Before Gu Jin sunseeker, he quickly swaddled his arms and saw two red marks on Xiao Anna’s white arms, and suddenly his eyes burst into thick anger.

"Two young ladies, Miss Table, these are sent to you by the master. If there is anything else you need, please feel free to …"
Speaking, Xie has commanded people to move all three big cars and things, so it is not big that the bamboo garden is packed to the brim.
Xie Qi looked at his face, and the ridicule deepened. The fundus was full of disdain, and the mocking chuckle was not retreated.
"Move back!"
Gu Jinxi’s eyes burst into thick anger, which was already furious and hindered Su Yihe’s identity as Xie Jia. On that day, when Xie Jia and his wife came to the imperial house to relieve Su Yi, they always endured looking at Gu An’s arm with two red marks and turned to stare at Xie Qi. "If this is Xie Jia’s sincerity, please tell Master Xie that we have a high family!"
"Cousin, I’m sorry this …" Xie Zhen smell speech suddenly heart sank hurriedly explained "your cousin, she didn’t mean it, she is …"
"What is it?" Gu Jinxi corners of the mouth oblique GouQingLing beautiful face with LengLi and decisively "is young? Are you not sensible? Or do you think my mother took advantage of your Xie family when she went back? "
Xie Zhen didn’t want Gu Jinxi to be so transparent and sharp at a young age, and suddenly some words were poor.
Su Yi looked at her and suddenly felt a little anxious, holding her still crying. Ann gently tugged at Gu Jin’s sunseeker sleeve. "Sunseeker, forget it." Although she really didn’t like Xie Gu’s big room and children, after all, Xie Gu’s two old people were good to her. If they hadn’t arrived at the imperial palace that day, she didn’t know what to do and how to end things.
Gu Jin sunseeker is a cold hum from the nose line of sight swept Xie Yu Xie Qi finally fell Xie Zhen body looking at is Xie Gu big room only white son is a pity.
"We are from Gu Guogong’s mansion, but we are not with the once glorious double family." Gu Jinxi held his head high and swept their eyes coldly. "Xie Gu, we have the highs! Mr. Lao Xie, the housekeeper, told Mr. Xie that the Imperial Palace thanked him for his help. Since then, we are even. "
Xie suddenly changed his face. What Bai Gu Jinxi said in his heart to Xie Yi for saving his life. The Xie family couple’s royal clearance on the same day offset each other. From then on, they are even, but Su Yi is the master’s daughter and the second young master has been looking for her sister for many years. How can this be "Miss Table …"
"Mother Su is seeing the guests off!" Gu Jinxi raised his eyebrows and sounded cold.
"Hum, it’s natural for you to be well-advised." Xie Qi is constantly struggling and seems to see that the white family is really in charge. It turns out that Gu Jin Sunseeker thinks that his family will look at other people’s faces on weekdays, especially his grandfather. He always throws his face at them and suddenly loses his spirit. "You don’t want me to thank Gu Jin Sunseeker for something."
"What does Princess Wang want? Wang Zi will send her something called Xie Gu Hum!"
Suddenly, there was a dull voice outside the door, which seemed to have a faint magnetic husky voice. Xie Qi froze and turned away, and suddenly he was shocked.
The long hair of a man in a brocade robe flutters like a waterfall, and his face is like white jade, facing the sun, especially with a casual and lazy look; Elegant and elegant; That kind of beauty is even more shocking than ever being the first beauty in the world.
Xie Qi felt as if she had seen a god, and her eyes froze. At that moment, she felt that her heart was going to stop. She let the Buddha go. This is destiny takes a hand. This is the god given to her.
Feel Xie Qi’s hot eyes Qin Rui’s eyes darkened. "It is said that Xie Fu’s tutor in the three dynasties is very strict and almost harsh, and Xie Gu’s daughter should be as gentle and virtuous as Su’s, but she doesn’t want to …"
"Why are you here?"
Feel Qin Rui’s fiery eyes. Gu Jinxi lowered his eyelids and his eyebrows flashed with displeasure.
"Gu Jin sunseeker, what are you? The somebody else’s report came to see you with kindness. You actually …"
Xie Qi smell speech immediately dissatisfied with the automatic ignored Qin Rui questioned her tutor words toward Gu Jin sunseeker and folded reprimand angrily turned his head but turned into a gentle little shyness, by the way. "My daughter Xie Qi has seen the report report. Look at this family-oriented family. It’s too bullying for my daughter to come and see them send something to them with kindness; You see them, they are so fierce that they actually touch others … Their wrists hurt. "
"It hurts? Do you know what pain is? "
Speaking of this, Gu Jinxi felt angry and slammed Xie Qi with a backhand. The whole waterside pavilion Tinglan was suddenly stunned, not only by Xie’s family, but also by Lian Gang and Qin Rui. I didn’t expect Gu Jinxi to be so crisp and neat. "I’ll tell you what really hurts!"
Xie Qi felt the burning pain in her cheeks, and she was shocked at once.
"Gu Jinxi, don’t go too far!"
Xie Yu’s eyes were full of anger, especially when he saw Ye Zhenniang still holding Xie Qi tightly and staring at her. "Is this your attitude towards your elders?"
"Elder? Hum "Gu Jinxi’s tone has become a little disdainful." As the saying goes, if people are ugly, they should read the word Xie Dagong more. Do you want me to explain to you what an elder is? "
Xie Yu suddenly looked ugly to the extreme. "Gu Jinxi, you are such a poisonous woman who dares to kill Qi Er!"
"I what?" Gu Jinxi gave Xie Qi a hard stare at the corner of his mouth. "I dare to kill the baby who just had a full moon in public. This is just to teach her a lesson."
"If I thank my family, it’s not your turn to teach you a lesson!" Xie Yu face suddenly turned white.
"Miss didn’t also the interest to help others teach children" Gu Jin sunseeker corners of the mouth slightly raise the bottom of the eyes is getting heavier and colder.
"Eldest brother, you shut up!" Xie Zhen suddenly some annoyed "little cousin you …"
"Report, look at this Gu Jin sunseeker. She is so vicious." Xie Qi lifted up her face, her face was wet with tears, and her sparkling eyes seemed to be full of unwillingness and expectation.
Xie Yu suddenly looked dark and ugly to the extreme. "It’s no wonder that the seven emperors can’t see you …"
I heard another crunchy sound in the air, followed by a "dong" and a muffled hum. The heavy objects in the lake outside the Tinglan railing fell into the water and muffled, followed by a large white bloom.