Cheng Dongyang looked at her eyes with love, reddish in winter, "I’m sorry, winter, winter, I’m sorry," and he couldn’t stop kissing her forehead.

"Don’t do this again, Dongyang. I can’t stand it." Meng Yudong said with a slightly hoarse voice in his arms. "I need your baby and you. We can’t live without you."
Cheng Dongyang was very excited when he heard this. Can he be sure that Dongdong really forgives him and wants to be with him? He kissed the corner of Dongdong’s eye again and said, "I’ll take care of myself when I save you. I’ll let you sail to pick me up. I can’t listen to you."
Meng Yudong couldn’t stop nodding in his arms for several seconds and then suddenly said faintly, "Dongyang Day, I will go back to Jiangbei with you. Chapter 57 My wife."
Meng Yudong actually said that he was shocked when he went back to the north with Cheng Dongyang. He seemed unable to believe that he could not help but say, "Dongdong, are you serious?"
She nodded seriously, and when she thought about what happened today, she would be frightened. She lived in Dongyang, Jiangbei, and she had to keep running to other jobs on both sides of Jixian County, Jiangbei. It was so hard for her.
If such a thing happens again, she will really be unbearable.
"Dongdong, do you really want to go back to Jiangbei? We just came to Jixian." Song Yuanyuan couldn’t help but wake up next to him.
"It’s not convenient to produce here, so I’d better go back to Jiangbei for convenience," Meng Yudong said with a reddish face.
This is a big surprise. Cheng Dongyang is ecstatic. "You came back to Jiangbei Yuanyuan with me that day. Please live with me so that you can take care of Dongdong."
Song Yuanyuan nai smiled, "Forget it, I am also a servant."
In the evening, Cheng Dongyang naturally lived in the winter room and burned hot water. When Cheng Dongyang was still staring at her in a daze, she said, "Dongyang, did you take off your clothes?"
Cheng Dongyang listened to this and his body was hot. You should know that he was thirsty for a long time. He didn’t even kiss her once when he confirmed his pregnancy. He swallowed saliva and unconsciously dropped his eyes on her abdomen. "Dongdong, are you in good health now?"
Meng Yudong came into contact with his fiery eyes and light face. "What are you thinking? I am. I’ll take a look at your injury. Just now, the doctor left some medicine. I’ll rub your body and take the medicine again. "
Cheng Dongyang said that he was not moved or disappointed. He said, "I can do it myself."
Meng Yudong pointed to the low stool next to "you sit here"
Cheng Dongyang saw that she was so persistent and her face was slightly flushed with long hair in winter and winter. His throat was dry and he really sat down. When she reached into his neckline and unbuttoned his shirt, his body was really hot.
Meng Yudong could feel his fiery breath splashing around her neck, and she pretended not to understand him. When she saw that his shoulder and left chest were covered with gauze, her eyes turned red.
She carefully wiped his perfect place first, and he was good at taking care of people when winter came. At this moment, he moved a soft cotton towel, and he brushed him with a sigh, feeling that her body was full of fragrance and wrapped around her nose. My hand couldn’t help but hug her waist for a while.
"Don’t move" Meng Yudong wiped his body clean and then uncovered the gauze. Most of his landlords were bruised. Meng Yudong gave him a new medicine and a new gauze with classic wine at hand.
"It’s amazing that I found your hands in winter and winter." Cheng Dongyang looked at her gently and said, "I never knew you could handle wounds and bandages were so beautiful."
"What’s so beautiful about this?" Meng Yudong still loves his physical injury and is in distress when he says this.
"It’s just beautiful. My wife is great," said Cheng Dongyang, holding her hand and kissing her.
That my wife stunned Dongdong. Although she and Dongyang have got the certificate, the law is already husband and wife, but Dongdong has always felt that there is no woman who feels a little strange at the moment. She is really his wife.
"Dongdong" when she was in a daze, he pulled her out of the bathroom. "Dongdong, I’m sorry to make you suffer so much, and I’m very touched that you will give me another chance. This time I will behave well and not let you down."
Meng Yudong came to his senses. He looked at this man and suddenly woke up. I’m afraid she can’t get rid of this man in this life. He is her husband and the father of her children. Does she want to be separated from him? Is she going to divorce him
She can’t do it. She can’t do it. I really don’t love him.
"Then will you still not believe me?" She asked her faintly that he didn’t hate him or blame him, but there was still a little mind in his heart that he didn’t believe it or that he had hurt him.
"God, the person I trust most is you." Cheng Dongyang solemnly promised to kiss again to get familiar with the taste and how sweet it was. Cheng Dongyang was really hungry for a long time and kissed again to haunt her. small tongue sucked and sucked.
Meng Yudong was frightened by his fierce wave and reached his chest. "Dongyang cannot have a baby."
"I know," he struggled to release her lips, and her small mouth was kissed by him. He didn’t stop kissing again.
He held her to the sofa in the living room, and when his hand unconsciously rubbed and bit her earlobe through her sweater, he couldn’t help sighing. "I can’t hold it when you get bigger in winter and winter."
"What are you talking about?" Meng Yudong blushed. What seems to be her chest has changed? It has been rising and hurting badly these days. It is difficult to wear the front bra now. Yuan Yuan also joked that she had a big CUP.
Cheng Dongyang simply couldn’t put it down and reached directly into the sweater. He was really excited. He had already set up the tent. He was careful not to press her belly, but he couldn’t wait to rub her arms and swallow it.
"Dongyang can’t" is also sensitive in winter and winter, and he kissed her and touched her very quickly, but she still has reason. It is absolutely impossible for the baby to think about him.
"I know what I know." He buried his head near her neck. "I’ll kiss in winter and winter. I haven’t kissed for a long time. Let me kiss in winter and winter."
Meng Yudong saw that his eyes were red and knew that he must have endured for a long time. She could not help but compromise. "Then let’s go back to bed, shall we?"
Cheng Dongyang certainly welcome a cross picked her up back to the room.
"I can go by myself." Dong Dong blushed and pushed him, but Cheng Dongyang was holding her in his arms for a few steps. He took the door to the bedroom and carefully put her to bed. Chapter 58 Good children.
Facts believe that this man is really kissing, that is, it is a fantasy that when Cheng Dongyang is ready to hold her again, his body heat is not the same as before. He stripped the shirt inside her sweater to see that her chest was an inch bigger, and his whole head was buried.
Meng Yudong couldn’t help holding his head. When he held a red core in his mouth, she couldn’t help humming and propped herself up slightly, sending more herself to his lips.
Cheng Dongyang was still careful. He sat behind her and let her rely on his arms. "Dongdong, I miss you, Dongdong."
Meng Yudong is definitely a slow-heating person in this respect, but at the moment, inexplicably, he kissed two of them so much, and her abdomen swelled slightly. She was a little different from herself. When Cheng Dongyang let her lie on her side and faded her pants, she trembled and tried to catch him, but she couldn’t catch him behind him.
Cheng Dongyang really doesn’t have the heart, but she still smells like milk in her arms. He really can’t calm down. He stuck his body to her ear and bit his ear and said, "Winter, winter, winter, winter, I’ll come in, okay? I’ll gently enter this position. It’s very safe. I promise I won’t hurt the baby."
Meng Yudong thought about it in his heart, but he was afraid that there was a hot thing on her hip and a soft voice was hoarse, saying, "Then gently."
"Good me gently" Cheng Dongyang said, carefully raising her leg. This time, he kept his promise and looked carefully at the winter-winter reaction.
When have they ever done this so gently? Dongdong likes this rhythm very much. From time to time, he turns his head slightly and wants him to kiss her
Cheng Dongyang like a hole sorrow her mind with her rosy lips slightly increased speed, but didn’t dare to go in so grinding also have some fun until the end, both of them are sweating.
He called hot water for Dongdong to clean his body simply, and changed his gauze for a long time before going back to bed. Dongdong was already asleep.
Geng Qihang came early the next morning and they returned to Jiangbei at noon.