It can be said that the colonel is awesome.

Killed the leader of the Myan people, Heiyang, and now he calls the second-in-command of the Myan people to surrender secretly.
At this moment, even if she has always had different ambitions, Ula will give Xu a refund.
Of course, Ulla’s only thing is that Xu returned to control his mental body.
Not happy.
He’s been fighting and working hard recently.
"Then put the mental body." Seeing Joanne surrender, Xu retreated and ordered directly.
Joan is a little reluctant.
"Of course!"
Joan hate staring at xu back that call a gas.
Let her put her mental body directly in front of so many people here is equivalent to letting her naked in public and let everyone watch.
Xu back gently hum a glanced at grace again.
Joan was furious.
Threaten her with this again
She puts it better than Grace.
Of course, the root cause is that since Joan has surrendered and her life and death are completely controlled by Xu’s withdrawal, she is no longer qualified for the conditions.
Then Joan’s mental body slowly dispersed, and the true spiritual source of the mental body also slowly opened to Xu’s retreat.
Joan took over what was going to happen, but she actually thought about it before she chose to surrender.
"Wait a minute."
Xu tui is busy gathering the rules of the black sun’s sacred power, and Qiao Anze is ashamed and angry, but that can be like that.
It’s all been released
Can wait
After a minute, Xu retreated and successfully collected a ball of light with the size of a fist into the main force field of the spirit.
Next, when it takes a few days to withdraw flowers, more than a dozen holy power rules will be supplemented and copied to the new star of the sacred power.
Then this ball of light with sacred rules may be returned to reward others and train others once.