But the soldier did not move.

"Boom!" There was a loud noise, smoke and smoke, and the soldiers had been patted on the feet by the giant dog of war.
But before the soldiers fell down, a rifle grenade had drawn an arc, and it went in from the burst gun launcher and suddenly exploded.
"Boom!" A fire burst from the back of the war dog and the gun was shot out after all.
But it has lost its aim, spinning in the air, and I don’t know where it has flown.
"Brother, thank you!" Xu Jianfei’s eyes are red. "Let’s take revenge!"
Several soldiers screamed and rushed away.
But just then, the war dog suddenly accelerated and no longer ignored the nearby soldiers and rushed straight ahead.
Those pyramids in the master’s room of Lanshiye Manor are just around the corner.
The giant dog of war seems to crush everything with all his might!
At the end of the road, Xu Jianfei has seen Zhuang not far away.
"Lord Zhuang! Close the manor quickly! " Xu Jianfei roared.
The war dogs are too fast. They have been left behind for a long time, and they can’t catch up with all their strength.
Seeing that the giant dog of war will rush into the gate of Lanshiye Manor!
"Close the manor, master!"
Zhuang shook his head slowly but very seriously.
Just then they heard a Niu Jiao.
"moo!" Daniel!
Daniel roared out of the manor to meet the war dog.
"Daniel!" Xu Jianfei a happy but old boom shouted "Daniel don’t go! Danger! "
Daniel turned a deaf ear. He rushed at the war dog like an angered bull.
It bowed its head and spiraled its head to bring up the wind of terror.
"Fourth-order plowing cattle banyan?" Looking at Daniel, the iron-gray rattan was shining with cold light, and the blade was driving the war dog, but the Nelson smiled coldly.
Ordinary mechanical giant dogs may be afraid of plowing cattle banyan, but compared with war giant dogs, plowing cattle banyan is like the difference between militia and elite special forces
What’s more, this cultivated cow banyan is still in the growth stage, and it is not perfect.
The war dog bowed its head and rushed at Daniel.
"Boom" a loud noise, Daniel was knocked out, and several knives and leaves were scattered all over the floor.
Don’t talk about Xu Jianfei, even the village is not far away!
Not far from Zhuang’s impression, the blade of plowing cattle and banyan is almost indestructible, and Daniel has made great contributions beside him. It is almost impossible to dig tunnels and build pyramids with flexible vines and sharp blades.
But now Daniel has already lost in one match.
"squeak!" Seeing Daniel being hit by Fei Zhuang, a cloud of black smoke rose around him and Xiao Fu flew out.
"Xiaofu comes back!" Zhuang is not far from frightened.
Although Xiaofu’s fighting capacity is stronger than Daniel’s, Xiaofugen is still a larva!
And Xiao Fu is a hunter. He is good at sneak attack, not frontal hard resistance!
Xiao Fu turned a deaf ear. The black roots stretched out and entangled in the war dog.
The giant dog of war rushed left and right, and Xiao Fugen was torn when he was entangled, but Xiao Fu still tried his best to wrap the giant dog of war.
At this moment, the giant dog of war suddenly exploded, and a flame spewed from its tail. Its strength suddenly increased and it suddenly rushed forward to break the whiskers of Xiaofugen!
The manor is ahead, and the village is not far away!