Gradually the wooden village became a stone structure.

Almost in a moment, a small town mixed with earth and stone appeared in the double valley.
Ji Fan clicks the option of land again. This time, there are 7 plots.
Farmland, market, quarry, iron ore field, logging field
JiFan looked at Lu Xun.
"Two farms, two markets, and one for the rest. In addition, there is a need for siege equipment at present! It is suggested to build workshops to build siege equipment and quickly recruit young and strong people for training, and to fill in an ordinary foot soldier. "
JiFan hands continuous inching not care about the rapid loss of funds looked at the warehouse fund balance.
More than 90 thousand
Who will one summon?
Take Lu Xun to the warehouse road and see Wargo organize to build a house and say to Wargo, "Kill the original village management department! Persuade the mountain thief to train quickly and get rid of arrogance! "
Chapter 20: Only those who want to play can contribute ideas!
Ps code word speed plummets! Rub your face! The mentality should be adjusted ~! Try to restore 9 days, everyone give some tickets!
"Whether to sacrifice 2 money for immediate summoning!"
"The price increase? Your sister is fine! Yes! "
"In the immediate extraction, in the immediate extraction"
"Extraction succeeded"
"The target play is loyal to the rule, 23 force, 7 intelligence and politics, 73!"
"Call estimated 3 minutes"
"Get a limit of 1 when you try to flatten Jijiazhuang"
"Fat! Who is the play loyalty! " JiFan doubt cocked his neck to ask
"Don’t call me fat! I call it robust! You know what? Loyal to the play? Isn’t that an actor? Play loyalty and talent! " Fat Wang Qiang is not satisfied with the name fat.
JiFan nodded and muttered in his heart, "this talent intelligence is lower than Lu Xun! However, the history of Cao Cao said that the overall situation is good only with the will to play! The plan is also full of tricks. "
Yingchuan was recommended by Xun Yu as Cao Cao’s counselor. Cao Cao valued his talent very much. Unfortunately, he died young without leaving a detailed record. After his death, Cao Cao asked Xun Yu who could replace him, so Xun Yu recommended Guo Jia.
First of all, it was only when the ambition of Yingchuan opera was raised that the planner was also a great grandfather who died early. Xun Yu said, "Who can succeed you or Yinggu Duoqi after your ambition died?" Jianjia
Ji Fan thinks he’s still calling for a Bo Yibo. It would be great to get a genius and a drug addict!
"Whether to sacrifice 2 money for immediate summoning!"
"Nonsense! Yes! "
"In the immediate extraction, in the immediate extraction"
"Extraction succeeded"
"Target Xun Yu governs 52 forces, 14 intelligence, 96 politics, 99!"
"Call estimated 3 minutes"
"Get a limit of 1 when you try to flatten Jijiazhuang"
(Complete the promise! )
JiFan swallow saliva Wang Qiang hurriedly asked "who? Brother Yun? Or Zhang Fei and Yu? Zhuge Liang! ? Ghost talent? Speak, brother! "
Ji Fan Zhan Yan smiled and said, "Guess!"
Wang Qiang fainted! Pull JiFan trousers howl "elder brother tell me bai! Otherwise, I can’t sleep at night! Tell me! "
Ji Fan smiled and showed her white teeth and said, "Wang Zuocai!"
A tingle in Wang Qiang got up and shouted, "Xun Yu?"
JiFan smile!
Xun Yu (163-212), an outstanding strategist of Cao Caozhang, the chief adviser of Yingyin people in Yingchuan, Wen Ruo, was praised by Cao Cao as "my room" and was honored as "Xun Lingjun" because he kept the center and valued it for more than ten years.
———————————— dividing line
"Hegemony and Xun Yu’s loyalty has entered the die-hard!"
"Hegemony, unity, loyalty, loyalty, loyalty!"
There is no doubt that both loyalty values are loyalty levels.
A civil and military gathered in the hall, and now the hall is wide, with many talents, Xun Yu and Lu Xun. They talked with Ji Fan and woke up with a silly smile.
"By the way, ladies and gentlemen, I can conferring the official position now! People will listen to the order! "
"Lu Xun Fenwei a captain Zhu Huan Changshui a captain, Wargo broken thief a captain, Ding Fengwu a captain! Zuo Servant shoots, Xun Yu talks about Lang! That’s it for now! Wait until the state secretariat to seal it! At present, you are wronged first! "
"I’ll wait for the master to do his best and die."
Wang Qiang muttered "so how disgusting! Why don’t you seal me? "
Ji Fanyi smiled and said "Seal Wang Qiang" after hearing it.
When Wang Qiang’s spirits came, he immediately shouted "Here!"
"I am a pro-guard!"
Wang Qiang pulled his mouth and said, "It seems not bad, just let it be!"
"Yu Ji will be rewarded after she has completed her studies!"
Ji Fan looked at the form and said, "Now wipe out the nearby cottage!"
Lu Xun said in the previous step that "it will take another 7 days for the training of the two armies."
Ji Fan nodded and said, "Then after seven days, we will discuss a Jijiazhuang matter now."
Lu Xun saw Xi Zhicai and Xun Yu at a loss and told them about it. At that time, the situation was not embellished, but it did make two loyal ministers jump on the spot.
"Such a village is really hateful."
"Let them die!"
Wang Qiang wiped his sweat. "Few normal people in history seem to bully them."
Xi Zhi just looked at the map and said, "My master’s current position is Jizhou!"! According to Bo Yan, all the cities in the world are under the control of some aristocratic families. Now the master will tell me the strength of a plain first. "
Ji Fan took a sip of water and said, "There is a force in controlling the plains. The Wu family is the one that took Ji Lingling away. I specially explored the soldiers 3w, of which 1w was given by God and the rest were young and strong training!"
There is a unique light in the eyes of the dramatists, and many thoughts say, "We need a chance to occupy the plain first and then stay in Jizhou."
Xun Yu’s thoughts have been chanting for a long time, "At the beginning, Tso Gong got his name through the yellow turban insurrectionary!"