"Senior, if the younger generation wants to join the club, I don’t know what conditions are needed?"

Tong Xiao drew back, as if frightened by Xiao Wen, and asked, "Do you really want to join the club?"
"Now the lowest threshold for membership is Xianhao realm …" Tongxiao embarrassed.
"Why, wasn’t there a big fairy in the meeting before?"
"Now just say now the lowest threshold is XianHao realm, dubious advantage. But ah, I guess you won’t get what you want even if you join the club. "
Seeing that Tong Xiao had a thorough look, Xiao Wen couldn’t help thinking for a moment and sighed, "Indeed."
"Do you have anything else to ask?"
"Elder, what’s the matter with your evasion? It’s obviously not teleportation. How do you feel faster than teleportation?"
Tong Xiao smiled and then said, "It’s not as fast as teleportation at a long distance, but it can really show the speed faster than teleportation at a close distance with explosive force."
"Is this the magical power of the fairy king realm?"
"Yes. You want to learn? "
"Hey hey …"
"Honest practice, there is no shortcut to this. Only when the realm is reached and the quality of Daoji is high enough can it be displayed."
"Why do I think this kind of evasion is strange? Difficult is I can’t say what is strange … "Xiao asked frowning.
"What do you think strange place is actually the speed when we make moves? I think it’s much slower to start work than to escape, isn’t it? " Tong Xiao laughed.
"Yes, yes!" Xiao asked high-five.
"Or how do you say this is dun? Don’t look at the trail of ghosting when you March. Actually, you don’t walk with your legs. It’s a magical power. When fighting, a punch is a punch, and a foot is a foot, but that is not an avatar, so this will be much slower. When the rabbit’s predecessor first appeared, although it was clear that it was still several miles away from here, his escape was a magical power, which could achieve several miles in an instant, while Xie Wushuang pointed a sword at your neck. It was obvious that you would die if you pressed it down three inches, but it happened that it was too late to press it, which was the difference between magical power and ordinary skill. "
"So that’s it! There is still one thing unknown to the younger generation. "
"Oh, say it."
"Why are your skills so good, especially those of the rabbit predecessors, and you will kick the solution away with one foot."

Chapter three hundred and eighty-one Intermediate order
In fact, Xiao asked only half of what he said, which was not a hit on the point. What he really wants to ask is, why are the rabbit predecessors, Tong Xiao and the unparalleled skill so good, just because the current reconciliation is hostile, and Tong Xiao lost to the understanding of the unparalleled, so when his words came out, only "Why is the skill of the rabbit predecessors so good …"
Tong Xiao smiled, shook his head and sighed, "Look at your posture, you really have always been alone, and you know too little. However, it is understandable that you have only been in the demon world for a short time. "
"Is this still a common phenomenon?" Xiao asked perception is quite keen, immediately.
Tong Xiao nodded and said, "Not bad. Let me ask you, when you fight with monsters, what do you think is the biggest threat to you? "
"minions, and demon Dan." Xiao asked the honest answer.
"Here it is. Let’s human monks also just, unless they are practicing the alchemy, the other six paths are basically weak in physical strength, but the monster beast is different. The physical body is their natural weapon, even if they can use some super magical powers by condensing the demon Dan in the demon world, the physical body is still the top priority on their spiritual path. Throughout my life, I have never seen any fairy beast or monster beast completely give up the practice of the physical body, which is completely violent. "
"In the demon world, the monster beast with sharp teeth and claws and endless strength is a dime a dozen. How can they give up that unique advantage? If you study hard in the physical aspect, the space for improvement is almost infinite! This is actually a big foundation of the demon world. This situation is even more obvious when it comes to the realm of Xianwang, because when it comes to the realm of Xianwang, the physical strength of many monster beasts can already surpass the innate limitations and be infinitely elevated under the impetus of Daoji. "
"Rabbit predecessors is a typical example. After he came to this world, he has been focusing on the cultivation of the flesh. After a long period of time, his skill has long been his main attack method. You don’t want to see him kick a fly to understand Tianyun. In fact, he hasn’t done his best. If he really kills, it is also possible that he will kick Tianyun half to death. Similarly, almost all the monsters in the fairy king realm in this world are so, and their skills are unimaginable whether they appear in ontology or in human form. "
"And a feet chuai JieTianYun half dead is not all the strength of the predecessors, you don’t forget, I am still his companion, only when the two of us become one, he can play the strength is the biggest. At that time, even the monster beast of Hejie could fight. As a companion of the rabbit’s predecessors, I can provide more help than just Tao Li. Don’t you have a companion yourself? You should know very well that you can only exert greater strength when you two work hard together. Therefore, my skill is good, and the skill of Jie Tianyun is not bad. In fact, all of them have to practice in order to cooperate with their own companions. "
Tong Xiao said a lot in one breath, nodding at Xiao, and finally understood what was going on.
"Feelings, I have to practice my skills later." Xiao asked with a sigh.
"That’s not necessarily true." Tong Xiao said.
"Because now is your main battle, your companion only provides you with help. It is different from the situation of my predecessors and rabbits, as well as the situation of most monster beasts and demon slaves in the demon world. "
"Uh …"
Xiao asked with a sigh, and then his mind turned to electricity, and he didn’t know how many things he thought for an instant.
He has a tower with seven treasures to dazzle the fire, and he can probably refine other fairy wares in the future, and he can also write "Purple Ghost, Golden Body, Real Magic Tactics", and there are twelve tactics waiting for him to repair. No matter which one, isn’t it stronger than going directly to fight the monster beast in this world?
In any case, he won’t end up fighting 90 thousand battles, relying on his mouth, wings and claws to fight with people. Why bother to learn from others?
Also, there are more subtle things involved, which are related to his face and his dignity …
Now ninety thousand is about to step on his head, and it will fight again in the future, so it is not allowed to rebel …
"This is your own grasp.
Do you have anything else to ask? "
"How do I want to find you and what should I do?"
"This is really tricky. In fact, we don’t need to meet for a while. This time, just because I know that Jietianyun wants to calculate, I have come to stop it, and there is no other idea. If nothing happens, I’ll leave. "
Seeing that Tong Xiao really didn’t mean to pull him into the membership at all, and he didn’t want to befriend him, Xiao asked what it would be like to be a real fairy now, so he had to say, "Thank you for your predecessors, but the younger generation has nothing to do. "well. See you later. "
"See you later!"
As soon as the words were finished, Tong Xiaowei was absorbed, and the whole person turned into a white shadow and rushed to the sky, and suddenly disappeared halfway.
Before its teleport, it was undoubtedly the kind of short-distance mobile means of Xianwang realm, which made Xiao Wen dazzled and envied him.
How many years will it take before he can use this technique?