Young girl looks like Jiang Yi, who is sincere and steady-looking. Yinglang Yuelong sighed with emotion

After the introduction of Jade Deficiency and Gas Refining, they naturally practiced their past lives.
However, after they started, they found that there were subtle differences between Taixu Cave and Yuetian Town.
Of course, it has become more subtle!
Although it is difficult for Qing Wei to sublimate the whole day now, he has made adjustments and additions to the general program of Mixed Yuan Tian in combination with his accumulated knowledge.
Even if they wake up, Xianjun’s memory vision can’t pick out any flaws.
In particular, Yue Ling, in addition to being outside the world, still has "He Zazie", which refers to the peerless achievement method of the Five Elements Road for reference.
What’s more, Qing Wei preached from time to time that he had learned a lot about the general outline of Mixed Yuan Tian and accumulated some experience in the past, which made them remarkable, but it was still reasonable for them to have this achievement.
And the mysterious mechanism can be seen from the frequent lectures in Qing Wei, and the two of them have a deeper understanding of the background horror of their master.
Successive memories of the past have washed away the mind, and the will has been greatly tempered. However, some pictures have been broken and the number has increased, which is also a lot of gains, not to mention that every picture is still "Taiyi" and the Jade Palace has experienced that life.
There are Taiyi real people, Taiyi Tianzun and blurred perspectives, and some pictures have gained a lot.
However, judging from the current situation of awakening memento mori, it seems that when I was Taiyi Tianzun, I was already a good swimmer.
Therefore, in the face of the reincarnation of the two immortals, Qingwei is very indifferent, and he has not lost his teacher by example. Who hasn’t had a past life yet?
However, what envies them is that as soon as they entered the scene, they already integrated most of the memories and experiences of previous lives.
At present, Qingwei doesn’t know how many lifetimes he has turned, and he doesn’t know how long it is just from the source "Taiyi"
It’s still the same worry. Don’t wait for a sudden explosion that day.
Therefore, even if the awakening of memory will affect the normal practice from time to time, he hopes to have more. Besides, it is bitter and happy to inherit the memory and master some magical spells directly.
"Jade Qing’s thunder and white light are mastered?"
Jiang Yi immediately nodded, "Back to the master, I finally got started successfully. My younger brother practiced Lei Fa in his previous life, so he was talented. Generally, he didn’t want to spend more time now, so he didn’t want to be younger brother."
Qing Wei ha ha nodded. There is really nothing unique in "The True Heaven in Taixu Cave". Did you disillusion with the thunder or did you realize it by yourself?
Yue Ling smiled calmly. "I’m not a teacher but I’m getting started."
These two doors are considered as signs of the Jade Deficiency Palace. The threshold is not low, and the power will be good in the future. Only after mastering them can you be considered as a disciple of Jade Deficiency.
"Good. Now that we’re in the scene, I should give you something."
Qing Wei smiled with emotion and then waved his sleeve, and a mirror and a picture appeared in front of them.
It is too unreal mirror and five mountains and rivers!
"Although it is difficult to manipulate the magic weapon at the scene level, you are different, and there is my imprint key in it, which is equivalent to my manipulation at all times, which is also a heavy protection, but as the two of you make progress, the teacher’s imprint will gradually fade."
Jiang Yi and Yue Ling didn’t refuse to directly earn their own income after taking over.
"Thank you, Master."
The original master will teach himself as usual, and when we disembark, we will see that our master is rarely serious.
"The two of you entered our school with a natural disposition, and you are both good and good, and you are three generations of true brothers."
Jiang Yi, Yue Ling’s heart is awe-inspiring and followed by the word "jade deficiency". The two of them have been thinking about it for twenty years, but they have no idea.
And obviously, master is going to take them to recognize their ancestors and return to their ancestors?
Is it yuxu’s three generations of truth?
Who is the second generation? Who are there?
Is Yu Xu, the founder, sacred?
Qing Wei’s eyes examined and looked at the two people seriously, and I couldn’t help but bring a few minutes of different rhymes, like nine days of ancient immortals in the world, so I dare not neglect them for the first time to see such majesty.
"Do you say the characteristics?"
Qingwei slightly nodded "take you to a place"
After a while, they found that they were already in an ancient and majestic temple.
Thirty-six golden pillars stand in front of the temple, and there is also a handle of primitive simplicity and jade in the transcendental hall, which is called white. This is not an easy place.
Walking slowly to the Taoist platform, Qing Wei looked at Fang and said seriously, "Jade deficiency is a vein of ancient sacred Taoism, which cannot be seen in the years when it cannot be tested."
Jiang Yi and Yue Ling couldn’t help but feel a little confused. Does Master mean that there is no such system?
Tai Chi mixed Yuan Jade Qing fairy symbol flew out and fell into the palm of Qing Wei, turning it into an axe, a fan, a strange thing, and the origin of all things in the evolution of the heavens.
Fang futon had already prepared the two of them to hear the smell and knelt down at the same time to listen to Qingwei’s continued, "The door can be called the leader of the Jade Virtual Palace respecting Tai Chi and the founder of the Jade Qing Yuan Buddha, or it can be called the floating Li Buddha."
"Zuting dialect … Kunlun Mountain!"
Kunlun Mountain?
I finally heard the familiar places and names, otherwise the two of them would have invented some fictional origins by their master.
However, the two of them listened solemnly and did not reveal any doubts. As the voice of Qingwei fell, they saw that the immortalized things suddenly burst into chaos, and an ancient figure symbolizing the heavens appeared in chaos, and then turned into a stalwart idol with axe-like things standing in chaos.
The Buddha’s face is hard to see, but the smell of avenue makes people yearn for awe.
"Worship your ancestors!"
This is Qingwei’s own memory and the immortal symbol of Tianzong, which shows how much the Buddha statue is.
The two dare not hesitate to immediately worship the Buddha with the most solemn etiquette.
As the etiquette of the two settled, Qing Wei seemed to feel that the statue of the Buddha was vivid, but it was like an illusion.
After gesturing for the two of them to get up, Qing Wei then smiled, "There are many uncles and schoolmates."
After a long sigh, I saw a statue of an ancient fairy with a full and distinct rhyme in the chaos surge, and slowly walked out.
Draw a tall figure, the palm seems to contain great power, the chaos of the heavens can overturn the face dignified and calm.