"You savage woman!" At the sight of the purple rhyme Lin Yu to gas "what are you doing in my house? Did you split me again last night! "

The purple rhyme was originally a little sorry for hurting Lin Yu. Now I see Lin Yu bite a savage woman and her young lady’s temper comes again. "Who let you touch my face last night?" You deserve it if you didn’t kill yourself on the spot! "
The sable, with its fierce purple charm, also squeaked out its sharp teeth to demonstrate to Lin Yu.
"Uh …" Lin Yu finally blushed at the thought of his excellent touch last night. "That I didn’t mean to …"
It’s my fault that I even mean it to a strange girl.
Lin Yu is very sincerely bowed their heads and admit their mistakes.
Seeing Lin Yuken’s mistake of purple rhyme, he pretended to be generous. "Forget it. If you get me, we’ll write it off. Since you’re okay, I’ll leave!"
Seeing this girl leaving Lin Yu, I don’t know what’s going on, but I said, "There are demons outside. Are you all right by yourself?"
Purple rhyme is very proudly pursed mouth "want you to tube! I passed by here and just came here on the orders of my family to destroy the magic! "
"Just you! ?” Although Ziqingyun’s strength is good, if she goes to destroy the magic alone, we don’t know who will destroy it!
Zi Qingyun saw that Lin Yu looked so dissatisfied. "How come no one in your Lins is my opponent? I can’t. Can you?"
You!’ Lin Yu felt that she was kind-hearted. I didn’t expect this girl to be so angry that she was too lazy to pay attention to her. "Don’t be robbed by those magic people when the time comes, and give birth to a lot of little demons!"
You!’ Looking at the purple rhyme, the glaring appearance is obviously going to be angry again. Lin Xiao hurriedly urged, "Purple girl is a child, isn’t she looking at purple girl? Don’t take Yu Er to apologize to purple girl? The somebody else but purple every master granddaughter does have it. "
"Purple home?" Lin Yu one leng "is cangyu mainland seven families a purple home?"
Purple rhyme is full of pride. "Why don’t you like it?"
"Like a big family brother, everyone is this bird virtue …" Lin Yu muttered 1.
Even if the purple rhyme is heard, it will be ignored and turned away. "Wait for me to sweep the inferno near Yun He City!"
As soon as Zi Qingyun left Lin Xiao, he earnestly urged, "Ah, Yu ‘er, people are somehow Miss Zi’s family. Can’t you be polite to others?" Besides, yesterday she refined Dan medicine to heal you, and she was worried that it would be good for you to accompany you for a night if you had a problem. "
Lin Xuan hey hey say with smile "yes purple girl seems good to you four younger brother have a chance! !”
Lin Yu took a white look at the eldest brother and suddenly felt some pain in his stomach and asked Lin Xiao, "Dad, what did you say just now? I took the healing pills. Was that girl refining them herself? "
Lin Xiao blinked puzzled. "Yes, what’s the problem? Purple family is the strongest medicine refining family in mainland China. What’s the problem? "
Lin Yu sallow grunted vigorously, "How can it be no problem? I want to go to the toilet …"
Lin Yu quickly ran to the toilet and ran back and forth five or six times in the morning, which made him whole.
Lying in bed, Lin Yu gnashed her teeth and showed a fierce look. "This damn girl will strangle you if I see you again!"
"Haha, see if you dare to offend the girl!" Purple rhyme out of the Lins’ face immediately show evil drama evil smile "go to the city to hire a mercenary one hundred people when I kill all these demons, and then let them move the demon bodies back to Yun He City to show off a hey hey Chapter 9 silver magic gun.
Lin Yu never dreamed that she looked so beautiful, and a girl was so cruel in discharging medicine.
For two whole days, Lin Yu went back and forth between toilets and rooms until the third day.
Even if his body shura is very strong, he can do everything without invading the medicine.
Because the root of medicine is not poison, the method of restoring vitality can achieve natural defense
"It’s a shame that I let you down with so little medicine." Little Lori’s master was very dissatisfied. "I’ll teach you some ways to control my internal organs early, and nothing can pit you."
Lin Yu is very jealous. "Master, I’m not a refined pharmacist and I haven’t reached my vitality. You can’t blame me!"
The little girl’s master grunted, "Come on, come on, you’d better go and absorb more shura energy before the mountain inferno is cleaned up by that little girl!" You demonstrated shura vitality is derived from my hell. Those shura vitality just give it a big boost. You will know the benefits when hell evolves. "
"Hell? Can it evolve? " Lin Yu jumped up from the hospital bed with great joy. "Okay, I’m going to Yun He Canyon!"
I heard that Lin Yu was going to kill the inferno man Lin Xiao alone, but when Lin Yu said that his mysterious master would also go, Lin Xiao’s heart was much wider.
Although I haven’t met the master in my mouth, Lin Xiao still believes in this master’s ability.
I’m afraid those super-big-family people can’t make their own strength rise so greatly in the short term.
Even so, Lin Xiao handed a ring to Lin Yu. "Yu ‘er has a weapon in it. The matching skill of this weapon is a birthday present from a friend of Dad’s. Now it’s time to give it to you. Drop your blood and this ring will always be yours."
Lin Yu didn’t think much about putting the ring on his hand and then dripping blood on the ring. The ring disappeared from his finger instantly.
Then Lin Yu felt something special, and he was very surprised when he saw clearly what was in it.
The folding of this ring is amazing. Lin Yu himself doesn’t know how many things can be held.
And there are two things so big, a parchment and a heavy gun made of sterling silver.
Lin Yu’s mind moved a heavy gun and went from the object to his hand. "It’s so heavy!"
Lin Yu can barely move this gun, but if he takes it against the enemy, it is simply his own death.
Lin Yu carefully studied the silver gun in his hand and saw a series of strange patterns engraved on the handle of the silver gun. Lin Yu took one look at this pattern and felt as if his soul was about to be taken away by this pattern.