"poof!" Xiao Meng looked at the remaining three heads and looked at Lin Yue’s attack and continued to fly. The monster pterosaur applied to Lin Yue to play.

Lin Yue quit the magazine and started playing again. I wondered at Xiao Meng, thinking that you would just blame your opponent like a mouse. What do you want to do with this high school monster pterosaur?
However, he looked at the little white with his wings flapped, and then immediately understood that the belligerent little fierce was so emboldened.
I see. This little fierce is quite clever.
With Lin Yue’s permission, Xiaomeng quickly jumped into the palm of Xiaobai’s hand, and Xiaobai quickly spread his wings and took it to the direction of those monster pterosaurs!
Soon after, Lin Yue saw the three monster pterosaurs fall to the ground one after another after contacting Xiaobai.
It turns out that if they are simply frozen in flight, they can lose their combat effectiveness, and they can continue to fly and die directly.
Xiao Meng, this guy is good. Although he is small, he is indeed better than Xiao Bai in wisdom and good in fighting capacity.
The future can be expected
Lin Yue waited for the two to come back and was picked up by Xiaobai.
He came back to the beach and put the rest into nothing before he stopped.
Although sand is nothing to him, it is still a lot to others. After all, the acid rain crisis has not passed, and this sand can still do a lot.
But also by the way, it can continue to hit the market and completely destroy this so-called hard currency.
Even if sand is hoarded again, it will be sold at a high price.
Lin Yue flew back to China and looked around with a sight. He found that it seems to be an island with a small area, which is still a lot worse than when he came to land.
It seems that this place has a small airport and villas, which should have been a private island of a big boss, otherwise it can be explained that there are so many weapons such as gold and guns here.
"The harvest is really a lot. Come back later to install sand again and then go to the site."
Lin Yue thought so and quickly returned to the land of Gu Men with Xiaobai Xiaomeng.
Indeed, there has never been a time to explore the secret land, like this time, so that the base inside can be searched completely
Back in the familiar shelter, Lin Yue didn’t rest.
He put big things such as the forklift, all kinds of tools, LCD screens and safes one by one in another, and now he put them in a shed, and then he put all the sand racks in the trading mall.
And the price that buyers need to pay is only 1 wood.
What Lin Yue needs is to let the whole sand market collapse and let sand really reach everyone.
What does it mean to offend people? Although he is short of something, he is required to give him enough price. Everyone in this world is short of everything, so it smells good!
What’s more, in doing so, he has to do his best to fight the disaster.
Although you can’t do it, you can still meet it in this respect.
In less than ten minutes, the quotation has exceeded 500, and 47 copies of sand in Lin Yue’s hand were immediately distributed and replaced with wood and piled up in the greenhouse.
"Xiaobai, go again and dig the beach over there!"
In 46 cubic meters, Lin Yue took nothing but some necessities and went with Xiaobai again.
Soon he returned home with sand, asphalt pavement, cement, some steel bars, bricks and marble floors, etc. Finally, he found that he had brought a full 1774 copies of sand this time!
"Boy, although it is impossible to estimate how many copies there are, so many should definitely be able to completely ruin the entire monopoly sand market."
After putting them in Lin Yue and replacing them with wood, stone and iron blocks, I also saw some people in the group chat box spraying endlessly on his terrorist acts.
"Boy, everyone is a master of C language. After blocking the blacklist, you sometimes cry."
Lin Yue didn’t feel that he had done something wrong. He didn’t need to be sympathetic to these once-lions, who made a lot of disasters and lost their money.
Indeed, he admits that he is also a profiteer, holding a lot of resources and will be waiting for the price.
But every transaction is based on the highest offer, and the offer is made by the other party instead of asking for it.
He has never taken out a millilitre of water for a piece of wood, which is too much.
Although some of these people may have what he wants, even if he wants those people, he will still give him a lion’s mouth
Now everything in wood, stone and iron has reached 5 again, and Lin Yue found that there was not much sand in the group, so he didn’t continue to let Xiaobai take him to that beautiful golden beach, which has now become a mine beach.
"Xiaobai has something to eat first, and the work is not finished yet." Lin Yue is preparing the leftovers while eating the grilled lionhead steak.
The M19 pistol barrel was covered with an infrared sight just obtained from the shakotan coast, and Lin Yue added a small moving device. After hitting the infrared sight, a straight red light flashed out and hit the wall and became a dazzling red dot.
The sight is equipped with a silencer, and it can shoot 16 rounds at a time, so the M19 becomes a melee artifact!
This iron spear can finally be temporarily stored in the library. Although this cold weapon is powerful, it is still a stage behind M19.
However, M19 also has an unsatisfactory disadvantage.
"In the magazine, you have to stuff the bullets one by one. If a group of enemies come, it will be a great disadvantage ….."
Lin Yue came to the basement to return M19 magazines, sniper rifles and magazines, and at the same time, they took out the bombs respectively.
He walked to the high-precision research platform and placed two magazines respectively.
[You got the M19 pistol magazine design! 】
[You got the design of the L115A3 sniper rifle magazine! 】
One piece of Italian alloy can make three M19 magazines or three sniper rifle magazines, but it is not as material as expected.
Lin Yue produced all but three of them separately, then put them in place and stuffed them one by one.
He didn’t have that much hard aluminum alloy, so he got it together first.
Lin Yue’s playing speed is becoming more and more proficient with the increase of the number. He feels that it must be practiced without any trouble, so as to save the chain from falling at the key moment.
And if it weren’t for nothing during the search or battle, this magazine would have to be filled up for emergencies.
With tactical crossbows and M19L115A3 sniper rifles, Lin Yue wore bone armor, bulletproof infantry helmet and exoskeleton, and then equipped the explosion-proof shield.
In front of the mirror, Lin Yue felt that he was so like a terminator …
Chapter 159 Another disaster has …
Put the pieces of the stone wall of Shimen, the site of blocking the ground, into the object. Lin Yue gently pushed Shimen, which had been closed by him for a long time.
After the heavy stone gate, a cold wind kept coming from the inside.