According to He Jiatao’s situation, he should know more about Tian’s family situation than he does. Even if this Jing Tian is unsociable, He Jiatao has no chance to know her, but he will always hear about it.

"That may be a misunderstanding. Officer Zhang, my body hurts badly and I have to go to the hospital at once." He Jiatao said and fled.
Since there is no claim, the police officer is also happy to go with the flow and change his face. He smiled and said to Zhuo Qiang, "I am sorry for Mr. Zhuo’s identity. I can’t help but look at the sea."
Zhuo Qiang didn’t expect to solve the trouble by answering a word. He couldn’t help sighing again that the national conditions of Daxia were really strange than casually perfunctory words and watched several policemen go out and leave the police car.
When people in the company saw that the tension was so tense just now, they all became curious about Zhuo Qiang’s answer just now, and secretly guessed who Tian Ji was in his mouth. Is it really Nanxi Municipal Committee?
At this time of Zheng Xiulian, it has been confirmed that the little girl named Jing Tian must be Tian Ji’s daughter. Yes, after figuring out the truth, she has relaxed a lot.
Maybe you can match Zhuo Qiang and have a girl like Jing Tian.
Unexpectedly off He Gutao and several policemen Zhuo Qiang got into the car and asked Liu Xiaolei to take him to a place.
He turned around for a long time but forgot an important place is the residence of Jing Tian cousin Huang Xueyao.
A girl who is not too sexual in Jing Tian will definitely not do anything out of line. At this time, she will definitely find a quiet place to hide or cry or smash a few things to vent. The suite rented by Huang Xueyao is probably the most suitable place.
Although Huang Xueyao is not only where Jing Tian often lives, there must be a key.
After the incident, Zhuo Qiang didn’t think of this because of the chaos. Just now, it suddenly occurred to me that Jing Tian must be hiding there
I came to Zhuoqiang, Tian Xueyao’s residence and wanted to think. Instead of knocking at the door, I took out my mobile phone and dialed Jing Tian dialect.
Sure enough, the cell phone rang continuously from the room. Jing Tian is really here.
"Xiao Jing, I know you are inside the shutter" Zhuo Qiang knocked on the door.
There is no movement in it. It seems that Jing Tian still hasn’t cooled down.
"It’s not what you think. You have to trust us. Listen to me and make it clear to you."
"The door …"
Zhuo Qiang shouted, I don’t know how many times Jing Tian just didn’t respond.
There’s no way. Zhuo Qiang has come up with the last kill
"If you don’t open the door, I’m going to break in, and you know that Liu Xiaolei’s ability is stronger than this, and the door can’t hold his fist."
Jing Tian finally hit the door when she heard this from Zhuo Qiang, but her mood changed from sadness to anger.
"You can also tear down this room. Anyway, you are big." Jing Tian directly returned to the house after hitting the door and didn’t even look at Zhuo Qiang.
"How many times do you want me to say before you believe it? Today, it was really to help my classmate get rid of her suitors, so we did it on purpose. Didn’t you see there was another man in the office at that time? "
Without this experience, Zhuo Qiangneng explained the situation over and over again. After grinding for a long time, Jing Tian’s face turned cloudy and sunny, and he was thirsty. He hit the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of coke to make it moist and tired for a long time.
"Ah, poof!" Zhuo Qiang gushed out his mouth in one bite.
"What is this? What is this?"
See Zhuo Qiang balsam pear face Jing Tian finally unbearable "bursts" a smile.
It’s Huang Xueyao’s make-up. It needs to be kept at a suitable low temperature to make it work well. You can imagine how strange the smell will be.
Seeing Tian Jingxiao, Zhuo Qiang took Jing Tian’s hand without considering the peculiar smell in his mouth. "You really believed me for a long time, didn’t you?"
"Who said I believed you?" Jing Tian had a straight face again, but Zhuo Qiang could still see that there was a smile in her mouth.
"Don’t believe it or not" Zhuo Qiang tried to pull Jing Tian into his arms.
Zhuoqiang Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu have been well-advised to stay away from the door when they take the door. Zhuoqiang intends to take this opportunity to kiss Fangze and take them to the next level.
Jing Tian’s face is flushed with shame. This is a great event in her life. How can she let Zhuo Qiang succeed so easily? She broke away from Zhuo Qiang’s talons and ran to the front and said, "If you promise me one thing, I will …" But I can’t say it.
"What is it?" Zhuo Qiang thinks he can’t do things. It’s not much time. Even if she wants stars, Zhuo Qiang thinks she can try.
Although it can’t pick stars, Long Yun still has that ability to fly to another planet.