How come there are lamp holders in this place to breed crystals?

And this reproduction crystal is so big!
I’m afraid it doesn’t take hundreds of thousands of people to hold lamps to form this kind of reproduction crystal.
Just then, a light came on from the back of the reproduction crystal and shone on the reproduction crystal.
A second is like a rainbow, and the light is refracted and shines forward.
Almost all the war dogs were irradiated.
The giant dog, who rushed forward for the war, made a conscious meal and slowed down.
"What happened?"
Everyone is a little confused after the light.
What kind of weapon is this?
Suddenly …
"I … my belly!"
"What happened to my belly?"
"I … oh …"
The hammer man manor owner covered his belly and looked at it inexplicably bulging with a dull face.
This … this feeling …
Is it …
"I … I’m pregnant?"
Chapter 11 Save the children!
The guards of Taojin Town Manor are waiting for battle.
Now the main force of the manor is still the Rabbit Dragon Guard.
Rabbit Dragon People are loyal, persevering, obedient and have a whole mainland population. No matter how many soldiers are recruited in the manor, there are more rabbit dragon people’s guards to supplement them.
In addition, some manor recruits guards, including "grave diggers" and war dog drivers.
At this time, their hearts are ready to die.
General Jin Jia, the Dragon Rabbit, personally commanded the battle.
Holding a spear in his hand, he turned around on the top of a giant war dog and slowly looked around at the genus behind him.