Which know blue Rao voice fall neat black unexpectedly nodded "yeah, how do you know? I just caught a cold last night! Do you have any medicine? "

Looking up at the sky with a beautiful forehead!
Keep breathing and exhaling. Breathe and exhale. After she finally adjusted her mentality, Bi Rao grinned and took a hard look at Qi Mafia. "You are not infected with cold. You are mentally ill!"
"Huh?" At this time, Bi Rao and Qi Hagen were arguing. They didn’t see that May had woken up from the soft couch. She looked at Bi Rao’s red face and said in a daze, "Aunt Rao, are you two flirting?"
This is a chapter 466, breaking into the toffee hall by mistake!
"Rao aunt, are you flirting?"
Suddenly, from the soft couch, the soft waxy words in May suddenly made Bi Rao and Qi Hei both stunned!
When they turned their heads stiffly, they saw that May’s tender face was holding a bit of pettiness and looked at them. When Bi Rao’s cheeks were reddish, she lifted May’s small body and muttered, "Don’t guess anything!"
"oh! So are you tit for tat? "
Bi Rao "…"
Qi Hei "…"
Every time I have to face May, people will have an illusion of family debate!
How does this girl’s brain circuit grow? !
When Brigitte Rao gathered a faint melancholy in her heart and Nai looked at May with some drowsiness, she immediately looked at the sky outside and asked, "Are you awake? It’s almost midnight. Do you want to sleep for a while? "
"No! Where did Uncle Rao go? "
Looking around in May, I didn’t see the figure of Huangyin Glass.
And this strange house must be his too Eastern Palace!
Wen Birao replied, "I’ve been to Wenyuan Pavilion too much. He will come back later!"
"so!" I just woke up in May, a little lazy, and my body leans against Bi Rao’s body, and my little hands are slowly stirring with my knees, while Jinyan is still sleeping beside her, and she gradually wakes up after hearing the sound.
When I heard Jin Yan coming, I turned around and saw him rubbing his eyes in a daze in May.
Let May Rare almost hold him and gnaw at him!
But since she knew Jin Yan’s life, she didn’t dare to have too much close contact with him!
Otherwise, I always feel strange!
His face is almost the same as that of his uncle. Every time she approaches, she feels that she is in close contact with her uncle again!
Can you make good friends with the basin?
If I had known, she wouldn’t have bothered to investigate so much!
Now that we know Jin Yan’s identity, if one day he returns to the state of Qi and Chu, then he’s just a son!
In the future, it may be possible to claim the title of king!
Because of this secret fact, May always feels that she is so kind to Jinyan now, so how can she have the illusion of paving the way for her future!
What is all this and what? !
She had no intention of being kind to Jin Yan. Hey!
Heaven and earth conscience!
May, when I just woke up, I was thinking about nothing!
It was not until she was immersed in her own thoughts that she suddenly felt that the atmosphere around her was a little strange that she blinked her round eyes and focused on it and felt embarrassed!
But see Bi Rao and Jin Yan both holding the worried look and looking at May in silence, waiting for the moment!
Even behind the Bi Rao block, Qi Hei kept stretching his neck to take a look at the left and glance at the right.
"What’s the matter with you, young lady?"
Bi Rao is worried about watching stupidly. Miss May and Wang Ye are not at home now. Nothing she says can make the little lady have an accident!
And Jin Yan is also sensible to move his little body and rub it against May’s side. After that, he grabbed her palm with his small hand and asked, "Sister May, didn’t you wake up?"
Seeing people around you so worried about their little face in May unexpectedly flashed a blush!
However, independence in May rarely makes people around her worry because of her own mistakes!
I coughed gently for two or five months and looked at Brigitte Rao pouting with a small mouth. "Aunt Rao, it’s too hot in this East Palace!
Will you take us out for a walk? It’s so hot in this room that I’m out of my mind! "
Everyone is silent!