But one thing is that if you want to refine the seal of heaven and control the small universe, you must at least be a strong star, "said Xiao Liu."

Smell speech Xu back directly turned over a supercilious look.
If this condition is a strong star, that’s fine.
It is also possible that Ceres will add up to more than 30 strong stars from both sides, one by one.
It’s a good planet. That’s a lot.
It is still known that there are at least 150 quasi-planets on both sides of Ceres.
"Are there any other features?" Xu asked back.
"Other characteristics?"
Small six hesitated for a moment, "the owner’s combat power will generally be relatively strong, which will affect and mobilize the source of heaven and earth more strongly."
Should have the ability to kill the enemy. "
Xu back "are you talking about me? But I didn’t! "
Small six "…"
"This ….. you slowly observe with heaven small universe control seal the strong will slowly revealed different places!
By the way, the controller of the seal of the small universe in heaven can endow his department with one or two special extraordinary abilities through his post.
But this is also the degree to which he has mastered the seal of refining heaven, "said Xiao Liu.
This feature makes Xu retreat thoughtful.
"By the way, is it possible for foreigners to refine the seal of the celestial universe?" Xu back hurriedly asked
If we exclude foreigners, the number of blue star terrans will be less than 100, and the range is still very small
Small children in my mind look like Nai. "This is also the most Nai place! The small universe in heaven is the most inclusive of all the small universes.
Although it is more difficult for foreign refining to control the seal of the small universe in heaven, it is still possible. "
"Including Daxi Eldar or Muya?"
"I don’t know about Daxi, but Eldar and Maya can definitely."
Xu tuiyu said it was possible if he didn’t know it.
That is to say, both Eldar and Maya are likely to refine and control the small universe in heaven, which is really difficult.
Especially from other countries.
"Huang helped me collect and analyze all the data of strong stars in Ceres quasi-planet at this stage."
Xu back to command at the same time Cai Shaochu also shouted Xu back to a meeting over there.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Active hunting
Cai Shaochu called a meeting in Muyuan Palace, right in the center of the main hall of Muyuan Palace. A towering old tree with a blue meaning was particularly eye-catching.
Xu tui’s spirit explored the past and found that the breath of this ancient tree Cai Shaochu was linked together.
The participant base is one of the most representative organizations of Blue Star’s joint districts.
The first organization of Blue Star Zone 7 is all here.
Harun Ivey, who was seriously injured, also came.