"If you can’t break it, just help him wholeheartedly. We’ll talk about the celestial world later. At least in this fix-up world, you won’t have any resistance."

"Uncle, what do you mean …"
With a look of shock in her eyes, Chizhu exclaimed, "You don’t want me to help him unify the realm of repairing the truth, do you? Let’s not talk about whether we have that ability or not. At present, the sacred wall of the mysterious magic is about to open. If our side makes heavy losses, it will be a real mistake. "
The voice finally laughed, and there was a little more relief in the laughter. Chizhu’s remarks showed that she didn’t care about the overall situation all by herself.
"Xuan magic holy wall open for a period of time, this period of time is an opportunity, even if you want to unify the fix true boundary doesn’t have to now. During this time, what you have to do is to let Chen Han have certain forces. Even if you can’t compete with the sum of other forces, let those forces get the boat. "
"I see, it is to let Chen Han exist openly, instead of being hunted by the whole world."
"That’s right, so it’s not enough to rely on the demon temple alone. You must do everything possible to strengthen the demon temple and win over absolutely solid allies. The first master in the realm of repairing truth and the first of the eight demon doors, this is your advantage, so contact Chen Han immediately and ask him not to kill the demon master. "
"I’ll contact him!"
When the red bead closed the arraignment and tried to contact Chen Han, there was no response from the other end. She never imagined that Chen Han was fighting at this moment, and the other party was a master from the demon family.
If he also has enmity with other demon sects, Red Pearl’s plan of uniting Lian Heng will also be difficult.
When ShenJianGe and TianYao Temple reacted, other forces were shocked. They broke their heads and couldn’t think of it. More than 100 years ago, they couldn’t fight against the super-order six-robbing scattered immortals, and they already had such strong strength. The vast majority of forces began to mobilize troops and generals, and it is bound to exhaust the power of the whole faction to kill Chen Han. Only Taiyi Xianmen did not move, and two different opinions formed a distinct camp. One side advocated killing Chen Han, while the other side urged Chen Han not to send troops.
After less than half a minute’s fighting, a hidden slender old man from Shenglong Valley, one of the eight demon gates, like Qiu Lanjiang, the master of Shenjiange, was completely disintegrated, and was torn into a snowy area.
Chen Han packed up and stepped into the air with his pike. Only then did he take out the arraignment order and found that it was the arraignment from Chizhu again. He frowned and hesitated for a long time, and finally got through: "Hey! You think I’m free when I have nothing to do, don’t you? Don’t contact again, okay? Now people are chasing me all day, and I have no time to run away, so I have no time to travel with you. I killed a bastard just now, and … here comes someone who is not afraid of death! "
"Who did you just kill?"
"I don’t know, the holy dragon valley a silly fork … why do you ask this? What is it to you? "
"The holy dragon valley? Chen Han, you bastard! "
"climb! I’m too lazy to pay attention to you, so I can’t rest when I’m cool! "
Chen Han turned off the summoning order without hesitation, and the three figures were in the front. As more and more people received the news, the number of masters under siege was also increasing. Three super-order six-robbery scattered immortals arrived together, and the three people naturally decided that the victory was in the bag, but after the meeting, they found that things were completely different from imagination …
Chapter 405 Aggressive explosive
It’s not terrible to rob the scattered fairy realm of the super-order six times. In fact, with Chen Han’s current combat power, he was killed against Qiulanjiang’s scattered fairy at that level without even using many Xuanyin.
Of course, more reason is to leave the destruction space, in addition to using the existing original star power in the body, once the star power is exhausted, it can only be supplemented by going there.
According to his present practice, if the original astral power stored in the embryo of the star is released, it will be enough to release tens of thousands of times even if it is the earliest Xuanyin that consumes less energy and does not destroy it. The key point is that the more energy Xuanyin consumes in the future, especially the confused heart seal corresponding to the celestial stage, and the original star power in his body will be released dozens of times at most.
Will you go to the innermost part of the destruction space, where there are many planets?
This time it takes almost years, and he is not stupid enough to do that stupid thing, so he didn’t even use Xuanyin in the previous battle.
Must save!
However, when he saw the three scattered immortals in front of him, he knew it was impossible to save, so he knew one of them, and it was Cheng Qi, the elder of Taiyi Xianmen.
He is not only one of the eighteen powerful elders, but also one of the more advanced ones.
Don’t say that today’s Chen Han is a public enemy of the whole people. He let Chengqi’s grandson Chengtian leave his legacy alone, and his whereabouts are still unknown, so there is reason for Chengqi to kill him.
"Chen Han, kill yourself!" Cheng Qi’s voice sounds dull, but it contains endless tyranny and murder.
"Did I hear you wrong or is there something wrong with your head?"
Silver brilliance is flying around in the guidance, and it is directly blessed on the body without destroying the seal. Chen Han laughs and says, "suicide?" Why don’t you kill yourself? "
Seeing him display Xuanyin, Chengqi’s face was not changed. He knew very well that this strange character seal could not only enhance Chen Han’s fighting power, but also weaken his opponent’s fighting power.
"Then go to hell and kill!"
He didn’t dare to give Chen Han the chance to continue to release Xuanyin. A time jet from the celestial spirit turned out to be a top-grade ancient fairy flying sword.
It’s a treasure comparable to tearing the wind gun, and its power is endless. Although its utility in his hand is limited, it is enough to level the gap between Chen Han and the whole set of Chinese ancient fairy wares.
There is no Yuan God attack, as we already know from the earlier news, Yuan God attack has no effect on Chen Han. Casually nullify the sword light, a holy blood Dan was stuffed into his mouth, and the original effort burst out, and the already strong sword light more than doubled again.
The other two are from Taiyi Xianmen. Although they are not the guardians of the powerful elders, they are not as good as Chengqi in magic weapon, but there is still some holy blood pills.
Just a moment ago, they didn’t dare to be negligent in the face of the cold, and they all took out the holy blood Dan and took it down.
Almost at the same time, when the three men shot, Chen Han banned Yuan Yin from selling, and the goal was naturally to use Chengqi, a top-grade ancient fairy device.
Knife out!
Legs out!
Knee out!
At the same time, he faced the attack of three extremely superior players. He asked himself that it was impossible to kill Chengqi as before. However, with his physical defense now, plus the defense of ancient fairy armor and fairy clothes with Chinese and top grades respectively, even if Chengqi fully hit the physical body, it would be impossible to kill him.
This is still the case that all immortal powers are condensed in one sword. If the attack is scattered, it will be even more useless, and at most it will only make him slightly injured.
With all kinds of news coming out, the three scattered immortals have some understanding of Chen Han’s fighting power, knowing that his physical defense is indestructible, so all of them are swords, so be sure to enhance the power of an attack to the extreme.
Booming …
The four people’s attacks collided head-on, as if heaven and earth had completely collapsed, and the place where the wild shock wave passed was turned upside down.
Not far away, several hills, large and small, were washed away and smashed into stone rain on the spot. The stone rain had not had time to be thrown and rolled into stone powder. A winding river rushes on, but the river vaporizes and disappears in an instant, and the stone powder flies over and completely fills the river to the ground.
Fiona Fang Wan Li is a smooth road, and the ground is as smooth as a mirror, so all the mountains, rivers, forests and grasslands have evaporated.
There was a bit of pain in my legs. After taking Shengxue Dan, the two hermit masters from some unknown forces have more than doubled their attacks with their painstaking efforts, and their combat power has almost increased by half a grade. Although it can’t pose a fatal threat to Chen’s cold, it can already make him slightly injured. If it hits the body directly, it will be enough to break through.
The most horrible attack still comes from Cheng Qi, and his fighting power is similar to that of the two men, and the key magic weapon is even better.
The bones of his arms were almost broken on the spot, and Chen’s cold pain made him gasp. Fortunately, the forbidden yuan seal weakened his immortal power by forty percent, otherwise the blow would definitely be seriously injured.