An Guohou listened to Su Yue’s words, and his face became more and more smiling. He stretched out his hand and touched Su Yue’s head and said, "Don’t waste your dad’s pain once. Let’s go."

The group left all the way back to their respective places.
However, as soon as Princess Guangyang left Anguohou, she asked her mother to call Su Yue and looked at Su Yue with a serious face. "Do you know if you find out Su Wan’s secret at the first time?"
Su Yue was dumbfounded and puzzled. "What happened to Mom?"
"I asked you to tell me first, not your father. Do you want to tell your father? I’ll decide then."
"Don’t ask so many questions. Just remember when I talk to you. After that, no matter what happens, you should discuss with me first, remember?"
Guangyang infanta stared at her daughter Su Yue Yan Li’s charming face with some clarity. This mother has always been strong and self-centered. It is normal for her to ask for this, but who told her that she is her mother? Su Yue nodded "Good mother, don’t worry."
"Well, you remember that this world is really your good man."
The princess of Guangyang smiled and pulled her daughter to sit. The mother and daughter were talking.
Everyone in Anguo Houfu knows that his silly young lady has lived in Tingzhu Xuan, and it’s still out of Xiangwangdian. I heard that Xiangwangdian intends to marry her own silly young lady. Isn’t that to say that Xiangwangdian likes being a second young lady? Why do you want to marry a big lady now? Is it ordered by Empress De Fei?
At that time, the whole government said that there were many discussions about it.
But compared with the lively listening to bamboo porch outside, it is particularly quiet.
Listen to the bamboo porch, the backyard is more courtyard. Of course, this place is much better than Su Wan’s former place.
However, it is still the westernmost courtyard in the backyard. Su Wan’s mother likes to be quiet, so she chose to live in a place like Zhuxuan.
Later, she died, and Su Wan was also driven out. This place was convenient to place. Later, another aunt and concubine entered the government and became the monarch of Guangyang. She was generous and virtuous, and she didn’t put people in this remote courtyard. Now it is cheaper for Su Wan.
Su Wan showed Yunluo inside and out, but she liked the courtyard. Besides, everything in the courtyard was modest, and many bamboos and plantains were planted in the west corner. In addition, there was a swing. When she saw this swing, Su Wan had some vague memories in her mind. It seems that her mother made it for her when Su Wan was a child.
"Hee hee, this place is really nice."
I was very happy to hear Su Wan touch the carved tables and chairs in the bamboo porch drawing room, with her eyes shining and smiling.
Sitting on one side, helping the king’s palace to roll their eyes, cold hum in my heart, I have never seen the world stupid, even good or bad. What is this called?
He was whispering in his heart that Su Wan suddenly closed his face and smiled. After carefully looking at the drawing room, she quickly turned around and looked at Xiang Wangdian.
"Little Xianggong, do you think there is something missing here?"
King Xiang frowned at Su Wan at once. What does this fool want to do?
Su Wan walked to the side of the drawing room without looking at her arms around her chest, and then reached out and gestured, "There is a lack of a vase, the kind with a vase to arrange flowers smells fragrant. By the way, you can also put a good-looking Jade Guanyin here. If there is an incense burner, I can smell fragrant every day, and there are one by one."
With Su Wan’s words, Xiang Wangdian’s face is getting more and more ugly, and his heart is sinking slowly. It’s more frightening than thinking that this stupidity won’t let him buy something for her. As soon as his thoughts fall, Su Wan’s soft and sweet voice rings in time. "Little Xianggong said that you would be kind to others, so you will definitely send these things to me, right? Why don’t we go shopping in the street? "
Dear girls, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Leave a message today and all of them will be rewarded. Send out moon cakes to collect them …
Chapter 5 A couple made in heaven
Outside Anguo Houfu’s house, a simple carriage slowly sounded cheerful than talking.
"Hurry up, hurry up, I want to buy a lot of beautiful things and come back to decorate. I must dress up my place beautifully." Su Wan said as she turned around and looked at Xiang Wangdian, which seemed to be suffering from constipation. She sneered in her heart, but her face didn’t show it. Instead, she looked at Xiang Wangdian with a face of heart
"Little" xianggong ",you don’t look very good. You’re not really ill, are you?"
Su Wan held out her hand to test the forehead of Xiang Wang Dian, but Xiang Wang Dian quickly gave way to the side and shook her head quickly. "Don’t think about it if Wang is okay."
"Nothing is good." Su Wan smiled happily. She was as happy as the man was in pain, and the torture was just beginning. Isn’t it unwilling to break off the marriage? Then suffer it. She will be interesting to see if he will marry her in the end.
Su Wan thought about her lacy face and rubbed it thoughtfully. She seemed to think of something. She stretched out her finger and said in a businesslike way, "I remember that in addition to buying something to decorate the house later, I have to buy beautiful clothes and look good. I have to buy that powder to wipe my face, because people want to dress up beautifully and let Xiao Xianggong see it."
Su wan said with a shy face, looked at the Xiang Wang Dian and blinked at him. Xiang Wang Dian couldn’t help shaking, but he was glad.
Fortunately, he had instructed the coachman to go to the civilian street in Beijing, where everything was cheap, and many things were imitations, which were extremely cheap. Since the woman wanted to buy something, he would take her there, so that even if she bought a lot, it wouldn’t cost much.