"Du Laojiu!" Ji Hong was annoyed.

"JiHong see we also have a friendship when I was young, I’ll give you a way out, you don’t I dare not hand! The strongest of the three of you should be Teng Qingshan. Hum, it’s good to kill Montaigne, but it’s not as good as me! " The bald old man said coldly, "Don’t blame me if you don’t leave until I count to three!"
Du Jiu, a life-and-death knife, is absolutely outrageous and cold.
God, who doesn’t know
Teng Qingshan and Green, "Commanding Adults", looked at Ji Hong.
Jihong gritted his teeth
TengQingShan heart is a little anxious "if this JiHong really will black fire spirit fruit to each other that black fire spirit root is hard to take! I’m sure I can kill Du Jiu, but … Ji Hong doesn’t know I have the strength! " I don’t know the true strength of Teng Qingshan to Ji Hong.
"one!" Du nine indifference shouted
The present situation forced Ji Hong to bite his teeth and drink, "Let’s go!"
"Go?" Tengqingshan some urgent.
"Ji Hong ji at the head! Thank you for returning to Yuan Zong, but … I don’t want to hear the news of Heihuolingguo as soon as we go out. If the news really leaks, I can doubt that you "have friends from ancient times", which will destroy feelings.
Ji Hong really holds the idea of leaking the news after going out.
Anyway, the other side can’t catch him
Listen to what Gu Shiyou said. Ji Hong suddenly turned around and stared at Gu Shiyou and Du Jiusan. "Du Laojiu … This person can’t go too far! Today, you are cruel enough … Hum, this person is going too far and will be punished! "
"retribution?" Du Jiuyi’s triangular eyes swept through Teng Qingshan. "Just the three of you!"
"Shi Bozu!" Lvdi avenue
"Command your honor!" Tengqingshan also eagerly shouted a pair of short breath. Tengqingshan is seventeen years old, and seventeen years old is full of anger. At this time, young people can’t help but be angry.
Teng Qingshan doesn’t want to just turn back to the black fire spirit root. He is bound to "it’s best to do it now. If Ji Hong doesn’t agree, I can take the black fire spirit root secretly."
Ji Hong’s face sank. "Green hills and green hills, let’s go!"
Tengqingshan, green two people can endure with JiHong behind.
Gu Shiyou, Du Jiu, all three of them smiled, while Wu Dai was smiling.
"Du doyen really badly belongs to the people of Yuan Zong, so he left." Wu Dai flattered.
A trace of color appeared on the bald old man’s face
Since his brother was born and became the owner of Qinghu Island, his status has also risen, and he is also a master of Qinghu Island. He has a very high status. Who dares to provoke him when he is used to being bossy?
"Haha, in front of the big family is the Black Fire Lingguo!" A light smile came from a distance.
Green lake island side three people all froze.
Everyone turned to look in the other direction. It should be noted that the magma lake is flowing in both directions. Teng Qingshan, they walked from the left magma flow channel to the magma lake, but the sound at the moment turned out to be the right direction.
"Someone came in here?" The bald old man was shocked.
"Wu Dai" Gu Shiyou looked at Wu Dai.
"I don’t know." Wu Dailian shook his head. This is the first time he has entered the underground. How can he know what is at the other end?
The bald old man whispered, "Don’t worry about him now, let’s go first."
Immediately, the three people of Qinghu Island quietly moved to the right, showing that the passage was more spacious than the left. Although it was tortuous, it was too spacious for the talents of Qinghu Island to walk for dozens of feet and saw the other party in the distance.
The two sides are about fifty feet apart from each other!
"It’s green lake island! Run! " One of the other group shouted suddenly, and the group fled without hesitation!
"Kill them! ! !” As soon as the bald old man drank in anger, he rushed over quickly. Gu Shiyou and his fellow students also rushed over quickly. A group of people in the distance ran for their lives at an average speed, while on the side of Qinghu Island, they were all extremely talented people in the day after tomorrow, and they quickly narrowed the distance.
The original belly fire is walking back along the road. Ji Hong, Teng Qingshan and Green, of course, heard these two shouts.
"It’s Qinghu Island!"
"Kill them!"
Teng Qingshan, Ji Hong and Green look at each other!
"There are another group of people," said Green.
"Go back!" Ji Honglian immediately turned around and rushed to the side of Qinghu Island after a low drink.
Run all the way
"The front is killing!" Although the road twists and turns, Tengqingshan has heard that the speed of fighting theory is not far away. Yuan Zong’s three people are a few different from Qinghu Island’s three people, but Qinghu Island’s three people are fighting with each other and naturally slow down quickly-
Tengqingshan they have seen the killing scene in the distance.
"Run away, master!" A strong man screamed that when he was stabbed, he clung to the uncle’s foot on Qinghu Island 3.