This is another shot to slow down a little bit!

In the grass, Gu Fan didn’t let go of a detail to get a panoramic view of these things. Just now, when Gu Fan jumped at the silver wind wolf unexpectedly, he knew that the time had come. He didn’t hesitate to leave a message to Gu Beibei, "Wait here and don’t go anywhere!" The whole body quickly jumped out and went straight to the psychic bead more than ten meters away!
A distance of more than 10 meters will be crossed when it takes several breaths for Gufan now, and it is about to touch the spiritual master bead!
Just as Gufan was about to reach out his hand, he suddenly felt a strong strength coming from behind, which made his back cool. He didn’t want to think much. Gufan quickly turned around and saw a sharp wind blade less than three meters away from himself.
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It was the silver wind wolf who was hit hard in a row that felt Gufan, a sudden person, decisively gave up his attack on the fleeting time, and reflexively sent a wind blade to him. At the same time, his huge body struggled with a knife and jumped away from Gufan.
"Young master, be careful!" Time flies, panic and drinking. Even when he was facing death, there was no such violent reaction. It can be seen that although his contact with Gufan was not long, his status in his heart has reached a high level.
"Hum!" Gufan cold hum a look calm than he had already prepared for the emergency. At this time, staring at the eyes of the wind blade, a golden lotus emerged from his head and he made no secret of the color of the golden lotus! Let his whole person’s momentum soar instantly and raise his right hand sword to meet the wind blade.
"Before" the sound collided with two powerful energies, and Gufan took a slight step back, and the wind blade was smashed into pieces by Gufan’s toughness.
But this does not mean that the danger is relieved. The yoshimitsu explodes and flashes, and the silver wind wolf jumps over a distance of more than ten meters. It is almost followed by the wind blade. In front of the ancient fan, the right hand clasps the sword and does not hesitate to cut it out again. A big aura that is not weaker than the ancient strength hits the face of the silver wind wolf.
"ouch!" Silver wind wolf howling that ferocious face makes people tremble, and the front paws are raised to directly smash the aura energy of Gufan. At the same time, the leaping body has come to Gufan’s eyes, and its big mouth is open, as if it could crush the huge stones and teeth and devour Gufan’s head, trying to bite Gufan’s head.
Gufan can feel the fishy smell in the mouth of Yinfeng Wolf, but Gufan’s face still can’t see too much panic. As soon as he stepped across his head and quickly tilted his head, Yinfeng Wolf appeared on his side, and he suddenly bit his mouth and took a deep breath.
"Even if I dare to bite my head, I’m not afraid to break your teeth!" Gufan sank a sword in his hand and swung it again to cut the neck of Yinfeng Wolf. Yinfeng Wolf reacted very quickly. When his head suddenly swung, he hit the side of Gufan Sword. A long sword trembled violently as if it were about to break. The huge shock force also cracked Gufan’s jaws.
But Gu Fan’s melee ability is tough? It was an early waste period, and it was not an exaggeration to say that it was a pervert. At once, the arm swung along that Yu Wei Meng for a few moments, and most of the strength was dissolved.
"Dangshan earthquake!" Gufan once again used this very real yellow-level primary spirit skill, the yellow awn flashed, the ground cracked, and the strong shock force surged out, which made Gufan horrified. It was that the silver wind wolf didn’t mean to be shocked to fly. Did this mountain shock actually affect this beast? Gufan heart horror.
Indeed, this time-tested mountain-swinging earthquake is not too big for this second-class intermediate silver wind wolf. First, it is because its rank is too much higher than that of ancient people. Second, its strong and huge body is far from being comparable to that of human spiritual practitioners! Trying to shake it up by this shock force is a fool’s dream. Gu Fan made an empirical mistake!
"ouch!" Silver wind Wolf swinging huge head to Gufan chest hit Gufan unprepared hurriedly cross sword block "bang" that great strength Gufan root method confrontation arm suddenly came a piercing pain chest a stuffy whole person was flying out.
The silver wind wolf won’t let his figure chase the ancient fan like the wind in an instant and "Peng!" At the key moment, the golden soul flame suddenly appeared. With the appearance of Gufan and Yinfeng Wolf, Yinfeng Wolf was scared by this sudden change and suddenly fell to the ground and retreated several steps. There was a kind of fear in his eyes. It seemed that he was born with a feeling of fear of flame!
"beast! Come on! " Gufan fell to the ground, and the huge impact force made him even retreat a few steps. A sweet mouthful of blood gushed out of his throat and he swallowed it back. The silver wind wolf was stronger than they imagined, and it was shocking to have such a serious injury.
Silver wind wolf watched the golden flame warily, and it could feel the threat in it, the natural fear. It swam around for several times, but it didn’t dare to approach Gufan.
The ancient mortal mind moved the golden soul flame in front of the suspension, which suddenly soared and violently moved. It seems that there are still some golden lines flashing in the soul flame, and the temperature of the soul flame has more than doubled again.
This is why Gu Fan realized some time ago that this golden grain can be used not only for refining and refining, but also for fighting. If you want to fuse the soul flame, the power of the soul flame will increase exponentially immediately! This is another absolutely terrible increase!
Silver Wind Wolf was shocked by this scene and suddenly retreated a few steps, but Gu Fan controlled the soul flame and approached Silver Wind Wolf step by step. Indeed, he approached the spiritual master bead in front of Silver Wind Wolf!
"Is the young master all right?" Time quickly jumped from the side to Gufan’s side, and some concerns were asked immediately, together with the silver wind wolf who stepped back step by step.
Gufan shook his head and said, "This beast is my golden soul flame!" Footsteps kept paused and added, "How are you? Is the injury serious? "
"A minor injury won’t kill you." The fleeting words were concise, and then, "Their injuries are estimated to be not light, and it is hard for them to bear it when they are photographed by this beast."
"Let’s get the Lingshi Beads first, and then they all lost their Lingshi Beads just now, and their lives should not be in danger!" Gufan sink said
Time has nodded, raised his knife in his hand and stared at the silver wind wolf unblinkingly. He would not hesitate to make moves if he wanted the other side to attack slightly.
As time goes by, the tension in the past is not only that of Gufan and fleeting time, but the Silver Wind Wolf seems to be a little nervous, but as it keeps retreating, it gets farther and farther away from the Lingshi Pearl, and it becomes impatient. After several attempts to attack it, it is scared back by the golden soul flame.
Finally, Gufan and fleeting time are less than three meters away from Lingshi Zhu. At this time, the theory of Gufan, such as driving the soul flame to intimidate Yinfeng Wolf, no longer retreats. The eyes are staring at Gufan closely. It seems that if Gufan dares to take another step, it will be desperate and desperate.
"What should I do? This seems to have been the limit of this beast! If you push it hard, it will really be desperate to fight with us. "We have a deep frown and said.