And listen to Zhang Junjie’s meaning. Hu Yonghua also wants to do it secretly. He won’t be arrogant. It seems that he didn’t lose his mind with anger.

Since he dares to do it secretly, Zhuo Qiang can make them suffer a dark loss!
"I’ve thought about it. You see, I came to see you with a bodyguard! You don’t have to worry so much about this matter. There will always be a way to stop it! " Zhuojiang took a bite to eat.
Zhang Junjie really angry "are you kidding? You don’t believe me when I take the risk to tell you this? "
Zhuo Qiang laughed. "You don’t worry, you talk. Of course I believe what I just said. I have already thought about it! But if I say there is a way, there will be a way! But I ask you something. If they want to do something to my parents, you must try to inform me beforehand. "
Zhang Junjie nodded. "Of course, but how do you fight with them? With … "He looked at Liu Xiaolei’s side words and didn’t say anything more.
Liu Xiaolei when didn’t hear is eating vegetables assiduously.
"I said Junjie, you believe me. If they are dealing with me, I really have a way to deal with it. Relax!"
Zhang Junjie looked at ZhuoJiang confident in anger like picked up chopsticks and ate it and stopped talking.
He ate and glanced at Liu Xiaolei from time to time. Is this person so powerful? But no matter how powerful it is, it is weak after all, but there are hundreds of brothers and gangs!
While Zhang Junjie was eating and thinking, there was a big noise on the stairs, but a few people came out of Louyali.
These people are obviously drunk, staggering and screaming at random.
I’ve seen this kind of thing a lot, and everyone doesn’t care. Some people think it’s too noisy and frown slightly.
Zhuo Qiang doesn’t think there is any drinker here. Everyone drinks too much, but it’s really rare for these seven people to drink too much.
However, this matter has nothing to do with yourself, so Zhuojiang looked back and ignored it.
However, just because he ignores it doesn’t mean people will let him go.
"hey! This, this, isn’t that who is outstanding! " A familiar shuffle when couples spend sound to ZhuoJiang this time I frowned.
Zhang Junjie listen to this sissy tone bad favour ask ZhuoJiang "who is this? Do you know? "
Zhuo Qiang and Zhang Junjie were not in the same school when they were in junior high school. He didn’t know Wan Liguo Zhang Junjie.
"A classmate is very unpleasant. A person met a few days ago. Alas, drunkards are difficult! It seems that this meal is not good again today, "said Zhuo Qiang nai.
Zhang Junjie heard him say that he met a few days ago, and it would definitely not be pleasant. There may be friction today.
He wanted to ask a few people to come and help him. When he saw Liu Xiaolei eating and drinking at the table, he dismissed the idea.
Since this Liu Xiaolei can hit several gangsters with murder weapons, it’s definitely not necessary to deal with these young people who are obviously novices.
In addition, Zhang Junjie also wants to see if this Liu Xiaolei is really that good at fighting. If he can’t do it, he will have to persuade Zhuo Qiang to make other plans before it is too late.
Wan Liguo saw that his speech didn’t cause any response. "What’s the matter? Look down on people, don’t you With a bodyguard, even old classmates don’t pay attention? "
Zhuo Qiang turned his face and looked at Wan Liguo. "An old classmate advised you to go home after drinking too much. What do you think of you?" This is also a sincere exhortation that he and the other party have no great hatred and don’t want to make this beam grow bigger and bigger.
Wan Liguo’s image is really not good at this time. The original light is slippery and the clothes are buckled and dropped. I really don’t know what tricks they played when drinking.
"Ah, you also teach me a lesson! Well, I heard that your family is bankrupt, isn’t it? How come there’s still money to eat here? It won’t be a lottery! Ha ha ha … "
Liu Xiaolei, who had been sitting eating, suddenly got up and grabbed him by the collar like that again and gave him up.
"Your mouth is very good? Do you think you speak very neatly? " Say that finish "poof" punched Wan Liguo in the mouth.
Wan Liguo’s mouth immediately became a bloody mass, and a long scream resounded through the whole restaurant with tears and runny nose.
Then mouthful of blood was spit out from his mouth, and it was red all over his body, with blood in it. Needless to say, it wouldn’t be anything but teeth.
"Blare ….." At this time, Wan Liguo could still say that he was sobbing assiduously.
At this time, the young people who were with him remembered that they had begun to stagger. Suddenly, they came like a god and rushed to the boss of Liu Xiao’s 18 pantothenic acid water.
Zhang Junjie looked at these young people and jumped on Liu Xiaolei. Although he had the idea of trying Liu Xiaolei’s weight, he couldn’t sit and watch the play like this.
Zhuo Qiang’s busy hand motioned for him to sit, but he really planned to sit and watch a play.
Zhang Junjie see ZhuoJiang this attitude will no longer intervene, but his body is a step forward from the table, if Liu Xiaolei really can’t, he will have to make moves.
Liu Xiaolei corners of the mouth hung with an evil smile, throwing his mouth "whoops" and screaming Wan Liguo aside, while the people eating next to him had already hid from the periphery to watch the scene of bustle.
The group of young people who drank too much seemed to be crazy about fighting, or maybe they were excited by the opportunity to beat others, screaming and greeting Liu Xiaolei.
Liu Xiaolei is not very interested in these weak children. He looks as funny as children playing house with their fists.
A tall and thin man was kicked out more than two meters away, and a companion behind him was smashed to the ground by him.
With a swing of his arm, two drunks were swept down by him, and a dining table, dishes and bowls were also smashed to pieces.
These people, Liu Xiaolei’s hands, are as vulnerable as paper kites as they are half-vulnerable.