Situxuan ruthlessly stared at Zhouyi, wiped a corner of his mouth with blood, and then said matter-of-factly that he seemed to swear an oath of immortality.

"I’m afraid you don’t have this chance. You deliberately hurt people and I’m afraid you have to go to prison. You don’t know how to repent now, so go to prison slowly and repent," said Zhou Yi with a sneer.
"If you want to arrest me without evidence, how can you arrest me? At most, you can interrogate me and then you have to put it in." Situxuan said casually.
"Then just wait. I wish you good luck, but I hope it won’t happen again. If it does, it won’t be as simple as slapping you in the face and sending you to prison."
Zhou Yi’s face is murderous. "If there is a time, if you hurt the whole city again, then you are dead! Because she is a woman I like, and no one can hurt her. "
Say that finish Zhouyi didn’t take a look at SiTuXuan but took the whole leaf hand away.
Ye Qingcheng didn’t refuse Zhouyi to hold hands. Although Zhouyi was her student, she was a few years younger, but she felt that Zhouyi was very attractive to men more and more, and her hand was held by Zhouyi and she felt unusually warm and at ease.
"adulterer and whore"
Situxuan took Zhouyi and left the whole city of centrifugal viciously scolded 1.
But soon those guys who attacked Ye Qingcheng were interrogated by the police, and soon Situxuan came out. Situxuan was quickly taken to the public security bureau for Zhouyi’s instructions and Zhang Yanghao’s director Situxuan was put in prison.
"This Zhouyi can meet him everywhere. Don’t play a positive role every time, but his hands are hard. These three gangsters have been hit hard and one of them has been broken. If you investigate it carefully, this small one is suspected of using excessive force."
Cao Fang, a beautiful police officer, couldn’t help sighing that Zhouyi had killed three gangsters in just a few days, and there was a dispute with Situxuan’s "Tianfuguo" restaurant, and now he played a tough role in saving the United States in a violent way. He felt that Zhouyi was a Uber who was restless. If there were more people like him in this world, I really don’t know what would happen. Don’t say that many people would definitely be added to the hospital.
"The head of Zhouyi and our director are very intimate. It must be a person with great background. He killed’ German shepherd’ and others. According to the results of forensic examination, it must belong to excessive defense. However, the director pressed this matter and didn’t let us investigate this little thing. If Zhouyi beat several gangsters with criminal records, it would be really hard for him to call Director Zhang of Zhouyi."
Deshun Wang, a police officer Wang, told Cao Fang’s novels that he was good at some aspects of have it both ways’s characters than Cao Fang, a straightforward Leng Yan.
"This book of changes, after I said that he killed someone, why did he become a police officer inexplicably? It turned out that he had this layer of brotherhood with the director. He had such shrewd and ruthless means at an early age. In the future, if people like him mix in the underworld, we policemen will probably be restless. If we meet him and have hard evidence, I must arrest him."
Cao Fang said with a sigh that she didn’t like Zhouyi’s youth, age and cruelty, because she intuitively knew that people like Zhouyi might be a lean person who gave the police a headache in the future.
Will SiTuXuan this scourge sent to prison Zhouyi immediately relieved a lot after SiTuXuan revenge, he obviously felt that Ye Qingcheng had a good attitude towards him. Many schools did not shy away from him when he came to Ye Qingcheng’s heart. He was no longer a teenager, but a man who could shelter from the wind and rain.
"Fortunately, my good dad will be transferred from Hangzhou School of Business Administration in Hangzhou to Japanese University, or Ye Qingcheng, a very beautiful woman, will really be harmed by Situxuan, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I saved her so many times. If she doesn’t commit suicide, I’m really sorry. It won’t be long before I can get a beautiful woman and take care of my English teacher and squad leader. The history of picking up girls in my life should be an important one. Chapter 75 Pink accident.
During the class, Zhou Yi became more beautiful and sexy. Ye Qingcheng couldn’t help imagining that Ye Qingcheng no longer hated him. He felt that he had successfully taken a big step. He firmly believed that the plan to catch up with Ye Qingcheng, a beautiful teacher, was 100%.
"Zhouyi, come to my office."
Ye Qingcheng said to Zhouyi in class
"Teacher ye, what do you want to see me about? I’ve been studying hard recently and haven’t made any mistakes every day? "
After coming to Ye Qingcheng’s office, the chair opposite Ye Qingcheng’s desk sat down and asked the former Ye Qingcheng, who was afraid of playing hooligans, to go to her office, but now Ye Qingcheng took the initiative to call Zhou Yilai to her office, which had to be said to be a huge change.
"I’m going to move and want to live somewhere else. Can you help me move some things tomorrow night?"
Ye Qingcheng said that she is a little cold and arrogant. Plus, she has been studying in Beijing and Hangzhou for several years. She doesn’t have any friends except that Situxuan has been in prison and grew up with her. She is such a beautiful girl that she doesn’t even have a best friend.
"Of course, there’s no problem. If you think I’m not enough, I can call Zhou Chi to be a good coolie."
Zhouyi answered with a smile
"You should be enough. Don’t worry, I don’t regard you as a moving company. I don’t have many things. Just pack some clothes and books and move them to the building and car."
Ye Qingcheng smiled and answered that she was in a much better mood these days, because she had realized the true face of Situxuan, and she also released this person. It is not worthy of her sadness and sympathy that such a vicious person with a cruel face and an unrepentant heart went to prison.
"That’s good, but I help people move things, but I don’t do things that cost me money." Zhou Yi said with a smile and went back to that bad thing
"There you go again. Can you stop talking about those words about your commitment? Don’t forget that I am your teacher."
Ye Qingcheng was not angry this time. She stared at Zhouyi and said, "How can you be so two-faced? It’s really impenetrable."
Ye Qingcheng said that she was a teacher of Zhouyi, but maybe she didn’t even notice the way she spoke in front of Zhouyi now. Why should she be like a teacher? That angry smile is simply a little woman’s temper in front of her own man
"Teacher Ye, I have always been such a person. How can I be two-faced? This can be wronged me. "
Zhou Yixiao replied that he had studied psychology, especially girls’ psychology. Now he can be sure that Ye Qingcheng not only doesn’t hate him, but also trusts him, otherwise he wouldn’t ask him to help move some day.
"You joke in front of me like a little hooligan and take advantage of me, but sometimes it’s very calm and overbearing in front of special men and bad guys. This is not two sides. What is it? I haven’t said that you are a dual personality. "
Ye Qingcheng explained that she would speak her thoughts directly, and now she and Zhouyi have unconsciously narrowed down and talked a lot less.
"I’m not chasing you before taking advantage of you. I’m angry because I was offended by you when I first met you, but now I really like you." Zhou Yidao "Besides, it’s not a bad thing to thank you for your kindness. It’s a virtue of Chinese women."
"How can students like their teachers when they come again? The teacher is a law-abiding person and will not do anything bad to seduce students."
Ye Qingcheng took Zhouyi as a joke and made a joke himself.
"Then I’ll drop out of school so that I won’t be your student and you can repay me earlier."
Ye Qingcheng pretended to be angry, but Zhouyi had already left.
The next day, after school, Zhouyi got the Cadillac of Ye Qingcheng and went to the white-collar apartment to move things together.
The area of white-collar apartment is not bad, but the building is a little old. Most of the people living in it are white-collar apartments named by some single white-collar workers in Hangzhou.
Ye Qingcheng, although her mother died and her father went abroad, her grandfather Ye Chong, the old headmaster, was still very rich, which came out from Ye Qingcheng’s Cadillac car, but Ye Qingcheng was such a place, which made Zhouyi feel a little strange.
Ye Qingcheng lived in an apartment on the sixth floor, but there was no ladder. Zhouyi followed Ye Qingcheng’s back stairs. He smelled Ye Qingcheng’s body and gave off a faint fragrance. Ye Qingcheng’s white pants wrapped in beautiful buttocks could not help but get a little upset.
Finally arrived in Ye Qingcheng. The housing is not large, that is, it is more than 50 square meters. There is a simple sofa and coffee table in the living room. There are not many things in the living room. There is a bed, a wardrobe, a brain and a table filled with a lot, but the bedroom is clean and the things are arranged neatly, giving people a comfortable feeling.
When Ye Qingcheng tidied up, Zhouyi was in urgent need of hygiene, but when he went to the sanitation door, he went to the clothes rack with a pair of black pants and a black lace chest. For the first time, Zhouyi came into close contact with Ye Qingcheng’s intimate objects, and his heart was even more stirring.
It’s too late. Is it really necessary for something to happen?