"What should I do?" At the same time, the three people questioned themselves and saw from the strange expression on each other’s faces that they were also in a heart struggle.

"Why don’t we discuss Lin Yu’s body and things after the three of us jointly kill him temporarily?" Full moon castle Chihiro is a businessman who first came up with a way to share benefits. "Maybe there is more than one small artifact!"
"Well, that’s the decision!" Liu Yijian agreed, and at the same time, he added the standard of three people hitting the gap. "Can the three of us hit the gap and pass the size of one person?"
"Good deal!" These three people don’t sign any agreements to bind each other.
With such a strong body, if one party breaches the contract, the other two will definitely join hands to deal with it without hesitation, and they are also afraid of who will go back on his word.
Of course, they all have another idea in their hearts, but they just don’t say anything to anyone
"Lin Yu, we have hit the gap. You can escape now!" Ryukyu and sword toward Lin Yu said sullenly.
Detect the gap of the three people is exactly the same size. Lin Yu is full of sneer. "I can’t believe that three people will join hands with me. Lin Yushi is too good. Anyway, no one else here knows that the three of you will join hands to kill me and carve up my artifact. Isn’t this easier? If I guess wrong, all three of you must be thinking that I can escape from you, so that whoever catches me can escape for the first time, right? Haha! "
The three men, who were told by Lin Yu, became angry from embarrassment and said, "Lin Yu will die if he escapes or not!"
"Okay, I’m leaving. Haha!" Lin Yu jumped, and his figure suddenly flew towards the gap of three people at the same time!
These three people are the strongest people in the mainland, but they can’t tell which one is Lin Yu, because the three figures are exactly the same!
"death!" Three people also don’t care which one is true, at the same time, the gap will be filled.
"poop-poop" three rings three Lin Yu burst into blood fog at the same time!
If three Lin Yu are gone, everyone will feel cheated, but all three Lin Yushen have fallen out of the treasure, which makes the three of them stunned.
A Lin Yushen fell out of a black-and-white plate. There are two kinds of vitality flowing in this black-and-white plate. At a glance, Chihiro can see that this is to make his family’s three pale and strong people suffer!
Another Lin Yushen broke out with a blood-red sword, which Zhong Tian recognized as the magic sword that collided with his own sword.
The third Lin Yushen’s explosion is naturally Lin Yu’s iconic weapon, the silver-striped magic gun.
At the same time, each of the three men got a Lin Yu treasure, and there was a temporary short circuit in his brain, so Lin Yu died?
"Hoo!" Just when the three people were distracted and loosened, another Lin Yu drilled from the ground and flew through the gap!
"Where to escape!" Three people at the same time a force bang Lin Yu body exploded again.
As Lin Yu’s body exploded, several SPAR spilled all over the floor to see three old guys see things in a blur.
"So many spar!" They roughly counted that there were about four hundred billion SPAR!
The three men looked at each other again for half a day without talking.
This time, they chastened their spirit and scanned it for a week and found that there was no Lin Yuyuan’s soul fluctuating, so they safely blocked it.
Looking at the ground SPAR or Chihiro took the lead in saying, "He treasures the three of us and each of us gets one of these SPAR, and we also divide them up in three equal parts."
For these people who have lived for tens of thousands of years, no eternal enemy has eternal interests.
Before so many spar, they are naturally willing to temporarily put grievances together to divide the interests.
Three people will quickly Lin Yu broke ground SPAR carve up and then left here contentedly.
Underground old lizard long relieved "master wow scared me to death! Fortunately, old lizard, I have this ability to hide all the breath, otherwise we will all be finished. "
Lin Yu patted the old lizard on the shoulder in recognition. "Good, good, you have made great contributions this time. I will definitely find a female lizard for you when you return to Cangyu mainland."
The old lizard cried the supercilious look and turned himself to hide beside the depressed.
"Lin Yu, you gave them all your treasures and spar. What will you do?" Liu Yunfei said with a worried face, "Don’t you need spar very much?"
Lin Yu hey hey say with smile "those guys haven’t seen a real artifact have nothing to worry about? They’ll know what’s going on when the spar passes, haha! "
Liu Yunfei knew that the three giants in the mainland of heaven had been fooled by Lin Yu.
This man is really unfathomable. No wonder Cangyu mainland can get along so well.
"Go, they will soon find that they have been cheated. If they don’t go, they can’t go." Lin Yu’s figure flashed and he slipped away from the ground with the help of Ouyang Xiu.
Ryukyu sword originally got Lin Yu comparable artifact silver magic gun is going to bring back Ryukyu heart sword clan to study hard for mass production of this weapon, but his face is not crazy.
Just now, he carved up the spar and turned it into an ordinary little stone in just a few seconds. Chapter 516 Look back.
See yourself get SPAR department turned into a small stone son ryukyu sword immediately dark call bad hurriedly take out his silver magic gun and study it carefully.
I don’t know if I’m shocked at first glance. Where is this silver-striped magic gun? It’s just an iron bar with a spear head!
Although the appearance is exactly the same as that of the silver-striped magic gun, the material of this gun is very general. Where does it feel like silver when it was first started?
"What’s the matter?" Ryukyu and sword it’s hard to believe that he should be cheated by Lin Yu. With luck, he hurried back to see if he could find Lin Yu and catch him.
When Ryukyu and Sword returned to the place where Lin Yu was trapped, Zhong Tian’s old man and Moon Castle Chihiro arrived at the same time.
Three people looked at each other, even if there is no communication also white what is going on.
The three most powerful people in the mainland of the sky were cheated by a small one!