If it’s true that Xia Guo is really fighting against Annan with a sword, he’s not a coward, and he’ll fight to the death with Xia Guo in his desperate efforts. Of course, it’s not up to him, and whoever is the chairman will have to take up the challenge.

But I didn’t expect Daxia to play Yin.
Who can argue with the fact that the country has always played the South China Sea countries without saying a word, but people can’t catch the slightest handle?
The official of Daxia has made that serious spokesman repeat a few words every day these days.
"What happened in the South China Sea in recent days? ……”
"My country has always been committed to world peace and development, and will never affect the good-neighborly friendship of all countries …"
"We suspect that some monk who wants to split our territory has …"
I caught a cold and my throat was inflamed. I wanted to weigh more yards, but I was so sleepy after taking the medicine that I slept for a long time. I am sorry for my good friend who voted for the update ticket! ! 169 water special forces
169 water special forces
Ruan Zhe’s official speech to Daxia countries naturally won’t be judged by women themselves. Are these things in the South China Sea definitely made by Daxia countries? doubt
Another time, the frigate was attacked, and Xia Guo was also involved.
After western experts on that ship? The evaluation of the frigate repaired by France confirmed that it was destroyed by naval guns and was very similar to the 76 mm naval gun station of Daxia country
Of course, these western experts may have ulterior motives to say this for fear of chaos, but Ruan and Zhejiang have not ruled out this possibility. Their only rival is Daxia.
When the oil fields in the South China Sea were destroyed, Annan and other oil companies in the South China Sea were already in a panic, fearing that the same thing would happen to them.
Otherwise, there was an oil spill in an oil well two nights ago, and it’s time to finally come.
But strangely, it lasted for one night, and then there was no more Wen. Previously, they were different, but they were used to killing them all.
After a few days of calm, the same thing happened again
The leader of this country, Ruan and Zhejiang, attaches great importance to the offshore oil well incident, which has an impact on the country’s economy, politics, military territory and other parties and must not be underestimated.
Ruan and Zhejiang also find it extremely difficult to deal with this matter. The previous countries have lost their troops because of this. It is absolutely impossible to dispatch their own naval vessels. Can that be to send the meritorious military service to each other? Counting yourself will not benefit from this aspect.
But something has to be done. Ruan Zhe gave instructions to the answering officials to let them not make a move and arrange people to handle the matter themselves.
Then Ruan and Zhe ordered the workers to unite with the Minister of Defense to let him come to see him as soon as possible.
The defense minister Ma, who was woken up in the middle of the night, found out what had happened and immediately rushed to the chairman’s residence.
"Minister Li, how do you think this matter should be handled?" Ruanzhe sat at a long table and asked the defense minister not far from his side.
In the original case, the Minister of National Defense can make the decision alone, but because this incident is different and involves too many people, Ruan and Zhejiang must ask it in person.
At this time, several important figures of the country have been present, and they are always worried about this difficult dilemma, such as Nong Mengde’s Prime Minister Ruan Jiyong and National Assembly President Ruan Fuchong.
Li Guangqing, Minister of National Defense, frowned and thought for a few seconds, then said, "Madam President, I think this matter is too small to be big. Everyone has also found that the countries in the south have not sent the sea, but the losses are even heavier. Why don’t you send a small team to wipe it out first?"
Prime Minister Ruan Jiyong looked at Ruan and Zhejiang thoughtfully and nodded and said, "Minister Li said it makes sense. I suspect that the Summer sent special forces, so we will give them a trump card. We will also send water special forces to deal with them, which will also reduce the losses."
"Reduce losses?" Ruan Fuchong, the president of the National Assembly, raised an unhappy objection: "The water special forces are the elites in our army, and each of them is made of all kinds of gold and trained for years. Their technical and combat experience is what we do not lose important resources. How can you say this as if you want them to be cannon fodder?"
Li Guangqing didn’t expect that one of his own suggestions would lead to an argument between the Prime Minister and the President of the National Assembly, saying that "it is not necessary to fight to test, and it will not necessarily lead to conflict."
Ruan Fuchong said with a straight face, "Look at the countries in the South China Sea, which one is not losing troops? Don’t you and I find out what will happen after these people go? " “
"Okay, okay," Ruan Zhe, the chairman, is the head of Annan, but his prestige has not yet reached the point where he controls everything. Although it is clear at a glance, there are not many good ways for a few people to intrigue against each other. It is all about their own interests and it is not so easy to resolve them.
"I think this method is feasible." Ruan and Zhejiang naturally want to speak to the Prime Minister. His hand signals everyone to be quiet and listen to his final decision
"Just send water special forces to us and spend a lot of time and money to train them into talents to cope with this crisis, so don’t be a soldier if you are afraid of death."
After Li Guangqing, Minister of National Defense, received the definite instructions from the Supreme Commander, Ma immediately issued an order to mobilize a small team of water special forces to the incident site to explore the situation.
If you encounter the enemy’s ability, try to give the other side the greatest damage.
In case the enemy is too strong, then retreat quickly to ensure the strength and return to the land base.
Zhuo Qiang is watching several families playing games in the recreation room in his presidential suite at this time. These hands are not very interested in his sports, but all like to play games.
When I saw them laughing and shouting and winning, I sighed with joy and losing, just like a group of grown-up children.
If he didn’t think the level was too smelly and he was afraid of losing, Zhuo Qiang might have been infected and fought with them for dozens of rounds
Zhuo Qiang used to love playing games, but now he sees that these hands are all skillful? Bicao feels that playing again will not reach their level, so he loses confidence and is not so tempted to play games.
After the upgrade of Long Yun, the speed of extracting energy has doubled, and it is estimated that it can extract about 1,500 points a night.
But even so, Zhuoqiang still thinks it is too slow.
It takes 6,000 points to ascend to the third pole, but it takes 300,000 points to ascend to the first level and the fourth level. Even if you steal it every night, it will take 200 days to upgrade.
But will these people let themselves steal oil every day? The answer is obviously impossible.
If you steal an oil well, you leave a rotten stall for others. If you steal it for three or five times, people will surely be shut down. Even if you don’t make money, no one will want to lose extra money.
And how can we deal with him as an evil oil thief if we don’t find out how to do it so openly?