What used to be a person is getting less and less likable now, and she always feels that she seems to have something against her

Princess Jing’s face was red and white. King Jing hurriedly ordered "to help the princess back."
Princess Jing’s servant girl should give her a hand and leave.
Xiao Huang’s face in the room behind him is also not good-looking. Xiao Junhao now knows that the dead in bed is not a woman’s impatience. "Eldest brother, if you want to find Shine, she must have been taken away. If you want to find her, you must save her. Save her!"
At this time, Xiao Junhao forgot what Jiang did last night and thought of her.
Xiao Huang didn’t say anything. He stretched out his hand and took Su Wan. He planned to leave behind Jing Wang and looked at everything in the room and said, "How to deal with this matter?"
"How to deal with? Ma sent someone to report the dead to the police. If it is not handled properly, I am afraid that I will get into trouble in Jing Wangfu. And my second brother will tidy up for a while. The punishments will definitely make a record. You should answer it carefully. "
"I know, big brother."
Xiao Junhao should Xiao Huang is pulling Su Wan all the way out of Shi Qingyuan and telling his own hands to report to the official.
And he took Su Wan all the way back to the Canglan Hospital where he lived.
Lu Su-wan thought of something that seemed to look at Xiao Huang, but she opened her mouth and hesitated for a moment and didn’t know what to say.
Although Xiao Huang took her
Although pulling her, I didn’t see her move, but I knew she had something to say. Stop and look back.
"What’s the matter?"
Su Wan thought for a moment and said, "Why do I feel that my mother princess seems to be very dissatisfied with me everywhere? Our bank seems to be trying to clean me up everywhere."
Don’t blame her for thinking too much. This is indeed the feeling that Princess Jing gave her. First, Xiao E died, and she said that she didn’t ask indiscriminately. Isn’t the real purpose of her hand to deal with her? Now out of the Chiang things she also want to deal with her?
Although she hid them all, it is not difficult to see that Princess Jing wants to touch her.
But she treated herself well when she got married before. Although she was not particularly affectionate, at least her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were at peace. What happened now? Did she just pretend to marry her and come in to clean her up? It’s not worth it.
Su Wan’s words made Xiao Huang’s eyes a little dull, and without saying anything, Su Wan entered the pale aperture courtyard.
Because Su Wan didn’t sleep in the middle of the night last night, Xiao Huang was very distressed. She had been sent to the room to let her sleep for a while.
Su Wan just fell asleep. Outside Canglan Courtyard, the housekeeper of Wangfu led people to come and leave.
The emperor sent eunuch Xuan Xiaohuang into the palace, and an urgent piece was sent to the palace in Bailijia. The bandits in Honghu Lake became more and more rampant, and they burned, killed, robbed, abused and abused evil. The people they sent declared their own life and I entered the palace.
Xiao Huang listened to the child.when she heard this, her eyes immediately became deep and dark. He had heard about the Dengzhou water bandits, but they have not been so rampant all the time, but now they are getting more and more rampant.
It is natural to send troops to fight bandits, but it is of far-reaching significance for the emperor to send someone to announce him to the palace at this time
Xiao Huang hooked a little smile on his lips, cleaned it up and took people to the palace.
At this time, the diligent emperor in the palace sat a lot of people, all of whom were courtiers. The first side of the old emperor was still sitting too Xiao Ye.
Not only was the emperor too angry, but even the courtiers were angry. Because Barica wrote in a hurry that the water bandits were rampant and arrogant, they not only robbed the people’s property, but also killed and set fire to the area where they visited Sihong in Zhangzhou, where 300 people were burned and killed overnight. At this time, they were afraid everywhere.
The magistrate is even more afraid of sending a thyme dispatch to Beijing overnight, asking the imperial edict to send troops to fight against bandits, and he must bring those lake bandits to justice.
However, there is no conclusion about sending people to Dengzhou to suppress bandits at the moment.
Although the number of bandits in the lake is small, these people are killing people without batting an eye, which is not much worse than the soldiers on the battlefield. It is very dangerous to know that the imperial court sent troops to kill them, even killing their eyes. At that time, none of them volunteered to go to Dengzhou to kill bandits.
It was not until Xiao Huang came in from outside the temple that they had no conclusion.
Xiao Huang respectfully saluted the first old emperor, "I have seen the emperor."
ChengGan emperor waved a face of love mouth "sit down"
"thank the emperor"
After Xiao Huang sat down, Emperor Chenggan told Xiao Huang about the urgent things in Dengzhou Bailia, and then looked at Xiao Huang with a face of love and said
"Xiao Huang, although there are fewer bandits in the lake, those people are much more difficult than the soldiers on the battlefield. Ordinary soldiers are afraid that it is not their opponents. I plan to lend soldiers from your hand or lead you to Dengzhou to fight against bandits."
Xiao Huang smiled and looked up at the old emperor with faint eyes.