"Hehe, no one forced you to help. If you want to come, you don’t want to get out. If you don’t contribute, you want to get the best of Jiuxinlian. If I don’t see it, I will kill him first. You don’t have to doubt it!" Ji Shuang’s face was slightly heavy, and the sound penetrated the whole canyon.

"Hey!" This time, the monk had something to say, and at this time, the swallow mountain beast seemed to understand Ji Shuang’s words and suddenly became angry. A scarlet eye looked at Ji Shuang, but it contained a trace of fear.
"Evil beast, I know that you can understand what we are talking about, so just leave, or don’t keep this nine-hearted lotus and put your life in it!" JiShuang fearless look at swallow mountain beast big said
"Hey!" Swallow mountain beast smell speech is clearly understood JiShuang words suddenly roars towards JiShuang immediately.
"Again, if you want Brother Jiu Xinlian, you must do it. Otherwise, if you want to get your hands on Jiu Xinlian, you will step over my body!" See swallow mountain beast running towards her, her face flashed with a dignified and heavy, and her body was swept out immediately after saying 1.
"lang Taosha!"
Ji Shuang’s face greeted the beast’s hands, and the majestic fairy force swept through and turned into a shape. After lang Tao surrounded him, he suddenly emitted a little golden gravel light.
Bang bang!
The swallow-mountain beast swallowed the shape of Langtao in this way, and then Langtao formed a great force, and the swallow-mountain beast’s mouth exploded with a lang, but the swallow-mountain beast did not move.
Ji Shuang’s facial expression changed, and his figure flashed quickly. This was the first time he contacted him. Only then did he find that this mountain-swallowing beast was stronger than expected. After many figures flashed aside, she offered a drum-shaped object in her hands and drummed.
"Together, we may help Ji Shuang to kill this mountain-swallowing beast, and we still have a chance to get nine hearts lotus. It’s not worth it to scrape some fur from this mountain-swallowing beast!"
"Yeah, let’s go together, or don’t talk about nine hearts lotus. If you don’t help then, you want to get benefits, for fear that the first one will be killed by Ji Shuang!"
"What can you gain from seeking nothing in wealth and danger? If you believe too much in the pie, your brain will break! "
"When the mountain-devouring beast dies, everyone will definitely fight for the nine-hearted lotus. Then maybe we can fish in troubled waters!"
Many monks saw Ji Shuang’s hand, and soon someone was moved. If they didn’t make a hand, they wouldn’t get anything, and if they didn’t make a hand, if they wanted to find out the benefits, they would lose their lives. It seems that they have a better chance than helping to kill the mountain-swallowing beast.
So in a short time, people or others incited or figured it out by themselves, and about half a minute later, more than 100 people rushed over.
And when I saw some hesitant monks before and after others, I couldn’t help it at this time. The temptation of Nine Heart Lotus was immediately rushed away one by one.
"We also!" Du Yun paused after watching a scene and said, "Don’t disperse. After this mountain-devouring beast is killed, they will definitely become chaotic. Then I will be responsible for robbing Jiuxinlian and you will hold together until I come back!"
"Just be careful in that line, and you can rest assured that you will rob Jiuxinlian!" Li Mao nodded first, and then others nodded one after another.
"Then it’s not too hard to kill everyone. So many people hunt a Warcraft. Don’t say that it is not equivalent to our human beings’ fourth-order cultivation. Even it can’t resist so many people hunting for the first place. Remember!" Du Yun sound charged again to see the people nod this just rest assured.
"Raytheon possessed!"
Now that I have decided to come to Du Yun, I will no longer hesitate to move my mind. Raytheon’s possessed lighter will be put to use, and then his body will be covered with a layer of armor interwoven with dark blue thunder. As soon as the armor is formed, Du Yun’s eyes will be straight and he will go straight to swallow the mountain beast’s jaw.
Swallow the mountain beast was besieged by more than two hundred monks, even if it is powerful, it can’t help but feel the pressure at the moment. Suddenly, it roars and sounds all over the gorge for nine days. Chapter two hundred and thirty Slay the swallow the mountain beast.
The mountain-swallowing beast was besieged by more than 200 monks. Even if it is powerful, it can’t help but feel the pressure at the moment. Suddenly, it roars and sounds all over the canyon for nine days.
Ji Shuang also breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Du Yun and others rushing to the heart one after another. He said that whoever he was most afraid of in the field would not make moves was Du Yun. If this enemy turned against him now, it would definitely have a serious impact on his plan to win nine hearts.
Good Du Yun, as he imagined, is not the kind of fool who won’t pretend to be deep at this time and know that he must be safe before he can cure the truth
After Du Yun’s hand, when Raytheon possessed the lighter, Ji Shuang also instantly felt that Du Yun’s strength was not momentum or strength, which made him somewhat worried.
It’s not his expectation that Du Yun will be killed like a dark horse when he comes here, but he’s not depressed. If he wants to compete with him for nine hearts, we’ll have to see who is better!
"Ring tone!"
After figuring this out, Ji Shuang no longer hesitated. The drum-shaped utensils in his hand were shaken up by him, and after a light drink, the drum-shaped utensils gave a strange sound wave and went straight to the swallow mountain beast.
"ouch!" The physical defense ability of the swallow mountain beast is amazing. Even if more than 200 monks attack him together, they do not show a trace of weakness, but they are comfortable. However, when Ji Shuang’s sound waves attack it, it immediately feels the buzzing of the head and becomes extremely irritable.
Bang bang!
At this time, Du Yun also bombarded its jaw with a punch. Du Yun’s punch took the mountain power and added a Chinese enemy’s momentum as fierce as a mountain tiger, which was extremely terrifying. Peng Peng, two animals that have been motionless, turned out to be a mountain-swallowing beast and retreated several steps.
When they saw that even the attack in their hands was stagnant, it was amazing that Du Yun’s hand was so powerful. Pei heard others say how powerful it was to kill God Du Yun, but what he saw with his own eyes was the real feeling of Du Yun’s power.