"Of course, many ideas and models here can be shipped over." Joe Thomas also smiled. He was afraid that his boss would dictate and know how to draw inferences is the king of business.

The two men discussed a lot of details about setting up an Internet cafe. Tang Wenlong really felt a surge in his heart to set up this kind of new ecological Internet cafe in his hometown, which is much better than the unified Internet cafe and very attractive to urban young people.
Take a two-day break. On Wednesday, the 76ers played away against the Cavaliers.
The Cavaliers have made great progress this season. After selecting the new champion, the team seems to see new hope. Duke’s Carey Owen has indeed lived up to expectations. Up to now, he has averaged 17 points and 55 assists per game, especially in shooting percentage. He was born as high as 47%, including 39% in three-point shooting percentage!
After entering March, Owen averaged 199 points and 67 assists per game. On March 1, he sent a career-high 12 assists against the Thunder and beat the Thunder.
He basically locked in the rookie of the season trophy, which cheered Cleveland.
The so-called newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. When the 76ers visited Cleveland, Owen shouted the slogan of defeating the 76ers in the face of the media.
"The tone is not small." I heard the news. Tang Wenlong smiled coldly and looked at the 76 ers who were short of soldiers. Everyone dared to come and touch the ground.
By the end of the day, 70% of the spectators were seated in the arena of Cleveland Express Loan Center, so the seating rate was already very good. Generally, the NBA ranked in the playoffs, or the team with a particularly large market could have such a seating rate. Today, the Cavaliers came to the home court with so many people, a large part of which was due to the visit of 76 people.
Warm-up training for both sides before the game
Tang Wenlong turned the ball and stepped on the spot to shoot the three-pointer. No one interfered with his relaxed shooting percentage, which was outrageous and "swish" and "swish".
Cavaliers coach Byron Scott’s eyelids jumped straight at the court, and the lazy and sharp-edged No.1 was puzzled and should defend himself
Bob, the assistant coach, came to give the players a warm-up training on the board. The 76ers lined up to play the board and relay, running and moving all over their bones.
After a while, the lights went black, and Cleveland’s appearance ceremony.
After the broadcast camera was set up and the personnel department was in place, the simple appearance ceremony was over, and the referee dragged the basketball for the game to the floor, and the players from both sides followed.
Tang Wenlong took off his training coat, stuffed it into his pants, checked an armguard and shoelaces, walked unsteadily on the court, pointed to his teammates on the bench, and then high-fived Lewis, Gasol and other starting teammates, which means encouraging each other.
The Cavaliers’ starting position is composed of Owen, Manny Harris, Anthony Parker, Antoine jamison and Tristan Thompson.
Tang Wenlong eyebrows jumped and hugged Owen after shaking hands.
"I will go to not so simple to win! "Owen is not afraid of Tang Wenlong’s young eyes, which are full of confidence.
"I’m looking forward to it." Tang Wenlong smiled.
Knowing that the dialogue between the two was still a scene in appreciate each other, the fans looked at Owen and Tang Wenlong, thinking how wonderful it would be if Tang Wenlong came to the Cavaliers and became a strong contender for the 100% championship.
The two sides set a position. Tristan Thompson and Mark Gasol arrived in the middle circle. The referee was sandwiched between two big men and looked very slim and thin in an instant.
The whistle throws the ball. Gasol’s height and wingspan advantage show that Thompson jumped to the top. Gasol has given the ball away and flew lightly to Spetts.
Speights gave the Lewis 76 ers the first attack ball after stopping the ball a little bit.
Louis didn’t have his own offensive meaning in the first goal. The low position was directly handed over to Tang Wenlong to defend Tang Wenlong. Anthony Parker was a veteran. He was born in 75. Now he is 37 years old. The Cavaliers really don’t have a flanker to let him defend Tang Wenlong. Manny Harris, another starter, is just a rookie who has just entered the league for more than a year, which is even more unreliable.
As soon as Byron Scott saw Tang Wenlong hit the Cavaliers’ flank, he felt that his weakness was being killed by his opponent’s affection
"bang! “
After Tang Wenlong hit twice, he went deep into the paint area, turned left to catch the ball, and then stepped back greatly, which made Anthony Parker unable to jump.
"This let me how to prevent? “
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Unable to prevent
Tang Wenlong threw the ball with great pressure and a sense of rhythm, just like playing with the trainer.
Scott covered his face and he knew this would happen. Fortunately, Owen lived up to his expectations and turned to attack. The horse also played singles. Louis hit a 2-2 jumper in the middle distance.
This game has a low degree of attention, that is, 76 people were bought. The China media broadcasted the game all season. At the same time, there was a Spurs-Heat game in the United States, and the attention was much higher than this game.
It was Cleveland, but the audience was in high spirits. When everyone saw that the star scored the goal, they all stood up and applauded and whistled one after another.
The 76 ers attacked Louis and asked for a pick and roll.
After the block, Owen still clung to him. He returned the ball to Gasol, who held the basketball high and had a wide field of vision.
Jimmy Butler and Tang Wenlong crossed the position and cut Tang Wenlong, which instantly attracted the attention of Manny Harris and Anthony Parker. Butler pulled to the end and defended alone.
Gasol gives Butler a mid-range tiptoe jumper.
"Shua" basketball heart into the net Butler secretly clenched his fist to cheer himself up "Jimmy, you can hit this damn basketball! “
"Good shot! "Tang Wenlong smiled, and Gasol’s ability to cope was not worse than his brother’s. After he came to the 76ers, the offensive tactics of the 76ers were much richer.