Zhuo Qiang was entangled by them but nodded and changed the Long Yun into a cruise ship mode

"All right, go to the bow," Christie shouted eagerly.
Ye Chuchu also said, "I’m going to prepare hot coffee for you. Think about how poetic it would be to have a steaming cup of coffee at the bow of a cruise ship in the ice and snow."
Zhuo Qiang was held by Christie and took the ladder to the bow deck.
"A-choo" Liu Yaqi was violently sneezed by the sudden cold.
"It’s time to get dressed. Go get dressed. It’s not as freezing as the inside of the boat. There’s no doctor to see you." Zhuo Qiang threatened Liu Yaqi.
Except for Zhuo Qiang and Liu Yaqi, they are physically strong and are not afraid of these tens of degrees.
Zhuo keeps fit and wears warm winter and cool summer protection at any time. Naturally, he is not afraid of this temperature, but his head is a little cold.
"This scenery is really beautiful." Everyone couldn’t help admiring the beautiful scenery in front of the boat head table.
35 sinking a nuclear submarine
35 sinking a nuclear submarine to 37 fighting in the Arctic Ocean.
37 fierce battle in Arctic Ocean
What caught Zhuo Qiang’s eye was a huge ship with a size of 40,000 to 50,000 tons. In terms of size, it was several times larger than the Long Yun. What he thought was that it was a warship because the facilities on its surface were strange in style, but he could still easily tell that they were some weapons with attack ways.
In particular, Zhuo Qiang, the huge weapon at the front end of the huge ship, seems to have seen it before.
It was only a few seconds before he remembered that it was a magnetic railgun.
The magnetic rail gun is not a novel weapon, and it was issued as early as 90 years ago.
Zhuo Qiang has never actually seen a real railgun. He actually saw this weapon from science fiction movies.
Because the style of this huge ship is too trendy and has a strong sci-fi color, it suddenly reminds him of what weapon it is.
Although the magnetic rail gun has been issued for a long time, there is no big breakthrough in actual combat performance today, which is all due to material force
Although this kind of magnetic rail gun has been issued and can shoot in America, it is the same and the technology is extremely immature, which is far from large-scale equipment
But this magnetic railgun doesn’t look like a decoration.
There are flashing blue sparks in its two huge energy launching arms, which is the standard dynamic of power storage in front of the rail gun
"Bad laser gun to prepare the horse to destroy the enemy ship, hit it first." Zhuo Qiang issued orders continuously.
The power of magnetic rail gun mainly comes from its extremely high-speed shot kinetic energy which is several times or tens of times or thousands of times higher than that of ordinary shot, which brings terrible kinetic energy. This kind of high-speed kinetic energy is very powerful.
It is said that the theoretical speed of the shot fired by the magnetic gun can be close to the speed of light, so that the object at this speed is invincible in front of it.
Of course, the speed of rail guns manufactured by science and technology today is only a few thousand meters per second, which is far from the so-called theoretical speed.
But in the sight of this huge ship, will it be an ordinary warship? Can it be a primary magnetic gun with a magnetic gun? Zhuoqiang dare not guess at this point.
It will never be an ordinary ship if such a huge ship can hide from the Long Yun for detection.
Why meet it here? Zhuo Qiang has a faint idea. Maybe he just got rid of a nuclear submarine.
"Is it dedicated to intercepting the Long Yun?" ZhuoJiang head up a cold sweat.
This huge ship is located right in front of the Long Yun, and when the Long Yun is approaching, it suddenly drills out of the sea, which means it must have calculated everything.
Who has the advantage of laser gun over magnetic gun?
The power of the magnetic railgun is very great, but it needs to store energy for a long time, and it is restricted by many factors when it is launched.
The laser gun does not need energy storage and can be fired continuously until it destroys enemy units. However, Zhuo Qiang’s laser gun has lost one advantage, that is, it was originally a hidden deck. If it wants to launch, it must wait until it rises to the deck before attacking.
"Boss, this design of yours is really a bit wicked!" Ye Chuchu is complaining at this moment when she is strengthening herself.
Zhuo Qiang didn’t think that the Long Yun would be suddenly attacked. You know, since the debut of the Long Yun, he has been sneaking on others. Who would have thought that he would meet someone else today?
It seems that an upgrade must be designed more perfectly, and sometimes it can attack at the first time, so there will be no such situation today.
It takes only a few seconds for the laser cannon to rise from the deck and then prepare for the attack posture.