and then he will assist Chu Nianrou, which is the best solution in Xiao Wen’s mind.
Liang Ru finish, however, the audience was doesn’t even have an objection, shaw asked himself to say don’t seem a bit out of place, had to endure down first.
Then they began to seriously discuss how to drag these three months in the past, and in the middle of the discussion, Liang Ru suddenly reacted again and directly drove Xiao Wen away …
The reason is very simple. Xiao Wen is actually not 100% sure to break through in three months, and it is impossible to delay the succession of the first place for too long, so he has to seize all the time to practice.
Xiao Wen went back to practice, and the discussion in the mantra Zhai continued. During the whole process, everyone could feel a faint sadness flowing in the air. Their master Zuo Ningqing disappeared too strangely, and it is unlikely to have any good results after all …
After counting ri, Xiao Wen was meditating in the room when he suddenly felt a flash of brilliance in the room and immediately opened his eyes.
At the sight of a voice operator floating in the air, Xiao asked a happy heart. Subconsciously I thought it was Zuo Ningqing calling him again. When he reached for it directly, he realized that his master had left forever, and the voice operator was probably someone else’s.
Sure enough, after it was inspired, it was Liang Ru’s voice from inside: "Little brother, come and talk about it quickly."
Xiao asked "shout" and jumped out of bed. Then he went out of the house directly, rode his fire boots and flew towards Zhen Yan Zhai.
From a distance, he saw the door of Zhen Yan Zhai open, and there were many people inside. It’s so noisy.
"I have seen the master!" Xiao asked when he saw Zong Wangren after landing, and he quickly saluted.
In addition to Zong Wangren, there are several senior officials in Zongmen in the room. Xiao Wen saluted all of them one by one, and then saluted the elders who knew the peak, including his second division Bo Yang and his seventh division Shu Qiu Donglin, who had long coveted the first position of the peak.
When Xiao asked, he understood what was going on. He didn’t say much after greeting everyone, and stood behind his brothers and sisters.
"Xiao nephew, you are deaf to things outside the window. I don’t know that we don’t have a master these days, and we are already in a mess. I haven’t heard from my left school sister, but I can’t be alone. At least I have to find a temporary director. I wonder if you have any thoughts, martial nephew? " Xiao asked the second teacher, Bo Yang, to cut to the chase.
Xiao Wen frowned. He has been practicing with great concentration these days, but he has no idea about Liang Ru’s plan …
"Two guy, little teacher younger brother is the key period of breakthrough, it still don’t let him even bother. Call him this time, that is, let him listen to our decision. " Liang Ru rob the way.
"All right, I wonder if you have any plans for your niece?" Yang Qingshan asked.
"According to the patriarchal clan rules, when the first pulse rises or has to abdicate because of something, it should be succeeded by those who have good conduct and good deeds among their own disciples …"
Before Liang Ru’s words were finished, Qiu Donglin was already rushing to say, "Teacher and niece are so poor. The kind of situation you are talking about should be when the first successor is publicly appointed. This time, Elder Martial Sister Zuo walked strangely, but she didn’t even expect it. Before that, we didn’t see her designate an heir in any public place. Now that Yang Shibo is in his prime, he is older than Elder Martial Sister Zuo in terms of seniority, and the rest of our other disciples are in their prime of life. Under the circumstance that Elder Martial Sister Zuo has not appointed an heir, we should be more suitable for the first post than you. "