The door turned out to be bright as if it were outside again, and everything was bright and dazzling, but the light source could not be found.

Yang Ye went to the side of Lan Yaojian, who was looking around, and asked softly, "Why do you look so ugly?"
Lan Yao glanced at Yang Ye with hatred and said, "Let you hide from anything!"
"What’s the matter?" Yang Ye smiled awkwardly. "I just want to kill those The Hunger. I don’t know that you will finally use that trick!"
Blue demon cut silence for a mercilessly stared at Yang night eyes a trace of resentment and worry fleeting "those The Hunger mutation in the evil operator spirit self-destruction after the explosion of the body will play many times stronger than the body of evil, your body will have evil can be assimilated by evil one thousand …"
Words don’t say that finish blue demon chop and gouge out Yang night tossed and made her way forward.
Yang night leng in the mind have a little strange hehe this orchid demon chop just move finally like a woman.
There is a huge hall in the light. At the end of the hall, there is a staircase with several steps. The staircase is a small platform. The back wall of the platform is painted with a huge strange figure. There are two people in front of the staircase at the end of the hall.
From a distance, Yang stared at the night for a long time, but he didn’t know that the two men were the former Zhang Tianshou’s right-hand man, Qin Dao and Hai Er. Of course, now the accident has become an evil energy Weiner’s eyes are red and the expression is evil energy Weiner’s left and right.
The blue demon took one look at it and said in a low voice, "Two people behind the red dagger evil can Weiner have been in double hatred. Be careful."
"Ha ha, I used to go to the theatre." Yang Ye smiled and nodded at Lan Yao, got up and walked step by step in the direction of evil energy Weiner.
"Red Bi!" Blue demon cut behind growled "don’t be careless! It should be impossible for evil energy to win over evil force to make double resentment! "
Yang night looked back at the blue demon to cut one eye and laughed. "Maybe evil can Weiner get worse?" You have to allow others to make progress and be tall. "He said with a smile and his eyes became serious." Lan, whatever he is, we are here to kill him! "
Blue demon beheaded a look at turned and walked away step by step. Yang night didn’t speak again. It was staring at the evil energy Weiner across the distance.
Yang night spread out his hands, his expression and his eyes showed fierce light, and he walked step by step towards evil energy Weiner, and his anger increased with each step; Every step or so, the fist is tighter; At every step, there is an inexplicable force rushing to the body.
It’s not so easy for the whole hall to escape without its entrance and exit. Although Lan Yao wakes up again and again, Yang Ye also thinks that this hall can’t be so simple, but the evil energy Weiner is cautious and won’t kill it? No, you have to kill it! Whether he has anything strange or ambush, this is the moment to the death!
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Seeing Yang Ye approaching evil energy Weiner became more and more uneasy. He didn’t know if he could succeed, because if he failed, waiting for himself would be death. Unfortunately, if he couldn’t escape, there would be more pain and suffering than death. Anyway, he sacrificed his piano guide and horror to attract Yang Ye’s attention, and it was enough for him to have one thousandth of a second! Even if you really fail, if you can delay the end of this point and save your life, a miracle will occur!
Yang Ye walked step by step, and the hall echoed. Because more and more angry forces spread, Yang Ye’s left arm was hidden and the red halo was even more dazzling.
“!” Evil energy Weiner suddenly roared with a wave of his hand, and left and right piano guides and horror around him howled at Yang night at the same time.
Yang night didn’t panic, didn’t stop to meet the piano guide and horror, and walked on, even the frequency of footsteps didn’t change.
Yang Ye was a little surprised, but the two guys came at him unexpectedly. The expression and eyes of the two guys were so vicious that the sound they howled was exactly the same in size and length! At least the naked eye can’t tell the difference between two people.
This is called double resentment? Yang walked at night and thought, then his right hand turned slightly back to his left arm behind him, and the hidden blade was slowly gathered in the middle of the school.
Jean guide and horror have jumped in front of Yang Night, and suddenly they staggered in one place and overlapped together, stretching out four arms and four legs from it to Yang Night. At the same time, evil energy Weiner behind them has also secretly started hiding and attacked the ground.
Yang night looked up slightly and looked at her eyes with a sneer, but behind him, Lan Yao chopped and suddenly found that evil energy Weiner was no longer in its original position! In the mind a surprised quickly shout out "red Bi! Danger! "
But Yang night at this time has been looking up against the hit to overlap with the piano guide and horror, waving a hidden blade! Double resentment allows two people to exert their evil energy and their thoughts, movements and changes are completely consistent. When fighting, the power of double resentment is far more powerful than that of ordinary two people. Together, they can often attack each other synchronously and with one blow, which can kill each other.
It’s a pity that Qin Dao and Hai Er’s eyes are like a child’s play. He looks up with a faint smile and waves a hidden blade straight. The overlapping Qin Dao and Hai Er are cut into two pieces by a red light from the waist before completing an attack. When they overlap, they seem to fall to the ground and have become four pieces. Blood is instantly sprayed all over the floor.
At the same time, when Yang Ye swung out the hidden blade, he heard the blue demon chop and cry behind him. In his heart, he tightened his grip and waved out his strength to prepare for jumping up and escaping from the danger he didn’t know, but it was one thousandth of a second when Yang Ye felt that the acupuncture behind him generally hurt. Then he quickly turned around and saw the evil energy Weiner and waved out the hidden blade.
The evil energy Weiner has broken an arm. He knows very well in his heart that Qin Dao and Hai Er can never be Yang Ye’s opponents, so Qin Dao and Hai Er attack each other. At the same time, he desperately flies behind Yang Ye, leaving only one hand to pat Yang Ye’s back and stick the blood symbol on the palm of his hand!
But he just stopped, but he didn’t come to escape again. He didn’t even turn around. He was already thrown up and turned around. In the night chop, the hidden blade was red and refined, and the evil energy Weiner crossed his body, breaking his head in half from his left shoulder to his right rib.
Yang night was stung by the evil energy Weiner, and everything quickly disappeared. There was nothing unusual. He bowed his head in suspension and glared at the evil energy Weiner. He said, "You are really dying!"
Evil energy Weiner lies on the ground and is attached to only a part of his body. One arm is clinging to the ground. Black and red blood foam flows out of the corners of his mouth. He squints at Yang night and sneers, "Ha, ha, red Bi, welcome you to join the evil clan. You are willing to let us work for the evil clan. Ha, ha …"
"What?" Yang Yejing was shocked, but his backhand consciously touched the part where Weiner had just shot, but he didn’t feel anything. Did he give me some evil charm?
Blue demon chop is more surprised than Yang night. It has jumped from the hall gate to stare at the ground evil energy Weiner, but it seems a little excited. "Evil energy Weiner! What did you do to the red dagger? "
"Ha ha LAN Yao cut the scene many years ago and it will be performed again." Evil energy Weiner smiled insidiously. "Red Bi … Red Bi will be the second night for imperial autumn. Ha ha ha ha ha …"
This made Lan Yao stay there for a while, looking at the evil energy Weiner’s face suddenly turned pale, then staggered back a few steps and said with a trembling voice, "You … you gave the red dagger … Jialan blood symbol?"
"Ha ha ha that’s right! It is the blood symbol of Jialan! " Evil energy Weiner laughed wildly, cracked his body and dug out tender white granulation, trying to quietly regenerate his mouth, but kept shouting "blue demon chop!" At that time, Yu Qiu was also a victim of Jia Lan’s blood charm, but she didn’t want to be our evil slave before committing suicide in front of you. Haha! You couldn’t save Ye Yuqiu at the beginning. I’ll see how you can save the red dagger today! "
Yang Ye has fallen to Lan Yao’s beheading at this time, and his expression is very nervous because he has never seen Lan Yao’s beheading being surprised like this. He is already uneasy in his heart. What evil symbol has just been given to him that can make Lan Yao chop so panic? The horror of that evil symbol is even more worrying for Yang Ye. Is it that being chopped off? Can Weiner say that sentence to welcome me to join the evil clan? What do you mean? Don’t …
"LAN! What’s the matter? What the hell did this guy do to me? " Yang night grabbed the blue demon chop arm earnestly asked.
Blue demon chop slowly turned to look at Yang night, and his eyes were heartbroken, so he looked at Yang night and turned pale all of a sudden! Blue demon cut stare big eyes as if thinking of something and turned his head to evil energy Weiner and asked hesitantly, "You! How could you … have the scarlet letter? Is it? Is it? ….. Jia Lanxiu is still alive? "
"Ha ha ha ha ha that’s right! Of course Galenzio is alive! She is our evil clan. How could she die so easily? " Evil energy Weiner is talking with an evil smile on his face. The wound has turned out a small piece of new flesh and blood. "Lan Yao has no chance to cut you. Hahahaha, you will die here today. The red dagger will be our evil family’s killing tool. Hahahaha …"
Jia lanxiu? Yang Ye listened one leng. He was impressed by this name. Lan Yaochop once told him that Jia Lanxiu was an evil clan official who almost rose to the main position of the domain. It was also her ability to cultivate evil clan that created an unusually strong Jia Lanxiu, which could make the evil clan strong for a period of time. But Yang Ye clearly remembered that Lan Yaochop said that Jia Lanxiu had been killed by his ghost clan ancestors’ hidden blade and red refining in a battle a long time ago … Is that Jia Lanxiu not dead? And this?
Actually, Yang Ye was even more surprised. The Lan Yao chop said that the story of the bone clan’s cultivation of official positions and imperial autumn at night was very obvious. The night imperial autumn was also a suicide before the Lan Yao chop after winning the same blood symbol as himself.
The reason is that I don’t want to be controlled by evil people. Isn’t it dangerous to be myself now? Will I become an evil race?
I can’t imagine!
Yang night head flashing pull blue demon chop arm hand also hold more tightly.
Lan Yao beheaded but broke free from Yang Ye’s hand and walked a few steps to the evil energy Weiner, staring at him intensely and asking, "Where is Jia Lan Xiu? How to solve the red dagger blood symbol? "
Evil can Weiner continue to secretly reborn and burst out laughing. "Lan Yao will cut you and you will see our adult Jia Lan and see how you die! Yu chibi? Hehe, there is no way to understand that he is destined to be our evil people! Let the ghosts disappear completely and let your red domain owners go to hell! "
The blue demon chopped his face instantly, and the cold light in his eyes could cut people’s throats. Staring at his feet coldly, the evil energy Weiner said mercilessly, "I now know what evil goblins will be in Jialan Island, and I also know what double resentment will appear just now. I guessed that the evil energy Weiner had let you run away and killed Qiu today, and you deserve to die!"
The evil energy Weiner’s face laughed wildly and disappeared instantly. His eyes widened in horror. He just opened his mouth to speak. A cloud needle had been inserted into his eyes. Then the evil energy Weiner’s head suddenly burst and blood spattered all over the place. The broken wound was reborn and the flesh and blood shrank instantly.