"This kind of ginseng medicine is not cheap at the drugstore outside, and it is necessary to refine Dan medicine."

"Seven pieces of silver?" Luo Lei is sullen.
"How bold!"
"Shout …"
He took a deep breath quite stuffy way
"So many herbs should not disappear at the same time, that is to say, no one has found them for a long time?"
Danqing Lin nodded.
Luo lei cold hum
"Liu Xinran is just a distant consort of the Lins, and it’s not good to leave her a job when she sees their brothers and sisters suffering."
"I don’t care if I don’t see anyone all day. Do you want to take the Lins’ money every month?"
It’s hard for others to answer this.
Busy people in the medicine garden also ran up and reported back.
"It has been found out that there are 30 random ginseng, 10 gastrodia elata vines, seven green baby flowers and dozens of red sand leaves missing from the drug garden …"
Zhou Yi raises eyebrows.
Lorraine was getting heavier and heavier.
At this time, someone else came to leave
"Miss Liu said that she was accompanying the big lady to enjoy the clouds and flowers, but she was not sure when she would come."
"I don’t know, then wait" Luo Lei cold hum.
"Take the big lady to press me?"
"Even if your errand is like this, even if you are in front of the big lady, can you still be justified by surnamed Liu?"
"Go back and tell her I’m waiting here!"
"Yes" people should be slowly retreating.