Samsara people are more excited than

With Fang Dazhao, the wind is very fast, like a gust of wind, and the change is like a ghost dragon.
Fang Yu’s reincarnation almost faces all the younger brothers of Qionghua School.
Although they are strong, they are not strong beyond the sky …
The other side is outnumbered, and they are just in danger.
However, the most unique feature of players is that they are not afraid of death, so how can they beat these NPCs, especially elite vice-players? I’m afraid they will go down in history.
Especially as the first player hasn’t thought about the screen name yet, he was accidentally attacked by two elders of Qingyang Shigemitsu …
His strength was at the bottom of this batch of reincarnation and he died directly in the hands of Qionghua School!
Hear that 5-point reincarnation point deduction
Many reincarnations were immediately aroused, and they were lucky enough to join the Qionghua Sect, but they didn’t want to be paranoid, arrogant, overbearing and selfish now, let alone the right clan. Even in the magic clan, it is rare to see them as extremely exclusive types.
When people are dead, they still lick their faces to join them and help them kill their enemies?
"Kill all Qionghua School!"
The dragon general’s favorite is the limited cycle characteristic of reincarnation.
This made it unnecessary for him to suppress his heart.
Don’t try again this time!
Although the loss of failure is great, it is not as great as their thorough state of mind
"Kill them all and I will take you to win this camp battle!"
The dragon will keep his hand.
A long whistle …
Put your hands together.
From behind him, the sky was suddenly covered with golden lights, which gradually converged and combined to form a huge swastika, pressing away towards the whole Qionghua faction.
"In the real world, you are a ball in this reincarnation. You are kind enough to cooperate with you. If you do things with me, then do it!"
The reincarnation also aroused the blood gas in my heart.
Hands suddenly gained a lot of weight, and immediately more than 30 Joan Hua brothers died directly in the hands of these reincarnations.
Both sides keep their hands.
"It’s really a demon who dares to be presumptuous in my Qionghua!"
Too halal human drink a deep and remote blue firm but gentle rushed to the sky, and the mighty sword light grew towering and straight into the dome, and his hands suddenly fell as he drank.
Qing broke Yun Jian’s sword with the reflux and cut the golden light of the swastika.
very short time
The wind and cloud stirred the world and changed color!
The whole Qionghua school fluctuated violently with the two manpower …
Some buildings that were built for a long time are directly crushed under this mighty pressure!
And this kind of real collision
The dragon will look pale and fly high towards the sky.
Although the other party’s level is not as good as his, the gap between the two sides is not big. Brahma Prajnaparamita is not good at attacking, but it has made up for the gap between the two.
This formula turns out to be equally divided
However, the dragon general just turned pale, but Taitsing The Immortal wow spit out one mouthful blood …
Similarly, the injury is very important in the dragon general, but it is fatal in the elderly who are too weak.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. I want to help you. If you don’t want it, I’ll kill you first and then the magic world!"
Dragon will laugh and rush towards Taitsing The Immortal again.
Qionghua School was suddenly caught in the flames of war …
Nine reincarnations plunged the whole Qionghua Sect into chaos.
And it is precisely because of this chaos that no one noticed that Qionghua sent troops to defend the tightest Yuntai.
The first 20 left-behind brothers have all been killed.
Snow Chihiro and others quietly stepped into the boundary of Qionghua Sect, and then saw that Qionghua Sect was now deeply involved in the war.
"It’s … it’s not like a bluff. It’s gone too far!"
Shi Qingxuan looked at Joan Huapai’s face, most of which had already burst into flames, showing a distressed look.
When she worked for a long time, Joan Hua’s brother was even the first person to buy Joan Hua’s kungfu …