When’ tis once spoken, Nanrong Magic froze and looked at the white frozen thing in his bowl and turned white.

The baby didn’t notice it at all. He continued to point with chopsticks and said, "And this dish is a golden yellow strip. It’s called Shengyang Shenqiang! Can you guess what the scorching sun is made of? Hey hey, let me tell you, it’s a dog whip! " Said the chopsticks to stir up one. "This is a rabies dog whip, and it is quite good for men to cut it in estrus!" "
Muyang is listening to the rise, although I don’t know what the baby said, but I think it’s very funny, so I put a piece of it in my hand and took a bite to chew it up.
"And this," said Meimei, who picked up a spoon and gently scooped the red soup in a big white porcelain bowl in front of a scorching sun. "This is a good thing! It’s called Phoenix Blood Soup, and it’s a soup cake made of women’s blood. Pay attention! It’s menstrual blood! The nutritional value is quite high! "
The scorching sun looked at the baby with wide eyes and looked at himself again. He had already drunk half of the phoenix blood soup in the spoon before his end, and suddenly he vomited and choked a mouthful of the phoenix blood soup, which gushed out from his nostrils.
"What are you excited about?" The baby shook his head and pointed to a dish not far in front of Nan Rong Phantom. He turned his head and asked Nan Rong Phantom, "Do you know what this is?"
South glory magic pale quickly shook his head stay leng shook his head again.
"Hey, hey, this is pork!" The baby happily announced the answer.
South glory magic show a sigh of relief, shoulders a loose body all heap soft to some consciously touched the belly-he just ate a lot of this dish.
Of course, the reaction is exactly the same as that of Nan Rong and the scorching sun.
"Is this dish delicious?" I didn’t expect the baby to say it again. "It’s called reincarnation meat. Is it particularly soft and delicious when you eat it?" That’s because these pork have been eaten in the stomach and then ruminated for a while! Xu Shu said that the best thing to soften the meat and tendons is the stomach acid. He asked someone to eat these delicate raw pork in his stomach first, let the stomach acid soften for a while, and then spit it out. After cooking, it became a delicious food! "
Nan Rong’s magic has been shaking, and his neck is shaking. He slowly turned his head and looked at the scorching sun. The scorching sun has long been completely dumbfounded. The root of the soup spewing phoenix blood from his nostrils forgot to wipe it. It looks like a big nosebleed in the scorching sun, and his mouth is also dying.
"There will be this! Look, it’s almost eaten up by the scorching sun! " Baby Long got up and took a few steps around the table on the other side of the hot sun, pointed to another crimson porcelain bowl on the table, and gently touched a bowl of white sticky porridge with his fingertips and said, "This dish is called elite Quan Cui! Don’t drink it as porridge. Taste it carefully, but it is tiger, bear, cow, horse, sheep, pig, monkey, mouse … These male animals’ semen and saliva are painstakingly refined together! But these dishes are extremely delicious! "
Yang night has been absent-minded, ordering food with chopsticks, and then putting his mouth on his head, carefully relishing the feeling of deja vu and familiarity here.
He could see the baby in his eyes, and he was talking happily around the table in front of him, but he didn’t catch his mind at all. It was as if he were in a soundproof room
But suddenly "bang" a loud noise shocked Yang Ye from his paranoia. It was an earthquake! Quickly lifted up his eyes and looked around.
To his surprise, the baby was surrounded by Nan Rong Phantom, and he was anxiously asking about something. But Nan Rong Phantom had cried and leaned against the back of the chair, and his eyes were dripping with tears as if he had been hit hard.
Muyangzheng still eats the rising roots and doesn’t care about everything around him.
What about the scorching sun? Yang night saw a circle and didn’t see the scorching sun man! When he got up, he found that the scorching sun had fallen back with his butt chair. The loud bang was caused by the heavy weight of the scorching sun.
Yang night quickly got up and walked quickly to the hot sun and squatted anxiously asked, "What’s the matter? Hot sun! Are you all right? "
The scorching sun looked pale, his eyes were glazed, his nostrils were bleeding with phoenix soup, and he slowly raised his finger to the desktop and said, "The dishes … those dishes …"
"Poisonous food? !” Yang night’s first reaction was that everything was so weird when he came to Baobaolong’s house. At this time, he saw that Nanrong Magic and the scorching sun were both like this, and Yang night naturally became suspicious of this.
The scorching sun hesitated and asked, "Did you eat those dishes, Chibi?"
Yang night doubt think a little bit "eat a little what’s the matter? Is the toxicity very fierce? "
The hot sun frowned and grinned and cried. "It’s so fucking fierce!" Said a tightly hold Yang night hand "you also eat I won’t tell you all this red Bi you let me go …"
Talking in the hot sun, my hands were loose and my eyes were open. wait for a while looked at the ceiling and kept shaking and shaking, doing vomiting again and again
Yang night nasty fierce got up and pointed to the baby long there shouted "baby long! What the hell is going on here? !”
Baby long is also a face of anxiety and injustice. He looked up at Yang night and didn’t speak. He continued to bend over and touch Nan Rong’s phantom chest and earnestly comforted and asked.
Yang night was about to send out when I suddenly saw Muyang returning to the table to eat incense! At that time, I was stunned and thought about how Muyang was fine if it was poisonous. Is it his Xia nationality’s identity ability or the ability of the poison body to resist poison?
"Xiaozheng, how are you?" Yang night in the previous step pulled MuYangZheng a hand.
Muyangzheng looked up at Yang night and smiled "Brother is delicious"
Yang night looked at Muyangzheng with amazement and took a step to the south glory illusion and asked in a low voice, "What happened to the south glory illusion? Is there something wrong with the food? "
Nan Rong, with tears in her eyes, wrinkled her nose and was about to speak when she glanced at the baby around her. The horse changed her tone and said softly, "It’s not the food, it’s me. My stomach is too fragile. I despise it!"
Yang Ye was relieved to hear Nan Rong’s illusion, but he was still puzzled by the pain shown by the scorching sun and Nan Rong’s illusion, so he looked up at the baby and continued to ask, "What is the situation of the baby? What’s wrong with your dishes? "