See Ye Han a face of embarrassing appearance cold and cheerless seems to have thought of what busy embarrassed laughs

Ye Han didn’t hesitate to find the right steps, so he stepped on it and ran away. There shouldn’t be a topic. He nodded his head and agreed to the idea of being cold and cheerless.
"Well, let’s go!"
Looked around Ye Han eventually turned his eyes to his arms, nodded at her and turned toward the door to see it. It seems that this sentence is for Xiaoli.
Gal Xiaoli cheeks red again, I don’t know this is ordinary words from Ye Han mouth say it out, it’s gone bad.
Ye Han didn’t think so much. Holding Xiaoli, he soon stepped out of the door and didn’t go cold and cheerless, and others followed him to cast the wind flying tactic, and the wind at the bottom of his feet flickered away.
By the time he regained his footing, he had already come to the front of the magnificent palace.
"Come out when you are ready. We should go!"
Ye Han, a soft and charming body in his arms, shouted at the palace, then turned his back to the palace gate and looked up quietly at the distant sky.
Looking at this familiar scene, Ye Han’s heart is full of regrets that Yunzong himself has finally come to this place again.
But now Yan Yunzong has changed his name and surname. It is not called Yan Yunzong but Xingyuanmen.
"Cold brother, what are you thinking?"
Just then a familiar sound came to Ye Han, and he withdrew his eyes and turned to look towards the sound direction.
"Ha ha Rou Er didn’t you think of anything? I really miss Yan Yunzong here, where we lived together! "
Turned a look turned out to be soft leaves cold nai shook his head wry smile way
Ye Rou’s smell speech was right for a while. Yes, it’s like Yan Yunzong here, but what can it be like? Now, after all, it’s not a cloud Sect anymore. The scenery can be restored, but it can’t restore the original feelings
"Cold son, didn’t we say we want to put all this? Why do you think about this again? "
After a while, soft leaves just smiled to say with smile
Ye Han nodded his head, and it was true that he said that he would put all this, but now he still can’t think of it when he comes into contact with this place.
What’s more, he once vowed to take revenge on his master. How can he forget all this with this oath?
However, in this case, she didn’t dare to speak her mind, and she also knew that she didn’t have her own unforgettable experience. Take Ye Rou as an example. After living here for more than ten years, can she really forget it?
Just as Ye Hanqian wanted to forget everything that had happened, it is unlikely to say that forgetting reality is deceiving yourself.
Isn’t there a saying like this? Forcing yourself to forget is forcing yourself to remember.
"Cold son, should we go?"
At this moment, there is another sound at the entrance of the palace, and you can recognize it as a cold ling sound from a distance.
"Let’s wait, let’s wait until the Qing children come!"
Ye Han didn’t look back is turned to look at his direction and then said
Leng Lingwen also didn’t say anything with Yan Xin to Ye Han behind him and quietly accompanied Ye Han to enjoy the scenery.
After a while, there were several beautiful images in the courtyard, which brought a fragrant wind at the same time.
Ye Han smell the aroma or didn’t look back is looked at one side Xiaoli then a will be around.
Be Ye Han so a hug Xiaoli face shame reappeared after jiao Yin gave him a supercilious look and didn’t struggle like a clever kannika nimtragol.
"Let’s go!"
Ye Han smiled Xiaoli face pinched a pair of straight provoked the latter charming songs a then blunt behind the female words a then show body suddenly jump toward the day …
【 644 】【 Ye Jiahe 】
Ye Han Lengling and others followed after leaving. This inflammatory cloud case seems to be quiet again at the moment [: