Goethe said this

The sheriff fixed his eyes on Goethe, and looked at those calm eyes as usual. The sheriff nodded and turned to the miner’s kitchen.
The steps are much easier than before.
Goethe is restrained smile, his expression is serious.
People have feelings.
It’s hard to remain indifferent when others are sincere to you.
You are not fit to be a killer, you are fit to be a cook!’
When he was in his hometown, his instructor once commented on him when he was eating noodles cooked by him-because the instructor went to him once to punish him so that he could keep his fingers intact and his own insignificant points in exchange for the club to cook a meal except nutritious meals.
"I’m not fit to be a killer"
"Not suitable for being a cleaner."
"Not suitable for being a bounty hunter."
"I really wanted to be a chef at first. I cooked my specialty at a small night stand, surrounded by two or three stools, and put a TV and a radio on it, but it was silent. The radio would sound mid-range …"
"It’s a pity that I came here on the first day of retirement."
Goethe went to touch his trouser pocket when he realized it.
But I touched it
No cigarettes and no lighters.
He can just lie flat on his back against that bag full of coins.
Involuntarily, Giercke came to his mind.
Then, Emblake and Simblake.
Then there’s Scrooge
And finally turned back to Swart.
He felt sincerity from these people.
Such sincerity makes others turn a blind eye.
His finger touched the index finger of his left hand [Ring of the Mad King]
The longest cooling time of three dark stars is 【 9: 59 in 2 days 】.
So he chose three days.
He wants to give himself more opportunities.
Even if you fail in the face of the new’ secret realm’, you have a chance to turn over.
Goethe took a deep breath and look at that white star that shone like cream.
[Yes/No consumption of 2 Jin Keqi’s’ Secret Realm’? 】
After the affirmative reply, the light and shadow flashed in front of me.
Lines of text appear.
[Enter the judgment of "shakotan land" …]
[Holding the’ secret key’ is judged to be passed! 】
[The owner of the original’ Mysterious Land’ has been sentenced to death …]
【 Determine the original identity death! 】
[The new holder will renew his new identity! 】
Goethe suddenly fell into a shabby house.
Everything around has stinked and moldy.
But an invitation is different.
The material is exquisite, even if it is stained with blood, it is still difficult to hide it.
Tickets for the 10th Restricted Fighting Competition (Qualifiers)!
Chapter 30′ Tickets’!