I don’t know what Yang Ye’s mind is like a subconscious mind, that is, I don’t work today, I can rest today, long live today!

I don’t know who put such thoughts and ideas into Yang Ye’s mind, but Yang Ye firmly believes that the thoughts in his mind are true and must be true.
For many years, he has been looking forward to such a beautiful morning. If he doesn’t get up early, he can sleep in, then wake up at nine or ten o’clock, brush his teeth and wash his face, wear the most comfortable sweatpants and vest, and spend a few yuan on a bowl of hot noodles with marinated soup and two delicious tea eggs at the stall opposite home …
This is the happiest life Yang Ye has ever imagined.
The sunshine outside the window is getting stronger and stronger, and I feel a little dazzling and too bright even with my eyes closed.
Yang Ye was very reluctant to hum, half asleep and half awake, and hesitated whether to get up and pull the curtains. He complained that he forgot to pull the curtains last night!
In his sleep, Yang night seemed to see a white figure floating in front of his eyes, but he was afraid to get close to it. It seemed that he was watching him from afar in the desolation of his dream.
Yang night can’t see the white figure clearly, but vaguely seems to see a pair of eyes full of sadness, which has been faintly projecting this desire to say goodbye to him.
That faint sadness is familiar.
This makes Yang’s night sleep a little shaky, saying that it is not a dream or a nightmare, but it makes him feel very uncomfortable. It seems that there are some things or familiar people or familiar scenes that are close at hand but far away.
"Mao solicitation" a loud noise completely scattered Yang night dream! He was surprised and opened his eyes.
That sound seems to be what pots and pans accidentally hit the ground. After a brief surprise, Yang also woke up completely
Outside the window, the sun is already very bright. Illuminate and brighten the cabin of more than ten square meters. Two chairs are randomly placed in a small piece of house. There is a shabby wardrobe behind the corner door. There is a washbasin subway frame. The only "lavish" decoration facing the small wooden bed of Yang Ye is a mahogany carved square table. This is the most valuable furniture in this cabin where Yang Ye lives. It is said that it is very old and elegant.
A glass-like object on the carved mahogany table reflects dazzling sunlight, which is a photo or portrait of Mrs. Yang. After all, Mrs. Yang has been dead for several years.
I looked at Yang Ye, stretched myself greatly, got up and suddenly found myself sleeping naked!
Strange, I didn’t seem to have the habit of sleeping naked before. Why did I sleep in such a naked bed?
Yang Yeqi wondered what happened last night while casually putting on a pair of coarse overalls and a fairly clean vest.
This memory doesn’t matter. Yang Ye was dumbfounded at that time!
He can’t remember what happened last night, and his head is white! Not only last night, but also all day yesterday, where have you been, what have you done and who have you met? Yang Ye can’t remember at all!
No, no! I don’t remember anything until yesterday and the day before yesterday! On how Yang Ye racked his brains to remember, but he still couldn’t remember yesterday, the day before yesterday was even farther away. All the things that happened a few days ago were still vague, some virtual images, and some of them were fleeting in his mind, and he couldn’t even think clearly.
Dressed in pajamas, Yang Ye walked to the front of the wardrobe and stared at himself in a daze in front of the cupboard door mirror.
Dark eyes sigh stubble face gaunt but very strong chest and arm long-term heavy physical labor exercise to strong muscles have put the big vest bulging.
Looking down at the dark red birthmark on your left wrist, I always feel a little strange in my heart, as if this birthmark reminds me of something or what is the birthmark going to tell me?
The brain is getting confused.
Yang Ye made a face at the mirror and made several bodybuilding poses. He smiled in his heart, and Mata was relieved that he couldn’t remember what happened the other day.
Because this kind of thing happens to the police, it’s normal that you can’t remember something before you get drunk because of drinking too much or hangover, although you can’t remember it for several days in a row.
Clap your head and guess that you must be drunk to make your brain so unconscious, and now your temples are still throbbing with pain.
"Mom forgot who I was drinking with. Should I give up drinking?" Yang night soliloquize scold the in the mind secretly determined "well! If you are good, stop for a day and see the effect! "
Talking, Yang night in the room, two barely linked wires, dragged a towel to shoulder and went out of the hut to wash, wash face and brush teeth in public.
The corridors and public washrooms are deserted, and there is no figure. Yang also walked into public washrooms with a yawn and didn’t pay attention to it.
Cold tap water splashing on his cheeks and neck made Yang night awake. He walked back to the house humming a song while wringing a towel. He was a little surprised that he didn’t meet a neighbor and even there was no sound in the next room.
Is everyone working? What time is it now? If they all go to work, then today is not a rest day. Then how can I get home? I should also work, right?
The idea let Yang night scared out in a cold sweat!
It’s broken! You must have drunk too much! I don’t remember that today’s shift is over! Looks like I’m going to lose my job!
Nervous in my heart, Yang night hurried back to his hut and carefully wiped the portrait of Mrs. Yang Lao. Although I was in a hurry, this matter was done very carefully.
I brushed the portrait and hung up the towel. Yang frantically dug out a set of gray coarse clothes at the bottom of the bed at night. He ran out of the house at random and became proficient. His own broken bicycle was parked in the accommodation building. He pushed forward and ran two steps, turned over his ass vertically and lightly. He screamed "Ow" and stumbled and turned over from the car again!
Very not easy to steady Yang night touching his ass while turning to stare at his bike and then upturned his neck and cursed a "damn it! Who ah! So wicked! You fucking steal the saddle of the broken car! Poor and crazy! "
According to the normal sexual orientation of natural men, there is no way to ride a bicycle without a saddle and an iron support.
When Yang didn’t look at the night, he didn’t even have a watch. I don’t know how late he was. He can run today!
I’ve just experienced a dream, and I don’t know how many flowers fall. Yang night is like a teenager flying.
Locked my bike in the dormitory building, and Yang ran to his own temporary factory at night.
Cars came and went all the way, but no one looked at the guy who was running like crazy.
Doesn’t even have a bunch of surprised eyes, which makes Yang night feel strange.
Have modern people become so indifferent?
Forget it, forget it, there is no time!
Yang Ye thought about getting anxious again, running along the sidewalk beside the highway and complaining about how he was drunk again. Late again? Don’t want this job? It will be a long journey to find another job if your only income is lost so easily at present! I have enough money in my pocket to live for a few days! Damn it!
Scold while running, the more you scold, the more angry you are with yourself! Unconsciously, I scolded the sound, and Yang Ye was extremely depressed. At that time, I couldn’t help myself looking up and blurting out and shouting!